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Avent Washable Breast Pads (6)
Avent Washable Breast Pads (6)

1.0 out of 5 stars Great idea, poor execution, 2 Dec. 2013
While I love the idea of these breast pads, the execution leaves much to be desired. Yes they are reusable and therefore eventually should save both landfill and my pocket, but I find they are just not up to the job. They do not feel as soft as is desirable (especially in the early days of super sensitive nipples), they do not wash well and are simply not absorbent enough to cope with anything more than a dribble. I therefore cannot in all conscience recommend the Avent Washable Breast Pads to anyone and am giving them one star out of five, because at least the washing bag is useful.

One Step® 100 x Highly Sensitive 10miu/ml Pregnancy Test Strips (tests up to 6 days earlier)
One Step® 100 x Highly Sensitive 10miu/ml Pregnancy Test Strips (tests up to 6 days earlier)
Offered by SME Diagnostics
Price: £8.99

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars They work, 1 Mar. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Although very basic these tests do exactly what it says on the tin, that is give a very early indicator of pregnancy. I used these tests to "test out" a miscarriage and then each month to see if I had managed to catch the egg. Until this month I had always got negative results, which were correct as I wasn't pregnant. This month I got a very faint line 6 days before AF was due and this line got progressively darker. I will say that the point at which they refused to darken further was a little earlier than other tests, but these are perfect for POAS addicts

Wig Wam Bam
Wig Wam Bam

4.0 out of 5 stars Ah the memories, 4 Jun. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Wig Wam Bam (MP3 Download)
I remember dancing to this party song as a pre-teen during the Children's Party Time at a well known holiday camp, totally innocent of the actual meaning behind both the words and dance steps. It's still a great track to get up and dance to and we downloaded this to practice ready for our holiday, so my two year old had an idea of the moves. The track is still just as lively with a beat that's easy to dance along to, and from our holiday last year I can tell you that the moves are just the same as you would remember from your childhood. But be warned, if you actually listen to the words, it is adult themed (with Hiawatha being taken to the silvery stream) and some may find the idea of young children dancing to it a little disturbing (where has our innocence gone?). While I wouldn't listen to this as an adult, it is great for practising the dance ready for a holiday and should my little man ever ask me what the words mean then I will be as frank with him as possible.

No Title Available

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Spooky, 30 May 2012
As with the other paints in the Early Learning Centre Ready Mix range the glow in the dark paint is supplied in a semi-opaque squeezy bottle similar to that washing up liquid comes in, complete with flip top lid and nozzle. Unlike most of the paints in the range you only get 170ml instead of the standard 284ml and it also costs a little more. I really like that I can see how much paint is left in the bottle, but do worry that the flip top lid is a little on the flimsy side. When full the paint dispenses easily through the nozzle and it's easy to only pour the required amount into a container for painting. But as the bottle starts to empty the thickness of the paint does make it harder to pour and it is almost impossible to get the last few dregs out without cutting the bottle open.

The paint itself is very thick, much thicker than the standard paints and pours a green tinged yellow. It transfers easily to a brush without dripping but is due to it's consistency is quite difficult to spread over paper. We found that it tends to drag rather than spread across the surface and it is difficult to get a smooth finish. Something positive that comes from the way this paint sits on the surface rather than soaking into the paper is that it can be painted on top of other colours without worrying that it will blend in. The paint also takes a relatively long time to dry, depending on how thickly it's been layered it can take a good couple of hours, and if you catch it while damp it tends to peel off. Once dry the paint loses it's green tinge and in daylight looks almost transparent white tinged with yellow. This is another bonus if you are planning to paint this over other colours, although it does mean it's a very boring colour, until the lights go off that is.

As soon as the lights go off this paint shows just how special it is, even when it's still in the bottle it glows an unearthly green. When used in a painting or on a model it looks really cool. We've used this in a couple of projects so far, the ever popular paint butterflies and to decorate an egg box Chinese dragon. With the butterflies we found that the paint didn't really show up in daylight, but come the evening the blobs of paint glowed for a good couple of hours. As we have displayed those paintings in a hall that is totally devoid of natural light, we have found that the paint doesn't really get to "re-charge" properly. With a couple of hours being charged by a energy saving light bulb, the glow is only faint, but still there and Freddy is still fascinated. The egg box dragon has faired better, with this we painted over purple and yellow paint and in daylight you cannot really see it over the yellow, but it looks almost like dried glue over the purple. As we can place the model on the windowsill during the day, it has plenty of time for the paint to re-charge and looks really effective as the evening draws in, with the paint glowing a bright and spooky green.

