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3M Adjustable Foot Rest Sturdy Steel Black
3M Adjustable Foot Rest Sturdy Steel Black

5.0 out of 5 stars Great foot rest, 30 July 2016
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
This is definitely my favourite foot rest to date by far.

The footrest seems well made and is very robust; it has decent grip pads on each corner underneath which helps it hold its ground. The height can be adjusted however for me it was perfect right out of the box.

Adjusting the angle feels nice with a bit of friction behind it for a smooth transition than loose.

I'm also a fan of the main foot pad which provides good grip against your shoes, but it also comfortable if you decide to be bare footed, this I prefer.

Can't knock it at all, for me it does the job perfectly.

Miracol Sports Water Bottle, 32oz Large - Eco-Friendly Tritan Co-Polyester Plastic - with Flip Top Lid & Adjustable Strap - BPA Free - Best for Gym, Cycling, Camping, Running
Miracol Sports Water Bottle, 32oz Large - Eco-Friendly Tritan Co-Polyester Plastic - with Flip Top Lid & Adjustable Strap - BPA Free - Best for Gym, Cycling, Camping, Running
Offered by Miracol Sports
Price: £29.99

4.0 out of 5 stars I was really pleased with not only the looks of this water bottle, 30 July 2016
I was really pleased with not only the looks of this water bottle, but the robust feel it has to it too, it really does have a quality feel and a nice texture to the touch.

This water bottle features a neat quick release button, though there is a little tab that can be latched over which stops the lid from any accidental openings. The bottle also has a fairly large wrist strap which is not detachable; it would be much better if you could detach it when not wanted.

It's very important to give the insides a couple of washes in warm water as it does have a bit of a funky smell. After a couple of washes the smell did become much less pungent so it doesn't taint the water or drinks taste.

The 32oz capacity is a very nice amount to have and will become very handy when I'm out for walks (especially in the sun). The lid doesn't get in the way when drinking and the fluid comes out very smoothly.

I must add that even when this bottle was wet on the exterior, it still held it's grip.

Overall this is a very decent water bottle that I would recommend, however the two things that I think are letting it down, which are the following:
1) Wrist strap is not detachable.
2) Price is a bit steep (£15.99 at the time of this review) as there are very similar looking water bottles available at a cheaper price.

► Disclaimer: I received this product to evaluate and publish an unbiased review. All views are of my own and are not influenced by the manufacture.
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TheDiamondStore | Stud Earrings - AA Tanzanite 1ct - 925 Silver
TheDiamondStore | Stud Earrings - AA Tanzanite 1ct - 925 Silver
Offered by The Diamond Store™
Price: £125.00

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful pair of Tanzanite earrings, 22 July 2016
The pair of 0.50 carat Tanzanite earrings (1ct total & graded AA) comes in a nice little black & white themed box which is placed within a smart carry pouch. You will also find a leaflet showing off the stores vast collection of jewellery as well as a certificate for the earrings.

The earrings are slotted into an elevated part of the padding within the box to keep in place firmly and also prompts them into an angle which is very eye catching upon opening the box.

Tanzanite is an exceptionally beautiful gemstone and really does compliment being on a simple studded earring, though most often it gleams a lovely violet colour more than blue; that said, you will notice that this gem will switch between the two colours depending on the lighting and gem angle. For more of a deeper blue colour though, you will want to look for a higher carat such as from 2ct and above whereas these are just 0.50ct each, hence the more prominent violet colour.

Another thing to add, when caught in the right angle of light, these have a lovely sparkle effect.

From the human eye, the gems on both earrings look flawless with no noticeable inclusions, it's only when you take a much closer look via a magnifying glass or macro lens when you can notice them, which is normal, especially for an AA rated pair.

Each part of silver is also hallmark stamped with '925', this is located on the stopper, stem and the stud base.

The pair of earrings I received were slap bang on 5mm² for the stud which is just as advertised. The main length is 20mm and the gap size from the base of the stud to the base of the stopper when fully inserted is 7mm giving you decent space for your ear such as the earlobe, this makes it comfortable to wear. Also, there are two notches in the stem which ensures the butterfly stoppers don't fall of when wearing.

Overall these are a stunning pair of earrings which many will admire and the quality seems good for the price. It's also one of the three birthstones for December if that helps if buying as a present.

► Disclaimer: I received this product to evaluate and publish an unbiased review. All views are of my own and my family member who helped during this review, both of which are not influenced by the manufacture.

