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Yankee Candle Tea Wax Tart Melt, Plastic, White
Yankee Candle Tea Wax Tart Melt, Plastic, White
Offered by Yankee Aroma Direct Ltd
Price: £1.87

4.0 out of 5 stars White Tea is Light, Fragrant and Refreshing., 11 Mar. 2016
A beautifully uplifting fragrance here, not unlike a lot of other tea scented candles on the market. Yankee's version here is half of the strength of Heyland & Whittle's rare "Earl Grey" candle but of course in wax tart version, much cheaper provided that you have an electric tart burner or tealight candle type since this wax tart has no wick.

In use I find that there's a lovely mix of amber, white tea scent, earl grey and quite flowery but still very light and not all that heavy. The scent lasts for the room that it is placed in but typically of late, the wax tart when burnt for four hours doesn't want to stretch very far in terms of pervading fragrance. What a pity. Still, this is a lovely candle that is light and airy; it suits my study rather well but also fit for the kitchen or a bedroom. It should appeal to those who liked "Seasons of Peace," as well as light and flowery candles that Yankee Candle already sell. (c)NR2 2016.

Genuine Bugatti Basic Black Leather Slide in Case / Cover / Pouch Suitable For Nokia 2730
Genuine Bugatti Basic Black Leather Slide in Case / Cover / Pouch Suitable For Nokia 2730

4.0 out of 5 stars Nice Quality Leather Case for Nokia 2730 Classic, 5 Mar. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
For the price you get a reasonable tight cover for the Nokia 2730 Classic mobile phone. It looks like a PVC based cover on Amazon's stock photos, but in reality the cover looks far better and has a slightly understated scent of real leather. Slightly microspeckled with a good grain quality, the leather appearance feels and looks durable and it encloses the phone well. I could be wrong, but it looks far better in real life than the stock photo would suggest (see photo I've added).

In terms of fitting, the phone slides in easily because the inner material is dark brown suede. But the top of the phone is left open intentionally with no safety clasp fold over tab and the phone can be charged up since the charge jack is located at the top of the Nokia 2730 Classic. A belt tab on the back allows the phone to be slid through a belt although I would have liked a keyring option or an open clip to slide into my laptop bag. Could be a bit cheaper to buy though I would probably buy this again.. (c)NR2 2016.
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60cm / 1.2ft USB Cable Charger for NOKIA 2700 Classic, 2710 Navigation Edition, 2720 Fold, 2730 Classic, 2760 (Small Pin) by DragonTrading®
60cm / 1.2ft USB Cable Charger for NOKIA 2700 Classic, 2710 Navigation Edition, 2720 Fold, 2730 Classic, 2760 (Small Pin) by DragonTrading®

1.0 out of 5 stars Pin Too Small for Nokia 2730 Classic, 25 Feb. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Ordered because I own a Nokia 2730 Classic mobile phone. When it arrived I realised the pin at the opposite end of the cord looked too small. The cable has okay quality and the USB end for 2.0 rating seemed well made for the price - but the cable pin for the phone is too small and of no use. Buyer be aware!

The company refunded my money so, five stars to them. (c)NR2 2016

10 Vacuum Cleaner Bags for Vorwerk Kobold 130 / 131 / 4-Ply
10 Vacuum Cleaner Bags for Vorwerk Kobold 130 / 131 / 4-Ply

2.0 out of 5 stars Fills and Filters Well Until A Gap Appears!, 25 Feb. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
With a claimed 4 layer filtration built into these bags I wasn't expecting much until I looked at the first bag and was shocked to see a lot of dirt lining the white paper layer. They are easy enough to drop into the bin chamber of a Vorwerk 130. Generally these bags look good at first and have a rubber membrane at the dust channel to seal in dirt but it wasn't until I looked at the first bag that I saw a gap between the dust channel and the bonding of the thick cardboard at the side where the glue seal has come away.

The carbon filter in the Vorwerk also had some signs of dirt escaping when I initially lifted the lid to get at the bag, which I haven't seen with a proper genuine dust bag. I'm now on the second bag (you get 10 bags in the pack) and the seal is intact between the dust channel and the sides but it means I have to keep checking the vacuum cleaner periodically to ensure that the dust bag hasn't pulled away from the cartridge holder.

