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IVSO Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5100 P5110 Slim-Fit Folio Cover Case With Multi-Angle Stand - NOT Fit Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 N8010 (Red)
IVSO Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5100 P5110 Slim-Fit Folio Cover Case With Multi-Angle Stand - NOT Fit Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 N8010 (Red)

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4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent design. Effective protection, 28 Aug. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Once I'd referred back to the photos on the product page, I could see which way round to fit it, to get it to stand up in 'watch a vid' mode.... I'm a bit slow today, it seems.

But the thing itself is excellent. The outer shell is pretty rigid and is going to protect my new Sam Galaxy Tab 10.1 2 from knocks and scuffing very effectively. The interior lining is soft and won't scratch the tab's case.

The claws that hold the tab in place are not going to let go in a hurry. Best way to fit your tab is to slide it under the claws on the sides, up to and under the claws at the top end [away from the centre fold], then ease the claws on the bottom end over the corners of the tab. The six claws are now holding the tab in place with some considerable rigidity.

The claw holding the thing closed could have done with being a little deeper, to curve a little futher over the edge of the tab. As it is, it does hold the case closed but not as firmly as I'd like. As long as the claw does not go flexy and lose the firmness of its grip over the edge, it'll do the job.

If this thing was originally priced or is on sale elsewhere at +/- £23, I'd definitely expect it to be in real leather. The material is not leather but a reasonably convincing leather-look synthetic. It will be easier to keep clean than leather, tho'.

At the Amz price I'm happy. An effective way to protect an expensive piece of kit and with some style, too.

TECHGEAR - **PACK OF 2** SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 10.1 P7500 & SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 10.1 3G P7510 CLEAR Screen Protector with cleaning cloth
TECHGEAR - **PACK OF 2** SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 10.1 P7500 & SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 10.1 3G P7510 CLEAR Screen Protector with cleaning cloth
Offered by TECHGEAR Solutions
Price: £2.69

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2.0 out of 5 stars It's the static that kills it, 25 Aug. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Whenever a backing is peeled off any plastic film or tape, the action creates a static charge on both surfaces. You may have noticed how a peeled-off strip or film sticks to your hand when you try to put it down.

The film you want to use has an adhesive layer to stick to your screen. Trouble is, by the time you have peeled off Layer 1, to offer the film up to your screen, the static has attracted dust. This dust has settled on a sticky surface and is there to stay. There is no way round this problem.

Much the same problem occurs when you wipe or polish your screen to remove the dust that is inevitably there. You move that dust off but the polishing action creates static and more dust settles. More polishing compounds the problem.

I don't think there's an answer to this. I wasted two of these films trying to fit them but specks of dust, even too small to see, create air bubbles around them which cannot be rubbed away to the edges, as genuine air bubbles can be.

Altogether, thoroughly infuriating.

UPDATE. As I think it's essential to try to protect any device's screen, esp one as big as these tablets, I bunged another three quid at it and gave it another shot.

Protector #3 was better than the first two - experience was improving my performance - but still not good enough. Zits around specks of dust still showing here and there on the screen

Protector #4 was a success. I kept the buffing of the screen down to a minimum, blowing dust off rather than wiping and peeling the 1st layer off the protective film VERY SLOWLY. This resulted in the film building up minimum static charge. The film went down with no zits and the few air bubbles which are inevitable were rubbed off to the margins. In my case, the tab is a white one, so any bubbles do not show up. It would be irritating to see them against a black bezel, even if they were not on the screen itself.

The film is actually too big. It laps up over the short sides of the tab, tho' the cut-outs for the speakers are the right size, shape and position. I may get brave and take a scalpel to run down the inside edge of the bevel because I do find I catch the edge of the film where it lips up over the edge of the bezel

It's all a monumental faff but in the end, if you are very patient and very careful, you will succeed. You may need multiple attempts, tho'.

Nelson - the New Letters (0)
Nelson - the New Letters (0)
by Colin White
Edition: Paperback
Price: £19.99

5.0 out of 5 stars For the Nelsonian, 29 July 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This book is a selection of the results of the project mounted to collate all the correspondence by Nelson that has not been published before nor even seen the light of day since being acquired by the institution or person who now possesses it.

There is no narrative here, beyond a brief summary at the beginning of each chapter of the state of political and military affairs in Europe ~1790-1805 or the personal circumstances of Nelson, to set the context for the letters that follow. In this sense, White is correct to say that this is the nearest we have to an autobiography: Nelson in his own words.