►► Extra Info: The photos published alongside this review were taken using the Sony A7M2 camera & SEL90M28G macro lens.
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Inflatable Lounger 2nd Generation Easy Inn® Outdoor Nylon Portable Airbed Air Mattresses (6 Colours)
Inflatable Lounger 2nd Generation Easy Inn® Outdoor Nylon Portable Airbed Air Mattresses (6 Colours)

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The best inflatable lounger I've owned to date, 20 July 2016
I've reviewed a couple of other brands inflatable loungers and this one has to be the best by far. First of all the compactness has been improved greatly, this is probably due to there being one main tube of plastic lining instead of two, which other models typically have; this means when folded up, it's surprisingly very small. The second improvement is with the nylon fabric which feels extremely smooth making it more comfortable by touch. Obviously one downside of getting this 2nd generation version is the price tag is a bit higher.

Inflating requires a bit of technique and a bit of wind; if you have both, then this will be a breeze to get set-up.

Basically, you want to stretch the tube opening out nice and wide whilst lunging forward (if there's a bit of a breeze then do make sure you step into it head-on, this will make it much easier); as you're coming to a stop it's very important you firmly close the opening. You may need to repeat these steps a couple of times until you have sufficient air inside.

You don't need so much air in that the lounger is extremely firm because you need to roll the opening over a couple of times which not only stops air from coming out, but also compresses the air which is when you will feel the firmness of it; once you've done that, clip it shut.

And wallah, you have your lounger properly inflated and ready for chilling on. You can either lay on it length ways, or side on it like a sofa in which you'll be able to get 2-4 people on depending on their size and how comfortable you want to be.

Located around the exterior are some pockets which can be used to hold your mobile phone, or a drink etc... And of course there is an elastic loop located on one of the ends which is used to secure it to the floor if you have a ground hook (recommended to have if there's a bit of wind).

If there's one I could comment about improving this product, it would be to have little handles on the opening for better grip. I have yet to see any inflatable lounger that has this feature.

As for deflating and putting it back into its carrier bag; simply unclip and unroll the tube opening, then roll out the air starting from the closed end. This takes barely one minute to accomplish.

Overall, this is an extremely good product and as already said, the best inflatable lounger I've had to date. Would highly recommend.

I have made a video which shows the set-up process and review, however the video size was over Amazon's limits so I will post a link to the video in the comment section.

► Disclaimer: I received this product to evaluate and publish an unbiased review. All views are of my own and are not influenced by the manufacture.
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SHARKK® Aluminum Wallet RFID Protected Aluma Wallet Rugged Water Resistant Card Holder (Dark Gray)
SHARKK® Aluminum Wallet RFID Protected Aluma Wallet Rugged Water Resistant Card Holder (Dark Gray)
Offered by SHARKK UK
Price: £24.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Nice robust wallet for your cards, 18 July 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Was looking for a wallet holder that was robust and could carry a decent amount of cards and this one ticked the boxes so went for it.

It's a really nice size which meant I was able to firmly grasp it and am very pleased with the looks too.

Build quality seems robust except for the joints and hinges which are plastic; hopefully I won't have any cracking issues as others have experienced.

The wallet is very easy to open when done so manually, but not so easy that it will open by itself; it has a decent clasp to prevent this. Cards do slot in nicely, though the slot pouches stretch wide open when the wallet is opened resulting in free-movement of the cards, so just remember to open the wallet in an upright position unless you want them to fall out onto the floor.

So far I'm very pleased with this wallet, it has a hard protective exterior, it looks great and for me is very practical, so would highly recommend.

If I have any issues with this wallet in the future, especially if any cracks appear, then I will edit the review. Otherwise, take it as the wallet is still doing a mighty fine job.

Manfrotto Compact Advanced - tripod
Manfrotto Compact Advanced - tripod
Price: £56.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Very compact tripod, 4 July 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I needed a tripod for my recent journeys which unfortunately the one I already had wasn't suitable due to its close size still being far too big. It took me a couple of days searching back and fourth for which one I wanted to go for before eventually going for this one.

The size when fully closed up was perfect for me (approximately 44cm) and didn't feel too heavy when carrying or when attached to my rucksack.

