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FROGS: Fun Facts and Amazing Photos of Animals in Nature (Amazing Animal Kingdom Book 18)
FROGS: Fun Facts and Amazing Photos of Animals in Nature (Amazing Animal Kingdom Book 18)
Price: £0.00

5.0 out of 5 stars It Is Not Wise To Kiss A Frog, 29 July 2015
When I was young, there was a lovely pond not far from my house. My friends and I would go down into the woods to what we called the frog pond. We would catch frog eggs in glass jars and then watch them turn into tadpoles. We would take them back to the pond so they could continued their journey into frogs.

The author, Emma Child, has continued her books on amazing animals with this one all about frogs. What amazing creatures. Momma frog can lay 4,000 eggs at a time, hard to believe isn't it? And these eggs turn into tadpoles, then frogs. There are many different kinds of frogs and in this book you will learn all about them. Some people get confused between frogs and toads. I think frogs are much more beautiful. They have smooth skin, and they always need to live near water. Toads have bumpy, lumpy skin and like to live away from water. You may hear if you kiss a frog, it will become a prince, this is not at all true. If you kiss a red frog, you may be in big trouble because it is very poisonous. In this book, you will learn all about frogs, they are as I said, amazing creatures. They can be from 0.39 inches to as long as 12 inches. Most frogs like to eat bugs, so they can be very helpful if you live near a pond.

One of the fun parts of this author's books, is that with her books you can enlarge all the pictures by just tapping on it. Do this to see all of the amazing aspects of frogs. They are very plentiful, and you may see hundreds during your lifetime. It is important to learn all about the life around you in your environment. Emma Child, the author of this book, provides books filled with information about amazing animals. Read this and amaze your friends with all of the information you have learned.

Recommended. prisrob 07-28-15

Starbucks Refreshers, Raspberry Pomegranate, 12oz Can by Starbucks
Starbucks Refreshers, Raspberry Pomegranate, 12oz Can by Starbucks
Offered by Sam Store US
Price: £134.42

3.0 out of 5 stars Read Ingredients Before Purchase, 28 July 2015
On Avery warm and humid day, I picked up this Starbucks Radpberry Pomegranate refresher drink. It was delicious, light taste of raspberry, stronger taste of Pomegranate. I had no idea, however, this contained green coffee beans and ginseng. I will certainly be more careful when choosing a drink on a hot, humid day. I usually drink water, and this is a great lesson learned.

There are 90 calories in this drink, 20 grams of sugar, and 5 mg of sodium in a 12 fluid ounce can. I will probably not purchase this again. It pays to read the ingredients before purchase.

Recommended For Some. prisrob 07-28-15

Rubbermaid 5.5 Cup Glass Food Storage Container with Easy Find Lid
Rubbermaid 5.5 Cup Glass Food Storage Container with Easy Find Lid
Price: £14.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect For Many Reasons, 28 July 2015
In the past I had many plastic containers, and over the years they disappeared. With the recent information about plastic and our environment, I decided to purchase new glass containers. Little by little I will add to my collection.

Rubbermaid has a good reputation for their products, and their glassware and dishes are finely made. I purchased this large size, 5.5 cup measure glass dish for several reasons.

1. Glass is best for storage of any food products.
2. The lid is superb and very easy to use, a built in gasket creates a seal- just tap the circle and the lid is secure.
3. Storage ability- the lid is stackable under the glass.
4. However, the bowl us in use so often, I rarely stack it.

'The clear tempered glass food storage container snaps to the bottom of the container to make sure the lid never gets lost.' This dish is large enough for a great amount if found. I Often bring fruit salads to gatherings and this is perfect for that use. You cannot go wrong with this purchase.

Recommended. prisrob 07-28-15

Children's book : Dave the Brave Sawfish. A beautiful illustrated picture book for kids, Bedtime story for kids, Early reader book, teaches values. Happy children's book collection, book 4.
Children's book : Dave the Brave Sawfish. A beautiful illustrated picture book for kids, Bedtime story for kids, Early reader book, teaches values. Happy children's book collection, book 4.
Price: £1.99

5.0 out of 5 stars I Don't Like Myself, I Want To Be Someone Else, 28 July 2015
Do you have something about your body you don't like, most of us do. Do you do anything about this part of your body you don't like?