Until the market becomes available where disposable SEBO style synthetic dust bags are better made, it looks like the bag series for the Vorwerk 130 upright needs a bit of improvement - even if these bags are cheaper priced than from Vorwerk, themselves. (c)NR2 2016.
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4 pcs (1x4) E-Cron® Toothbrush heads. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Mini Replacement. Fully Compatible With The Following Philips Electric ToothBrush Models: DiamondClean, FlexCare, FlexCare Platinum, FlexCare(+), HealthyWhite, 2 Series, EasyClean and PowerUp.
4 pcs (1x4) E-Cron® Toothbrush heads. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Mini Replacement. Fully Compatible With The Following Philips Electric ToothBrush Models: DiamondClean, FlexCare, FlexCare Platinum, FlexCare(+), HealthyWhite, 2 Series, EasyClean and PowerUp.
Offered by E-Cron Europe
Price: £11.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars DiamondClean Like Compact Brushes At A Cost Effective Price!, 18 Feb. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I was recommended to try Amazon UK to find alternative brush heads for the Philips DiamondClean sonic toothbrush I bought a few years ago from Amazon UK. I have always bought genuine Philips brushes for their likewise toothbrush products and I never even gave it a second thought that there might be a cost effective alternative - well, now I know it pays to search around.

What you get here is a very similar design to Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Compact brushes (see photo of the original Philips brush next to the E-Cron), but at a far cheaper price, unbranded and in white. I was pleased to find that these E-Cron brushes fit exactly onto the thin spindle of the DiamondClean HX9332/04 and have a very similar design to the original including good quality plastic without the feeling something will break off. Only the green filaments amongst white and blue appear to be a lighter shade and the brush has a more pronounced "C" shape with a mix of longer and shorter bristles, naturally.

In use these compact brushes do a thorough job on my teeth and being the same size as the Philips Sonicare compact brushes, they seem to do just as an effective job quickly without being overpriced. I think I may well try the full sized versions next to see if they are just as effective as the Diamond Clean ones. (c)NR2 2016
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Amazon Fire Case (7" Tablet, 5th Generation - 2015 release), Blue
Amazon Fire Case (7" Tablet, 5th Generation - 2015 release), Blue

3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Understated Cover That Protects the Fire 7 Well..., 28 Jan. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I can't imagine anyone would find these covers by Amazon to be particularly interesting, but to be fair Amazon have provided a rather simple PVC structure here with safety corners that cradle the likewise Fire 7 tablet well enough and it feels relatively light when the tablet is placed and locked in.

I like the fact that there are a series of colours available since the Fire 7 is sold in black at present and this blue cover adds personality. It seems to be easy enough to clean with a damp cloth should it get dirty. The Amazon name is embossed on the front at the bottom right hand side and both front and back covers have a moleskin soft touch effect provided by the rubberised surface that sits outwards slightly from the protected holes on the cover for the Fire 7's speaker and rear camera lens emitters.

The whole case has a PVC plastic feel with softened edges but inside where the two foldable angles allow the Fire to sit vertically or horizontally the inner side is entirely covered in micro ribbed felt to obviously protect the screen when the front is covered over and seems to have a soft magnetic shut down process when the lid meets the screen. No additional pockets are included though - this is just a simple but effective and durable cover fit for the Fire 7. (c)NR2 2016

Fire Tablet, 7" Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB (Black) - Includes Special Offers
Fire Tablet, 7" Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB (Black) - Includes Special Offers

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The Fire 7 - Relights My Desire To Read Again!, 28 Jan. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to own a Kindle or e-reader tablet to read and do odd browsing for product info and educational research. I spend a lot of time looking at viable resources online and it helps to have this facility in a device with a big screen in a compact body. I had this option previously to read Kindle e-books through Microsoft Office document but it meant taking my laptop with me everywhere which I don’t find all that convenient, even if the smallest 11” one I own is handy to have. The even smaller screened iPod Touch 5G I own does everything I need for music, but the small screen makes reading books restrictive: Amazon Fire 7 fills the gap and niche quite effectively and surprisingly cheaply even if the apps from Amazon are more geared for purchases relating to shopping and media usage.

