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Ms. J. Forrest "Jus Forrest" (USA/UK)

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Uncovered (The Mjollnir Affair Book 1)
Uncovered (The Mjollnir Affair Book 1)
Price: £1.14

5.0 out of 5 stars True Rock 'n' Roll Madness - can you handle it?, 7 Sept. 2012
Want to know one of the great things about e-publishing? We are no longer being dictated to by publishers with regards to what we should and should not be reading and the variety and choice, not to mention quality that has since been made available to the consumer opens up a whole new experience. We now have choice, and those choices are endless. It's now possible to actually find a good variety of books that actually fit with our own ideals in terms of reading.

Take Uncovered as a prime example. Now I LOVE a good story that's committed to the adventures surrounding rock 'n' roll and yes Uncovered has it all! It's a unique tale of true rock 'n' roll madness, unlike no other. It's all happening and life surrounding the band is never simple.

The characters are really strong - they leap off the pages and pull the reader right into the heart of their own little crazy worlds. An epic story that's truly original - full of twists and turns, hair raising moments and not least a laugh a minute. You won't forget this lot and their entourage in a hurry, hence I urge you to climb on board the tour bus and hold on tight - it's some ride and not one for the faint hearted!! If you want to escape the mundane read this! Fantastic!! Lester Bangs would probably identify with it very well.

Magic at Midnight (A Young Puffin)
Magic at Midnight (A Young Puffin)
by Phyllis Arkle
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Rarity, 7 Jun. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I purchased this book 2nd hand from a seller on Amazon - it's been out of print for a long time and was first published in 1967. Phyllis Arkle was one of my fav authors as a child. This was one of the first books I owned. I had long since lost my copy, however, I saw this advertised and thought I'd buy for keepsake. It's in much better condition than what i expected, and it came the very next day. Fantastic!
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Price: £7.19

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5.0 out of 5 stars Both a Brilliant and new beginning, 28 May 2012
This review is from: Brilliant (Audio CD)
As an album, Brilliant is a contemporary sound art for 2012, yet it's etched with those deep idiosyncratic electro sound pictures you'd expect - all contrasted with some moderately rocked-up guitar interchanges. It's very much punctuated throughout with that familiar synthesized bass foundation, one that in this instance anchors the popular accessibility that we've witnessed with past commercial successes.

Lyrically, it's a poetic narrative, very much gesturing towards the emotional and most certainly reflected back within the musical elements - occasionally in the form of some chilling harmonic sweeps, but mainly wiht the monochrome cinematic moments of mood magic that ultravox do so well. There's an array of treated vocal experiments from Midge - as such giving the album it's modern gloss.

For Ultravox, Brilliant marks out a fundamentally structured pathway to an enriched repertoire, flaunting at times the tonal residue and decay of 'Rage in Eden.' This album goes some way to present a re-invigorated Ultravox; a band that are happy to tread familiar boards, yet are self assured enough to step forwards onto additional floor space in terms of tapping into modernistic post production tweaks. You'll hear it all here. The result: not just Brilliant, but both a brilliant and new beginning.
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Moments From Eden (10" vinyl and 4-track CD EP)
Moments From Eden (10" vinyl and 4-track CD EP)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Moments from Eden, 9 May 2011
Recorded live (April 2010) at the Admiralspalast Theatre in Berlin - one of the few preserved venues of the pre-World War II era, 'Moments from Eden' is more than just a document of the new set additions for 2010's Return to Eden 2 tour.

The exquisite physical package, both striking and ornamental, features 10" Red Vinyl, CD and booklet, all presented within its very own textured gatefold sleeve. A collector's item in the making.

The contemporary illustration is courtesy of renown artist Rian Hughes, and is an avantgarde representation of Ultravox's inspirational `art music' mould. The booklet of fine photography documents an architectural romanticism aided by choice picks of Ultravox lyrics.

The EP itself features "New Europeans," "White China," "Loves Great Adventure," and "Herr X," with a version of "The Thin Wall" available as a download only addition. All the tracks exhibited here hold a raw live energy and a challenging style, so intimately guided by a precise fine tuning of sounds; "The Thin Wall" seems to be even more extravagant that it was, finer details more evident with added subtle embellishments, while "New Europeans" rocks harder than it did 30 years ago.

