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Logan [Blu-ray + Digital HD] [2017]
Logan [Blu-ray + Digital HD] [2017]
Dvd ~ Hugh Jackman
Price: £9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars The best!, 29 April 2017
This movie is among the best - if not thee best, comic book movies of all time. A true blaze of glory for Jackman and Logan!

Suicide Squad [Includes Digital Download] [Blu-ray] [2016] [Region Free]
Suicide Squad [Includes Digital Download] [Blu-ray] [2016] [Region Free]
Dvd ~ Will Smith
Price: £8.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Blows It Away!, 27 Aug. 2016
I'll say from the outset, I'm a lifelong comic book fan. During my teenage years back in the 80's I collected John Ostrander's Suicide Squad title and absolutely loved it. It was always a given for me therefore that I would jump at the prospect of a movie based on my favourite title. I should also add that I fall into the category of those that loved Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (the Ultimate Edition ranks amongst one of my all time favourite movies). This should give you an indication of where this review is heading!

Absolutely loved it! What do critics know eh?

You know the synopsis I'm guessing (if you're reading this review) - government official Amanda Waller assembles a group of the baddest incarcerated criminals to go up against the potential of a metahuman crisis should the 'next' Superman not share our values. This is deemed more relevant following the demise of the man of steel himself at the climax of Dawn Of Justice. Amongst those villains are Deadshot (Will Smith), Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney), El Diablo (Jay Hernandez), and Enchantress/Dr June Moone (Carla Delevigne). Heading up the group is Colonel Rick Flagg (Joel Kinnaman), albeit reluctantly.

The story essentially revolves around Enchantress going rogue and converting a subway station in Midway City into a warzone as she resurrects her brother Incubus and the two attempt to destroy the world. The only criticism I have with the movie concerns the simplicity within which Enchantress 'turns' on the group shortly after it is her actions that cause the senate committee to approve the founding of Task Force X only a couple of scenes earlier in the movie. It just feels a bit rushed. It's also interesting to note that the events of the movie would never have taken place had Waller not established her little 'pet project' to begin with!

The dialogue is witty and sharp and the characters are highly likeable (despite them being arch-villains and - in some cases, murderers). Will Smith is the core of the group as Deadshot and his cold-bloodedness as an assassin is softened by the connection he has to his daughter (how the audience is expected no doubt to warm to him?). Joel Kinnaman's Rick Flagg is also key to the story's heart with his flawed relationship with Dr June Moone - Enchantress's alter ego. Margot Robbie is superb as Harley Quinn and a scene stealer in herself (not to mention the sex appeal she ozes!) although her rear steals equally as many scenes as she does!

What do I need to say about Jared Leto that hasn't been said before? You'll either love or hate his portrayal of Mr.J! Think more 'gangsta'.

Fantastic soundtrack, great action sequences - the DCEU is shaping up just nicely with this third entry!!

The X-Files: The Event Series [DVD]
The X-Files: The Event Series [DVD]
Dvd ~ David Duchovny
Price: £7.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars The Truth (of the revival), 20 April 2016
I am a major X-Files fan having stayed with the original run of the show right through to the final episode 'The Truth' when many fans had long since switched off around the season 6/7 mark. Whilst I did not admit it at the time I was very disappointed with the second feature film 'I Want To Believe', which until very recently seemed as if it were the end that the show didn't deserve. And then we heard the announcements - The X-Files was returning as an 'event' series! The down side was that it was only going to consist of 6 episodes but I could live with that.

The presumption I made was that this would probably be a 6 part story, probably going along the mythology theme that the show was renowned for back in the day, albeit upgraded to reflect changes in society and technology amongst other things.

What we got was a little different - we got 6 episodes, some standalone, some forming a mini-arc. The first story ('My Struggle') reintroduced Mulder and Scully and set out to turn the former 9 years of established 'lore' upside down by revealing that everything we thought we had learnt was a deception and that the invasion that was established in the final moments of 'The Truth' as taking hold in 2012 did actually occur but in a significantly different way. The episode received mixed reviews but personally I loved it - Duchovny and Anderson slipped effortlessly back into their trademark roles and by the closing minutes are back in their comfortable FBI shoes (although I'm fairly certain it wouldn't be this simple to slip back into such a prestigious role in the real world!).

