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Koss KEB20 In-Ear Headphones for iPod, iPhone, MP3 and Smartphone - Green
Koss KEB20 In-Ear Headphones for iPod, iPhone, MP3 and Smartphone - Green

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great Sound. Great Value., 17 Jun. 2010
I brought these stereophones as a low priced replacement for my daughter's Apple set as she has a green iPod Nano and I thought that they would go quite well. I had also brought the Koss Stealth KEB/4 In-Ear Earbud White, with Spool Carrying Case for myself recently as was very impressed with those so decided to invest further in the Koss brand.
The sound quality of these stereophones was very good and I was as pleased with it as my Stealth earbuds. However, the KEB/20's had the added advantage of coming with interchangeable ear cushions of different sizes which I think is brilliant as standard stereophones never seem to fit or stay in my ears, whilst with these you have the possibility to get a really personalised fit.
The colour also looks fantastic - it really makes a difference not to always have plain boring black or white headphones! My daughter thinks they are the bees knees.

Hama Mobile Phone Sock - Brown
Hama Mobile Phone Sock - Brown
Offered by exoda
Price: £7.13

5.0 out of 5 stars One Little Sock. So many functions!, 17 Jun. 2010
I used to keep my mobile (Samsung D900) in the mobile phone pocket of my bag but found that it often fell out on the go and ended up getting a bit bashed about with the other items I kept in there. I brought this sock as they seem quite fashionable at the moment(everyone seems to have them!) and they seem quite quick and easy to use save fiddling around with a bulky case.
I was really pleased with the product I received. It quite happily fit my mobile and kept it protected from accumulating scratches and dirt in my bag, and when it got dirty I could just chuck it in the wash and it would come out as good as new and ready for use again. The quality of the material was very impressive and looks like it is built to last with a lovely soft feel so it doesn't damage the sensitive screen of the phone. The design actually looks pretty good with my phone inside it - my young niece said she liked it becuase it looked like my phone was going to do the sack race which I thought was very sweet!
In addition to my phone I found that the sock was also handy for my iPod (which fit in very neatly) and our compact Sony digital compact (though this only just fits!).

Hama Base Mount for the Windscreen, suction cup
Hama Base Mount for the Windscreen, suction cup
Price: £15.44

5.0 out of 5 stars I'm a sucker for this product!, 16 Jun. 2010
My husband brought this to fit his Garmin Nuvi 300 in his car as I had already brought another mount from Hama the Hama Base Mount Swivelling Socket for myt TomTom which had already proved axtemely reliable and solved the problem of it consistantly falling off of the windscreen!
I can say that this mount was just as good a quality and was equally reliable as mine. The suction cup was alot more robust than both the Garmin or the TomTom ones that were included when we brought the sat navs and did not budge from its position on the windscreen no matter how bumpy or long the journey. It made it all the way to Wales and back down the M4 with no hassle where as the TomTom probably would have had to be refixed 2-3 times during the trip.
The flexibility of mount is also great as you can alter it to get the best light and avoid the sun shining on the screen for more comfortable viewing and can quickly and safely alter it whilst driving without all the fiddling.

Koss 168824 Zipline Earbuds
Koss 168824 Zipline Earbuds

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Superb Value!, 16 Jun. 2010
I was not impressed when my cat chewed through my Apple headphones at the thought of having to fork out for a new pair, so I brought these as a quick cheap replacement. I found that even though they were cheap in price they were anything but cheap in quality and actually produce a really fantastic level of sound for the money and fir perfectly with my iPod. They would be a steal at twice the price!
They even come with a handy little carrying case (a lot more than most headphones do!) which adds to the amazing value for money and keeps them safe instead of being thrown around in my handbag as it is hard and robust and seems capable of taking a good few knocks. It's also quite good just for simple storage at home when they are not in use as they wrap up neatly and look pretty smart in their little box, which is also conveniently cat proof - a definate plus!!

No Title Available

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Card from Trusted, Known Brand, 16 Jun. 2010
Brought this card for my daughter's Nokia 6500 slide mobile phone as I have often brought SanDisk products in the past and have known them to be a very reliable, trusted brand.
Once again they have no let me down, as soon as the card was inserted into the mobile it was immediately ready to use and now stores plenty of images, music and videos with no problem at all. Super easy to transfer onto the computer as well and saves hunting out the phone connector cable which always manages to get lost just when you want it! Another fantastic product from SanDisk!

