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Mr. M. E. B. Woods "markbernard1981" (Bristol, UK)

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Mobilizers: High Speed 7 Ports USB 2.0 HUB With 7 Power Switches And Led Lights For Laptop / Notebook / PC / Computer / Tablets - BLACK
Mobilizers: High Speed 7 Ports USB 2.0 HUB With 7 Power Switches And Led Lights For Laptop / Notebook / PC / Computer / Tablets - BLACK
Offered by xiguauu
Price: £2.63

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3.0 out of 5 stars A lot of people hear reporting devices dropping connections. ..., 15 May 2015
A lot of people here reporting devices dropping connections. I am fairly sure that it's because the hub needs an external power supply to service any power hungry devices. For instance a phone (as it will charge) or an external hard drive (which has moving parts) will take a large draw on the power and the single USB connection to your laptop\desktop has a capped amount of electricity is can draw through a USB 2.0 device. Therefore some of the 7 usb ports will start to dropout as they can't draw the power they need to function. You will notice there is a small power port on the device that you can use to add additional power (you can see in the product pictures a power supply plugged in which is a little misleading). I intend to try to find a power adapter to go into that to make the device more capable.

All in all, decent for the price. Quite cheap and tacky though and is misleading in its functionality.
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Patch Adams [DVD] [1999]
Patch Adams [DVD] [1999]
Dvd ~ Robin Williams
Price: £3.93

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4.0 out of 5 stars sensational beyond description and thought confusing, 1 Jan. 2012
This review is from: Patch Adams [DVD] [1999] (DVD)
My mate lent me Hard Target on DVD starring Jean Claude Van Damme, when I opened the case there was the Patch Adams DVD instead. Rage doesn't begin to describe my emotions at that time. Was it a simple mix up as this is the second time it has happened? Not sure but I watched it anyway.

It was sensational beyond description and thought confusing. It has to be said though I had had a few drinks before watching this because I was annoyed about the JVD thing, so my memory in regard to some of the details of the movie are hazy at best.

I don't know whether to describe this film as a comedy, medical drama or a horror film. Certainly I screamed when Patch loomed out from the huge amount of balloons he was hiding in to swoop down on his prey - a young college girl. Amazingly she said she would marry him. I remember thinking he must have slipped some 'medication' in her drink. Actually that's tight, Patch is a nice guy but quite annoying and a lot older than the girl. I thought he was more of a father figure to her. I should have known though that he wanted to get in her pants. I know what he's like, Robin Williams was the same in bicentennial man, he's supposed to be a robot but again gets with some hotty who is human, robots aren't supposed to do that, the guys sex crazed.

Anyway the storey, which apparently is true, is about a doctor in America (don't think George Clooney because Patch is so unlike Dr. Doug Ross it's unreal). Dr Patch Adams is his name and he believes laughter is the best medicine, a philosophy which is interestingly shared by the editor of the Readers Digest. I have my doubts, but it's a nice idea.

Instead of spending his spare hours reading medical journals and going through case notes with other doctors Patch prefers to clown around the hospital acting the goat. Sometimes I wondered how I would feel if I was prescribed medication by a man who acted like he was the main event at a children's party. Actually I find is astonishing that he's a qualified doctor. I don't know about everyone else but if I was diagnosed by Patch as having a terminal illness and when I sat down to collect my thoughts I sat on a whoopee cushion I think I might snap. I would demand a second opinion or at least check with the nurse that he new what he was doing. Actually I might be imagining this but I thought some of the nurses weren't sure about Patch themselves and looked worried he would do something inappropriate. I also thought one of them fancied me which now I'm sober I accept is totally ridiculous so maybe I am over analysing the situation. Seriously though look at the DVD cover, you can see he can't be trusted.

Part way through the movie I was convinced that Patch was clinically insane and maybe was a patient of the hospital himself and only the audience and Patch were unaware of this. That would have been a great twist and I smugly announced to my girlfriend that this was in fact the case. Unfortunately the director didn't have this foresight and it was slightly embarrassing later when the credits rolled and Patch still wasn't sectioned.