Episodes 2 through 5 are stand-alone tales that see Mulder and Scully back to investigating 'X Files'. 'Founder's Mutation' and 'Home Again' were two stories I thoroughly enjoyed and captured the essence of 'old' X-Files adventures. The latter features the memorably named 'Band Aid Nose Man' with his tendency to pull limbs apart in his efforts to defend the homeless!

Many have commended the third installment 'Mulder and Scully Meet The Were-Monster' - a quirky story by Darin Morgan with a high comedic element. Unfortunately, I was never a fan of these episodes and I found myself cringing through most of this one. The first duffer of the season and a waste of an episode.

'Babylon' - the penultimate adventure, is utter tripe. Other than serving to introduce Special Agents Miller and Einstein as younger versions of Mulder and Scully this served no useful purpose at all. Mulder takes some magic mushrooms in order to communicate with a comatose terrorist in order to prevent a further attack - that's all i'll say on the storyline. Even a blink and you'll miss it cameo from The Lone Gunmen does not save this titanic sized mess. This is one that I will not be re-watching once I get my hands on the DVD/Blu-Ray and probably the worst ever episode.

Book-ended at the end of the season was 'My Struggle II' which continues the storyline set up in the series intro and finally sees the eagerly anticipated invasion manifest itself in the form of a virus affecting the mass populace. The story has more action than the previous five put together and there is a well staged fight sequence concerning Mulder and a representative of the Cigarette Smoking Man. Speaking of CSM, after a couple of minor appearances thus far here he comes back in glorious fashion and his stand-off with Mulder is a highlight of the story. There's a fast pace to proceedings which leads to a cliff-hanger which hopefully will be resolved at some future date...

All in all, of the six episodes I thoroughly enjoyed 4 of them. The biggest disappointment for me is that if you only have 6 episodes in which to stake your claim (again) then you need to make them count. Whilst it may appeal to some to give a mix of tales from across the spectrum a series this small in size can not afford to waste opportunities which I sadly feel it did.

So there, the truth is out there....
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jun 26, 2016 9:48 AM BST

Raiders of The Lost Shark [DVD]
Raiders of The Lost Shark [DVD]
Dvd ~ Candice Lidstone
Price: £8.34

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars TRIPE!!, 5 Dec. 2015
Ok, so I'm in the supermarket and I see this on the shelf. It's only £3 in there (a warning sign in itself!) so I think, "Well, it's only three pound..." I'm not naive when it comes to movies, I know what to look for. Everything that this isn't basically! So I took in everything about the cover design, notes on the cover, overblown artwork, unknown cast/crew/producers etc and figured - "Yep, this will be ultra low budget balony"

Having said all that I thought this might be a laugh if nothing else.

This is the biggest piece of faecal bollocks that I have seen in a long time. There's no acting on display here, no production values at all, poor music score etcetera etcetera. It clearly comes from the vein of "I've got a coupla hundred books, couple of camcorders, group of friends who'll see the novelty value, I can do effects on my Pc, it'll be great ".

I won't waste time going into detail other than to say there's a lake - a very shallow lake where every character goes in for logic defying sake, and a 'shark' (laughs) that's on a feeding frenzy. There's more depth in my kitchen sink. AVOID at all costs.

Howl [DVD]
Howl [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ed Speleers
Offered by NextDayEntertainment
Price: £4.09

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4.0 out of 5 stars Howl at the Moon!, 8 Nov. 2015
This review is from: Howl [DVD] (DVD)
Being a big fan of werewolf movies this caught my attention on the DVD shelf whilst shopping in a local supermarket however having fallen foul in the past of similar movies that have grabbed my interest only to find they were a load of the proverbial I erred on the side of caution and held off buying it. I turned to the reviews on Amazon instead which, on the whole, seemed complimentary of the film. As a result I revisited the store and paid the grand total of £7 for it and - family to bed and lights out time, I sat down to watch 'Howl'.

So, what was my verdict....?