With this paint being such a strange consistency where it sits on surfaces rather than soaking in, it's very easy to clean out of paintbrushes. It also washes easily out of clothes, off hands and off Freddy's wooden table, but there is still a warning on the bottle stating that it may stain. The paint is non-toxic, but unlike some other colours I would not be happy if Freddy should decide to try and eat this, so he is only allowed to use it under very close supervision, the last thing I need is glow in the dark nappies. Although the recommended minimum age for this paint is three, I see no reason why children under this age should not be allowed to use it with appropriate guidance and supervision. Painting is a wonderful way of allowing a young child to express themselves and an activity Freddy adores, whether using paintbrushes, sponges, his fingers or even his feet. But this is a paint that I would only allow him to use with a brush.

All in all I think this paint is brilliant, have already put in an order for a few more bottles and can't wait to use to make some extra spooky Halloween decorations later in the year. It does exactly what it says on the tin, that is glows in the dark and extra an extra special twist to painting and model making. Although the bottle is both smaller and more expensive than the standard ready mix paints, I still think it's more than worth the money as rather than using it to cover large areas you are likely to be using it to highlight areas. So even though you do get best results from painting it on quite thickly, it still lasts for a good amount of time, especially as it doesn't drip from the brush. And so I'm giving the Early Learning Centre Glow In The Dark Paint a healthy five stars out of five and recommending it as an extra special addition to an art box.

No Title Available

4.0 out of 5 stars I'm Gonna Get You, 21 May 2012
The Early Learning Centre Target Tag is a great game for indoors or out, in the garden or at the beach and one that will encourage your little one to be active and improve their throwing skills while they have fun. The set is brightly coloured and combines two of F's favourite activities, chase and throwing balls, light enough not to damage anything indoors or hurt even when thrown at full pelt and perfect to pack in a bag for trips to the park. In fact I would almost say that this is a perfect set for two to five year olds who have energy to burn.

Early Learning Centre - Soft Stuff Wooden Rolling Pin
Early Learning Centre - Soft Stuff Wooden Rolling Pin

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5.0 out of 5 stars Roll, Roll, Roll The Dough, 20 May 2012
Although specifically designed and sold by The Early Learning Centre as an accessory in their Soft Stuff range, this toddler-sized rolling pin has more than proved it's worth in a range of activities. Formed of soft wood (from a sustainable source), the rolling pin looks just like Mummy's, but at only 15cm (approx) in length from end to end, it's pin much, much smaller. Just like Mummy's rolling pin, the roller turns independently to the handles, which makes it much easier to roll with even pressure and helps to roll dough rather that simply stretch it. The surface of the roller is also lightly varnished which helps stop the dough from sticking and the whole rolling pin is easy to wipe clean after use. The rolling pin is also very durable, having survived a year's worth of rather rough play with barely a dent let alone crack or splinter.

I bought this rolling pin over a year ago when the now two year old Freddy was well under the minimum recommended age of three years. Even before he was one, the rolling pin was the perfect size for his little hands and light enough for him to be able to handle. Over the last year and a bit, the rolling pin has seen plenty of use for it's original purpose and is perfectly suited to rolling out Soft Stuff (the ELC version of play dough) or any other brand of play dough. The perfectly smooth rolling surface means that the dough doesn't stick and although the rolling surface is quite small at only 10cm (approx), so far it's been perfectly large enough for Freddy to roll out Soft Stuff for cutting. Freddy would also tell you that the rolling pin makes a wonderful drumstick, especially when banged against his wooden table, very loud and sure to give Mummy a headache. After we've finished playing with the rolling pin, it's very easy to clean, and really needs nothing more than a wipe with a damp cloth.