Perhaps the biggest surprise on this release is the quality and perfection of "Herr X." While many may have expected this to be a necessary extra - it has ended up being one of the stand out tracks. What is uniquely special about this particular version - aside the obvious vocalizing in German, is the characteristics of that grand auditorium, that appear to have been captured here. Listen carefully and you'll pick up that natural reverberation that was experienced in the hall and although subtle on this recording compared to actually being there, it really does bring out a satisfying dominant strength in the bass line. The acoustics of this venue really did standout - giving us one of the best sounding gigs on the tour - "Herr X" is testament to that.

In summary, this release captures yet another satisfying Moment from Eden, with visual imagery to enhance the effects.

Ghost Reveries
Ghost Reveries
Price: £6.99

5.0 out of 5 stars This album edges beyond the realms of reality, 15 Sept. 2009
This review is from: Ghost Reveries (Audio CD)
This album edges beyond the realms of reality, clearly showing no musical limits whatsoever.

Uniting vital elements of progressive rock with the chilling growls of death metal, results in material that's easily accessible, meaning you don't have to be a full on death head to get the point.

Clearly only Opeth could get away with it, and do it this well. It's a tantalising journey of sounds from hard and heavy full on guitar laden metal complete with chilling growls, to soothingly soft vocals, melodic acoustic guitar work completed with traditional progressive style organ driven excursions - rare to identify exactly what's coming next.

Opeth are at the height of their creativity here - few albums are worthy of genre-defining status, however this is a fine example of just that.

The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

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5.0 out of 5 stars Syd Barrett - an attentive articulate yet somewhat eccentric soul, 15 Sept. 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
It's the only Floyd album which fully features Syd Barrett - an attentive, articulate yet somewhat eccentric soul who fell prey to the demons that haunted his mind. He would later emerge as some form of genius - and quite rightly so. Many parallels which lead me to define him as a `Richey Edwards of the Sixties'

With tales of Gnome's and Scarecrows, alongside the epic `Interstellar Overdrive' - a track which potentially put down the roots for Floyd's later development - it's a work no doubt drowned in the effects of LSD as Barrett took up the role as principal writer.

`Astronomy Domine' would put Barrett's guitar sound on the map, clearly defined throughout the whole album. `Lucifer Sam' is in part reminiscent of a `60's film soundtrack while peace and love prevails particularly with `Matilda Mother' and `Flaming'. The whole album is an eclectic soundscape painting many colourful pictures, all of which will be of significance to hardcore fans.

The Madcap Laughs
The Madcap Laughs
Offered by oldiesmuseum
Price: £4.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Appealing creativity, 15 Sept. 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The Madcap Laughs (Audio CD)
First listen screams a lack of direction and an element of clutter. Mainly acoustic based, a vast majority could have been cut from the final product to leave a more meaningful offering with lashings of impact.

However, putting aside some of the disorder, there's definitely some jewels to be uncovered. The most impressive tracks include `Octopus', strongly driven by a rich sounding acoustic guitar, a catchy melody, enhanced with twangs of classic `60's style electric guitar. `Late Night' has an appealing creativity with overtones of delicate slide. `Golden Hair' is a truly magical composition that perhaps would not be out of place on Pink Floyd's `Saucerful of Secrets'. `Its No Good Trying' and `No Man's Land' offer more late 60's psychedelic tones. `Feel' is purely acoustic and is a quality listen.

Mostly produced by both David Gilmour and Roger Waters, it certainly has its relevance and place, but it's no `Piper at the Gates of Dawn'.

An Anthology Of Chinese Experimental Music 1992-2008
An Anthology Of Chinese Experimental Music 1992-2008
Price: £26.41

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1.0 out of 5 stars As subtle as a brillo pad on porcelain, 15 Sept. 2009
While music has evolved tremendously over the years, listening to this Anthology of Chinese Experimental Music perhaps references that essential link to Ling Lun, who according to Chinese mythology paved the way for the expansion of music in China.
There's over 5 hours of listening on this compilation of abstract non academic music from mainland China's explosive underground - a scene that's now emerging and taking on a radical direction all of its own.

This collection spans many variations within the developing musical culture; however, this particular noise art is an acquired taste. Taking the listener on a fundamental journey, it demonstrates how artists have fought against the grain of what has been some strictly controlled mainstream. It has the potential to provide insightful listening for anyone who has a growing interest in the study of Chinese culture or alternative musical viewpoints.

With many extended stretches of crashes, blips and bleeps, much of the work could easily have established a pride of place during the rise of the acid house scene, which descended on the U.K. during the latter half of the 1980's. Given the aforementioned comparison, it would denote that some of the experimentation on this work is marginally dated.

