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Mr. David Hanley "dch59" (Swindon England)

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Black new Replacement cable for SHURE SE535 SE425 SE315 SE215 SE846 Ultimate Ears UE900 heaphones
Black new Replacement cable for SHURE SE535 SE425 SE315 SE215 SE846 Ultimate Ears UE900 heaphones

3.0 out of 5 stars Passable replacement with just a little too much treble for me., 1 Jun. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Does not appear to be of the same quality as the original cable but it is a satisfactory replacement. The connectors snap into place with a good fit and the phono plug also fits well. One thing that I did notice as soon as I began listening with this new cable was that the treble is a lot brighter than with the original cable - and not in a good way. The bass and midrange sound as good as the original cable, but I've had to tone down the highs a little with some graphic equaliser tweaks. Overall, when the cost is considered, this cable is an adequate replacement and does an ok job.

UK 2 Pin To 3 Pin 1A Fuse Adaptor Plug For Shaver / Toothbrush
UK 2 Pin To 3 Pin 1A Fuse Adaptor Plug For Shaver / Toothbrush
Offered by DNG Accessories UK
Price: £1.39

1.0 out of 5 stars Not fit for purpose, 1 Jun. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this cheap plug for my Braun shaver, but unfortunately it has turned out to be a waste of money. When I insert the 2 pin plug into this adaptor it keeps popping back out. This means that it does not make a connection with the internal terminals and therefore will not charge. I decided to open the thing up to see if something could be done to fix the issue, but sadly it is a design fault. When the 2 pin adaptor is inserted into the terminals without the plug face attached it is gripped securely, but when the plug face is attached then the 2 pin adaptor cannot be pushed in far enough for the terminals to grip the pins. Either the plug face needs to be slightly thinner or the terminals need to be either slightly longer or positioned nearer to the entry holes. I have tried another shaver and a toothbrush lead in this adaptor and both have the same problem - they cannot be pushed in far enough for the terminals to grip and hold them in place. I will do what I should have done in the first place and buy a better quality one locally.

GRDE® Ourdoor Waterproof Zoomable SOS Head Torch, 2000 Lumens LED Headlamp, Powerful Rechargeable Headlight for Cycling Running Hiking Camping Hunting Fishing (Headlight)
GRDE® Ourdoor Waterproof Zoomable SOS Head Torch, 2000 Lumens LED Headlamp, Powerful Rechargeable Headlight for Cycling Running Hiking Camping Hunting Fishing (Headlight)

19 of 19 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Really pleased with this headtorch, 1 Dec. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Really pleased with this headtorch. Great for my early morning cycle to work - part of which is through a wooded area with very poor lighting. This torch lights the way superbly with a nice wide flood of light pointing exactly where I need it.
The headband is easy to adjust and a few test trips will help you find the most comfortable position for the straps to sit on your head without them riding up. It feels very secure on my head and I do not find it too heavy - in fact I hardly noticed that I was wearing it after a while apart from the reassuring bright glow in front of me. I also like the fact that it has a small red light at the back to make you even more visible from behind when cycling.
The light beam is fully adjustable from a small direct pinpoint to a wide angle flood of light by turning the outer casing. It has several increments from wide to pinpoint with a nice satisfying solid click for each adjustment. The torch can also be positioned forward and backwards on a pivot that is nice and stiff to lock the position and will not allow the torch head to flop up and down.
The headband is of good quality and the torch itself is also nice and solid looking in aluminium.
Batteries charged in less than 4 hours and have so far kept the light glowing bright for a couple of hours use. However I will keep them regularly charged before they go completely dead, as there appears to be a problem re-charging if they are allowed to completely discharge, if the reports of others are to be believed.
I would recommend this headtorch as a bargain at this price and may buy another as a back-up.

Urban Lite 1 Magnesium Alloy Folding Bike - only 9.5KG
Urban Lite 1 Magnesium Alloy Folding Bike - only 9.5KG

13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars OK for short people, 4 Dec. 2012
This bike is well made and quite good quality for the price paid but it is a very long way from being a Brompton. It is easy to put together and fold up and can be done in about 60 seconds.
I bought it for using when I am on my boat and need to go to the shops. The small wheels give a rather bumpy ride along the tow-path of the canal, but once we are on the tarmac of the cycle-path or the road, the ride becomes a lot smoother and more comfortable.
I am 5'8" tall (173cm)with a 30" (76cm) inside leg measurement and I have to have the saddle fully extended for a comfortable ride. Anyone taller than 5'8" or with an inside leg measurement of more than 30" would find themselves rather cramped and uncomfortable on this bike.
It is also very low geared so you will not be flying along at high speed unless you can spin your legs at somewhere around 180rpm. But with the small wheels and twitchy steering this bike is not meant to be used for speed.
For a steady ride to the shops and back of a short distance, then this bike is ideal.
The bag that is including is very handy for keeping the bike tidily tucked away and is a very good fit and the bike easily slips into it.

