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5.0 out of 5 stars A must for Nokia O2 customers, 3 Jan. 2014
Bought my Nokia lumia 620 from O2 and with the latest fad being that O2 take out the genuine phone charger because of their helping the environment rubbish while automatically thinking we all have usb chargers at home...well guess what wake up because not all chargers are compatible as I found out with different AMP ratings and MA ratings, they also take out the stock 1 meter charging lead and replace it with one that it 2cm long...2cm seriously!!? what the hell can you do with that?? so I bought the stock charger here and it works brilliant, my nokia charges in no time and it's a good solid charge.

I was originally using the charger from my xperia z but had problems with it, the phone kept beeping as to say chargers been plugged in, the same thing happend with my wifes xperia t charger too, had to charge my phone via my laptop, yet the sony chargers rating is the same as the nokia yet the nokia one charges the phone faster the phone seems to hold a charge a lot longer too

Nokia Lumia 620 Sim-Free Windows Smartphone - Black (discontinued by manufacturer)
Nokia Lumia 620 Sim-Free Windows Smartphone - Black (discontinued by manufacturer)
Offered by gsm m
Price: £119.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant phone, now with good battery, 1 Jan. 2014
This is a great phone i originally had the Nokia 520 but i really missed the flash and equalizer so sold it and bought this one.
This is a phone that can do anything and windows 8 is a really nice os much better than android and that's coming from a once andriod fanboy, i certainly don't miss the laggy screens and long app boot times and this was just as bad on my xperia z, i find it amazing that the Nokia 620 can show up some of the premium hand sets, there is a lot that i love about the 620, the replaceable headphone socket, Dolby headphone with adjustable equalizer, cameras flash and torch, Nokia drive, good screen, brilliant loud speaker, good video and mp3 player, good app store, lightning fast GPS pickup, upto 64gb memory slot, changeable covers, tougher charge port than other phones, good with games with extremely smooth game play, removable battery oh and while I'm on the subject of the battery its only a 1300 battery which is little underrated if you are going to use the phone for videos and music it will suck it dry in no time sadly but there is a way around this, before i sold my 520 i thought id see if the battery fitted from that phone in the 620 and it did, the 520 carries a higher rated battery and gives the 620 a much better life, in fact much much better, there is also a 1800 battery that will fit this phone made by mugen that ive heard is very good but I'm more than happy with using the 520 battery though why Nokia didn't fit this in the first place is beyond me but the good thing is the 520 battery is compatible
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Nokia Lumia 520, 8Gb, Sim Free Windows Smartphone - White
Nokia Lumia 520, 8Gb, Sim Free Windows Smartphone - White
Offered by MACnificent
Price: £59.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Andriod user...Not any more, 30 Dec. 2013
I originally borrowed this phone for a weekend while my xperia z was in for repair, having owned a HTC windows 7 phone in the past I wasn't ex-static about using another windows phone but using the Nokia 520 for a weekend I couldn't be more wrong and realize now that all my wows about Microsoft and their win mobiles was solely down to what phone it's on, I'm a big fan of microsoft, their window 7 and 8 PC's are awesome.

This Nokia is the best phone I've used in a very long time, it also shows up my xperia z in many ways especially in speed and how well it flows through each screen which is annoying when you consider the power difference between the 2 sets, also this phone is very loud...again the nokia kills my Z in that department with a better speaker, the screen is brighter and very responsive, the camera is brilliant for which it records in 720p with no background hiss and minimal picture grain even in low light which again is more than I can say for my Z, you know the more I keep using the 520 the more annoyed i'm getting about paying all that money per month for my Z, I've had many android phones over the years but i have to say what I don't miss while using the windows phone is lagging screens when you flip from page to page, choppy chrome internet browser, apps that take ages to boot...even angry birds was slightly snathchy on my Z when zooming out where as I don't get any of that with the Luma 520, the more i keep using windows the more I'm getting into it on first look it looks simple and not a lot going on but once you get into it it's like a spiders web little routes off to many things and settings, one great feature is the voice command, I like the fact that if you hold down the windows button you can ask the phone to ring or text a contact, also speak document and speak search which is very handy while on the road and very handy for partially sighted folks, also Nokia Drive is probably the best satnav I've used in many of years it's also free, GPS Copilot is also available in the app store which again is the best and runs super smooth on this phone.

All in all I'm so impressed with this phone that I've sold my Xperia Z and completely come away from andriod and bought the 520 it will certainly keep me going until my contract ends in a year for which I will get a high grade windows phone. The more I use windows phone the more reluctant I am to pick up another android phone.

