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Regulate [Audio CD]
Regulate [Audio CD]
Offered by Direct Entertainment UK
Price: £9.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant =Phunk , on a whole new level !, 27 Sept. 2005
This review is from: Regulate [Audio CD] (Audio CD)
Fantastic , cllaasssicccc tune . Amazing beat , Nate Dogg blows the spot away. G- Funk , the best music ever in rap . No new artistt comes close !

Predator (2 Disc Special Edition ) [1988] [DVD]
Predator (2 Disc Special Edition ) [1988] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger
Price: £3.48

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5.0 out of 5 stars I ain't got time to bleed !, 23 Aug. 2005
Predator struck box office gold in 1988 , it was certainly Arnies greatest film of the 80's and i am very glad to see that a newly restored , two disk edition has been released !
This film has everything , all out action , a slight sense of horror , gore , black humour and of course , ARNIE .
Dutch (Arnie) and his military 'crew'enter the jungle to hunt a savage Guerilla tribe inhabiting the forest . When arriving , they find a whole band of Guerillas brutually beaten , hanging and their skins totally ripped off their body .
Dutch and his crew , after finding a young village girl , are now at the mercy of the greatest killing machine ever , The Predator . As the crew members fall one by one , Dutch must face the Predator in an epic hunter vs prey battle .....
With a brilliant unravelling storyline , edge of your seat action , great special effects , corny but catchy and hilarious punchlines ( i aint got time to bleed , stick around etc.)and its chlostrophobic enviroment , Predator is sure to impress .
I reccommend this film to any fan of action / thriller fans or anyone who just wants to watch a great , classic 80's action film .
The extras on this DVD are great too and the audio and visual quality couldn't be better !

Price: £3.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Still D.R.E !, 17 Aug. 2005
This review is from: 2001 (Audio CD)
Dre is back , with one of the best comeback albums ever !After the phenominal success of 'The Chronic ,' Dre must have had a few headaches , pondering over how he could come back with an equally satisfying and great hip hop album and believe me , those headaches were worth it !
This is a classsic album , not quite as classic as the chronic , but any album from Dre featuring the likes of Snoop Dogg , Eminem , Xzibit , Mary J. Blige , Nate Dogg and brilliant , slick and skilled production from Mel Man and Dre himself , with killer rhymes and beats has got to be good right ?
RIGHT !The best , standout songs on this album are the brilliant songs featuring Snoop Dogg which are 'Still D.R.E' , a classic westcoast anthem with a great video to go with it and 'Next Episode' feat a guest appearance from Nate Dogg . This has a very catchy and original beat with tight lyrics from Dre and the Dogg's .
Also , the songs feat Eminem are very good , being 'forgot about Dre' , with its slick , 'G-funk'backing and lyrics fronting haters such as Eezie E .Whats the difference is also good , with a pounding beat sampled by Sean Paul and Blu Cantrells 'breathe.' The most talked about and famous song fromm the album 'xxplosive' certainly lives up to the hype and is a very strong standout song on first listen . Despite its shortness in length , lets get high is brilliant and at times even makes me laugh . The watcher is a very good introductary song as is the 'intro' feat Xzibit which seems oddly 'relevant' and is also funny . 'Bang Bang'is also one of my favourites which fortuneately DOES NOT sample Nancy Sinatras song of the same title . This shows Dre's originality ! The skits are slightly annoying and some unnecessary but are funny and enjoyable on first listen .
Overall this is yet another classic album dropped from Dre and despite the number of guest appearances on EVERY song ,Dredefinly shows his expertise in producing and rhyming which , on the basis of this album alone , show haters like Eezie E ,he is here to stay and is still king of the west coast !
Cant wait for that Detox album !