As well as using this rolling pin during craft sessions, I must admit we have also used it for cooking. We like to do cooking at least once a week and maybe once every couple of months we make something where rolling out is part of the recipe (tarts, pizza). During these cooking sessions I'll use my big rolling pin and Freddy will use this. We find that it does a reasonable job at rolling small amounts and the smooth surface means that there is the minimum of sticking even if we forget to coat it with flour. Freddy really does enjoy the fact that with this rolling pin, he is just like Mummy and using the proper tools for the job. Again the rolling pin is easy to clean, although a little flour does sometimes find it's way into the crack between the rolling surface and handle, so rather than wiping it, I do tend to actually wash it in the washing up bowl. Oh and in case you're wondering we always wipe it with antibacterial cleaner before we use it for cooking.

If you have a toddler who enjoys playing with play dough or cooking, then this wooden rolling pin is a fantastic investment. It is the perfect size for little hands and tough enough to survive their rather enthusiastic play. When first buying a rolling pin, I did think about getting a plastic one, but am glad that I bought this instead, as not only is it more durable, but it also looks exactly like the real thing, making Freddy feel a little more grown up. So I'm giving the Early Learning Centre Soft Stuff Wooden Rolling Pin five stars out of five as it is hard to even think of something negative to say about it. (I suppose the fact it'll hurt if it hits you is a negative, but so would any rolling pin).

Early Learning Centre - Purple Ready Mix Paint 284ml
Early Learning Centre - Purple Ready Mix Paint 284ml

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Everything's coming up purple, 18 May 2012
The 284ml of bright purple paint is supplied in a semi-opaque squeezy bottle with a flip top that is identical to that on a washing up liquid bottle. I like the fact that I can see how much paint is left in the bottle and the way the lid allows me to accurately dispense the paint into a pot. What I'm not so keen on is how flimsy this lid is and the fact that it didn't close properly after the very first use. When the bottle is full it only requires a very gentle squeeze to encourage the paint to pour from the small hole, but as the bottle begins to empty it needs a good shake to move the paint towards the hole. Once the bottle is nearly empty it becomes almost impossible to get the paint out and I find the best way to make sure there is no wastage is to cut the top off and then use the bottom half of the bottle as a paint pot.

The paint is a good consistency, thin enough to pour from the bottle yet thick enough not to drip from the brush (as long as not too much is used at a time). The paint is also highly pigmented, it is a very bright and vivid purple and covers paper and card well. It also spreads well across the paper and is very opaque, covering other colours rather than letting them show through. If your artwork requires a paler shade of purple, this paint mixes well with white to give various shades.

We've used this paint for several projects including painting with a brush, paint butterflies and to paint an egg box dragon. We've found the paint transfers easily to a brush and works well on most types of paper, including plain white and coloured, but it doesn't show up too well on dark paper. When making the paint butterflies it spread well and added some vivid splashes to the designs. Where this paint has particularly excelled is when we used it to paint an egg box. Some other colours in the range have been a little wishy-washy and allowed the original grey to show through, but the purple has covered it completely, meaning we only needed the one coat.

So far I've been pretty complementary about this paint, but now I'm going to come to it's one, major disadvantage. As this paint is so highly pigmented it is extremely difficult to clean out of brushes and indeed leaves the bristles stained a fetching shade of pink. But that's not the worst of it, this paint stains everything it comes into contact with, including hands, faces, clothes and tables. Luckily Freddy always wears an apron when painting, otherwise his clothes would have been ruined, as it is his apron now has some pink splodges. Then there's his hands, I swear I ended up having to take a nail brush to them and there were still some pink marks. Although the paint is non-toxic, if your child touches their face with purple fingers, they will be left with pink stains.
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Early Learning Centre - HappyLand The Queens Jubilee Set
Early Learning Centre - HappyLand The Queens Jubilee Set
Offered by Preston Trade Depot
Price: £19.99

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Celebrate?, 18 May 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
There are a total of three pieces in this set, the Queen, herself, a corgi and a table laden with a celebration cake. All three pieces are formed of the same rubberised material used to make all of the Happyland characters, with the detail painted on. The Queen herself is instantly recognisable with her silver grey hair, crown and very particular dress sense and she is nicely detailed, I especially like her white elbow length gloves and gold necklace. But, and this is a big but, she is identical to the Queen character in the Royal Wedding set and I do mean identical, the clothes are the same and so is the jewellery. Personally I think this is a little slipshod and a bit of a cop out on the Early Learning Centre's part, especially when you add to this the fact that while the corgi is very cute and identifiable in a cartoon-like sort of way, it is also identical to the one in the Royal Wedding set. The final piece in the set is actually one that we didn't already own, and is a blue table topped with a three tier cake, again I'm a little disappointed with this piece, I don't know why but I thought it would look just a little more special and maybe it would have been better if the cake could be removed from the table.