If like me you already own an Android smartphone then the familiar layout of Amazon's Bellini Android based OS5 will be familiar. It even has a familiar main page and controls similar to Vodafone's Ultra smartphone series as well as plenty of others. For an additional cost of £10 to Amazon, the constant flurry of adverts on the Fire’s lock screens can also be disabled.

When switching on for example you’ll be faced with a myriad of the entire Amazon kingdom and when registering the tablet through your membership login details, everything is automatically transferred over. You can cancel the settings to logging in but it can make life a little difficult when accessing some of the apps that Amazon have fitted for you. From books to media, music to shopping in general, and with more than 12 Amazon affiliated apps from the start/homepage on the tablet, there’s no need to even consider using your home computer or laptop any more for online Amazon home purchases. Using the latter seems old hat when relying on the Fire 7 solely.

Additional parental controls and the Kindle Kids app for example are nice touches as well as up to 4 profiles allowed where effectively with children’s use, (a total of 4 children allowed) this tablet won’t make mistaken purchases on your behalf or general specific content can be excluded. Children’s use can also be set by features such as educational goals whilst your own reading speed and further custom enhanced features can also be individually set and achieved.

Because of its OS 5 Bellini server being Android based, it is easy to get trapped into a false sense of fast delivery belief where general processing is concerned but like for like normal Android provision, I don’t find the Amazon Fire 7 to be particularly slow at times. But then I find it isn’t super fast either with particular apps that the tablet offers AND when opening up a couple of screens at the same time. It seems to handle three screens at one time but access music at the same when say reading a newspaper online and you might find that the system starts to slow down quickly. .

Scrolling the swipe style screens are easy enough just by quick swiping on the thin glass but even at times when trying to cancel open screens, it can only take a few additional seconds for the “cancel/X” to appear on the mini pages as they appear. One of my friends who owns a Fire 7 HD from 2013 remarked that the older carousel style on her Fire isn’t as quick as this latest 5th generation; so it is good to see a few improvements here from an owner with an older tablet; it is just a pity that despite updates and new features, the Bellini OS 5 can’t handle too many open screens or pages at one given time.

The fact that no controller button has been located on the actual front of the Fire 7 may have more to do with it – to return to the home menu for example several taps are required for the touch screen control buttons to appear from behind the glass – this isn’t an ideal tablet for the impatient and a factor which many current owners tend to forget that it isn’t a PC based device either. But the beauty of this tablet is that with more use, it becomes more manageable and reliable. There are some common features if you are used to the average Android Smartphone too - the screen can swing or rotate if the tablet is moved from portrait to horizontal or you can cancel the effect. Screens just need to be swiped all of the time, pretty much like a Smartphone even if this tablet can’t make calls independently without additional software such as Skype.

Development & Enhancement

Because of its Android background of Android Lollipop which Fire OS 5 Bellini is built on, and indeed built in Android components for Amazon it is possible to use the kind of apps that Android smartphones already harness – but not all. You get 8GB as claimed but in reality as an owner you get some 5.72GB whilst the rest is reserved for the apps built-in and general components.

There are ways around to using the Amazon Fire 7 without impending reliance on the apps that Amazon have fitted – but again you need to know exactly what you are doing and also need a PC (for the moment) to download suitable software that can anchor the Google family of services onto the Fire 7. It involves unlocking the tablet’s development mode menu and uploading the software from a source online to your home computer before transferring to the Amazon Fire 7. The whole process looks easy enough but I just don’t have the time for that and after all, I didn’t buy this tablet based on the need for browsing online all of the time, nor do I require a small PC based tablet when I have so many other smaller devices that I can use.

One website that I find invaluable for Fire 7 help is [lovemyfire] which has been written from an owner’s point of view and has many wonderfully helpful tips if you are an Amazon Fire 7 owner.