Predator 2 (2 Disc Special Edition) [1990] [DVD]
Predator 2 (2 Disc Special Edition) [1990] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Danny Glover
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £6.94

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4.0 out of 5 stars Not as good as the original , but good sequel !, 14 Aug. 2005
Predator struck box office gold in the jungle (1989) and so the enevidable sequel takes place in other jungle : The Urban jungle of LA . Set in 1997 ,the whole city is over run with jamaican drug lords and rival gang warfare is a way of life .
A defianent cop (Danny Glover)investigates strange killings in which the victims skin is ripped off their bodies completely .
With action and Gore aplenty , predator 2 should certainly please hardcore action and Predator fans alike .
It has not got the suspense, adreline and chlostrophobic enviroments of the first film and , although Arnold is sorely missed , this action sequel certainly does justice to its predecessor .
With a new array of sick , lethal weaponary and way of combat , the predator is back , bigger , stronger and better than ever .
As i said , with brilliant effects , action sequences and an unravelling storyline , this film should appeal to all .
There is also a 'familiar' looking skull lurking around the Pred's spaceship that AVP awaiters should consider .......

Constantine [DVD]
Constantine [DVD]
Dvd ~ Keanu Reeves
Offered by Qoolist
Price: £0.94

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2.0 out of 5 stars Unfortuneately not as i expected, 14 Aug. 2005
This review is from: Constantine [DVD] (DVD)
After reading reviews and watching trailers for Constantine , i had high hopes . Also after hearing that it was a comic book adaptation about an exorcist i was more than ecstatic when returning home from buying the DVD . Unfortuneately my expectations were certainly not met . With a confusing and ever changing storyline and very unneccesary , distracting side-stories , that alone would determine a low rating for this film .
Most of this film ( i dare say it ) is BORING with wooden acting from Keanu Reeves , certainly spoiling Rachel Weize's accurate and convincing portrayal of her character , and a lack of action/exciting scenes and plot twists making for a very dull movie experiance .
Even the supposedly 'great' exorcism scene is ok at best and doesn't set the character of John Constantine well AT ALL , it only shows that he is a cruel man who has a slight knowledge of demons and sense of black humour .
This film is not even convincing when looked at as a horror film , being very low on scares and 'horrific' scenes .
With only brilliant CGI and an original ( i admit ) storyline to save it , Constantine is possibly the worst comic book to screen adaptation to be seen in a long time , no-where near the standard of hellboy , spiderman etc.
This is a dull , slightly inventive 'horror / thriller at best . Action or horror fans WILL NOT be impressed by this and apparently it is not loyal to the comic either .
I rest my case .

Straight Outta Cashville
Straight Outta Cashville
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £4.69

4.0 out of 5 stars Surprisingly Good !, 14 Aug. 2005
After the phenominal success of 50 Cent's 'get rich or die tryin'and Lloyd Banks 'Hunger for more' proving to be a great album , i was very surprised to find that Young Buck was able to produce an original yet relevant G-Unit album that ( dare i say it ) matches up to 'Hunger for more.' Young Buck is very much like 50 , sharing a love for firearms and gat - talking death threats and from when i listened to the chorus very first song 'im a soldier ' feat 50 , i knew this was going to be good .
With slick ,. masterful producing from 50 , Sha Money and even lil Jons crunk beats on 'shorty wanna ride', this is certainly a great rap / hip hop album that ALL G-Unit fans MUST have in their collection .
The best song on the album has to be 'stomp' featuring ludacris and the game , with a pounding piano beat and tight verses by all ( although , the original versiuon feat T,I is the best). The first single 'let me in' is definately a club banger with a very addictive beat , i braught the album on the strength of this song ALONE.
Bang Bang , sampling Nancy Sinatras song of the same title is one of the softer , but still good , songs of the album as is 'Bonafide Hustler' featuring Tony Yayo and 50 and 'thou shall .'
'Welcome to the south' feat David Banner is Lil Flip is also a strong standout song with a dope beat and powerful lyrics .
Overall this is a good , solid album by Young Buck which shows he IS capable of producing an album of good quality without being dependant on 50 .
A must have for all G-Unit and rap fans alike .