At first I was a little baffled with one of the levers, but what had requires was me loosening it a bit before sliding it into place then tightening it back up (this is to prevent the lever from poking out when closed down). The quick release plate is decent but not great, at times I had to readjust the angle and it slid from position even though it was securely tightened, but I assure it wasn't at a point where my camera was going to fall off.

The legs are easy to extend out and do initially feel unsturdy, but when you click everything in place they become much sturdier.

You'll probably find the tripod head isn't fantastic, but it certainly does the job. There were only a couple of times I couldn't get it in the angle I wanted it, however this is budget tripod in Manfrotto terms, so I shouldn't be asking this tripod to be perfect.

If you want to go for a more reputable brand without splashing out too much money and would like a decent travel tripod, this is the one.

Turbo Kid [Blu-ray]
Turbo Kid [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Munro Chambers
Price: £7.00

5.0 out of 5 stars An unexpectedly amazing film, 1 July 2016
This review is from: Turbo Kid [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray)
My sister recommended me this and I honestly had no idea what to expect.

This film had me hooked from the very beginning, all the way to the end. The music/score was utterly amazing and nostalgic throughout the film too, which made it even more enjoyable.

My mind was blown after the film, I didn't really know what happened. There are serious and comedy bits with other scenes being crazily gory, some of which I didn't expect; kinda reminded me of Mortal Kombat which happens to be my favourite game.

It's hard to explain this film apart from it being absolutely insane... Just give it a watch, it's worth it.

Myguru® Inflatable Outdoor Air Sleep Sofa Couch Portable Furniture Sleeping Hangout Lounger Imitate Nylon External Internal PVC for Summer Camping Beach (Rose )
Myguru® Inflatable Outdoor Air Sleep Sofa Couch Portable Furniture Sleeping Hangout Lounger Imitate Nylon External Internal PVC for Summer Camping Beach (Rose )
Offered by YESTECH
Price: £62.99

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Decent Inflatable Lounger, 24 Jun. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I absolutely love these inflatable loungers (I already own one from a different brand), so when I was offered this one in exchange of a review, I was more than happy to accept.

Myguru offers a nice choice variety of colours ranging from black; blue, dark green, light green & rose. At the time of writing this review, this product is fulfilled by Amazon meaning it's shipped from the UK and is available for a reasonable price (£32.99 at the time of this review).

The lounger is packed nicely into a travel bag for a compact and very portable size. Included in the bag is an instruction manual. This lounger is just a basic model which means it doesn't have any side pockets and no loop tags for ground hooks.

The stitching seems pretty good along the seams and the exterior is made of nylon whilst the inner tube to trap air is plastic.

If you're new to this product, I warn that you may need a bit of patience to get this set-up as for optimum results, you will need:
1) A nice subtle breeze or a bit stronger.
2) Decent handling technique.

If you have both then you'll be able to get this lounger inflated and set-up with 30 seconds, just one of the two is doable just takes longer and if you have neither... Well, good luck.

This particular model has two large air holes. To sufficiently inflate, stretch one of the openings wide open whilst holding the other one down firmly; if you have a breeze have a good step into it and immediately clamp down on the whole opening to prevent air from escaping; then open the opposite side as you step forward again and don't forget to quickly and firmly close the opening; repeat this until you have a sufficient amount of air in the lounger. Bare in mind that you do not need it to be completely inflated as the next step is to roll the openings over which will make the lounger feel much firmer; when you're happy with the firmness just simply click it shut.

Once set-up you have an awesomely comfortable inflated lounger that you can chill on. It fits one person laying down on it, or if you're using it as a seat, you can fit quite a few people on there and you'll be surprised at how well it can support the weight.

Deflating doesn't take much time at all: Unclip the opening and unfold it, then start from the other side and roll it up to remove all air and place it into the carry bag. I can do this easily within two minutes.

All in all, definitely a product I would recommend.
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LucidSound LS30 Wireless Gaming Headset - Black (PS4/Xbox One/Xbox/PS3)
LucidSound LS30 Wireless Gaming Headset - Black (PS4/Xbox One/Xbox/PS3)
Price: £125.50

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic headset (Reviewed in use with the PS4), 21 Jun. 2016
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
The LS30 is an over-eared wireless/wired headset which boasts extreme comfort and high quality sound with its 50mm audio driver; it also features a crystal clear microphone and a sidetone feature so you can hear yourself and you are not limited to use them on one platform.

I've been using the Official Sony PlayStation Gold Headset (Wireless 2.0) since the day they came out to the UK and I haven't personally found a successor, that is until now.