The girl I mentioned at the beginning who marries patch gets killed halfway though the film by some head case. This made me so angry I really got behind Patch even though previously he was getting on my nerves. Straight away though I questioned whether he was up to the job of exacting
revenge. My suspicions were confirmed as he decides to leave the matter to the authorities and builds a free hospital instead. I bet the authorities went soft on him. I found this extremely upsetting at first but then I realised that Patch is a doctor and that makes him different from you and me. I'll be honest I would have annihilated the guy and probably tortured him and I'm ashamed to admit that the free hospital probably wouldn't have happened under my leadership. I would have built instead a fortress to defend myself from any backlash. Obviously this would been a much better movie, however would it be the right thing to do? These are the questions that doctors have to ask themselves every day.

In the end this movie was an emotional roller-coaster with highs of me thinking Patch was an alight guy and lows of screaming at him which upset my girlfriend which made me even more annoyed at him for upsetting her. I think what the movie is trying to say is that even though guys like Steven Siegal, Vin Diesal and Arnie are better at kicking arse and resolving conflicts you still need guys like Patch around even if his movies aren't any good a bit like Ghandi.

Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot [DVD] [1992]
Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot [DVD] [1992]
Dvd ~ Sylvester Stallone
Offered by Jasuli
Price: £8.75

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Chuckle Riot, 24 Mar. 2008
This film is so funny I almost lost the plot. 'Mom' is so old you have to laugh at her and slyvester Stalone can really act. I think the film is supposed to show you how annoying parents are and how you should distance yourself from them as quickly as you can - fairplay. I can't remember the plot totally because I wasn't listening but I think 'Mom' turns up at stalone's place because she thinks he should be married and settling down. Why she cares God knows. She's not actually stalone's 'mom'. I saw stalone's mum on Big Brother, now she is a real horror. Twice as worse as the one in this movie. So I suppose it's a biopic.

'Mom' precedes to hilariously get on Sly's nerves and screw up his life. By the end of this maternal overload stalone almost has a breakdown. Brilliant. Theres an awesome set piece, where the clueless old bag trys to wash out stalone's hand canon in the sink. Jeeze what a dummy. You can't clean a gun with washing up liquid - eveyone knows that. There's another funny bit where Sly is in a fire fight in a nappy. I can't quite remember why, but his mum was there and she was meddling as usual. Silly Cow.

Actually I know how stalone feels. 'Mom' got on my nerves something chronic too. I wish she wasn't in the movie. I don't think her input was necessary. Yeah, sure she gets the laughs, but I can't honestly say she helped catch the bad guys . At one point Mom had the opportunity to blast some baddie in the face with a six shooter. Instead she just had a chat with him. I mean seriously, waste the guy. Sly would. Way to ruin my enjoyment 'Mom'. Doing stuff like that just makes the film miserable for eveyone. I was pretty upset with her. Stupid women. If I was director I would axe mum and just call the film "Stop or I'll Shoot". Hey, it works already. I would also axe Stalone's girlfriend, she is crap. They're not suited to each other and she's boring. Basically she's not good enough for him. To be honest she's a minger and should go away. He should be doing it with Angelina Jolie and J-Lo. It's a bit tight but I would also replace Slyvester. I think someone like Steven Siegal would play the part better and he moves faster and has a deep understanding of native american beliefs and all forms of hand to hand combat. Actually I only watched the film cos my mate said Steven Siegal was in this film - he's not. I find that sort of deception abhorent and unforgivable and we are no longer friends (it's not the first time it's happened either).

However, personally I think that 'Mom' isn't the worst mum in the world. She buys sly an uzi as a bday present for gods Sake. YES! YES! YES!. If my mum bought me an uzi she could come round and do the washing up\laundry every day of the week (hang about, she already does). You know Sly should give that woman a break. I don't know why he has to be such a jerk wad. Anyone else would just explain to their mum, that they needed some space. Stalone thinks he's hard cos he plays a cop who doesn't play by the rules. Big deal. Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson didn't played even less by the rules better. Stalone makes a rubbish cop. No proper cop would allow his mother to interfer with his duties. He should be stripped of his badge and go back to boxing.

