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Jodie "Yoda" (Melbourne, Australia)

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Tom Jones (Wordsworth Classics)
Tom Jones (Wordsworth Classics)
by Henry Fielding
Edition: Paperback
Price: £2.50

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2.0 out of 5 stars What a disappointing waffle of a book., 5 Nov. 2013
The story of Tom Jones could really have been quite a good book and I really did enjoy the bits where the actual story was told.
But in all honesty if this novel was written today it would be finished/edited down to about 350 pages, not the whopping 856 pages that this book is.

The major problem I had with this book is that there is so much waffling and philosophising in the first 500 pages to make you want to throw the book at the wall, but then the last part of the book, when boy finally gets girl or looks likely of getting girl (which is the payoff of the book) is rushed through and has events and scenes entirely glossed over. It is almost as though one of Mr. Fielding's friends or publishers said "I think the book needs to be finished up, don't you? It's getting a tad long".
Yet, earlier in this epic novel, there is almost 50 pages of drivel on a character "The Man Of The Hill" which once finished the character was never mentioned again and added nothing to the story, almost 50 pages and at the end of the novel we get a two page gloss over of Tom Jones's wedding. Come on, I've read 850+ pages! I'm invested! Another 50 pages to finish off the most important part of the story won't hurt that much. Will it? Grrrrrrr.

So, as said in the title of the review, very disappointing!

EXCISION (Monster Pictures) (BLU-RAY)
EXCISION (Monster Pictures) (BLU-RAY)
Dvd ~ AnnaLynne McCord
Price: £14.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Gross for the sake of being gross., 11 Mar. 2013
Just finished watching Excision, this was a movie I was very keen on seeing based on the reviews it garnered.
But, boy was this disappointing. Everything about this movie just felt so cookie cutter and I felt absolutely nothing for any of the characters.

The major problem of the movie was that the subject matter involved was ripe for a pisstake. The director probably should've asked John Waters for some pointers, he only had the king of gross out hilarity in the movie, playing a priest! Which mind you were the only good scenes in the movie.

For a movie that took itself so seriously not enough time was invested in the story development between the two sisters or her sickness. There wasn't enough development of the main characters school life, the story was just a gloss over with moments of gross out and blood in between. Sometimes you need a bit more than just "this girl's crazier than a coconut" to keep the story flowing. It hadn't caught my attention after 10mins, I should've known better at that point and turned it off.

Don't waste your money or your time, this one's going straight to the 2nd hand store.

Universal Classic Monsters - The Essential Collection [Blu-ray] [1931] [Region Free]
Universal Classic Monsters - The Essential Collection [Blu-ray] [1931] [Region Free]
Dvd ~ Boris Karloff
Price: £16.20

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4.0 out of 5 stars Incredible Box Set. Buy. Buy. Buy., 27 Oct. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
It is quite a sight to behold to see just how good some of these pictures look, considering the fact that most of the movies presented here were made in the 1930's.
The picture and sound quality is truly first rate. Also, the extras presented, particularly on "Dracula" & "Frankenstein" are insightful and quite enjoyable.

I would really love to give this box set a five star, however I have a few issues, which are not entirely with the set but with Universal.
- The menu function on all of the discs is sub-par and I don't understand why Universal do this with all their blu ray releases. It is too minimalist and smacks of something thrown together by a fan boy, using the cheapo software that came with his/her computer. Lift your game, picture icons are not helpful or attractive.
- Secondly, why was the 1943 version of "Phantom Of The Opera" chosen for this set, it really does stand out like dogs balls as the feature that doesn't fit with the overall feel of the set. The film is effectively a musical and for me is a complete weak-link of the entire box. Why, oh why couldn't they choose "Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man" or "The Black Cat" (however, that one isn't really a monster flick, but would have been a lot better than "Phantom Of The Opera").


P.S. Now I'm looking forward to when I finally get a 3D TV, so that I can watch "Creature From The Black Lagoon" in 3D.

Behind the Mask - the Rise of Leslie Vernon [DVD]
Behind the Mask - the Rise of Leslie Vernon [DVD]
Dvd ~ Scott Glosserman

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5.0 out of 5 stars Game Changer., 6 Oct. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Any horror movie fan MUST SEE THIS MOVIE!