Some letters are new to publication. Some are publication in full of letters that appeared in edited - virtually censored - form in Clarke and McArthur's monumental 1808 biography of Nelson. These authors simply removed passages that they considered did not show Nelson in the best light, reducing his appeal as 'Britannia's God of War' [to quote the title of Andrew Lambert's recent biography]

Nelson had a most idiosyncratic way with spelling, grammar and, particularly, punctuation. White has not made any corrections, leaving it to the reader to work out, as the original recipient will have had to do, what Nelson meant. Even given that English usage has changed since Nelson's day, I imagine that sometimes his recipient was less than clear about Nelson's meaning. As the bulk of the correspondence deals with operational or political/diplomatic matters, this may have caused problems.

Familiarity with Nelson's writing style will have helped his original readers but the modern reader of this book will have to make an effort to comprehend what is sometimes more or less stream of consciousness delivery. That said, Nelson could pen a telling phrase, a striking line. Perhaps, like many people of great intelligence but scant formal education, he did not let grammatical and syntactical correctness get in the way of rich expression.

This book is not for anyone looking for a biography. It's a window into Nelson's mind and attitudes. Here we see the evidence of his superb talent to command as well as his regrettable tendency to sycophancy toward his social superiors, particularly royalty. He was a virulent Francophobe but also expressed great humanity and magnanimity to those who suffered in the course of war, including his enemies. This is particularly the case with his immediate sympathy and friendship with the defeated Danes, after Copenhagen.

Recommended for the Nelson scholar, formal or otherwise.
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Freecom 31454 500GB Mobile Drive XXS USB 2.0 2.5 Inch External Hard Drive Black
Freecom 31454 500GB Mobile Drive XXS USB 2.0 2.5 Inch External Hard Drive Black

5.0 out of 5 stars Small outside, big inside. Perfect for the road., 29 July 2012
I have the 320Gb version of this drive but as that is not available [on Amazon, anyway] there's no point leaving a review on the 320Gb product page. After all, the only difference between the 500Gb and the 320Gb is 180Gb of storage capacity. I don't think the 320Gb was any cheaper, either, a couple of years ago.

This is a truly pocketable hard drive. The drive has no hard shell. It comes fitted into a silicone 'skin' which has a hole in it giving access to the mini USB port. It might have been supplied with some s/ware but I had no use for that. Plug and play - simples.

Mine has been reliable: no probs on my travels, feeding it with photos and having loaded it with music and films/TV progs. It takes stuff in - it spits stuff out. This is no more nor less than it is supposed to do.

The supplied USB lead is absurdly short but no big deal, not even worth deducting 1 star. USB leads come with everything now. I had plenty of longer ones knocking about.

I always fit silicone skins onto phones & cameras if they are available for my model, so this drive saves on sourcing one. One thing I find with these silicone skins is that they are inherently slightly sticky, which is great when it comes to preventing the gizmo sliding around but it does mean that any dust on the skin tends to stick and is not particularly easy to wipe off.

I'll almost certainly go for another one of these. A great deal of storage in a really small lump - perfect.
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Buying and Running a Guesthouse or Small Hotel: 2nd edition: How to Build a Valuable Business and Enjoy a Great Lifestyle
Buying and Running a Guesthouse or Small Hotel: 2nd edition: How to Build a Valuable Business and Enjoy a Great Lifestyle
by Dan Marshall
Edition: Paperback
Price: £14.99

15 of 20 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Rather elementary, in parts absurdly so., 15 July 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I realise there are problems with books like this. What level should it be pitched at? In this case readers who have experience of running their own business/being self employed need a substantially different book to those who have been salaried employees all their working lives to date. This book is for outright beginners and rather simplistic at that.

The opening advice to "take a position in a small hotel, ideally as general assistant to the owner ... gaining experience at your employer's expense" is absurd. Which owner/manager of any business is going to hire someone with no experience as his 'general assistant'? Chambermaid, yes. Anyone with any degree of responsibility and decision making - never.

"Taking a position" in any business these days is not something anybody can wake up in the morning and just do, as the author seems to imply, experienced or not. A friend of mine, with whom I am right now assessing the possibilities of a small hotel, recently applied for a senior management position at his level, in his field. There were 400 applicants.

Does anyone contemplating running a guesthouse need reminding that they need to "enjoy dealing with people"? Maybe the author thinks that some of his readers believe Basil Fawlty to be a real person.

Does anyone contemplating running a guesthouse need reminding that they need to keep the place clean? It's not "cleanliness skills" that are needed. It's a cleanliness attitude. If someone looks around their own home and can honestly admit that they are not already predisposed to keep the place clean and tidy - not to hospitality industry standards, maybe, but certainly better than average - no amount of "cleanliness skills" will help. Even if they delegate cleaning to staff, their own inadequate standards would result in those standards becoming the norm.

"Reservation/billing skills ... being organised". Who needs to be told that this is a requirement? You couldn't run an icecream van if you weren't organised.

Anyone who needs prompting to the least degree in any of these topics won't be reading this book or contemplating running a guest house - or any other business.

