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Glenn Kitteridge "Glenn K" (Cheshire England)

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Electrovision Dual Input Phono Pre-Amplifier with Built-In RIAA Equalization
Electrovision Dual Input Phono Pre-Amplifier with Built-In RIAA Equalization

4.0 out of 5 stars Four Stars, 18 July 2015
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Arrived safely in good condition

Lennon & McCartney: Composing Outside The Beatles 1973-1980 [DVD] [2011] [NTSC]
Lennon & McCartney: Composing Outside The Beatles 1973-1980 [DVD] [2011] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ Beatles
Price: £5.99

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Rare DVD rarely seen in the UK well worth buying !, 1 Jan. 2014
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I grew up as a teenager in the '70's and bought their records on release. I loved both, so never got into the one was great the other was rubbish which went on at the time. The inner of the DVD has lots of pictures from the era, which give lots of memories from those times! The " talking heads " includes Denny Laine and Denny Seiwell with great stories ( why were they not on " Wingspan " ? Both are totally honest, Denny Laine comes across as a decent guy and musician. Denny Seiwell says he played " My Love " with Henry McCullough at a recent Beatles convention, which was emotional to both.
The musical clips I've seen before, photo's from the time are shown with each record some I've not seen before. The guys from USA / UK are mainly music journalists, one can demonstrate with his piano the complexity of some of the songs.
I don't agree with all their comments ! One dismisses " Double Fantasy " and then admits he only heard the single ? For years any way. But they are are FANS first but not in a sycophant way, which makes better viewing !
Since John Lennon died, there has been a lot of continually projecting the image. I prefer the real person, who I thought was a lot more interesting ! The Paul / Wings albums are given real depth in the discussions, so ENJOY !

Red or Dead
Red or Dead
by David Peace
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £20.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars Shankley Is Alive !, 2 Oct. 2013
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This review is from: Red or Dead (Hardcover)
Let me start by stating that I am a Spurs supporter who grew up in the '60's and LOVE football ! I have a few friends that are Liverpool supporters, one I took to the Liverpool Stadium Tour, part of which has Bill Shankly's old type writer on display with a letter he typed in 1969. Two things struck me, he had got stick from a fan on their form, one was that he typed it him self, and two that it was quite apologetic and stated the team were in transition and you could tell that he CARED !
I've read David Peaces " The Damned United " which I loved, so knew what to expect.. I've been a Sales Manager for 25 years and liken it to being a football manager. This book inspired me ! We all think we know the story, but this shows just what a a massive job he did in over hauling that club, dragging along the Directors in many instances ! I never knew he bid for Gordon Banks only to get turned down by the board as they thought goal keepers were not worth that much money !
Some people do not like the repetition, but that is what it takes to be successful ! A great read and in my opinion, the great man is done justice ! Every day is a Saturday up until he retires when it turns into " Everyday is a Sunday " !

The John Lennon Letters: Edited and with an Introduction by Hunter Davies
The John Lennon Letters: Edited and with an Introduction by Hunter Davies
by Hunter Davies
Edition: Hardcover

5.0 out of 5 stars The Lennon Legend Lives On !, 28 Dec. 2012
This book is beautifully presented with comments from Hunter Davies ( the original Beatles biographer ) linking in the context of each letter . The book is quality in the photo's and printed pages . Now to the content :

I've read most Lennon books, this is unique as its written by John at the time with no benefit of hindsight to it, that is what makes it so interesting! John's passion, humour and honesty come through " loud and clear ",all the qualities we loved him for when he was alive!
I've read negative reviews on this book, mainly people taking things literally ie the comments John made about Paul McCartney and George Martin straight after the Beatles split up. John was in defensive mode at the time and he responded to what had been said about him in the press and media. I prefer to see that John sent Paul an acetate from New York in the early '70's of a Beatles "bootleg" with the comment " how could anyone turn this band down? " That says far more about their relationship that what is ever quoted.
One letter in the late '70's says he is doing yoga,fit as bull, already food conscious .....and bets he will reach a ripe old age...........
There are many family letters to his cousins that show great warmth and detail. I recommend this book as a fitting Tribute to J.L.

