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Mr. N. Wildman "nickwildman2" (Beds, UK)

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Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition (PS3)
Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition (PS3)
Offered by passionFlix UK
Price: £10.99

33 of 34 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars outstanding game now it's been fixed, 30 Oct. 2012
When I first saw the advert for this I was intruiged but then when the game came out and reviews started to appear I was slightly crestfallen. Most of the reviews reported a good game but with deal-breaking glitches that made it unplayable.

Firstly, I am happy to report that these issues have been sorted in the game of the year edition so you don't need to worry about that and you can just enjoy the game.

Now, onto the game itself. The story is nothing new, survivors in a zombie apocalypse somehow immune to the infection trying to survive and helping others. The greatness of this game is not in the story though, it's in the gameplay.

There are four characters, each with their own attributes and play styles. I am currently playing as Xian Mei, a character with low health but very high speed and stamina. This means you can't go charging in as you'll get slaughtered. On the other side there are characters like Sam B who is a tank and can absorb much more damage and is more powerful. Just having these different characters adds a huge amount of replayability. The game is huge anyway and add in the fact there are 4 characters that you need to play in completely different ways means that this game will last a very long time.

Each character can be upgraded by adding skill points to skill trees. There are three trees to populate: fury, combat and survival. Each upgrade grants either or a new ability like being able to throw a weapon further or some kind of benefit like certain activities that replenish your stamina. Each character has different skills that can be upgraded, again adding to the strategy of how you want to play using a specific character. For example, one character is excellent at ranged attacks but not great at up close so you would want to focus your upgrades on ranged skills.

The game allows up to four players, playing each of the four characters who can go through the missons together. This allows the different skills of the characters to compliment eachother. For example, Xian Mei has a skill that does increased damage from behind and Sam B is great at absorbing damage so you could have Sam B get the attention of a group while Xian runs around stabbing them from behind while Purna or Logan attacks from a safe sniper point. The game can also be played solo which of course adds to the difficulty. I prefer playing solo as other people are likely to not play in the same way I do and annoy me!

The game is mission based and these missions lead you all over the island, which is massive and has lots of different environments from a jungle to a beach resort to a city. The side missions do tend to be fairly generic but the gameplay is so much fun that you don't really care. The atmosphere is really spooky and just getting from A to B can be a challenge if you come across groups of zombies or certain more powerful enemies. Doing the side missions is definitely worth it as it not only extends the life of the game but it provides XP to level up and also gives you modifications for your weapons, new weapons or lots of cash.

Speaking of weapons, there are sharp ones, blunt ones and firearms which gives a LOT of variety. You can find anything from katanas to chainsaws to baseball bats to oars. Where the fun really comes in though is the ability to "mod" your weapons. This involves adding a certain feature to your weapons such as electrifying the blade of your machete so that you electrocute the zombies you attack. There are lots of mods, including fire based, electricity based, impact based, poison based etc. You haven't lived if you haven't seen a 7 foot zombie jiggling around while being electrocuted or a group of zombies puking after you've hit them with a poison modded weapon. As mentioned, there are guns but to be honest I only use these if I have no other choice as the ammo is very scarce and more importantly they ruin the fun of getting up close and personal.

The zombies are made up of several different types, ranging from your run of the mill Romerez style shambling zombie to insane infected who sprint at you from nowhere. There are also "special" zombies including ones that explode if you get too close, ones that are just overly strong, ones that puke at you and ones that charge at you like a rhino. I'll just say this, wait until you see the butcher. You'll need a new pair of pants. To emphasise this point, my girlfriend, who is a horror fan and loves games like dead space etc loves to watch me play Dead Island but refuses to play it herself because she's too scared.

The graphics and voice acting is excellent and it is really a nice change to have the different characters have different accents, not just the same annoying californian whining all the way through. The island is meant to be near Australia so there are obviously Australian accents but so far I've also come across English, Russian, Korean, Chinese, American, German and Italian characters. The graphics really shine in the surroundings, there are some truly stunning views to be found on the island and the dingy city is done really well too, all adding to the atmosphere.

So, to wrap up, this is an excellent game. Great fun and really gets your heart pumping as a proper zombie game should. Most importantly, the glitches are now fixed so now the game can shine. I've seen some people compare this to Far Cry and let me just say, this is much, much better. Far Cry is Dead Island's bitch.