All in all I am fairly disappointed in this set, which is a shame as I'm normally very vocal in recommending Happyland sets. While I would possibly recommend purchasing this if your child doesn't already own the Royal Wedding Set, the fact that two out of the three pieces have simply been recycled unchanged, means that I am unwilling to do so if they do own the Royal Wedding. In fact the only reason that I would recommend this for those that already own the Royal Wedding set is to put it away as an investment that is likely to increase in value over the years. So I'm giving the Happyland Queen's Jubilee set a disappointing two stars out of five and will finish by saying "Shame on you ELC for not even attempting to disguise the fact you're simply using up left-overs from the Royal Wedding set".

Early Learning Centre - Sand and Water Table
Early Learning Centre - Sand and Water Table

18 of 20 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A Beach In Our Garden, 28 April 2012
==A Parent's View==

The Sand And Water Table is supplied in a fairly large cardboard box and requires assembly before use. Although not especially heavy, the box is large enough to be unwieldy and make carrying difficult, so I really would recommend getting this delivered if at all possible. Assembly is a simple affair, the supplied instructions are basic but easy to follow and should you lose them it is possible to download a copy from the ELC website. I especially like that there is no requirement for special tools, making assembly and disassembly a five minute job. Once assembled the Sand and Water Table is a reasonable size measuring in at approximately 70cm square. The actual table section is formed of bright red plastic and sectioned into two compartments. The means you could either fill one with water, the other with sand, or both with water or both with sand. Each of the compartments has a drainage plug to allow easy removal of water, only these aren't quite as handy as you would think, as I discovered while cleaning it out today. Yes they do form a tight seal and so don't leak, but it really isn't a pleasant experience trying to remove them when the compartment is full of freezing cold rain water.

The table comes with four legs that simply slot into place and these legs are slightly splayed out which leaves the table very stable and unlikely to tip. With the legs in place the table stands approximately 40cm tall, meaning it is the perfect height for the average toddler aged between 18 months and four years. When we bought this last year Freddy was not yet standing and what we really liked about this table is that it could also be used without the legs, meaning Freddy could sit on the floor and play with the sand and water. Once Freddy was able to pull himself up to standing we attached the legs and once filled with sand/water it did an admirable job of supporting his weight as he leant on it to play. The table also comes with a cover that is in two parts which clip together and then on to the table top. The really good things about this cover are that it has a road embossed on it which adds yet another element to play and it keeps cats out, but the not so good is that it is not completely water tight and sand inside will get wet if the closed table is exposed to heavy downpours.

The toys included with the table are pretty good and would cost a fair amount to purchase separately from the Early Learning Centre, so I was really pleased that they were within the box. All of the toys are formed of thick, tough plastic that feels as if it is unlikely to break any time soon. You get a spoon and a scoop both with a large bowl that makes it easy for the child to transfer the sand around the table, a rake for making patterns in the sand, a starfish mould to fill with damp sand and create your own starfish and a boat to float on the water. The boat is really good and actually does float unlike a lot of bath toys. There are also some toys that you can connect together in various ways and then attach to the centre of the table. There are two large funnels with attachments to adjust the flow of sand or water, two single water wheels and a double water wheel with a tipper. What I really love about these toys is that I can use different combinations which keeps them fresh and exciting and that they are easy to clean and can even be sterilised (using solution).