I loved this film. The premise is simple enough - a late night train out of Waterloo breaks down in the middle of a forest, the driver is killed whilst investigating leaving the passengers and staff stranded, and a creature intent on 'taking them all out'. The start of the piece is 'Joe' - a ticket attendant who we learn straight off has been overlooked for promotion and allocated duties on the 'red eye'. In a clever sequence we are introduced to all of the movie's characters as Joe moves along the train inspecting tickets and on the whole, they're a pretty unlikeable bunch. Most of the action takes place on or around the train as our 'heroes' barricade themselves into one of the train cars - the phrase 'werewolves on a train' is coined a couple of times and it fits!

Coming in at 89 minutes the film moves along at a steady pace, not once feeling slow or leaving the viewer disinterested. Some of the characters begin to soften allowing the viewer to warm to them. Sean Pertwee has a small - and rather insignificant, role as the train driver who gets total screen time of around 3 minutes (I kid you not!). It seems a rather wasted role for Pertwee but I guess it gave the marketing team a chance to add his name on the DVD cover giving the illusion he plays a main part!

The werewolves themselves are impressive and differ from the conventional visuals one would expect, in fact they're more like primordial humans. Had I watched this movie without knowing the title I would have assumed they were more like trolls than wolves. That's not a criticism however as the visuals are very impressive. There's plenty of them on show once they make their appearance some 30 minutes or so into the run time.

There's a number of short features that go behind the scenes looking at the actors making up the main cast, the design of the train (a character in itself), the werewolves, and sound and grading of the film.

Overall a very entertaining, atmospheric thrill ride that I will watch again.

Doctor Who : The Eleventh Doctor Vol .1
Doctor Who : The Eleventh Doctor Vol .1
by Boo Cook
Edition: Paperback
Price: £10.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Join In The Fun!, 14 Sept. 2015
Accompanying David Tennant’s incarnation of our favourite Timelord are the monthly adventures of Matt Smith’s eleventh. This book contains issues 1 – 5 of that series beautifully presented with a cover by Alice X Zhang. And what a collection it is.

I commented on my review of ‘Revolutions Of Terror’ that rather than throw the hero in our face from the outset writer Nick Abadzis chose to keep him in the background throughout the first ‘chapter’ whilst building up the mystery and introducing us to soon-to-be companion ‘Gabby’. There is no such approach here. Whilst we do meet a new character on Page 1 in the form of Alice Obiefune and are presented with her rather tragic backstory, come Page 4 writers Al Ewing and Rob Williams hurl the ‘Eleventh’ at us in full colour as he chases a rainbow coloured alien dog through the streets of London. It takes no great steer of the imagination to picture Matt Smith’s eccentric and goofy portrayal running across our TV screens.

The writers have captured the feel of Steven Moffat’s reign perfectly and the serial style series long story arc employed by him for the small screen is replicated here. The term ‘timey wimey’ certainly applies as each story contained within the collection is linked with a running theme although not in a linear fashion. This volume introduces the reader to the shadowy corporation known as SERVEYOUINC and the rather sinister Talent Scout – although these issues act more as an introduction to their villainy with subsequent issues set to further explore who and/or what exactly they are and how they are linked.

The first issue sees The Doctor crashing into the life of Librarian Alice who is grieving following the loss of her mother and after an adventure with aforementioned ‘rainbow dog’ they’re off on further adventures. A visit to Rokhandi – once a paradise world now turned austerity hit Pleasure Park, brings the travellers up against SERVEYOUINC for the first time. The Talent Scout first appears in 1930’s Mississippi for the third story which will appeal to Blues fans alike, and chapters four and five are a two parter in which our heroes find themselves on a research station funded by SERVEYOUINC in the midst of a ‘Whodunnit’ style mystery. Joining The Doctor and Alice throughout these five installments are John Jones – a 1960’s musician soon-to-be rock God who appears alien by origin, and ARC – part of a mysterious entity that has been enslaved by SERVEYOUINC. Afterlife effectively sees The Doctor getting himself a gang!

