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The Next Best Thing [DVD] [2000]
The Next Best Thing [DVD] [2000]
Dvd ~ Madonna
Offered by Jasuli
Price: £8.95

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3.0 out of 5 stars Decent - nothing more, nothing less, 6 Jun. 2006
This film has suffered very, very bad publicity and very, very bad reviews. But if you choose to see it open-minded, you might just get to like this mess.
"The Next Best Thing" initially sets itself up as a comedy. Robert (played by Rupert Everett) is always there for his best friend (Abbie), especially when it comes to comfort her over her terrible taste in men. And since he's also keen on men, he gives her a few pointers along the way. However, after a few drinks (and an unbelievably entertaining Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers act), Abbie gets pregnant. The viewer is then quite surprised when the whole thing turns serious and chaotic as Robert and Abbie decide to live and raise the baby together, and then struggle with problems concerning their family, friends and Abbie's new sweetheart (Benjamin Brett).
Now, the good thing about this film are its stars. Although it's hard to believe that it's taken them 30 minutes of the film to sleep together and that Madonna can't find a man in L.A., they are irresistible. Everett is top-notch as always and Madge has rarely seemed as much at home with a part as she does in this film. They are able to pull off the comedic parts and are good enough when the film surprisingly evolves into a study of family life.
However, the second half of the film doesn't work. At all. The problem is that "The Next Best Thing" is made of too many different influences and styles connected with very loose bonds. Are you able to go through a sitcom, a melodrama, and a courtroom drama in one film? Yes , it's quite possible to watch the ups and downs of this glamorous couple, but it can be difficult to digest the way they are developed.

Little Black Book [DVD]
Little Black Book [DVD]
Dvd ~ Brittany Murphy
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £1.94

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4.0 out of 5 stars Doesn't go to where romantic comedy convention says it should..., 4 Jun. 2006
This review is from: Little Black Book [DVD] (DVD)
I wasn't very keen on seeing "Little Black Book" since it has suffered very bad reviews. Finally, I rented it and it wasn't a disappointment at all. The story is quite basic: Stacy (played by Brittany Murphy) is a TV producer for a well-known talk-show. Things are going great for her, and she doesn't mind that her boyfriend never discusses his old relationships - well, until her new co-worker Barb (Holly Hunter) suggests she should do some research. It's not long before Stacy stumbles upon her boyfriend's little black book, a.k.a. his palm pilot.

First of all, "Little Black Book" is NOT a regular comedy. Sure, there is plenty of dialogue to keep you smiling and a few laugh-out-loud moments, but the whole concept is just not of the comedic type. At least not in the script, but Murphy's amazing comedic talent (also shown in "Just Married") is evident here and it breathes life into the story.

Second, "Little Black Book" is NOT a ROMANTIC film. It starts off like that, but it crosses the finish line as a coming-of-age story. The publicity for this film didn't do it justice - the trailers showed a hilarious romantic comedy, spoiling all the jokes and sending a wrong impression. This is not, by any means, a perfect movie. However, Brittany Murphy, Holly Hunter and the considerable talents of Josie Maran and Julianne Nicholson make sure it's not mediocre, either.

Ocean's Twelve [DVD] [2004]
Ocean's Twelve [DVD] [2004]
Dvd ~ George Clooney
Price: £1.98

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1.0 out of 5 stars A disaster..., 7 May 2006
This review is from: Ocean's Twelve [DVD] [2004] (DVD)
When reviewing "Love Actually", I thought it was impossible to take a dozen of top-notch actors, and then make a bad movie. "Ocean's Twelve" proves me wrong.

First, it's boring. All of the wittiness of the original has disappeared leaving us with a bunch of enthusiastic actors without a good script. First, it's 45 minutes until something actually happens. When it does, it's plain stupid. And in the end, you're watching this flick hoping that something by the end would be worth your money. Needless to say, there's no such thing.

Second, the plot is way too complicated for this kind of film. This time, it's not just getting in, robbing the place and getting out. It's the twists and turns that blow your mind, introducing new characters every ten minutes (Like eleven wasn't enough! Or, was it twelve?), and then getting confused in each scene. By the other half of the movie, the plot disappears. The story becomes less important, making room for more Julia Roberts dialogue and a cameo for Bruce Willis. Trust me, even if you are a fan of these two actors, you'll be highly disappointed by the way this film treats them.

To be honest, there are some good scenes (which is why I even considered giving this film two stars, but I gave up the idea). The ever watchable Catherine Zeta-Jones manages to fill the screen every time she appears, and there are a few good laughs. But generally speaking, it's a disaster. PG for "Plain Garbage"? R for "Retarded"?

Confessions of a Broken Heart
Confessions of a Broken Heart
Offered by FastMedia "Ships From USA"
Price: £163.39

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3.0 out of 5 stars Sincere, but flawed, 5 May 2006
On her second album, "A Little More Personal (RAW)", Lindsay Lohan promises to explicitly deliver her feelings and let her emotions flood on the page. She does that, and it is most evident in the first single, "Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter To Father)", which is a protest against her absent father whose ups and downs with the law have been carefully monitored by the tabloids. It is a decent song, but not quite perfect - way too repetitive and a little self concious. It's all "Strum und Drang", but it gets old after a few times you listen to it. The reason I gave it three stars is that it's one of the weakest tracks on the fantastic album. Bottom line, my suggestion is to skip this one and proceed to the 5-star "A Little More Personal (RAW)".