Apologies for the long review but I like to be thorough! Get this, you won't be disappointed, especially at this price.
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Kit In-Car Sat Nav Pack with Multisurface Suction Holder and Car Charger for Sony Ericsson Xperia Play - Black
Kit In-Car Sat Nav Pack with Multisurface Suction Holder and Car Charger for Sony Ericsson Xperia Play - Black

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars very good for the price, 3 Aug. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have recently decided to use my phone as an all round tool in the car, providing music and sat nav capabilities and for this I needed a good holder to keep the phone accessible while driving.

Firstly, word of warning: this holder is not customised for the Xperia Play, the only thing customised for this is the charger i.e. it has the correct plug shape on it. The holder itself is made of plastic that has some give in it so it can stretch to fit different phone types. I was slighly disappointed with this mainly because even though Xperia Play is mentioned in the product title and a charger is provided specifically for this phone, the holder covers up the charging port so the charger provided is in fact useless. I got round this thanks to my trusty toolbox by carving out a little section allowing for the use of the charging port.

Apart from this little niggle, the holder is actually very good:

1. The phone is held securely and there is no danger of it falling out
2. The suction cup works brilliantly, it has a lever at the back that really anchors the holder to the dashboard/windscreen and it is showing no signs of falling off so far even over bumpy roads
3. The holder comes with a dashboard disc which you can stick to the dashboard to use as a suction point meaning you can choose the best place to put the holder

The only slight thing that may be an issue is that the ball joint between the mount and the actual holder seems to be a little too weak for certain heavier types of phone like the play. I have my doubts that this ball joint could hold the phone steady over bumpy roads. Luckily for me, where the phone is on my dashboard I need to have the holder pointing as far down as possible i.e. the limit of the ball's movement so this is not an issue in my case.

So overall, apart from the charging port being covered up and the possible issue of the ball joint over bumpy roads, this is an excellent little holder, especially for the price.

Allen NBRKUWHH 1 Mini Universal Windscreen
Allen NBRKUWHH 1 Mini Universal Windscreen

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars so far so good!, 31 July 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have encountered the same problem whenever I have tried to buy a car mount for a device, be it an ipod touch or a phone. This problem is that the holders, while undoubtedly sturdy and will hold the device securely, always cover up the necessary charging or audio ports. Normally I use these devices to listen to music in the car and also need to keep them charged so this usually makes the various mounts useless to me.

Because of this you're usually left with what looks like very simple solutions to the problem such as this product. Unfortunately a lot of these solutions are cheap tat and break in no time or the suction cup doesn't work etc.

I bought this mount without particularly high expectations but I am happy to say that it works perfectly. The suction cup is strong with a screw lock similar to recent TomTom iterations and seems to stick to the chosen surface perfectly (a dashboard beanbag mount). The actual holding section of the mount i.e. the part that actually holds the phone, seems a little flimsy but works nonetheless and the phone is held securely. On top of the mount actually working (always a plus), the whole thing folds up into a small size that would fit into a cup holder so it is easy to store out of sight if needed.

Time will tell if this continues to work but so far it's excellent value for money.

TomTom 9A00.202 Adhesive Dashboard Mount Disks
TomTom 9A00.202 Adhesive Dashboard Mount Disks
Price: £5.99

24 of 25 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars would be perfect if not for one little niggle, 23 July 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought a set of these adhesive disks after buying a tomtom car kit in order to use my ipod as a satnav. I don't like attaching the holder to the windscreen as this leaves the telltale marks to wannabe thieves.

The disks worked perfectly for a number of months, assuming you can find a suitably flat part of your dashboard you shouldn't have any problems getting the disks to stick. They were a godsend until the hot weather arrived. I have unfortunately discovered that when the interior of the car gets really warm on a hot day, the adhesive fails and the disk falls off along with whatever was stuck onto it. I thought this might be a one off so I tried another disk but after another hot day the same thing happened. This problem has made an otherwise brilliant product unfeasible for me if I will have to buy another pack whenever there's a hot day. I have already spent an extra £10 replacing the disks and that is after a relatively rubbish summer with very few hot days, imagine what you would spend during a decent summer!

I have since bought a dashboard beanbag in order to attach my ipod holder to this. I am lucky enough to have a suitably flat dashboard to do this otherwise it might not have been an option. You can get a decent one of these for just over a tenner, definitely worth it for saving the extra money you would spend on replacing frazzled disks.