Writers Al Ewing and Rob Williams alternate author duties after Issue #1 and both have done a top notch job of re-creating the world of The Eleventh Doctor, with a mix of mystery, the fantastical, and mad-cap goofiness. I particularly like the ‘story arc’ format linking each installment which also operate as ‘stand alones’. The artists for this collection are Simon Fraser (#1 – #3) and Boo Cook (#4 and #5) and both styles are excellent in their own ways. Fraser’s art brings Rokhandi to life and adds the atmosphere to the Mississippi Delta where we first encounter the Talent Scout (#3) whilst Boo Cook perfectly captures the visual quirkiness of Matt Smith coupled with fantastic colouring by Hi-Fi.

The Tenth Doctor is my favourite incarnation of everyone’s favourite Gallifreyan however I’m really getting swept along with Titan’s Eleventh series. Bring on the next volume..


Doctor Who : The Tenth Doctor Vol .1 (Dr Who) (Dr Who Graphic Novel)
Doctor Who : The Tenth Doctor Vol .1 (Dr Who) (Dr Who Graphic Novel)
by Nick Abadzis
Edition: Paperback
Price: £10.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars ALLONS - Y!!, 14 Sept. 2015
I’ll say if from the outset, I’m biased. I love the tenth Doctor. A lifelong fan of ‘Who’ I appreciate each and every actor who has portrayed our favourite Time-Lord with all putting their own individual stamp on the role however, for me, David Tennant nailed it with his infectitious and enthusiastic take on the title character.

My interest in the show has stemmed over into all forms of media – audio, literature,video/DVD, and in the comics arena. Even as a grown man of 40+ I vividly recall reading and savouring those early strips in Doctor Who Weekly back in the 70’s, subsequently acquiring the collected Panini works of said comic strips. All that said however, and with no disrespect intended, I just couldn’t get away with IDW’s reign.

Therefore when I first learnt that Titan Comics had secured the licence to produce Doctor Who and that there was to be a regular monthly series starring the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth incarnations I was over the moon. That wait from reading that first announcement to downloading the actual first issue of The Tenth Doctor seemed like an eternity.

Volume 1: Revolutions Of Terror collects the first five issues of the series starring our favourite pin-stripe suit wearing Gallifreyan, written by Nick Abadzis with artwork by Elena Casagrande.

This series picks off where Nu-Who’s Season 4 left off, where our hero was forced to say goodbye to his companion Donna Noble. The decision to choose this period of his life in which to base this new series was a no-brainer, there is so much unchartered water from that final year that we were only treat to little dips in the pool with the small handful of televised specials.

The Doctor is in modern day New York investigating a psychic phenomena where his path crosses with that of Gabriella ‘Gabby’ Gonzalez, an aspiring artist frustrated at having to work in the family business – in particular, the family laundramat which seems to be a focal point for an incursion by engineered psychic alien parasites. After defeating the invasion the Doctor takes on board his new friend for ‘one trip’ … and we all know how that usually ends up.

One might expect for the first issue of a new run that the writer and creative staff would thrust the central character in our faces from the get-go but Nick Abadzis takes another approach, one that has elements of TV’s ‘Partners In Crime’. In that story the Doctor and soon-to-be (at that time) companion Donna Noble independently investigated the mystery of the Adipose only to be brought together for the climax. In Part 1 of Revolutions Of Terror our hero makes a small number of minuscule appearances peppered throughout the story with the main focus been on introducing us to Gabby and her world. There is a clever sequence early on in which the paths sort of cross of the two future travelling companions (although not directly).

Some may question this approach – surely there should be more of the title character in the first issue of his new series. Personally I loved it. I felt by the end of that first issue that I really had a feel for who this new companion was and what made her tick. The fleeting appearances of the Doctor served to build up the mystery and when the two characters finally do meet we get one heck of a cliffhanger! After that the second installment throws us into the adrenaline-fuelled pace that we would expect as Gabby joins the Doctor in ‘his world’.

Revolutions Of Terror is essentially a five part story that can be broken down into two parts, issues 1-3 thrust our heroes together in a New York set tale of psychic alien invaders during the ‘Day Of The Dead’ whilst 4-5 tells a smaller tale from Gabby’s perspective as she chronicles in her journal the events of her first trip.