Beg For Mercy
Beg For Mercy
Price: £3.93

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great G-Unit album !, 13 Aug. 2005
This review is from: Beg For Mercy (Audio CD)
As soon as i heard of the release of this album i rushed to the shops and baught it . I had already heard the fantastic Dre produced banger 'Poppin' Them Thangs' ( and still to this day , remians the best song on the album )and i already obtained 50 Cents fantastic debut 'Get rich or die tryin .' I also had a copy of G-Units mixtape ' The Gangsta Mix.'I thought that there was nothing to lose and oh was i right .This is your more than typical 50 Cent album with crunching beats and dope rhymes .Amazingly , this is no 50 cent side project and Lloyd Banks and Young Buck really show there own and prove that they are no mear 50 wannabes . They each have there own talent and rhyming abilities although young buck is similiar to 50 as they share an equal love for firearms and reminising of 'hood days'. The only problem with this album is that the 3 songs in a row , eye for eye , smile and baby u got ALL have the same beginning sound and annoying music and verses . They certainly ruin the album and derive it from its overall gangsta feel .Besides this , the rest of the songs are FANTASTIC ! 'G-Unit' is a great introduction song with great beat and catchy hook , Lloyd Banks drops the best verse .'My Buddy' , sampling the famous scene from Scarface , is a more than predictable gun / beef song with great gun sound effects and death threats a-plenty . In my hood is not too bad , the chorus being sung by Lloyd Banks .Stunt 101 is a G-Unit 'classic' all about car parts / car upgrading , picking up babes etc. It has a brilliant , banging , catchy background , great hook and ALL members drop sick verses , one to rival poppin' them thangs. Unfortuneately Tony Yayo is scarsely seen on thyis album , only rhyming on the great 'groupie love' and the X-Rated love song , i smell p**** , dissing Enemies and serving as a seductive / love song .
Beg For Mercy is a typical club banger , sounding all too much like 50 cents back down and 'Gangsta s***' , 'salut u' and 'G'd up ' all sound the same , dark , catchy beats , with gun , drug and death talk . Overall this is a great G-Unit experiance , spoilt by the minority of bad songs , not up to 'G' standard .I reccommend this album to ANY G-Unit fan or hardcore / gangsta rap fans .

Get Rich Or Die Tryin'
Get Rich Or Die Tryin'
Price: £5.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Possibly the greatest gangsta rap album ever made !, 13 Aug. 2005
This review is from: Get Rich Or Die Tryin' (Audio CD)
It is impossible for me to really explain to you in words , the greatness of this album . Yes , there is ALOT of hype around this album and yes , it certainly lives up to it . Now , dont be under any illusion that i am a typical foolish young teenager heavily influenced by what i hear , think foul language is cool etc . Because i am not foolish and delusional, i am 14 years old and i am telling you how it is , this is a fantastic album , with slick , skilled production from Dr Dre and Eminem , crunching beats and tight lyrics . Yes , it is explicit in the way it is told and anyone who does not like violent content in music , this is not for you . However I must say I enjoy every song on this album !The first single off this album , In Da Club is a typical Dre club banger with a very catchy , thumping rhythm and good lyrics to go with it . The brilliant 'Wanksta' from the 8 Mile soundtrack fortuneately is included and is certainly one of the best bon the album . The rest of the Dre produced joints being Heat , If I can't and Back Down are strong standout songs on first listening . Patiently Waiting is your more than typical Eminem produced song with good beat and lyrics , the part of Em's verse that changes background music is very cleverly done and great to listen too ! Blood Hound , being Young Buck's first official song release with 50 Cent is a very predictable 'beef' song with constant referances to firearms and bad childhood years , great rhyming lyrics and great sounding music . P.I.M.P is a very addictive sex / love song with pounding steel drums and wording ( unfortuneately the video version of the song featuring snoop dogg and g-unit , being the better version , is not on here but the original is still good.)Finally , Dont Push me , produced by and featuring Eminem and Lloyd Banks is a very good song ( rivalling 'wanksta' in my opinion ) with good sound effects and brilliant violin background . Overall this is gangsta rap in its purest form , great sounding and great to listen to , yes , the way it is portrayed is explicit with constant drug and gun referances and strong language , but behind the content is great sounding music asnd that is the sole reason we like music ! Great debut , much better than 'The Massacre' , this is 50 at his Best ! GGGGGUNIT !