Google Play can be viewed on the Amazon Fire 7 as well as access to Gmail but it all needs to be accessed on Amazon’s Silk Internet server. Silk server seems to be fine for me; it is simple to use, it can bookmark the history of pages you visit and the tablet also remember passwords should you wish to add them into particular pages you visit. It is clear to me that Amazon have looked closely at Google Chrome to match similar features.

Naturally the glass screen gets smudgy after a while but a dry or clean cloth gets it sparkling again. I find no difference between this glass quality and an average Apple iPad. The glass doesn't repel reflections either - but so many owners seem to forget this tablet is not a KINDLE PAPERLIGHT.


Currently the biggest problem I am facing is uploading documents using Kindle’s document app. Amazon state that whilst document format types such as “.DOC” and “DOCX: can be uploaded, I have found this aspect NOT to be the case. Even converting some of my unlocked Microsoft Office documents to the format suggested constantly has auto-responses sent back from Amazon Kindle Document service saying that the file is unable to be shown on my Amazon Fire 7. The Document app on the Fire 7 isn’t particularly quick or convenient as you are given a Kindle email address in which documents can be sent to Kindle before they are formatted and sent back to your Fire 7. Whilst it is a good service to have it isn’t terribly convenient to me.

The documents in question have to be no more than 50MB in size individually and no more than 25 documents can be downloaded. Other rules concern the format types as well as Adobe PDF formats that can be viewed on the Amazon Fire 7 – but if the PDF’s are password protected, the Fire 7 still needs that password if applicable to open the PDF.

The better way for me at the moment is to convert Microsoft office docs to PDF’s but even at that the titles of the documents have to be changed accordingly so that no “& %” etc signs are in the title. It effectively means I can’t edit the documents I upload to my Fire 7, so its no use if you are penning a customer feedback review for a “verified purchase” on Amazon’s site.

There are still ways around to this using the Amazon Fire 7 but it ultimately means time is required to constantly check online with various websites to viable solutions. Amazon Kindle support are okay but I think they could be a lot better, given the millions of these tablets that have been sold already.

A few handy apps which are free to download such as QEdit are available as is “Mobi Office Suite,” from the Amazon App store but I find the latter to be rather time consuming despite the ability to appear with familiar templates from existing paid word editor softwares.

The best one I have found so far is an app called WPS Office that can use several templates from pptx Microsoft office formats as well as .doc and .rtf Text edit style templates. It is also FREE to download from Amazon Appstore.

SOUND and Visual Quality

I’m happier than the slating reviews that pan the quality of actual colours just don't appear to be true with me. Okay the screen lacks HD definition, but to my short-sighted eyes, I find there is very little difference. I have been a bit surprised by the bright colours that the backdrop wallpaper designs achieve. It is near the kind of quality I get with my Samsung Galaxy Smartphone and just as effective as the Apple iPod 5G in many ways; there’s even a brightness setting, even if it might take a chunk of battery power away whenever videos/photos are functioned – but to me this is nothing unusual compared to my Smartphone. I also love the “Blue setting” which effectively allows me to darken the screen when reading at night and not disturbing others and yes, you can adjust the brightness setting that basically tints the screen down OVER the standard brightness setting for the tablet overall.

Though the Amazon Fire 7 has a mono speaker built in and whilst it is located at the back of the tablet, the sound isn’t as tinny as I thought it might be. It might be a mute point when laying the tablet down on a surface but I don’t really know many who do this and the additional colour protective sleeve allows for the Fire 7 to remain vertical or horizontally placed like a portrait photograph stand. Thus the speaker at the back gets a chance to air the sound emitted.

There are no sound settings other than a volume control. I however use the 3.5mm headphone socket a lot, either using headphones that give a stereo sound or reliance on a sound aux cable to a stereo amplifier device – Sound quality in this respect is dependent on what you choose to use as an additional sound amplifier but I’m pleased so far with the quality that the Amazon Fire 7 provides.

The BIGGEST SURPRISE are the twin cameras on this tablet. Taking photos with the camera function or making videos isn’t as poor as some other feedback reviews state.