Nick Abadzis’s dialogue is top notch for the Doctor and I could visualise the stories contained within this volume as a ‘season opener’. Elena Casagrande’s artwork equally deserves full recognition bringing the story to life. As can be seen from the panels above the drawings are excellent with David Tennant’s likeness perfectly captured.

All in all a first class introduction to the comic book adventures of Gallifrey’s finest.


Doctor Who 4.8 - Return to Telos
Doctor Who 4.8 - Return to Telos
by Nicholas Briggs
Edition: Audio CD
Price: £7.52

2 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Telosian Treat!, 12 Sept. 2015
So, this is it – the series 4 finale. Any fan of Big Finish’s 4DA would have to have been blind (deaf) not to have known that the Mondasian monsters were returning. It is this knowledge that perhaps took the suspense out of the previous release The Fate Of Krelos.

Under the control of a cybernised K9 the TARDIS is on its way to Telos where the Cybermen plan to use the Doctor’s ingenuity to help advance their newly formed army, created from the spare parts acquired during their invasion of Krelos. With a bit of temporal mechanics the Doctor hurls the TARDIS back into the past where he and Leela find themselves near to a certain tomb where a previous incarnation just happens to be. Not only does our hero have to ensure that he doesn’t encounter his past self, there’s also the situation on Krelos to rectify.

The best way to describe this release is to compare it to the Star Trek: Deep Space 9 episode ‘Trials and Tribble-ations’ where Commander Sisko and his crew found themselves – via some clever CGI trickery, interacting with the characters and events of ‘The Trouble With Tribbles’ (a classic episode of the original Trek) despite there been some 30 years or so in-between each series. Frazer Hines recreates his classic role of Jamie McCrimmon while also taking on the role of the second Doctor himself in what can only be described as a first rate performance.

Having read the Big Finish forums this adventure has received much criticism and I struggle to identify why that is. Granted, Leela and Jamie don’t actually get to meet each other which may seem like a missed opportunity, and the scenes set during the events of ‘Tomb Of The Cybermen’ are minimal but overall this is a fast, fun filled finale to what has been an excellent series. The invasion of Krelos towards the end of Part 1 (or 3) builds towards an excellent cliffhanger.

You could come away at the end of this audio-play thinking what was the point as effectively, everything that happens is re-written in a Moffat style way. The Cybermen ‘Time Squad’ attempt a cyber conversion of our hero in his second incarnation which causes his future self to vanish a la Back To The Future before realising their actions are flawed and will lead to them going the same way promptly urging them to cease. Why? you may ask. Fun, I would answer, and Entertainment.

I thoroughly enjoyed this release and it is one of my favourite 4DA’s to date since Tom Baker joined the folks at Big Finish. I particularly loved the voices of the Cybermen and would ask that any future appearances by the metallic monsters feature the same era foes. The spirit of Troughton’s era has been captured meticulously here. Having also enjoyed hearing Frazer Hines recreating his classic character Jamie and his perfect portrayal of Troughton has got me craving the soon to be released Early Adventures range – also starring Hines.

Hats off to Nick Briggs and all at Big Finish for a hugely enjoyable adventure and a great send off for the Doctor and Leela. Until they’re reunited….


(taken from my blog kasterborouscalling.wordpress.com )

The Cloisters of Terror (Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures)
The Cloisters of Terror (Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures)
by Jonathan Morris
Edition: Audio CD
Price: £10.99

4.0 out of 5 stars The Cloisters Of Fun, 12 Sept. 2015
“When the sisters, in your footsteps they walk,

You will not see another Dawn…”

At last, a good ‘ole ghost story a la Doctor Who style! Of this fourth season of Tom Baker stories this was the one I was looking forward to (excluding the Cybermen themed finale that is). Outside of my love of all things Gallifreyan lies my next favourite genre – horror, and I do love a good ghost tale.