Hama Slimline Keypad "sk210"
Hama Slimline Keypad "sk210"

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Not Just your Usual Keypad..., 16 Jun. 2010
Doing people's accounts in my spare time I find I am frequently using the numerical keys on my keyboard so decide to get a specific numerical keypad in order to try and make the input of figures more comfortable.
I decided to spend a little bit more money on this one by Hama as I liked the fact that it also functioned as a USB hub with 3 extra USB ports. I have found these extremely useful to have since purchasing the pad, as I often used to find that my USB ports would soon fill up with printers, scanners, memory sticks etc. leaving little room for anything else! With this keypad not only can I input all my figures quickly and comfortably (having a backspace on the pad and not having to reach across the keyboard for it is a plus!), I have plenty of ports to plug in everything and anything I want.
The slim design is handy too as it doesn't take over my desk or look bulky and out of place, and trust me, there is very little space on there as it is!

Hama Robust Silicone MP3 Sports Case for iPod shuffle 2G, with Neck Strap - Green
Hama Robust Silicone MP3 Sports Case for iPod shuffle 2G, with Neck Strap - Green

5.0 out of 5 stars Great for the Gym!, 16 Jun. 2010
I don't really trust clipping my iPod shuffle to my waist band when working out at the gym incase in works its way loose and gets dropped or lost, so I brought myself one of these cases as it was a good price and I thought that the neck strap would be a much more practical, secure solution.

I was really impressed by the design and quality of the case. The white strap with green case looks quite stylish and it actually fits the iPod very well. The silicone material is fairly robust and looks like it can withstand a good few knocks and bumps whilst the iPod can be easily operated as normal with no hassle.
The neck strap is also long enough to be tucked inside your clothing so you don't have to worry about it flying everywhere or smacking you in the face during an energetic workout!! Now I no longer need to worry about the fate of my iPod in the gym as I know it is safely around my neck.

Hama Dynamic Cd Wallet 64, Black/blue
Hama Dynamic Cd Wallet 64, Black/blue

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Thank You for the Music!, 15 Jun. 2010
I brought this in order to store my ever growing CD collection in my car as it was getting a bit out of control with various CDs being found in the glove compartment, boot, under seats and all sorts of places. I found a lot of them were getting scratched and damaged this way leading to problems when listening to them.
This wallet was perfect as I could easily slide it under the seat for discrete yet secure and CD friendly storage! 64CDs is more than enough to keep me, him and the kids happy with room to spare. The antistatic sleeves are also really handy as it prevents the need for bulky CD cases though protects the CD really well from scratches, dirt etc. that was accumulating before.
Finally, it also has a really simple stylish look that I can imagine would fit with almost anyones taste. There certainly isnt anything garish or that you would dislike about it, and the soft suede style gives it a high quality almost luxurious finish.
Very impressed!

Hama Base Mount Swivelling Socket
Hama Base Mount Swivelling Socket
Price: £8.15

5.0 out of 5 stars The easy route!, 15 Jun. 2010
I brought this to mount my TomTom one as I had a nightmare trying to keep it fixed to the windscreen using the TomTom suction pad mount that came with it and it kept falling off whenever I went over a bit of bumpy road (I've heard of other people having this problem also!).
The mount was the perfect solution! It's really easy to fix and secure with the included screws (which I made sure that I did up quite tightly after prevous mount expereince!) and consistantly stayed firmly in place no matter if I drove over bumps or if there was constant vibrations on long journeys. It has never once fallen off. I'm so glad I can finally drive in my car without jumping out of my skin as the sat nav falls off of the windscreen with a clonk or having to worry about trying to fix it back on again with one hand whilst driving down a busy road.
The fact it can swivel is an added bonus as it means it can easily be repositioned for to get the best light and avoid sun glare which would always be a pain before as I was afraid to touch the previous mount in case it fell off!

Hama Chromo USB PC Gamepad
Hama Chromo USB PC Gamepad

5.0 out of 5 stars A real winner, 15 Jun. 2010
My son loves PC gaming so I brought him this as I thought it would allow him to gain more control - as he always seems to struggle on the more complex games where you seem to have to press numerous buttons simultaneously on the keyboard and can get quite difficult or confusing.
He was very impressed by the appearance of the control - it looks very stylish with the black pads and blue lighting adding a nice touch whilst there are plenty of control possibilities with buttons, direction pad and analogue sticks so you can use it in whatever way suits you and your game. I must say that the control looked much more comfortable to hold that some of the plain, hard cased controls on the market, the soft padded cushions meant you don't end up with awful finger or wrist ache from holding it for longer periods of time. Now he can relax and concentrate fully on his game and not worry about find keys located all over the place - they are all on one handy control!

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