Although it is perfectly possible for this table to be used indoors, personally I'm not keen on the idea of sand and water all over the floor, so this has been kept outside, all through the summer, autumn, winter and recent downpours. While sand could be used in both compartments, we have sand in one side and then fill the other with water changing it on a daily basis. I find that one 15kg bag of play sand is perfect to fill one side of the table and although the ELC do sell their own version (but do not deliver), the Argos version is just as good and very reasonably priced. Although the lid keeps the majority of rain and bugs away from the sand, it doesn't do a perfect job, so the sand will need checking on a daily basis. The whole table is extremely well constructed and can survive almost anything the the British weather can throw at it. As I said this has been left out in all weathers and yes the lid did leak leaving the interior slimy and yucky, but this easily washed off by taking the table completely apart and putting it in the bath. The only other damage done to the table is a little fading from sunlight, so after a clean it is still perfectly usable, although I will probably put it under cover next year as winter approaches.

From an adult's point of view this is a sturdy, well made sand/water table which positively shows that sometimes it's worth paying a little extra and I love the addition of the toys. But as with any toy it's not just my opinion that counts.

==A Toddler's View==

Although Freddy was over the recommended minimum age when we bought this table, due to a developmental delay he wasn't able to stand unsupported or indeed walk. For this reason we started by leaving the legs unattached and simply placing the table on the grass in the garden for him to play. The compartments are nice and deep meaning that they can hold a decent amount of water or sand and there's plenty of room for splashing or digging. Freddy really enjoyed playing with the sand, using the scoop and spade to lift it and pour it into the funnels. While the sand was damp it would clog in the funnels and not pour through and onto the water wheels, but when the sand is dry it works really well and is great fun to watch. The wheels and funnels work really well with water, and because of the way they can be positioned in so many different ways we can really have fun experimenting and seeing what happens when we move them round.

Once Freddy was standing and starting to cruise, we attached the legs and it is now the perfect height for him to play, allowing him to easily reach all the different parts. He loves to play with the sand or water or play cars on the lid. Although we started by placing the table on the grass, that was probably a bit of a mistake as we ended up with sand all over the grass and no way of clearing it up or water that made it a bit muddy. Now we have it on concrete and even though the sand still goes everywhere it's a lot easier to clean. Although the weather hasn't yet been suitable for outdoor play this year, Freddy had lots of fun with the table last year and was pretty excited to see me cleaning it ready for this, so I would say that it has been pretty much a hit with him. Oh and it was also enjoyed by one of Freddy's friends last year who is a year older than him.

==Suitability and Developmental Benefits==

The ELC state that this table is suitable for children over the age of eighteen months, and personally I would say this is probably about right. As the legs can be removed even toddlers who cannot walk or support themselves standing can play and as long as you use "safe" sand and supervise even children below this age would be able to play. As to an upper limit, well the ELC doesn't give one, but I would imagine that children over the age of five will find the table a little low and uncomfortable to play with.

As with so many toys a sand/water table is a great opportunity to allow your child to learn new skills and discover the world around them. As they pour, dig and mould the sand they will be improving their hand-eye coordination and dexterity. You can fill a section with water and then experiment to help your child discover what items float and which don't, experiment with arranging the funnels and wheel in different configurations and see if your child can guess what will happen, or add some washing up liquid to the water to have some bubbly fun. By adding a little water to the sand you can help your child mould it and build sandcastles, or maybe pretend it's a desert. The possibilities are limited only by you and your child's imagination.

==Final Words==

This is an extremely well made and thought out sand/water table that will last your child for several years from toddler-hood through to pre-school. Although more expensive than some competitors, it is far more sturdy and durable and even comes complete with basic toys. If you have a garden or balcony and a toddler/preschooler then I can't recommend this enough and even with the relatively high price I'm perfectly willing to give it five stars out of five.

Tippitoes Stroller (Charcoal)
Tippitoes Stroller (Charcoal)

106 of 106 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Brum, 9 April 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Unlike many fancier (and more expensive) strollers the Move arrived fully assembled, only needing to be opened out to be ready to use. Opening the Move is as simple as shaking it out and then pushing the lock down with your foot, something that can easily be performed one handed while carrying a toddler in the other hand. Closing the Move is a little more difficult, there is a safety mechanism that must be engaged before pulling the stroller closed via a webbing handle. Although this is something that can technically be performed one-handed, it's not something I can normally manage while trying to hold onto a toddler's hand. Weighing in at 6kg (13.2lb) the Move is certainly not the lightest of strollers, but it is certainly still light enough for me to lift into car boots and folding down to just 108cm x 25cm x 14.5cm it is small enough to even fit in a hatchback. When folded it is also small enough to fit into a corner for storage and will stand almost upright leant against a wall with the brakes engaged.