It is actually quite frustrating because the disks worked well aside from on hot days, were quite inconspicuous and allowed you to place your device wherever you wanted. I haven't seen any other reviews mentioning this but I don't imagine I'm the only one to experience this issue.

Prototype 2: Exclusive to Amazon.co.uk Wrecking Ball Radnet Edition (PS3)
Prototype 2: Exclusive to Amazon.co.uk Wrecking Ball Radnet Edition (PS3)

5.0 out of 5 stars Far superior to the first Prototype, 21 Jun. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I was caught up in the original hype a few years ago of the first Prototype vs InFamous saga. I ended up getting both and while I enjoyed the first Prototype, I ended up selling it and keeping InFamous. Fast forward to the present, InFamous 2 has been released and now we have Prototype 2. It is a very difficult choice as InFamous 2 is a great game but I would have to say now that the Prototype franchise has the lead although I won't be selling InFamous 2.

I won't go into the story as others have done this already but in typical me style, here's a list of pros and cons:


1. The overall presentation of the game is very good, it is more cinematic and the in game graphics are impressive too.
2. The same range of powers from the first game is available with the largely useless biomass ability replaced with the much more valuable tendrils ability, all of which are great fun to use.
3. The new lead, James Heller is a good character: he's got good motives but he's not a super nice guy either. It's a good mix of hero and slightly sadistic nutcase which makes him great fun to play as!
4. The powers now seem a lot more balanced; by this I mean that if you use them properly they can be very affective indeed, in the first game I felt that a lot of the powers were ineffective against larger/tougher enemies. In this game as long as you experiment with certain powers vs different enemy types you shouldn't have much trouble.
5. Leading on from the last point, the feeling of absolute power is great, it's very difficult to die and being able to take out a whole army plus mutated things is fantastic. That being said, there is a still a challenge to be had.
6. The power-up system is much better in this game, in the previous game you had access to most of the powers from the get go, you just had to buy them using XP. In this game, you get access to different powers as you go along i.e. it is linked to the story. I prefer this more ordered approach and it also gives you a sense of satisfaction gaining a new power after taking out a tough boss.
7. There are several ways to complete your objective, you can be sneaky and consume someone to be stealthy or you can just go in and tear the place apart. Either way is fun!
8. The powers can now be used on the fly: previously you could have one offensive and one defensive power active at once, now you always have your shields available and one offensive power assigned to the square and triangle buttons meaning you can use them in combos. For instance, tendrils and the blade or claws work very well together against hunters, the whipfist and powerfists work well against the evolved etc.
8. The story now makes much more sense as you get the whole story playing normally. In the first game you got snippets of the story depending on who you consumed which could leave the overall picture a bit murky.
9. Little annoyances from the first game have been sorted such as the ridiculous speed with which strike teams used to show up, it is now much more reasonable. Also, there are no longer super soldiers that can spot you in disguise even if you're acting normally, these guys were a major pain in the backside!
10. Now, the main improvement in my opinion: you can dodge in this game. My main annoyance in the first game was that you could not dodge attacks, only jump away or block. Since no attack would stagger a hunter sufficiently to stop them attacking in the first game, you would lose a lot of health in taking them out just because you couldn't dodge. This has now been fixed and you can jump over their heads to get behind them making combat much easier but still a reasonable challenge.


1. It can sometimes be difficult to lock on to the character you want, especially in the middle of a battle as there are so many things available to be locked on to. This can't be helped though.
2. Some of the missions are a bit samey i.e. destroy a base or infiltrate to kill someone but that being said, the missions are still fun purely through the gameplay.

That's about it! Overall, this game is brilliant. If you decide to buy it prepare to have hours of your life suddenly be sucked into playing this.


5.0 out of 5 stars Good little case, 25 April 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I recently got my Xperia play and after forking out for it I wanted a decent case for it. The most obvious reason for this is to protect the phone but I also wanted a case that added a bit (but not too much) of bulk to the phone so it made it more comfortable to hold for gaming sessions.

This little case fits the bill perfectly, it is sturdy enough to protect the phone, it looks good and it adds just enough bulk for comfort without making the phone too huge.