Despite the obvious that no built in flash is included on either lens, there is a handy back light enhancement feature quite literally found in the Enhancement photo editor as well as the ability to colour fix which you can also adjust independently. Also photos and videos can be taken in HD/HDR mode. It takes a few seconds for the Amazon Fire 7 to adjust to the setting and there is also a zoom feature pretty much like most smartphones. Other reviews slate the “blurry rear camera,” but I doubt they have realised that there is a back light function when videos are being recorded as well as extra editing enhancements that can FIX the blurriness.

Then there's the other enhancements that come with the Fire 7 that seems to reinforce this device is suitable for all ages. From Nintendo DS-esque like stickers (free to download) to place on photos to frame styles, fonts, colours and then on top of that a totally free Meme addition, it is clear that a lot of features such as the photograph and video software at the least is hidden away within the components that Amazon offer.

General Battery Life

Where battery life is concerned, I am also very satisfied but bearing in mind to what I bought my Amazon Fire 7 for. If I wanted to play games I don’t think I would rely on this tablet at all. I downloaded a “Bubble Pop” style game, which after half an hour’s constant playing saw 28% taken off an already charged battery. Relying on the Fire 7 to search online for info, even reading a few reviews and listening to music or watching music videos puts some strain on the battery but not enough to require daily charging compared to playing games.

Instead when used purely to read books on, and only for a few hours at a time I find charging is required every three to five days dependent on how much I rely on the Kindle Fire just to read my e-Books. Left on its own and only using three times a week gives me 4 days power without the battery charger being plugged in. Of course it all comes down to personal use but I’m impressed!

Initial first time use requires 7 to 14 hours charging but after that my Fire 7 only takes less than two hours to charge from 0% to 100% and I love how I can use other Mini USB Smartphone charger cables incase I don’t have my default Amazon plug and charger to hand.


Despite the heavy and obvious Amazon purchasing intent with this tablet I quite like the Amazon Fire 7. It isn’t really an independent tablet that will provide viewing for video and game play for hours (unless you’re happy to keep using the tablet when it is being charged, which can be done) but rather fills the niche for reading e-books or listening to a music album rather than total reliance of being a music player that you can rely on for 24 hours playing time; there are other devices that offer better battery power and sound settings.

If you can put up with the ads, or even pay for them to be disabled, I think the Amazon Fire 7 makes a lot of sense and it is pretty honest for what you get. Similar tablets now appearing from other companies appear to be the Lenovo Tab 2 range but they also come with a few downsides - but rather ironically, a rather similar spec to the Amazon Fire 7. Thanks for reading. (c)NR2 2016.

A Street Cat Named Bob: How one man and his cat found hope on the streets
A Street Cat Named Bob: How one man and his cat found hope on the streets
Price: £1.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Worth Reading If You Have An Ounce of Humanity, 16 Jan. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I had already read a few pages of the paperback book owned by a friend before buying this as an E-book for my Kindle. It didn't take too long to read but I got to know about the author pretty quickly and the life he has led as a homeless person. This is a very easy book to read; it reads almost like a journal in terms of the information set out but more so it is easy to fall in love with Bob the cat and all the while identifying on the life that James has led, particularly if you have ever spoken to any homeless person before who has led a similar life.

More so since I used to live in London in the 1990s, it brought back the memories of particular areas that I know such as that of Covent Garden and Angel. As a musician, I know the busking areas well and it was good to read another perspective.

This is a great little book that keeps me involved all the time, rather like a fly on the wall and always wanting to know what the next adventures of Bob and James will be like around the corner. The stories of how Bob soon becomes accustomed to James is particularly sweet and rewarding; you don't have to be a cat owner to read this book and there are some humourous parts as well as the reality of how sad this real story has been. It is a journey worth taking if you have an ounce of humanity. (c)NR2 2016

Bosch BBZ082BD Switchable Vacuum Cleaner Head
Bosch BBZ082BD Switchable Vacuum Cleaner Head
Price: £40.45

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4.0 out of 5 stars Gives My Bosch & Argos Value Large Bagged Vac A New Lease of Life!, 16 Jan. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
So you've gone and bought the cheapest bagged cylinder vacuum on the market - you've been led by the full five star worded reviews on Argos UK and without much hesitation gone and bought the vacuum cleaner only to realise that most of the 5 star reviews are a lot of lies. Well this is what I found when I bought the Argos Value Large bagged cylinder vacuum. The suction tubes are far too short and the combi floor head that it comes with is less than impressive. The vacuum cleaner itself is powerful enough but it has been saddled with poor tools and tubes - this floor head however is the light at the end of a difficult tunnel!