American Life
American Life
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £4.61

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5.0 out of 5 stars Madonna record with ambitions as serious as a textbook, 5 May 2006
This review is from: American Life (Audio CD)
She has done it again! Re-invention is something Madonna does best, and the results are often gorgeous: "American Life" is an album which is politically challenging, cheeky and controversial - Queen of Pop at her best!

From the title song, with its upbeat music and rap sequence (!), to questioning the meaning of it all in "Easy Ride", Madge's electrifying album is truly a delight. Her voice is fantastic, and Mirwais Ahmadzai's (a French techno mastermind and Madonna's partner in crime) instrumentals are simply mind-blowing. Unlike her previous album critics often refer to, "American Life" has it's storyline, a deep emotional plot and subtle twists and subplots (like the latest James Bond jingle "Die Another Day", or the retrospective "Mother and Father"), making it a combination of Music's tunes and Ray of Light's substance. Yes, it carries the weight of social commentary, but it's so much fun!

Bad Girl [CD 1]
Bad Girl [CD 1]
Offered by \/\/ WORLD WIDE MEDIA MARKET /\/\
Price: £29.81

5.0 out of 5 stars An amazing song!, 18 Feb. 2006
This review is from: Bad Girl [CD 1] (Audio CD)
Being a HUGE Madonna fan, I would call this song one of her best! This music period of her career was very turbulent as she was constantly experiencing with sex, cheeky videos and controversy. While the main album of this era, "Erotica", captivates Madonna's wildest moments (just remember her banned video for the title track), "Bad Girl" is something different - it's on the subject, but in the much sweeter, more subtle and gentle way - the starting point of her sophistication! It's a ballad with the greatest lyrics and the most magnificent tunes. Perfect!

Love Actually [DVD] [2003]
Love Actually [DVD] [2003]
Dvd ~ Alan Rickman
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £2.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars An amazing film..., 1 Feb. 2006
This review is from: Love Actually [DVD] [2003] (DVD)
As the title of my review suggests, this film is amazing! Would it even be possible to hire all these great actors and then screw up? No, I don't think so either. It is a comedy, and it's funny, but it's got so much substance and style that it never looks stupid or artificial. Whether it is because of the script, the director or the actor - "Love Actually" is one of those films you can't dislike!

Miss Congeniality 2 [DVD] [2005]
Miss Congeniality 2 [DVD] [2005]
Dvd ~ Sandra Bullock
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £2.00

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1.0 out of 5 stars Congeniality? I'd say not!, 26 Jan. 2006
This film was the lamest sequel I've ever seen! I disliked this one as much as I loved the first. It is evident Sandra Bullock was very enthusiastic about it, but I believe this is one of her worst movies- ever! It is supposed to be a comedy, but it's drop-dead-boring (except for one scene when they sing Tina Turner) and it's a complete waste of time. Instead of buying this one, order the original.

Comic Relief: Quidditch Through the Ages (Harry Potter's Schoolbooks)
Comic Relief: Quidditch Through the Ages (Harry Potter's Schoolbooks)
by J.K. Rowling
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Only for the fans..., 17 Jan. 2006
Well, if you believe that various editions of "Harry Potter" books and glorious films of the same name aren't enough, then you're in for a treat! "Quidditch Through the Ages" is a history of No1 wizard sport and it's great fun! It is written as a Hogwarts Library book, with names of our favorite characters scrambled throught the book as if they really used it. And there is substance. Lots of it. It is evident that Mrs Rowling (cleverly signed as Kennilworthy Whisp) knows her world in details, as this book is totally in the spirit of the books. It is witty and interesting, just like "Harry Potter" books are. Although it is obvious only true fans will enjoy it, "Quidditch Through the Ages" is truly a delight!

Mr. & Mrs. Smith [2005] [DVD]
Mr. & Mrs. Smith [2005] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Brad Pitt
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £4.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars Love and marriage..., 17 Jan. 2006
Is it even possible to say a film with Angelina and Brad as leads would be bad? Of course not, even if it was this strange mix of emotions, humor and of course - ACTION! And action is basically the main thing in this flick. It's a story about two mercenaries who work for opposite agencies and are (oh, surprise!) not so happily married! Of course, they know nothing about each other and the exposure of their 'hobbies' gets them into all sorts of trouble. It is a little shock that this film has a lot of sarcastic 'How to keep a healthy marriage' moments as though it was copied directly from some women's magazine, but on the other hand it's action packed - these two qualities making it equally attractive for both men and women. Unfortunately, the movie lacks on substance but it's no problem: the charisma and charm of two of the hottest actors around are more than enough for a descent girls' night or a macho bachelorism.

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