There is a presumption that the people for whom this book is intended are a couple. This is an important point because a great deal of the advice on many aspects of the business are based on this presumption. If, like me, you are not half a couple, there's much advice that does not apply.

One of the 'myths' that the author hopes to expose is that "You are dreaming if you think you will be your own boss." He then goes on to list banks, spouse/partner, suppliers "and even your customers" as bosses who "seem to develop."

This is wrong. It is true that all other people, companies and institutions will have a major influence on any business but a boss is someone who makes the fundamental decisions about the structure and goals of a business and deals with others in a way that results in the business developing along the lines that he has directed. Others are partners.

The owner of a business is the client of a bank and suppliers of goods and services. As such, they should be predisposed to satisfy the needs of their client, not direct his business. If they do not, he can take his custom elsewhere. It's not easy to sack a bank but in my experience of running small businesses, it is possible to reject a bank's proposals and add-on services such as insurances and either have them amended or provided by another 'supplier' entirely. I have sacked an accountant. To believe you are not the boss is asking for trouble.

As for customers being 'the boss', this is nonsense. It is true that the customers are kings & queens - but they have no executive power. The customer is royalty in that the aim of the business is that they will be pleased and satisfied with has been offered, be it a 50p widget or a £1000/night hotel suite. If the customer was boss, he would say to a guest house that states in its brochure that pets are not accepted, "You will allow me to keep my dog in my room." He would order a meat meal at a vegetarian guest house and expect to get it. I have sacked such customers from my boatyard.

A good example of this was Gordon Ramsey when he was running the restaurant 'Aubergine' in Park Walk, Chelsea. Martina Navratalova and her party arrived in the evening following another win in the Wimbledon Ladies' final. She had not booked but demanded a table. They were told that all tables were booked [I know from my own experience of trying to book a table there that the waiting list for lunch was a fortnight and dinner was booked forever] and that booked clients, many of them regulars, were not going to have their reservations cancelled for the Wimbledon champ or anybody.

An aspect I was hoping to find described in detail and at length was what it actually like to run a guest house. Does any grown-up need a numbered list on how to clean a bedroom? It's not useful for anyone past student age to be given a list of cleaning materials to do the job. No 1 instruction, "turn on the lights so you can see well" comes pretty close to insulting the reader's intelligence.

I wanted to hear about how to deal with rooms that have been trashed by stag-nighters, soiled by incontinent children, stripped by towel-thieves ... It's absurd to be advised to "follow the manufacturer's instruction" for carpet cleaning but not advised on the financial options if a woman spills a bottle of scarlet nail varnish on it. New carpet? Specialist cleaning? Most importantly - who pays?

There is very little of this anecdotal narrative which would give an insight into the aspects of running a guest house that cannot be found in trade journals, government departments, banks and other institutions. Running this sort of enterprise is, as the author states, a life-style as much as a business. What this book badly lacks is a thorough look at the way that the life-style aspect influences and is influenced by the purely commercial aspect.
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Victorinox 30323l Swisstool Multi Tool
Victorinox 30323l Swisstool Multi Tool
Price: £105.73

5.0 out of 5 stars Supreme quality and astonishingly useful, 16 Mar. 2012
A customer appeared in my boatyard, just back from Spokane, Washington, with half a dozen Leathermen. We all bought one from him and thought them pretty nifty. They didn't have locks on the blades and tools, were pretty crudely engineered and my shipwright managed to break his main blade almost at once.

When mine got stolen, I replaced it with the Victorinox and the improvement was vast. Better engineering, better quality of steel, better design, better selection of tools - a superb piece of kit.

Mine was a permanent fixture on my belt when I spent 3 years rebuilding my house. From stripping insulation from wire to cutting holes in ceiling plaster from down-lighters, this tool worked its keep every day, one way or another. I used it to repair the window catches in my hostal room in Singapore, open tins and bottles everywhere - it goes on.

The only thing I'd wish to add would be scissors. I think I'd swap the file/hacksaw for that. I wouldn't want a cork-screw - I know how to get a cork OUT of a bottle, not push it in, without any tools or breaking the bottle.

The Victorinox multi-tool would make one of the best presents any practical person could ever receive - or award themselves.

No Title Available

9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Forget all those 'natural' repellants that don't work. This stuff does., 14 Dec. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I came here to Trindad 21 days ago. I had 100mls 'Incognito' - hyped up with blah about how they only use Indonesian citronella and how the English cricket team used it on their Caribbean tour. Of course they used it. They were probably bunged crates of the stuff.

And I've got 100mls Repel 100.