Worx Professional WU253 Li Ion Screwdriver Kit 4.0V
Worx Professional WU253 Li Ion Screwdriver Kit 4.0V

5.0 out of 5 stars Great quality and value for money., 19 Mar. 2012
I looked long and hard for a decent electrical screwdriver and finally went for the Worx Professional Kit - and I'm so pleased that I did.
I get the impression that this tool is going to last me a lifetime. It just looks and feels quality with a superb heavy duty case to match.
The screwdriver itself feels very comfortable in the hand and you can see that it's been built to last.
With two speeds (650 and 2000 rpm) and 13 torque settings this tool should be able to cope with most of the jobs required of it.
The sight light comes on as soon as the trigger is lightly squeezed and makes it easy to locate the fixing points in dark cupboards etc.
A small selection of screwdriver and torx heads are provided and and extension bar and socket and these also look to be of the same high quality as the rest of the kit.
The batteries are simple to remove and replace and they have a lifetime guarantee if you register the product on the Worx website. They only take 30 minutes to fully recharge and so you should always be able to have a spare ready to go.
The battery charger itself has a nice bright red and green Worx panel to inform you of the charging status and will also tell you if the battery is faulty.
Another good thing about this tool is the fact that if the battery does lose it's power, you can still finish off the screw-driving because the chuck locks itself.
So far I've used it to fit some sets of roller blinds using self tapping screws into plywood and I found that torque setting 6 was just right.
Overall I would recommend this product - even at £65 - because it should be the last one you'll ever need to buy.

Blue Spot 06162 6-inch Adjustable Wrench
Blue Spot 06162 6-inch Adjustable Wrench
Price: £4.96

4.0 out of 5 stars Handy compact size and good quality, 19 Mar. 2012
I really like this Adjustable wrench. It feels nice in the hand and is comfortable to use with it's soft rubber sleeve.
The jaws can be opened or closed easily with your finger and thumb of one hand while in position on the nut or bolt that you're working on, and there's not a lot of play in them, so they grip well.
The jaws are also marked in millimetres so they're handy for using to quickly check what size spanner to use if you need more leverage.
I've been using them to make connections to the terminals of some banks of batteries and they are ideal for working in a confined space. They're long enough to provide enough leverage to fully tighten the terminals and the rubber handle reduces the risk of unwanted contact with any other conductive metal.
Well pleased with what I got for my £5 and would recommend them.

7 Pc Electricians Screwdriver Set - Includes Flat & Philips Drivers
7 Pc Electricians Screwdriver Set - Includes Flat & Philips Drivers

4.0 out of 5 stars Basic quality but affordable, 19 Mar. 2012
These screwdrivers are adequate for most simple electrical jobs around the home and ideal for competent DIY-ers. A professional will be looking for a set that's a bit more hard wearing and longer lasting, and with a smoother feel to the handles.
These screwdrivers are a little rough on the edges where the plastic has not been smoothed off after leaving the mould, but the sharp edge is not so bad that it makes your hand hurt. It just feels a little less comfortable than a decent quality one that's been cleaned off and sanded smooth.
The blades seem to be tough enough to cope with most jobs and I've not had any issues of breaking or rounding off of the tips.
For the price paid, I cannot complain, but I wouldn't be prepared to pay any more than the £8 asking price.
The plastic case is quite good quality and the screwdrivers snap into their respective places securely and stay in place.

Maintenance Stand
Maintenance Stand

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Not top spec but solid enough and does a job., 12 Jun. 2011
This review is from: Maintenance Stand (Sports)
I will agree with most of the other reviewers here, in that the metal castings are a little rough and unfinished, and they will need a little filing to get them to fit well. But overall this is a sturdy and solid workstand that holds a bike securely and is well worth the money.

The instructions for putting it together could be clearer and more informative, and it would help if the manual had colour pictures of the components unstead of the crude line drawings. They make it difficult to clearly see which way round some of the parts are supposed to go at first, but it can be worked out simply enough once you try fitting them together.