When I got the phone I also bought a dock with which to charge the phone and also use it as an alarm clock. Unfortunately to dock the phone I had to remove any case I may have on it. I had bought a case very simiar to this one and I managed to remove it successfully a few times but then the flimsy plastic broke making the case useless.

For a replacement, I spotted this case which has gel edges, meaning that it is more flexible and much easier to take off without breaking. I have had this case for a few weeks now and it has been taken off/put on once a day with no problems whatsoever.

The only downside (and this is my slightly neurotic nature) is that the case is transparent so if there are any bits of fluff or anything on the back of the phone or the inside of the case when you put it on, you can see the offending fluff underneath. A quick blow on the back of the phone and the inside of the case sorts this though.

Overall, a good case for a good price.

The Walking Dead Compendium Volume 1
The Walking Dead Compendium Volume 1
by Robert Kirkman
Edition: Paperback
Price: £32.49

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Definitely worth getting if you like the series, 29 Mar. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I came into the Walking Dead craze a little late, the first series of the TV show had already been aired and it wasn't long before the second series was about to start. Luckily my girlfriend wanted the series 1 box set for her birthday and convinced me to watch it with her, hence the fandom began.

I bought this compendium during the mid season break of series 2 and I was initially hesitant to start reading it because it might ruin the surprise of what happens in the series. For those of you with similar concerns, you don't need to worry about this. The book and series have the same characters (with some noticeable differences/absences) and while the plots are very similar, there are significant differences that means reading the book won't ruin the series. An example of this without giving too much away is that Shane died very early in the book but has only just been killed in the series.

Now, onto the actual book:

The artwork is very good; it is all in black and white and I originally thought this would bother me but after a while you don't even notice.

The story itself is told very well, by that I mean there is some nice character development and the dialogue does not seem cheesy or out of place. There is plenty of action but also lots of quieter moments where you learn more about the characters so it's not just zombie killing the whole way through (although there is plenty of that of course).

The story is a lot deeper than you would first expect, it really looks at how people would react and change due to a zombie apocalypse, raising questions like "what would you be willing to do to survive?".

There is a lot of scope in this book, it covers what looks like the first three series of the TV show (as mentioned, with significant differences using the same locations/characters). Due to this it is huge and is great value for money just because of the amount of content.

It may just be because the TV show moves quite slowly plot-wise and things are drawn out for TV but at times the book seemed to move very quickly, seeming to pass over what were major plot points in the series quite quickly. This wouldn't be an issue if you haven't seen the TV series though and it doesn't detract from the quality of the story.

The series was based on the comics which were obviously written first so it lets you pick up on little things having read the book when watching the series that others wouldn't. For example, two things in the last episode of the second series made me excited for series 3, I'll leave you to determine which two things they were!

I'm not really sure what else I can say about it besides from if you like the series or even if you haven't seen it and just like the whole zombie apocalypse thang then buy this book, you will not be disappointed. Hopefully the second compendium will come out soon!

UFC 3 - Limited Edition (PS3)
UFC 3 - Limited Edition (PS3)

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Best of the lot by an absolute mile, 28 Feb. 2012
I had mixed feelings about this game when I heard it was coming out, I have both the 2009 and 2010 versions and while they were great games, 2010 in particular suffered from certain issues. These issues are already well known i.e. the stat degredation, impossible to pull off submissions, boring training modes between fights etc. I was really hoping the UFC 3 would fix these issues and thankfully they have!

As per my other reviews, here are the pros and cons:

1. The graphics have been touched up and this makes everything not only look better in general but the fighters look a lot more individual and recognisable instead of barely being identifiable as specific fighters.

2. The stances have been changed as well, each fighter is no longer a carbon copy of the one before, each fighter has their own stance and posture making it a lot more varied and realistic.

3. The stand up game has been drastically improved, instead of one strike the emphasis is now on combos, making intelligent use of light and heavy strikes. My personal favourites are left jab, right straight, left power uppercut and left jab, right straight, leg kick. This makes the standup battle a lot more fun and more tactical.

4. The strikes now actually have some meat behind them (and no, not Nick Diaz's face although there are similarities), each punch now feels like it would really hurt!

5. Stat degredation is gone, YAY! You can still end up decreasing stats if you focus on one area too much but this just promotes well rounded training.