The premise is simple enough. St Matilda’s College in Oxford was formerly a convent where a 500 year old legend has it that three mysterious nuns walk the hallways and anyone unlucky enough to see them doesn’t last long. Following the disappearance of one of the students newly appointed Dean Dame Emily Shaw (mother of a certain companion to the third incarnation of our favourite Time-lord) calls in the Police to help. Enter The Doctor and Leela and the search for the truth begins.

This tale gets off to a wonderfully creepy start setting up the mood perfectly. Predominantly focusing on the mystery surrounding the three nuns the first episode moves along at a speedy pace and it isn’t long before Leela sets sight upon the ghostly apparitions. By the cliffhanger however, we are already into sci-fi territory as we begin to unravel the truth behind the sinister goings-on. I won’t spoil it by revealing what that truth is but I loved it. Doctor Who doesn’t do ghosts – it’s played with the idea many times but is always explained away scientifically and this adventure is no exception.

Special mention must go to Rowena Cooper as Dame Shaw. Regular Big Finish listeners will already be familiar with the character from an earlier Companion Chronicles story. For myself – however, this was my first ‘meeting’ with her and she almost steals the show from Tom Baker (no mean feat!). Her character is well defined and it isn’t long before the chemistry really begins to shine with The Doctor. I have no doubt that Dame Shaw will appear in future releases.

There is some excellent humorous touches littered throughout and Tom Baker gets some excellent one-liners. I don’t need to repeat them here, needless to say you will know them the instant you hear them.

What is noteable about this story in retrospect is that there is no traditional ‘big bad’ – no Davros, no Master, no Valeyard style villain for The Doctor to spar with. Whilst I’ve heard it criticised when done before here it works and showcases this story as a break from the norm.

I give this adventure a strong 9/10 – even the CD cover is effectively creepy! Don’t listen alone in the dark…..

(Taken from my blog kasterborouscalling.wordpress.com )

The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield: The Triumph of the Sutekh: Volume 2
The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield: The Triumph of the Sutekh: Volume 2
by Guy Adams
Edition: Audio CD
Price: £17.47

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The Triumph Of Big Finish, 23 Aug. 2015
Prior to purchasing this release I knew who Professor Bernice Summerfield was, that she was a character who had travelled with the Seventh Doctor and Ace during the wilderness years of the 1990's in novel form and that Big Finish had chosen to 'invest' in the character giving her life within the audio medium. I had never listened to or read any of these adventures I must admit. Why then - you may ask, would I want to buy a set such as this? The return of Sutekh was a big incentive (Pyramids Of Mars ranks amongst my Top 15 all time favourite classic adventures) and the apparently prominent parts played by The Doctor and Ace being the second such motivation.

So, was it value for (my) money? In short, yes!

I really love the character of 'Benny', especially her dry sarcasm and tough spirit. By the time I was into the third of four stories making up this collection it mattered little to me whether our favourite Time Lord had a big role or not.

What we have here is the return of the Osiran God Sutekh - believed defeated at the conclusion of 1975's televised Pyramids Of Mars, who returns in the form of a possessed Doctor discovered by Professor Summerfield within a pyramid on (you guessed it!) Mars. The first tale concerns Sutekh's attempts to create a new body for himself, operating within the Doctor. Given the title of the collection it should come as no surprise to hear that he succeeds by the story's end and the Doctor is seemingly defeated. This turns into a timey-wimey tale of intrigue as Benny and Ace travel to Egypt in the modern era believing it to be the 1940's, before the Professor herself is catapulted back to Ancient Egypt, and finally to an apocalyptic Earth where Sutekh has returned to full power. That is a very basic summary of what is a very complex story spanning centuries of globe trotting adventure.

The Doctor plays a prominent role in three of the four stories with Ace having a strong supporting part in two of them. There are times when Sylvester McCoy doesn't quite feel like the Doctor however - by the conclusion, there's no doubt that he's been the character we know and love all the time (no more spoilers there folks!). Gabriel Woolf recaptures the vocal menace that is Sutekh perfectly. For a well established character it's hard to believe that he only appeared once in televised Who - voice-over in The Satan Pit not withstanding!

I will definitely be exploring the character of Benny further now that I sampled her delights and would recommend any fans of the audio medium wanting to experience a new range to give this a go. You will not be disappointed....

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