Measuring 35mm at the opening and fits on via friction fit, the Bosch BBZ082BD combination floor head is a revelation for me to use both on carpets and hard floors. A smooth metal soleplate on the underside (just like the floor head that Numatic initially fitted to the John Lewis exclusive vacs before replacing the sole plate back to plastic) this floor head is the most professional one to buy over cheap floor heads that come with other vacuums. I already own a Bosch cylinder vacuum too so it was good to see that the Bosch BBZ082BD floor head fits the old brushed silver telescopic tube as well AND gives superior pick up performance and a super light and gliding factor on carpets due to the smooth metal floor head. There's even twin lint pickers that can be picked out to clean off - all courtesy of Wessel Werk who supply the original RD295 floor heads to Numatic, SEBO, Miele and Bosch. One star off though on here because this floor head seemingly costs double the price to the Nilfisk D32 floor head which has the same design but with a 32mm size measurement at the cuff.

On hard floors the Bosch BBZ082BD floor head is also great for hard floor cleaning provided you push down on the single pedal to activate the stiff perimeter bristles. Edge to edge cleaning, very quiet in use and very easy to use. I like that the floor head is also durable and it isn't too heavy. What's more, the clip on the back of the Bosch floor head also slides into the back of my cheap and cheerful Argos Value Large bagged cylinder vac as well as my old Bosch vacuum. Win win! PS Photo shows Bosch suction tubes with the Argos vacuum and clip on Miele tools. Thanks for reading. (c)NR2 2016.
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Hoover PureHepa Anti-odour Fibre Bags (H60)
Hoover PureHepa Anti-odour Fibre Bags (H60)
Offered by First4Spares
Price: £8.45

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Hoover Can Make A Healthier Dust Bag - At A Price!, 11 Dec. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
When the Hoover H60 dust bags finally arrived in the post, I felt far more relief that my Hoover TeliosPlus was better catered for given its high 2300 watt motor and its medium level dirt bag capacity. The smaller H63 bag suffered in the TeliosPlus because it was just too small, filled up too easily, cut the suction power and was messy upon emptying when disposing of the dust bag.

These ones are far better! Bigger too and take around 3 to 4 months to fill up with a pleasing pull strip that seals up the bag. It very much depends on what your vacuum is made to pick up that will affect the electrostatic material; DIY dust and plaster dust will clog the bag immediately, so best to use any free brown dust bags like the H30 series left over.

It is a pity that Hoover haven't gone as far to copy Miele, SEBO or Bosch with the H60 bags though and fit a more durable recycled plastic strip as when the bag requires to be pulled from the machine, the cardboard strip and holder where two fingers can be inserted to hold the bag can rip off. You get 4 bags in a box.

Otherwise this is an electrostatic produced fleece disposable dust bag. It allows air to flow through which maximises the suction from the vacuum. Soft and flexible and ever so easy to install into a Hoover cylinder vacuum, the quality is better than the previous H63 bag to my eyes though but with a few better arrangements: double stitching on perimeter sides ensure no dust leakage and unlike last time it is good to see that by promise alone there is no claimed carbon promises added to these bags.

The bags that Hoover have made here are suitable for bagged models such as as the Hoover Freemotion, Hoover Sensory, Hoover Telios, Arianne and Hoover TeliosPlus. This also means the A2 bagged cylinder vacuum, the TTG100 Eco G, TE70EN25001, TE70EN21001, TE70ID30001 and TE70TE11001 vacuum models.

Don't be put off by the price - these are like Miele dust bags but of course made by Hoover for your Hoover! (c)NR2 2015.

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