It is clear that this is not a top spec item because the parts are not made within a tight tolerance (or maybe too tight a tolerance). Some pieces are too tight and others too loose, but this can be worked around. For instance, the upright steel tube insert is extremely tight when its support bracket is bolted to it, and it is a struggle to get it to slide up or down even with the weight of a bike hanging on it. But a little grease and some manipulation eases it a little and makes it workable. Also the plastic tool tray on my one was too loose and kept sliding down the pole. No matter how tight I screwed the retaining bolt, it would not stay in place and only started to damage the plastic. However, I managed to wedge a thin slither of rubber down between the plastic and the pole and it now stays at the height I require.

The metal castings that retain the metal tubes for the feet needed to be filed smooth so that they would mate together cleanly and grip the metal tubes. When I first put them together the tubes were loose in their fittings with the bolts fully tightened.
The clamp for gripping the bike works well and the tube that it's fitted to spins easy and locks in position well with a simple turn of the plastic lock knob.
Also when you build it, make sure that you tighten each side of the castings equally at the same time and do not fully tighten one side and then the other, as this could but a strain on what looks like a fairly brittle metal.

So, to finalise, once you've tinkered with the parts, deciphered the instruction manual and got this stand set up, it does do a good job of holding your bike at a workable height and holds it very securely. The heavy steel tubing make it very stable, but it's also very easy to pick up and move around.

Oh, and open all three plastic bags of components and put them in a pile as not all the fittings are contained in each respective bag. For instance, two bolts required for the bottom fittings were in the bag containing the upright pole fittings. And a nut and bolt required for the top clamp was contained inside the bottom fittings bag. This meant that I thought I had an incorrect amount of components as I began putting it together bag by bag as instructed by the manual.

Laser 4215 Ratchet Extendable Swivel Head 1/4"d
Laser 4215 Ratchet Extendable Swivel Head 1/4"d

5.0 out of 5 stars Good quality tool, 22 May 2011
The item I received was not the extendable version even though it says extendable on the packaging and has the same '4215' reference number on the packaging.
The tool that I received is the full length version, that is to say that it's as long as the one shown here when fully extended - about 6 inches. It does not have the metal ring on the handle though like the extendable one.
It has a comfortable soft grip handle and feels quite weighty and well built, but is nowhere near the listed weight of 20.6 kilos as shown in the description, which is a blessing.
It has a quick release button on the swivel head for quick removal of sockets and can be set to ratchet in either direction but cannot be locked in a non-ratchet position.
I would expect this tool to last quite a long time judging by it's appearance and sturdiness.

Copper Finish Illuminating Solar Powered Bird Feeder In A Presentation box
Copper Finish Illuminating Solar Powered Bird Feeder In A Presentation box

13 of 15 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Average quality but the birds don't care., 13 Feb. 2011
I purchased this item to kill two birds with one stone - not literally.

I wanted a new bird feeder and an outside garden lantern and this fits the bill for both.

The quality is as one other reviewer has said 'poor Eastern quality' with the feeder made from very thin tin with sharp unfinished edges in places and low quality metal connecting rods that hold it together. But the outside appearance is very nice.

The feeder is a little awkward to fill as you have to be carefull not to allow the seed to spill into a small groove that runs around the top rim. There is also a 'cross' of metal supports across the top of the internal compartment that partly hinders re-filling. I found that using a small funnel solves the re-filling problem.

It is also quite a large diameter feeder and therefore there is going to be a lot of seed left in the bottom that the birds will be unable to reach. So you will need to completely empty it occasionally to stop this left over seed from sprouting in the feeder.

There are four small water drainage holes around the outside of the feeder but none in the centre compartment where the seed is stored. Driving rain can enter the seed access holes and so I drilled a couple of small drainage holes myself to try and keep the seed as dry as possible.

I gave the 2 AA batteries a good charge before putting the feeder to use rather than rely on the rather evasive winter sun to charge them. Again the small plastic battery compartment covers are made from a rather flimsy and flexible plastic, which in my experience is likely to become brittle in time. I have had the feeder out for a week now and it gives of a nice warm glow during the night but don't expect the light to shine a path to your door. It is just bright enough to illuminate the feeder and looks very warm and welcoming outside my conservatory. But it does shine all night and through to the dawn even in February.

The hanging chain is a very generous length and this is of reasonable quality and is quite easy to shorten with a pair of thin nosed pliers. (You need to leave enough chain to remove the lid though if you do intend to shorten it). The hanging hook is also quite sturdy too.

First birds to arrive were a pair of Great Tits within a couple of hours of me siting the feeder, and they appear to have given it the thumbs-up as they have been back every day since.

I would not expect this feeder to remain in pristine condition for very long though, in the rather inclement British weather without some regular cleaning and polishing, and it's likely to rust rather quickly being as it's just thin tin with a copper finish. It's NOT made of copper.

Overall, I am quite pleased with my purchase considering the price paid.

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