Granted the LS30's cost roughly £50 more than the PlayStation's Gold headset, however as someone who has been happy to splash out on gaming accessories, I can safely say that if these were out at the same time and I had a hands on, I would have been happy to pay the extra for these.

Don't get me wrong, the Gold headset is still a product I would highly recommend if you really can't afford to splash out the extra cash; it's just after my use with these, I've found it very hard to go back.

♦ Box Contents ♦

∙ LS30 headset.
∙ Boom microphone.
∙ USB dongle.
∙ Optical cable.
∙ Xbox 360 chat cable.
∙ Xbox One / Mobile chat cable.
∙ Instruction manual.

♦ Set-Up (PS4) ♦

The set-up process takes barely two minutes to do, it's very simple:

1) Insert the optical cable into the consoles relevant port (located on the rear).
2) Plug the other end of the optical cable into the USB dongle.
3) Insert the USB dongle into the consoles USB port (Due to the cable protruding from the dongle, I put it into the port furthest to the right, otherwise you're blocking the other port).
4) With the console powered up, turn the headset on by holding the power button located on the left ear-cup.
5) To pair the headset with the dongle, hold the power button down on the headset for 7 seconds and the pairing button on the dongle for 2 seconds.
6) Go to the device settings and make sure the headset is selected.
7) If you want to get the most out of the headset, ensure within the settings the audio is selected as "all audio" not "chat only".

♦ In-Use ♦

The right ear-cup has a chat volume wheel around the rim and a microphone mute button in the middle. There is also an "EQ" button on the right ear-cup which is on normal by default; press it once for a treble boost; another for a bass boost and once more to return to the default setting.

The left ear-cup is supposed to control the game volume and have access to a quick game mute. You will also find the power LED, power/pairing button, micro USB charging port, 3.5mm input and the microphone port.

Weirdly for me, the game mute and microphone mute buttons are reversed; this may be a fault on my headset or were misprinted on the instructions and are supposed to be this way; nevertheless it doesn't make sense to have it set-up the way it is on my headset; it should be all game volume on one side and the microphone on the other.

The chat volume wheel also effects the sidetone volume which is very handy feature to have as over-eared headsets tend to prevent you from hearing yourself as you talk which means you're more than likely to talk louder. Unfortunately I haven't come across a way to mute the sidetone without muting the chat completely, this means that people who may not like that feature will be stuck with it. I however am much in favour of this feature.

One other point I want to make when muting the microphone is that it activates a very bright blue LED on the tip of the microphone which is very distracting; so much that I have to bend the microphone back out of view whenever I choose to mute.

♦ Comfort & Audio Quality ♦

Undoubtedly this headset is extremely comfortable to wear, even for long gaming sessions. The headband has decent adjustability and is well padded; the ear cups are also incredibly soft.

The microphone quality is sublime! It's absolutely crystal clear and I simply cannot say a bad thing about it.

The audio output is very good on this headset; the sound is clear, seems well balanced and can deliver a good kick of bass; furthermore there is a good sense of direction which makes this headset very ideal for games such as Call of Duty & Battlefield etc...

♦ Final Thoughts ♦

There's only a couple of flaws this headset has, however they're easy to deal with and to be honest, the positives completely overwhelm the negatives.

Overall this is a fantastic headset available for a more than reasonable price, so for that reasons I would highly recommend these.

✔ Pros:
✓ Easy to use.
✓ Solid build quality.
✓ Multi-platform use.
✓ Has sidetone feature.
✓ Very clear microphone.
✓ 15 hours of battery life.
✓ Well padded & extremely comfortable.
✓ Exceptional audio quality and decent directional sound.

✖ Cons:
✘ Blue LED on microphone when on mute is VERY distracting.
✘ Mute microphone & mute gameplay audio buttons wrongly located.

Antonio Puig Quorum Eau de Toilette - 100 ml
Antonio Puig Quorum Eau de Toilette - 100 ml
Price: £10.00

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Unpleasant scent, 15 Jun. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is the first eau de toilette purchase I have ever made where I relied on the reviews rather than going into a store and having a sniff test, and boy was it the wrong choice.

It's hard to describe the scent myself, all I can say is it's rather unpleasant and that EVERY person I had asked for feedback on the scent had said that it didn't smell great... So I guess it's back to David Beckham Instinct which I have got most compliments with.

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