That said, there are some brief moments of picturesque harmony, but the work mainly reverts back to scientific landscapes, nuclear sound waves and general hi-tech engineering science, often making it hard to place.

A distinct exception to the rule occurs with the outlandish yet more traditional instrumentation by Dancing Stone. Additional appeal occurs with intriguing tracks by Loga - consisting of strong imaginary elements, Eric Lins' psychological thriller, Z.S.LO's techno explosions plus the complete war zone generated by Torturing Nurse.

In the main, it can be drawn out; the compositions that materialise over the four discs frequently become contaminated with the kind of abrasive sound that's about as subtle as a brillo pad on porcelain.

Price: £13.04

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4.0 out of 5 stars Sylvian scratches the edges of some dark surfaces, 15 Sept. 2009
This review is from: Manafon (Audio CD)
David Sylvian's career has spanned a thirty-year period, initially finding its way through the popular New Romantic movement with the band Japan. Sylvian subsequently went on to produce a quality body of mature solo work, his debut emerging in 1984 with Brilliant Trees. Going from strength to strength ever since, he's reinvented himself musically at various stages along the way.
His latest release, Manafon, is an unconventional work and perhaps one of the most diverse to date, and testament to his development. It sees Sylvian stripped bare of any lavish trimmings. The compositions reach out with naked hands, clinging to intelligent and sometimes complex observations and rigorous study of character.

Sylvian scratches the edges of some dark surfaces; however the centrefold is even more expressive with its hues of jaded normality - a conceptual status throughout.

Sylvian portrays deep insights with his lonely textured vocals, grasping the heart of the subject and shaping it in a way that only his own strength of voice could direct. Instrumentation is sparse yet effective and orchestrated in a unique way - the diverse sounds intervene at all the right moments integrating well with the mood. His haunting lullaby has a strong sense of purpose - pivoted centrally throughout the album against its dark fabric - the colours of which are all exceptionally responsive. With production that's crystal clear - every creek or stirring within the atmosphere can be heard - all reacting and responding with an immense sharpness.

"Maybe I'm attracted to the stories of individuals who search for meaning on their own terms," says Sylvian. "But what I'm fascinated by is the devotion to a creative discipline. The meaning with which the work imbues the life regardless of its reception and, to a certain extent, its importance."

Manafon isn't just a listening experience - it's a work that encompasses every nuance of explicit chamber instrumentation, melody and structure - the qualities of which become more engrained with every listen.
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Cluster & Eno
Cluster & Eno

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4.0 out of 5 stars A work that flows without restriction, 15 Sept. 2009
This review is from: Cluster & Eno (MP3 Download)
luster came into being in 1968 and would go from strength to strength following their association with English musician Brian Eno.
This collaborative album delves back to the archives of 1977; the work originally being released on Sky at this time. Possibly one of the most significant landmarks to reference the explosion of German electronic music, the recording sessions took place with the notable virtuoso Conny Plank at his studio in Cologne. The American Gyroscope label would later reissue Cluster & Eno on CD in 1996, before a further reissue emerged from the San Francisco based Water label in 2005.

Brian Eno is of course is renown for his distinctive flair for all things ambient, however the work also features Asmus Tiechens on synths as well as Can bassist Holer Czuka. It's an enigmatic melting pot of ornately crafted instrumentals, equating to a concept album which defines a striking example of electronic music staking out the territory on which future followers would grow their crops.

"Ho Renomo" and "Schone Hande" are free spirited tracks with some understated additions of simple, yet hugely effective instrumentation, introducing an abstract intellect. "Mit Simaen" sees dark shadows become encapsulated in light while dancing across the walls - each key movement is defined with a piano line played on the higher register. The motions become distinctly engaged with "Selange" which proves itself as the perfect coda to "Mit Simaen."

In the main, the work flows without restriction, meandering in the most carefree manner and evolving gently before picking up pace prior to "One" - a striking centre piece. "One" exposes some dense undergrowth - foliage that PIL must have surely caught scent of when writing "Death Disco." While the majority of compositions remain gentle and serene this takes bold steps, spreading its psychedelic eastern fragrance with sounds crafted by sitar, tabla and tamboura. An extended portion of sensual and tribal atmospherics. "Fur Luise" returns to more traditional roots with its own distinctive atmosphere created by a naked piano ostinato. It's an empty place in which to exorcise dark embedded thoughts - the perfect resolve to this pensive dream piece.

On the whole, this work is a must for anyone who wishes to catch sight of where it all began.
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