Living in the Material World [CD + DVD] [Deluxe Edition]
Living in the Material World [CD + DVD] [Deluxe Edition]
Offered by AVIDES UK
Price: £29.54

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Pure Class From George, 21 Nov. 2011
When this album first came out, a good friend lent it to me, I lent him my " Red Rose Speed Way " by Wings, they had both just come out. When we swapped back, he said " How different the albums were ". We loved both artists. The press reviews for " Living In The Material World " were generally disappointing,a long wait from " All Things Must Pass " and disappointment for most people . There were negative comments about " Preachy Lyrics" .

The album, then and now, has superb playing on it. The singing is superb! The lyrics are honest, and are where George was at that time , but some of his political lyrics could be written today, in short , its TIME LESS, and pure class!

The new Deluxe has excellent sound . The bonus tracks, " Deep Blue " a long lost gem of a B side, from the period, and the immortal " Miss O'Dell ", ( whose book I read recently, good fun!)

The DVD on here, is like a lot of George Harrison re issues, shorter than you would like, but still has priceless excerpts on it.

The booklet, is superb quality paper, with photos from the time, some hand written lyrics, and does the re issue Justice.

Buy it for Christmas, or for a friend or partner, they will not be disappointed!

Sod This, I'm Off to Marbella - George Best
Sod This, I'm Off to Marbella - George Best
by John Roberts
Edition: Paperback

4.0 out of 5 stars Irresistible, 7 May 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I enjoyed this book , as it was written at the time, so gives the familer story insight rather than "Misty Eyed" nostalgia.I'm a Spurs supporter, but loved watching George Best play football. In the '60's and '70's, he was the first Utd player you looked for in any photos. I read his Shoot column, I watched his Soccer Skills programme, never quite managed them myself, but , I'm sure I was not alone in that !
I bought his prophetic " Where Do I Go From Here? " first autobiography in 1980. I love the title of this new book, but as we all know the sad end to his life, there is a restrained view to the Best life Style Legend that we grew up with .
I've lived and worked in Cheshire ( and N.Ireland ) for 20 years, so know all the places in this book . Its written almost as a Diary from 1971 to 1973, two of the most turbulent and transitional periods in George Bests life . Underneath all the Talent , and the hype, is a man . Surrounded by lots of people , but ultimately lonely .
At this stage of his career, he was being criticised by the media ,for his life style . He was often frustrated , which comes out on the field , when he is being chopped from behind , interestingly , he forsees a time when this will become
out lawed, which it has . He is being banned for retaliating , and not being able to do the one thing he loves most, playing football .
Underneath that , he envies Dennis Laws family life . A Bottle of Expensive Champagne arrives from Ringo Starr and Marc Bolan to cheer him up, when he is getting pelters from the World , which he appreciates.
Its the inside human story that makes this different , from all the other books on George Best .

Mind Games
Mind Games
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £12.41

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Mind Games - In Clearer Sound!, 26 Feb. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Mind Games (Audio CD)
I bought the vinyl in 1973 when it came out, then the cd, and thought " Do I need another copy?" YES is the answer ! Much louder and clearer sound, especially Tracks such as MEAT CITY , you can HEAR the lyrics now , and the guitars sound loud and ROCK just as they should !
When Mind Games came out , alot had happened since the two years following Imagine . John and Yoko had left Britain for New York , " Some Time in New York City " had alienated alot of people ( not me , I thought it was honest , and good in parts) . John was living apart from Yoko. Had alot of women in England forgiven John for splitting up with Cynthia ? I felt, at the time, everyone was suddenly going to give John some back lash . A lot of friends thought Mind Games was okay , not great , and its sort of suffered from that ever since.
Mind games as a song and a single was excellent , it should have got a much better chart position than it did . The next track "Tight A$" is a Tex Mex Rocky track with great humour in the lyrics , and the famous Lennon laugh . Another highlight is Aisumasen , an apology to Yoko, sung superbly , with an excellent guitar solo. "Out Of The Blue" build from an acoustic start to a full blown band climax with excellent lyrics . " Bring On The Lucie " is a "lost gem " , " Right Boys, this is it, over the Hill!" Heart on the sleeve, as always , some one had to say something , great biting lyrics .
" You Are Here " is a complete contrast with its lyrics on meeting a woman from Japan , cultural differences , and original . "Only People " does sound a bit steeped in slogans these days, but does have its moments . " Intuition" sounds quite bland, which is rare for JL . Never liked "One Day ( at a time )" sung in falsetto for Yoko, still sounds no better .
The new cd comes in a fine package now, with new photos and drawings . The bonus tracks are home versions for Aisumasen , Bring On The Lucie and Meat City .
Well worth buying !