The film is basically a mockumentary on horror flicks, but this is told from the point of view of the killer, from tracking down the correct girl/group of friends, setting up the kill floor, organising what boos are going to happen and when, the killers myth creation, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Incredibly well thought out, by horror fans that know what they are doing. Just see it, this one's up there with "Scream" for me.

Well done, really well done.

Blu ray version please???

Hanna (Blu-ray + DVD)
Hanna (Blu-ray + DVD)
Dvd ~ Saoirse Ronan

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3.0 out of 5 stars Action?? For Arts Sake!, 6 Oct. 2012
This review is from: Hanna (Blu-ray + DVD) (Blu-ray)
OK, first things first, don't believe any of the blurbs on the cover or anything you've heard that this is an action flick. To put it plainly and simply, it isn't.
Secondly, why are Amazon suggesting this as a good partner movie to Columbiana??

As for the film, it is more a female coming of age fairytale story, with poorly done action sequences, that look more like music videos thrown hotch potch throughout the movie. Or more easily described as action for art wankers.
Just imagine a Luc Besson movie directed by Wes Anderson, now your pretty much there. If that sounds like your cup of tea, by all means go for it.

But when I want an action flick, I want an action flick. Not this. And even for the left field surrealists out there, there are much better films on offer. Hell, try any of Beat Takeshi's yakuza films. This is tripe in comparison.

House [Hausu] Masters of Cinema [DVD] [1977]
House [Hausu] Masters of Cinema [DVD] [1977]
Dvd ~ Kimiko Ikegami
Offered by bestmediagroup
Price: £8.23

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3.0 out of 5 stars WTF, 16 Sept. 2012
I don't really know what to make of this film. I really enjoyed the first 80mins but in the last 10mins the film got lost and was just utter tripe. Hence the three star review.
Kind of a mixture of a few children's fairy tales, Hansel and Gretel and Snow White immediately spring to mind.
If you do love crazy Japanese cinema (which I do) take a look, but be warned, this one is totally out there. One might say the director needed to take less drugs.
I kind of found it comparable to "Fear and Loathing Las Vegas", but with about ten times the WTF moments. Or maybe "The Goodies" on the "trip" of a lifetime.
It's not scary, but definitely entertaining.
Maybe one to rent first.

Southland Tales [Blu-ray] [Region Free]
Southland Tales [Blu-ray] [Region Free]
Dvd ~ Dwayne Johnson
Price: £8.99

0 of 2 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Just plain bad., 14 Sept. 2012
Be warned.
Stay away.
This could quite possibly be the worst film ever made.
"The Rock" stole the show in the acting stakes. What more needs to be said......

Demons 1 & 2 Steelbook [Limited Edition] [Blu-ray] [1985]
Demons 1 & 2 Steelbook [Limited Edition] [Blu-ray] [1985]
Dvd ~ Dario Argento

4 of 9 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars WARNING! The Hunt For A Decent Demons 2 Continues., 11 Jun. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I'm guessing if you're here that you are a fan of these great films, so I won't go too much into the movies themselves.
The steelbook is quite impressive and the transfer and sound quality on "Demons" is quite good, especially in comparison to my DVD edition. However, "Demons 2", which I believe to be the superior film, has a dodgy transfer which makes for a quite disappointing viewing experience. It bears this verbatim warning at the start of the film:

"Demons 2 was restored in High Definition by AL'Immagine Ritrovata using the original film negative. As such this release represents this film in the highest quality presentation possible. However, at four brief points during the film, the picture for Demons 2 becomes highly unstable. This is due to an original camera fault, which was responsible for filming these sequences in this way. For whatever reason, these faults were never corrected at the time of production and were consequently printed into the finished film. These sequences, although very short, have proven impossible to improve through digital means. Therefore, we are presenting "Demons 2" as per original release, with these issues intact."

I do remember these scenes being in my DVD edition of "Demons 2", though in no way, shape or form did I remember them being this bad. For the life of me I can't understand why they didn't just grab the same scenes from a prior release. This wouldn't have been original film stock but would have looked 100% better than what was served up here.

So in summation, don't get the steelbook, unless you REALLY want it, just stick to the one disc "Demons" edition, and hopefully they will release a better edition of "Demons 2" shortly.
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