Nokia Lumia 625 SIM-Free Smartphone - Black
Nokia Lumia 625 SIM-Free Smartphone - Black
Offered by gsm m
Price: £79.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Best phone I've had since the Nokia 6630, 22 Dec. 2013
The Nokia Lumia 625 is the best phone I've in a long time...well since the Nokia 6630 and I've had a lot of phones in that time including apple i phone, xperia z and Samsung galaxies and i have to say the xperia z took me a long time to save up for and when i bought it I've never felt so disappointed with a phone it was on pair to failing a driving test and considering it was a flagship model i was shocked so i tuned back to Nokia now that they were making windows phones as i had a htc with windows 7 on and it was a cool operating system but held back by such a naff phone.

Long story short I'm really impressed with this lumia 625, i was a little put off by so called professional online reviews so headed into my local 02 store and had a look for my self and i have to say you never want to believe professional reviews its all down to personal preference if you like a phone then look and try it your self i mean so many reviews harping on about rubbish screen and tiny speaker but i fail to it the screen looks bright and sharp to me and speaker sounds fine, in fact typical high quality of a Nokia and Microsoft partnership.

i bought this phone partly because the screen size and that it looked so bright, but the sold me factor was the music setting because it has a proper equalizer and dolby surround and through headphones it sounds flipping awesome and puts my old xperia z into the shade in that department and finally one thing that always pulls me in regarding windows phones is how smooth they glide through screens, apps and games no matter if its a budget phone or high-end phone, im a big fan of microsoft they do so truly brilliant work and ill be interest to see where windows phones go now that they officially own Nokia, personally i think windows phone 8 is miles ahead over andriod I've lost count of the number of slow andriod phones I've owned, they seem to have the awful habit of being laggy, slow and buggy and very battery heavy.

So all in all a wonderful phone, the last phone to truly impress me like this was nokia's 6630 about 10 years ago, the lumia is one i shall keep for a long time, thank you Nokia and Microsoft for making a phone that finally meets all my needs.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Best walkman I've had, 13 Dec. 2013
This is the best Walkman money can buy, I bought this one back in 1992 and 21 years later this little work horse is still going strong, for me someone that still loves my tapes and slowly loosing my sight this is the perfect way to listen to my music, I'm not an mp3 man or ipod user ive been down those roads once and quickly did a u turn back to my trusty old tapes partly because the sound produced by the FX43 is outstanding what with it's 3 levels of mega bass and tapes will forever sound better than mp3s

The FX43 is one of those walkmans that excels in all depts not only does it offer a awesome radio with a super wide stereo mode but also has dolby b and metal and chrme tape options and it plays tapes extremely well with no fly wheel shake either.

If you are like me partially sighted then tapes and walkmans with physical buttons to feel and press like this one is the best way to listen to music and this walkman is prefectly fine for the job.


5.0 out of 5 stars Hundreds of £££ I've already saved :-) Brilliant!!, 14 Oct. 2013
If you have a Vauxhall then this is a must have, with the way modern cars are going this is really the only way to find out what's wrong with them, I've been repairing my cars for the last 20 years on good old fashion know how but a recent problem with my 1.7 CDTi combo van was beyond my knowledge because no fault codes were logged and I certainly wasn't going to let Vauxhall have it and rip me off so bought OP-COM, mine turned out to be 2 things which was rail pressure control valve and glow time relay.

With OP-COM you can look at all the live data and record the data as you drive, I took mine for a 20 minute drive hooked up to my laptop and came back and opened up the report in Excel, reading through all the results I quickly found that rail pressure was dropping off in certain driving conditions and that my glow plugs where staying on way to long.

This bit of kit has made be stand back in amazement to be honest the things you can see and monitor is nothing short of brilliant, in some ways having a modern car is easier than the old OBD1 cars as the ECU's on OBD2 are more complex and able to monitor the entire car giving your of an idea to what the problem might be.

The only thing I would warn you about is that this is a china clone, the genuine OP-Com is about £700 but this version is fine for testing and monitoring stuff and reading fault codes, I've managed to turn off air bag lights and what have you with mine but I'm not sure I would trust the software to recode injectors or immobilizers etc also never be click happy read every screen as it pops up and shut down the windows properly and you wont have a problem with this OP-COM

True Faith
True Faith

5.0 out of 5 stars One of the nicest song's ever George, 17 Aug. 2013
This review is from: True Faith (Audio CD)
I heard this on comic relief and it sounds lovely, its a nice change from George's normal music because its done with a vocoder and puts a different twang on Georges already beautiful voice, I'm very keen to see what George will do next because he said hes going to focus more on this style and show us what his voice is really capable of.