4 stars out of 5. Dropped one because of 'Moms' went easy on the baddie.

Shallow Hal [2002] [DVD]
Shallow Hal [2002] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Gwyneth Paltrow|Jack Black|Jason Alexander|Libby Langdon
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £2.45

3 of 13 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant but flawed, 18 Jan. 2006
This review is from: Shallow Hal [2002] [DVD] (DVD)
This movie is both a hilarious comedy and a deep and moving insight into the cutural climate. The women are so fat you have to laugh at them and that guy who walks on his hands is dynamite. What's his name? Who's his agent. The movie is great, spoilt slightly though by that slime sack Jack Black who blights the movie. He's not funny why doesn't he admit it? Someone told me that Steven Siegal was in this movie as a cameo, I watched it three times and there wasn't a single reference to him. I found this deeply distressing. If Steven Siegal starred and Jack Black had a more minor role this would have been twice as fun.
The story is that Hal is shallow and only likes beautiful women. You say shallow I say normal. He meets a self help guru in a lift; who's extremely enjoyable on account of him being so tall (I think he might be of 'My Giant' fame). The big guy Mind melds with Hal (Spock style) and makes him think fat women are sexy - hilarity insues. He gets with Gwyneth Paltrowl but at the end someone uncasts the spell and she turns out to be clinically obese. (reminds me of a dream I had once). The twist at the end of the movie is that Hal has become much more messed up in the head than you previously realised by the tall guy and he still fancies the fat girl even hugging her and saying she was beautiful. What a weirdo. Towards the end of the movie more and more freaks start popping up out of nowhere. I found this disturbing. There's even a guy with a tail. Gross-out.
I think the moral of the story is to is to get with fat birds as they are nicer than skinny attractive ones. Another thing fatso's are easier to pull so you actually get some. I've done a bit of research into this and it turns out to be true. This is what the movie is trying to say.
Personally I feel this is defeatest. Hal Could have got with someone a lot nicer. indeed there was this fit neibour who didn't like Hal at first but when he saw her with the fat girl it was a real turn on. Hal turned this girl down later. WTF. This confused me greatly. I think he was still thinking about Gwyneth Paltrow. Don't blame him.
In the end he goes of doing charity work with this fat lady, some guy with a skin disese and another fatso. I guess their charity work involved giving there stored fat as food for the starving. I can't imagine them being of any other practical use. Nah actually that's tight. Jesus what a mess hal has got himself into.
On refelection the moral to the story is don't get into a lift with a self help guru who's massive. Cos he will ruin your life. 4 stars out of 5 (dropped one star cos of no Steven Siegal).
P.S I hope there's a sequil in which Hal sorts himself out for real with the afore mentioned Mr siegal.

My Giant [VHS] [1999]
My Giant [VHS] [1999]

2 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome., 21 May 2004
This review is from: My Giant [VHS] [1999] (VHS Tape)
Hilarious beyond belief. My giant is so tall you can't help but laugh at him. The guy has real talent. My mate said he saw him in real life in Cornwall and he's twice as tall as he looks on screen. He's probably about 9ft by my estimations. I haven't seen 'my giant' in any other films which is a tragedy since this guy can act.
Steven Siegal makes a cameo in this film which sent me into an ecstasy of excitement. Awesome. Also mini-me has a cameo in a scene where loads of midgets fight the giant. Good old fashioned entertainment. Disappointingly 'My giant' calls the fight off because somebody calls him a freak. I was pretty disappointed when the giant didn't continue fighting but he does beat somebody up later, which is some consolation I suppose. The midget fight was better though.
Unfortunately like a lot of masterpieces this film is flawed. Firstly there are some sentimental moments. BORING!!!. Also Billy
Crystal is in the film. His acting looks embarrassingly incompetent next to 'my giant' and he's not funny. Also his son insults Steven Siegal over the phone, which I found distressing and unforgivable. A lot of the times Billy Crystal has more lines than my giant which is ludacris. The film is called 'My GIANT' not 'My little curly-haired annoying not-funny disgrace of a man'. This film would be a lot better if Billy Crystal wasn't in it and maybe Steven Siegal had a bigger role.
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