The Incognito ran out in 8 days. I look like Spotty Muldoon. Complete waste of £8. Useless

Now I'm on the Repel 100 and not a bite since starting it. And the bottle has gone 14 days with, at a guess, 4 or 5 to go. I don't care if it melts battle tank turret armour, the essence of a mozzie repellant is - have I been bitten or not? The answer is, I have not. That is the nub of the matter.

It is true that it is a bit oily but this has an important upside. Unlike the almost powdery 'Incognito', you can spray it at close range into the palm of your hand and wipe it over you. This is effective in getting covered and makes each spray from the bottle less wasteful.

It is also true that it seems to make one's skin a bit itchy. Anyone who has a/c where they sleep at night might do well to use a much lower DEET spray, as the coolth of the a/c will keep the mozzies pinned to the wall. As I'm in an a/c-free room, regrettably, I use the Repel 100 and the combination of the 'pricky heat' feeling and the heat of the room keeps me from getting a good night's sleep.

But by day, this stuff is the mutt's nuts.

Incognito All Natural Deet Free Anti Mosquito Insect Repellent Spray (100Ml)
Incognito All Natural Deet Free Anti Mosquito Insect Repellent Spray (100Ml)
Price: £7.91

11 of 14 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars I'm not impressed. And it's actually more expensive than the ticket price ., 9 Dec. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I'm in Trinidad, West Indies, perfect mozzie country. I've been here 17 days - about another 80-odd to go, according to the original sked. I need a good mozzie repellent to make this gig tolerable.

The first thing to say is that the 100ml bottle of Incognito only lasted 8 days. I'd need another 10 bottles to see out the rest of my trip. If it worked really well, it would perhaps be worth shelling out the £79.20 for those 10 bottles. What's 80 quid if you keep the mozzies at bay?

But I am Spotted Dick, Spotty Muldoon. If this stuff had any effect at all, it was not so's you'd notice. The mozzies have had a free run, from the look of me.

One aspect of sprays of any kind, be they paint, furniture polish or mozzie repellant - a significant proportion of what's in the can gets wasted as 'overspray'. That's the spray that misses the target and wafts off into space. I reckon that the effective cost of these bottles of Incognito are more like £12-14 each.

It's pleasant to apply. It's not greasy or runny. In fact it almost seems to be a powder. But this aspect is also one of its downsides.

Bring out the heavy mob. I am now on a bottle of 100% DEET - 'Repel 100' by Pyramid. This stuff seems to be working. I don't care if it will dissolve bricks - if it keeps mozzies off, it's for me. It is also a spray but, being a somewhat oily liquid, I find very little is wasted because I spray it at close range into the palm of my hand and then wipe the stuff over me. This is economical and effective. I've been using this for 9 days now and the bottle is still 3/4 full. Incognito does not lend itself to this m.o.

Incognito has failed, for me. This hype about the citronella ingredient being exclusively the stuff from Java, the 'tested by universities' - it's baloney. The stuff either cuts it or it does not, out in real life. If you want, I'll send you the photos to prove that it does not. No 'university testing' can gainsay that.

Downton Abbey: Series 2 [DVD] [2011]
Downton Abbey: Series 2 [DVD] [2011]
Dvd ~ Maggie Smith
Offered by Leisurezone
Price: £2.80

5 of 8 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Absurd but absolutely wonderful. And magnificent Maggie Smith, 15 Nov. 2011
There are many who rage against the transparent plot lines. They are right. There are many who laugh at the improbable turns of events - a paraplegic character morphs into someone who can do the soft-shoe shuffle, for example. They are right, too.

I do think that it does take a sense of fun and silliness in the viewer to give this series a fair crack. It IS a soap - but with well-polished knobs on. I loathe soaps like East Enders. I have not seen Coronation Street in colour. But, given that one can accept that this is a soap, it is splendid entertainment. I disagree that the acting is wooden. The characters are supposed to be wooden. The posh ones are buttoned-up Edwardian toffs. The downstairs lot are servants, so they are supposed to speak only when spoken to and to know their place, except maybe when they are madly in love or ripped off in the black market biz.

Detractors are being mean-spirited, in my opinion. Just sit back and go for a well-signposted ride through these scripts and be thankful for the magnificence of Maggie Smith and the perfection of Jim Carter.

Uniross Digital Camera Battery Equivalent To  Nikon EN-EL9
Uniross Digital Camera Battery Equivalent To Nikon EN-EL9
Price: £19.47

4.0 out of 5 stars An economical alternative to Nikon branded battery, 29 Oct. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Third party rechargeble batteries are a dodgy bunch. If they are very cheap, they ARE rubbish. I have tried enough of the 5 quid variety, on the basis that if no good, I've only wasted 5 quid but might luck into a bargain. It never works. They are all garbage.

But Uniross is a well known and reputable brand of battery. My version, for my Nikon D60, has performed well, holds charge, does the job. It represents good value.

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