The Beatles Anthology
The Beatles Anthology
by Ringo Starr
Edition: Hardcover

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Premium Brand , like the Band!, 26 Feb. 2011
This review is from: The Beatles Anthology (Hardcover)
Buy the hard back , its superb quality through out . The pages are thick , beautiful photos, many from their private collections , which on the hard back look stunning. Alot has been said since this book arrived , as people have said its sanitised . To me, its written in small detail , page by page, by the people that were there, and thats the Beatles themselves.
John's comments are cleverly written in as each year and subject arrive , from the ( thankfully !) many interviews he did in his life time .
There is humour in here too, Georges comments on his first sexual experience in Hamburg ( with the others listening in, in the dark ) are really funny . George is missed so much , his honesty and soul, made him a special person, and was never shy to say exactly what he thought about anything . This book came out a year before he died, so its time less , to wrap it all up.
Most people know the Beatles Story , but this book does have the inside story, and lots of banter between them, which makes it a one off.

Venus And Mars
Venus And Mars

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Venus and Mars - Uplifting, 25 Feb. 2011
This review is from: Venus And Mars (Audio CD)
I was lucky enough to see the 1975 World Tour rehearsals at Elstree Studios . This album was out that summer and although they played quite a few career spanning tracks, including some Beatles tracks , "Venus and Mars " was the BIG FEATURE .
I saw them at Hammersmith Odeon, twice , and the minute Paul sat on stage playing his acoustic to Venus and Mars everyone was enthralled ! A real live Beatle and a good band , now with Jimmy McCullough and Joe English joining Linda and Denny and Paul .
Rock Show on the album is longer than the one heard on the radio as a single edit , none the worse for that as it blasts out ! I loved " Love In Song" with its 12 string and "Back to the Home Land " lyrics. This is a beautiful and timeless piece of music. "Letting Go " , I love , the brother of " Let Me Roll It " from Band On the Run , good lyrics .
Other highlights , " Medicine Jar" by Jimmy McCullough, great rock track with a good vocal from Jimmy , those lovely Paul and Linda backing vocals that are so under rated , and blistering guitar from Jimmy . What a shame Jimmy ended up dead four later at such a young age , how did that happen ?
"Listen to What The Man Said" most people will know, perfect single for the sunny summer of 1975 , "Soldier Boy . kisses girl " people criticise Pauls lyrics sometimes, but there is a touch that gets you .
" Treat Her Kind / Lonely Old People " great melody , brave song , it wasn't hip to sing about old people in 1975.
"You Never Give Me The Answer " , sort of 30's pastiche (prabably for his Dad) , is a cousen of "Honey Pie " from the White album , not my taste . " Magneto and Titanium Man " had the big comic backdrops on the Concert Tour, commercial and unusual, proving Paul could write about anything, not to everyones taste though. Denny sang "Spirits of Ancient Egypt" , which I always wanted to like , but never quite gets there."Call Me Back Again " with Paul showing off on vocals , but quite a weak track really .
Finished by "Cross Roads" after the Lonely Only People medley , then the immortal line "Nice Bass Player"
After Band On the Run " there was a feeling of anti climax from some people. But its upbeat , full of great hooks and melodies, great vocals as always, so well worth buying.
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Wings At The Speed Of Sound
Wings At The Speed Of Sound
Price: £26.37

8 of 10 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Listen Out For the Subtle Tracks Hidden on Here, 25 Feb. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
At the time this came out , Wings were at a commercial peak , I personally preferred their early '70's period , when they were raw, but more exciting . The obvious BIG HITS are here " Silly Love Songs " and " Let 'Em In" , both well known to most listeners. At the time of release I loved the "Hidden Gems" " Beware My Love " a much under rated "rocker", and " San Ferry Ann ", which is both subtle and unusual . Denny's vocals on " The Note You never Wrote " are excellent . At the time much was made of Paul sharing the vocals , some felt it was very democratic , some thought Paul could sing the songs better himself , opinions differed .
" Wino Junko " by Jimmy McCullough was nowhere as good or as powerful as the previous years " Medicine Jar " , which was excellent !
As a whole , the album has too " filler " to be a Top Wings / Paul McCartney album . After all these years , "Warm and Beautiful " both lyrically and vocally is superb ! How many people know this track ? Its worth the cost of the cd on its own.

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