Ive always enjoyed George Michaels journey through his musical career. I always look forward for his next single release because you know it's going to be good and you always get different variations of the same track.

Sony DSCWX200 Digital Compact Camera with Wi-Fi - Black (18MP, 10x Zoom)
Sony DSCWX200 Digital Compact Camera with Wi-Fi - Black (18MP, 10x Zoom)
Offered by Direct savings
Price: £149.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars The best Compact Camera you can buy!, 21 May 2013
Sony fanboy alert! Once again Sony bring another winner out the bag, OK so this isn't really a review but just a comment on it's HD video recording.

I bought this because I recently sold my Panasonic HD Camcorder and so I was looking for something a little bit smaller to carry around for gigs, the Stereo mic's and HD recording sounded good and that's what tempted me...I kind of thought well it won't be as good as my Panasonic but it will do I don't usually go for compacts because I recently had a Samsung camera with stereo mics and it was rubbish so didn't hold out much hope....but this is Sony it has to be better...and woohooo oh yeaa! in full HD AVHD it smokes my old camcorder in every department its sound tons better with little if any background wow and flutter...yet my Panasonic had loads and it was Dolby!, also the colors are bright and colorful which my Panasonic could never achieve because no matter what I shot it always looked washed out which was very annoying because it wasn't cheap, it's annoying a little device like this Sony camera can achieve much better results than a £600 Camcorder, the stereo mics are of real high quality and pick up everything around you which is just what I need for concerts usually when it comes to editing the footage on my computer I have to wack the volume up on the clip because the videos sound to quiet, yet this is not the case everything this camera records is loud and everything you hear with your ears is picked up by the mics too so recordings are of super high quality, the lowest setting you can record in is MP4 640x480 and even in this mode it's looks and sound yea this has to be the best compact camera I've bought in years, I'm a Sony fanboy if truth be known, why I never bought Sony camera's years ago ill never know.

One thing I do like about this camera is it's WIFI mode, this comes in handy because you can use your phone as a remote and control this camera from a distance, I have the Xperia Z and it works very well
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5.0 out of 5 stars TDK D60's perfect for my vinyl's, 30 April 2013
I hope this medium never dies I guarantee I'll be the last one using the last tape ever made lol, the D60's are perfect for direct copies of my vinyl lp's as they are only 60 mins so I haven't got excess tape to rewind when I flip the sides, the D90's are a tad to long sadly.

These tapes are fantastic considering they are only type 1 tapes lets put it this way they sound good enough for me to not bother continue looking for metal or cro2 tapes, I use a highend Sony deck with Dolby S and bias calibration to do my taping and you can achieve professional results with these babies, long live tapes and its users

Maxell UR90 Audio Tape 90min Blank Media Cassette (5pk)
Maxell UR90 Audio Tape 90min Blank Media Cassette (5pk)
Offered by TapeCity
Price: £3.68

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent results for a type 1, 29 April 2013
I remember when these used to be mega money back in my Walkman days.... 1980s...ok I feel old now :-( haha but it's great you can now buy multi packs for lemonade money.

No matter how much digital stuff gets rammed down our throats these days I still prefer the sound of analog, it's the format of my youth and something I'm very passionate about and reluctant to let go of, I've been buying these UR's by the pallet load because the UR's as well as the TDK's seem to be the only tapes that are readily available and I fear one day they will scrap them all together, I do how ever prefer these over the TDK D series the sound is a bit more cleaner...but that's just me...

I have to say these Maxells really are quite good, I love the plain looking transparent tape shells over that of the TDK D series also I've achieved professional results with my Sony deck. So ok this is only a type 1 tape and you can't get the high recording levels that you can get out of a Metal or Cro2 but you can easily push the recording level over the Dolby indicator on you power meter display without distortion, if you have a deck with manual bias calibration and Dolby B, C or S then you can get some top notch recordings done I tend to favor setting my bias just right for each tape and doing my recordings in Dolby B then playing back in Dolby C this I find gives it a more punchy sound while removing tape hiss and also any needle drag from the vinyl and the end result is super crisp sound, I'm a keen fan of Vinyl but some of my collection consists of some very rare first pressing stuff etc so rather than play them until they get so thin they could be used as cling film Id rather put them to tape and make full use of Dolby Dolby C and S and have the ability to play my albums over and over again with out fear or wrecking my LP's plus I love tapes and it's keeps the analog yea Maxell UR tapes are fantastic and well worth the money, if you are a tape junky like my self then I highly recommend these you won't be disappointed.

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