Loyal to the Game
Loyal to the Game
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £4.04

3 of 6 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Sheer 2pac brilliance, 13 Aug. 2005
This review is from: Loyal to the Game (Audio CD)
2Pac ( born Tupac Shakur ) is possibly the most influencial rap artist ever . It is impossible to apprehend the amount of people 2pac has reached out to and in turn has been loved by millions of people all over the globe .This is the 9th album released after his tragic death in 1996 and Eminem has been given the monstrous task of producing another 2pac album . my verdict = Very Good . These songs have been recorded at different points in 2pac's career before the death Row incident .Guest appearances on this album include G-Unit , Jadakiss , Nate Dogg , Eminem and Obie Trice .Eminem produces 13 out of the 17 songs , the rest are remixes .This is a brilliant album , with killer lyrics from 2pac and great beats . However the reason i have given this album 4 and not 5 stars is because of 3 of the songs unfortuneately , two of them being the songs with Eminem on them ( Soldier like me and Black Cotton)are not very good which the album could definately do without . Eminem has not got an active role in any of the songs supposedly 'featuring him ' ( he SINGS a few lines in Black Cotton )and for a 2pac album are slightly boring and repetitive . The other is Thug 4 life , which in my opinion is not very good at all , other than these 3 songs , this is a very good album containing timeless 2pac classics and i strongly reccommend this album to any 2pac or hip hop / rap fan . The title track featuring G-Unit is a standout song with a solid verse from Young Buck and , obviously , 2pac himself .50 Cents singing in the chorus can get slightly annoying but overall is a good song . I think the best song(s) on the album is DEFINATELY Ghetto Gospel and Thugz Get Lonely Too . These are the most heartfelt songs on the album , with morales , strong , catchy beats and lyrics .N.I.G.G.A featuring Jadakiss is also a memorable song , despite its shortness in length .Hennesey featuring Obie Trice just makes me laugh , but as an added bonus is a very good song with a catchy hook and music .Thge remixes produced by growing star , Scott Storch , Red Spyda , DJ Quik and Raphael Saadiq . These are interesting remixes which almost rival the original songs .
Overall this is a memorable 2pac experiance , that despite the controversey about Eminem producing an album , proves otherwise . A must for all 2pac fans !

Blade: Trinity [DVD]
Blade: Trinity [DVD]
Dvd ~ Wesley Snipes
Price: £1.26

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3.0 out of 5 stars This is what filmakers should try to avoid ...., 13 Aug. 2005
This review is from: Blade: Trinity [DVD] (DVD)
Making an unwanted / unneeded sequel for no reason other for the fact of making money .The first two Blade films were fantastic , cleverly made , inventive and gory action / horror films .But Blade Trinity , a 15 ? Just that alone made me feel that was definately going to be the worst of the three .But i decided to give it a go anyway and , unfortuneately i was right . Although this film is slightly more like the first one , this was a missed opportunity at best . David Goyer who wrote the screenplay for the first two , has a crack a directing and he definately should stick to writing . Wesley Snipes is still perfectly cast as Blade , but is forever under the shadow of the new Nightcrawler characters who , in my opinion , ruin the blade saga completely . Hannibal King is an uninventive , totally unneccesary character , whos one liners get very annoying and repetitive .Abigail , who is Whistlers daughter , has a slightly more neccesary role , but her character is not portrayed that well .Kris Krostoffen is still Whistler , who unfortuneately has a very short role in this film . Possibly the worst cast crew member of the whole film is that of Dracula . The filmmakers have obviously tryed hard to get away from the stereotype Dracula and in doing so chosen the wrong actor . He has no class or mysterious/ terrifying look and forever shows shallow emotions with do not suit a complex character like Dracula .The action sequences are shot too close and are shown from every angle imaginable . Yes , the fighting sequences are exciting , but there are not enough of them and have a poor storyline to go with them . The whole film is like one big laugh , with too many 'humerous' or should i say ' trying to be humerous' lines dotted throughout the film .The vampires in this film are portrayed like bumbling idiots , they are a clever , hidden race from the rest of society and in this film are totally mistreated to make The NightCrawlers look better . The soundtrack also sounds alot more rock associated whilst the first two films had urban/ club themes.The language used in this film is certainly stronger than the 18 rated ones and although its rated a 15 , some consideration should be taken when letting young kids watch . Overall this is one loud , ipod advertising , unnecessary and at many points in the film BORING sequel that derives the Blade saga from most of its dignity . This film was obviosly intended for a nightcrawler spin off , so at least it was successful in doing something .With only visual effects to show its worth , this film should be ignored by all comic book / Blade fans , stick to the original , good Blade films because this one is not worth your good money . Only fans of medicore , brainless , action / thriller movies will find this entertaining .

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