6. The training itself is much more fun, instead of just adding points to the core attributes bar or doing sparring to increase your other attributes, there are a number of mini games that can upgrade several attributes at once, both offense and defense. E.g. the tire flipping exercise will increase strength, takedown offence and defense as well as top ground offense and defense etc. This way of training means it's easier to upgrade your fighter because you can look at different things simulataneously. It's also more fun than the basic sparring in Undisputed 2010.

7. The career mode is really very good indeed, the tutorials etc are done by Mike Goldberg which is a nice touch and he talks you through everything from training, learning new moves, sponsors and switching weight divisions.

8. Certain realistic touches have been added such as being able to train with different camps to learn new moves but eventually you need to choose one main camp and earn camp loyalty to unlock certain moves.

9. Cred is now much more important as it is used as currency to get new moves, train, buy extras like branded clothing from sponsors, upgrading attribute caps etc. This is a much better way of doing it than just reaching a certain cred limit and being prompted to upgrade, you can now choose what to spend your cred on.

10. You can now create your own banners and entrances which is fun.

11. If your name is common enough to be selectable from the predetermined list, Bruce Buffer will announce your entire name rather than just your nickname e.g. John "iceman" Smith rather than just "iceman". Unfortunately my last name was not on the list so I'm announced as Nick "Machine Gun" which is still ok.

12. Submissions are now actually possible to pull off on fighters above a certain level. Don't get me wrong, you still need to work for them but they are at least now possible instead of being defended with ease each time. The main upside of the submission improvements though is the fact that you can now defend them. In Undisputed 2010, if any fighter other than a very low ranked one got you in a submission, you had no hope in hell of getting out of it and would be submitted in seconds. This meant that above a certain level you didn't want to take the fight to the ground no matter how high your submission defense stats because you risked being submitted in a millisecond, even on full stamina. You can still get caught in UFC £ if you have low stamina or are drastically outmatched in terms of submission stats but at least it's fair now.

13. The "chase" mini game for the submissions is really good compared to the stick twirling version last time. You basically have to avoid having your bar covered by the opponent's bar to avoid a submission, this is actually quite exciting and panic inducing as you try to escape. Similarly to get a submission you have to chase down your opponent's bar. Overall a much better system than last time.

14. Learning new moves or upgrading them is now much easier. Previously it could take me two or three sessions to upgrade once, now you can do it in one session. It usually just comes down to performing the move three times against an unwilling opponent i.e. in a sparring session.

15. The new transitions are good, including more advanced clinch work against the cage and takedowns etc.

16. The addition of new submissions is really good, I haven't reached the manditory level of submission offense for some of them yet but some of the new techniques look great. In particular the sliding heel hook and jumping double scissors take down into a knee bar look brilliant fun!

17. The addition of Pride is absolute genius, I just can't explain how much fun it is to perform a head stomp to a downed opponent or a "soccer" kick (it's football yanks, deal with it).

18. I'm mainly focusing on the career mode at the moment but I've tried a couple of exhibition matches. I tried Lyoto Machida vs Forrest Griffin (me as Lyoto) and it turned into a right battle. Forrest trying to keep me at bay with leg kicks and long strikes as per Forret's reputation while I tried to catch him with unorthodox strikes. I ended up knocking him out with a one, two, uppercut combination that was just poetry in motion. This just goes to show that the existing roster fighters are done brilliantly, they're not just carbon copies with different move sets, they are each very individual and recognisable.

I'm sure there are other good points but I can't think of them at the moment!


1. The sways are a bit difficult to pull off but that might just be me not having enough practice.

2. Some of the training games are tricky but again that will come with practice.

3. The loading times are quite long which can be annoying if you've switching between different menus e.g. if you're customising a fighter but there are usually text feeds at the bottom to read while you're waiting.

That's it! Three cons to a whopping 18 pros! My apologies for the very long review but I wanted to do the game justice. If you liked Undisputed 2009 and/or 2010 or you like mixed martial arts or fighting games in general then definitely give this game a go. It is the best and most complete fighting game out there, no question about it. THQ finished their three game deal with the UFC with a real send off!

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Supremacy MMA (PS3)
Supremacy MMA (PS3)
Offered by Rapid-DVD
Price: £5.68

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars extremely poor, 13 Feb. 2012
This review is from: Supremacy MMA (PS3) (Video Game)
After reading about this game in a PS3 magazine, I was quite excited about it as it looked like a more brutal form of MMA than we see in the UFC games.