Once fully opened the Move stands far taller than most bargain basement strollers, with a handle height of 101cm, it is perhaps a little tall for those of the short persuasion (like me), but perfect for medium and taller operators. Daddy far prefers the handle height to other strollers we've owned, while it's taken me a while to get used to it. As seems to be standard with strollers nowadays the front wheels can be set to either swivel or fixed, and as always I prefer swivel which gives good manoeuvrability. I have no trouble negotiating tight spaces or sharp curves and have no trouble lifting the Move up and down curbs or on and off public transport. Although in reality not the lightest of strollers, the Move does feel very light in operation, even when loaded with a heavy toddler it is no chore to push, and I barely break a sweat even when pushing uphill. Rather than being coated with foam, the two handles have a plastic coating and while it's good that these don't absorb sweat and discolour, they do become slippery on warmer days. The rear brakes are operates via a lever at the bottom rear of the Move, are easy to engage with one foot and hold the stroller surprisingly firmly, even the sudden movements of a bus don't cause them to disengage. There is a small shopping basket under the seat, it's just large enough to hold four pints of milk, but bags can also be placed over the handles.

Being charcoal grey the Move is definitely unisex in design and I do like that the fabric doesn't show up every speck of dirt. Although the material cannot be removed from the frame for washing it can be wiped with a cloth, dries quickly and doesn't absorb liquids. The seat and backrest are lightly padded, which provides an amount of comfort for the rider and the backrest can also be adjusted from upright though to approximately three quarter lie back. I particularly like the way this stroller lies back, firstly because it goes fully upright (which a previous stroller didn't) and secondly because I can fully adjust the level of lie back. On first appearance the back rest does seem a little on the short side, but this is an optical illusion caused by the height of the handles. Freddy is a tall two year old and his head is fully supported when laying back. The seat is of a good depth, not so deep that Freddy is lost in it, but not so shallow that his bum hangs off. The foot rest is also perfectly positioned for two year old Freddy to rest his feet while travelling or step on to get into the seat. For extra security the Move comes complete with a fully adjustable five point harness and additional D-rings. The harness is easily adjusted at all five points, meaning that it can be adjusted to fit a six month old or large toddler and everything in between. I particularly like that the crotch strap is adjustable, as this is something that is often neglected and yet makes the fit that much better.

Surprisingly for such a cheap stroller, the Move comes complete with a hood and rain cover. The hood clips into place and when opened is of a reasonable size and reasonably good at keeping the sun out of Freddy's eyes. One slight problem with the hood is that it doesn't fit as securely on the frame as I would like, it does tend to pop off if leant on a little too heavily. The rain cover can only be utilised while the hood is opened and fits onto the hood via a pair of poppers and then to the bottom of the stroller frame via Velcro strips. The rain cover actually does a pretty good job, far better than I expected. It manages to cover most of Freddy, with only the tip of his toes poking out and the hood holds it a good distance from his face. It certainly managed to keep Freddy dry in a shower today.

Although we've not had the Move for very long (about a month), so far I'm very happy with it. I was immediately impressed when I received it that I didn't need to perform any assembly before first use and that it came complete with hood and rain cover. Although it took me a few journeys to get used to the extra handle height, it's no comfortable to push, highly manoeuvrable, and appears very durable. I won't say that Freddy is particularly happy to be put in this stroller, (he's a toddler, he'd far prefer to be running around), but he does seem comfortable and secure once strapped in. He is certainly comfortable enough to sleep, when in lay back position and he seems happy enough when upright.

If you're looking for a cheap, reasonably light, fairly compact, lie back stroller for a baby or toddler over the age of 6 months, then the Tippitoes Move is a pretty good option that I have no hesitation in recommending. In fact I would go as far as giving it five stars out of five and should I need to replace it before Freddy is completely ready to give up his wheels then I will be replacing like for like.

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