Unfortunately, my excitement was completely misplaced as this game is a steaming pile of excrement. There really isn't much to say in the pro column but I will try to give a break down below:

1. The graphics are decent
2. The voice acting is decent
3. The fluidity of the submissions is good

(yes, that's all I can think of)

Cons (prepare for a long list):
1. None of the characters are recognisable, the only one based on a real person is Jens Pulver, how far he has fallen in the MMA world to be included in this piece of crap.
2. The downloadable character that was available as a pre-order incentive was an absolute nobody and when I looked him up on wikipedia, he has a crap record and is not worth having in the game.
3. The game play, while fun to begin with, gets old very very quickly. The stand up is very basic, giving you maybe 2 or 3 kinds of strikes, the ground game is equally basic.
4. The game is done in a very arcade style, i.e. instead of being able to finish an opponent with an unexpected punch landing well (i.e. like really MMA), there is a health bar that must be depleted in order to win. This would be fine with strikes but when you lock in a submission, this just takes down the bar a bit then is let go! What is the point of a submission if you can't submit anyone?!
5. The counter system is very very wooly, it's pure luck as to if it works or not whereas the computer will counter everything past a certain difficulty so that you can't land a shot.
6. The story mode is pathetic, only maybe 5 fights per character (of which there aren't many). Cut scenes are told through static graphic novel-like illustrations and the story is never more complicated than "I have a rival, I need to beat him".
7. Despite boasting to be the first MMA game to have female fighters, there are only 2. This makes the story mode for each of them even more pathetic than the male ones.
8. There is a definite emphasis on fighting style i.e. each character is good at one thing and crap at everything else. Completely missing the point of MMA.

So, overall, a very poor attempt at a mixed martial arts game, even if the intent was to make one more accessible than the UFC undisputed franchise. I'm not in the least bit surprised that you don't hear much about this game now as it has faded into the void of crap games.

Avoid and buy UFC undisputed 3 instead.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (PS3)
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (PS3)
Offered by EVERGAME
Price: £14.98

3 of 6 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars I don't understand, 2 Feb. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I really don't understand how this got game of the year!

Now, before the sad idiots who start yelling the word "fanboy" at anyone who disagrees with them pipe up, I absolutely loved Uncharted 2 and am a fan of the PS3 in general over the Xbox (for my own reasons). For those of you who can't let someone express their opinion without abusing them if if doesn't line up with your views, you can get lost and get a life.

Now, hopefully I can qualify my views on this game:

1. It has been said before about the other uncharted games: there is too much shooting. I know this is classified as a third person shooter but moving from one massive shootout to the next gets very boring very quickly.
2. The shootouts are very unfair in places. What the hell are you supposed to do if you are facing machine guns constantly firing, grenade launchers and normal foes at the same time? If you stay in one place behind cover you get blown up by the grenade launcher or a normal grenade, if you move to avoid said grenades, you get cut to pieces by the machine guns! These sections are just incredibly frustrating.
3. All of the humour and charm of the first two games is gone. The second uncharted in particular had brilliant moments of interaction between the characters and this was what made the game great. There is no such wit or cleverness in this third installment at all.
4. The previous two games had the odd puzzle but they never felt out of place i.e. if felt like they added something to the plot. In this third game, the puzzles feel like a filler before you go onto the next big shootout.
5. The plot is almost non-existent. They mention their destination at the start of the game but then it feels like it is forgotten again until the end of the game.
6. The developers have tried to make Drakes' movements seem natural but all he seems to do is stumble over the slightest bump on the ground and basically run like a mong.

There are some good points though:

1. Certain action sequences are very well done, the parts in the burning chateau, the escape from the flooded tanker and the plane sequence are obvious examples.
2. The graphics are very good and the set pieces are done very well indeed.

That's about it. This game felt like nothing but a series of long, very tedious and stupidly difficult (at times) shootouts with nothing much else to offer. The previous two games also had lots of shooting but this didn't seem to matter because of other factors. Sadly, for me at least, these factors are missing from the third installment and all that is left is the shooting.

I am perfectly happy for people to comment on this and disagree with me because I genuinely want to know why this got game of the year. However, if you are one of the said idiots who can't accept that someone might not have the same opinion and feels the need to throw abuse, please go and castrate yourselves instead.
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