The author, Nirit Littaney, has written another of her wonderful books. She likes to provide lessons learned for the children who read her books. In this book we meet Dave, The Sawfish, his parents and his friends. Dave had a part of his fish body he hated, it made him self conscious, and he lost any self confidence he might have ever had. Dave had a very long nose with sawtooth ridges on it. The other fish at his school made fun of his nose, and they called him Nosy Dave. Dave's parents tried to tell him that his long nose was there for a reason, but he did not believe them. His mother told him he would need that long nose someday. But, Dave had no friends, and he felt all alone. Until one day, something happened that changed Dave's mind about his nose. When you read this book you will understand what I mean.

Parents/teachers will enjoy reading this book to their children, and the children will like to discuss what part of their body they do not like, and what they can do about it. They can also discuss how everyone is different, and we should like people for what is inside. The illustrations by Emily Zieroth, are bright, colorful and vivid. We can see from these illustrations all of Dave's friends and all of his adventures. I like the author's books, Nirit Littaney, always incorporates a lesson for children to learn, and it is important for children to discuss.

Recommended. prisrob 07-27-15

Soft Quality Leather Luggage ID Tag (Berry)
Soft Quality Leather Luggage ID Tag (Berry)
Offered by Just4ugifts
Price: £5.30

4.0 out of 5 stars Attractive, Good Price, Useful, 27 July 2015
A new suitcase that I love, the wheels turn on a dime, it is attractive and sturdy. However, I discovered no place for an ID tag. I snagged a temporary one at the airport, and then, I looked at Amazon and read the reviews and chose this one.

This Leather ID tag I ordered in black, and it is attractive and functional. The insert for name, address etc was easy to slip in and out. There is a long strap to attach the ID bag to the suitcase. The closure is very secure, and it looks superb on my suitcase. I have had several people at the airport ask me about the ID tag, so it is noticeable. I like it, good price, attractive and useful.

Recommended. prisrob 07-27-15

Battle Bugs #2: The Spider Siege
Battle Bugs #2: The Spider Siege
by Jack Patton
Edition: Paperback
Price: £3.25

5.0 out of 5 stars Lots Of Itsy Bitsy Spiders, 27 July 2015
My grandson, 10, and I are following this series quite closely. We both liked the first book 'Battle Bugs#1: The Lizards' that I ordered this book right away. And I pre-ordered the Frog book that comes out this week.

My grandson read the book first, and as he said, it was so good, he read it Licketty Split. I also read it in one setting, and we both enjoyed this one immensely. Though I do not like spiders, but my grandson does. The author, Jack Patton, follows the same type of framework in book #2, as the first, but this has an entirely different bug sector.

Max Darwin is the young boy who becomes involved in the world of bugs. One day he was looking at a spider and magically became involved in the world of bugs with Commander Barton. The commander has been fighting the reptiles and their Leader, General Komodo. The magical spell that inhabits Max to go to Bug Island can last for several days, but in reality he is gone for only short periods of time in his real world. This time the bugs are involved with spiders. Max is an intelligent boy, and he becomes involved at will. This is a fascinating and educational storyline that gives us more information about spiders and how armies work on the battlefield.

The author, Jack Patton, tells us he has always had a fascination with bugs, all kinds of bugs. He lives with his family and ant colony in the United Kingdom. Can you imagine what his household is like? My grandson and I look forward to his next book.

Recommended. prisrob 07-27-15

Childrens Book:Willa the Wolf has Show and Tell (funny bedtime story collection-Values Book- Book 4)
Childrens Book:Willa the Wolf has Show and Tell (funny bedtime story collection-Values Book- Book 4)
Price: £0.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Bringing The Best To Show and Tell, 26 July 2015
Do you like show and tell? What would you bring to school to show to your classmates?

The author, Leela Hope, has written such a fun book for children. Willa the Wolf, has 'Show and Tell' day, and she and all of her classmates will be bringing in something to show to the other children. Even the Principal is coming for the day. She thinks and thinks about what she will bring, she has so many things she could bring. She asks her mother and father for their thoughts, and then she asks her brother, who teases her. Suddenly she has a thought. When you read this book you will see what Willa the Wolf decides to bring to school.

Parents/teachers will so enjoy reading this book to their children. The children will think about what they would bring for show and tell and discuss Willa's choice. The illustrations are bright, vivid and colorful, depicting the adventures of Willa. One of the best parts of this book beside the lovely story, is the use of rhyme in this story. The author, Leela Hope, uses rhyme, and this is the best method of reading a story, the lilting and the words rhyming, make us all feel good. There is a lesson to be learned as usual with the author's books, and this one is very special. I liked this book a great deal.

Recommended. prisrob 07-26-15

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel [DVD] [2015]
The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel [DVD] [2015]
Dvd ~ Maggie Smith
Price: £10.00

4.0 out of 5 stars The Search For Love and Glory, 26 July 2015
The First Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was very well liked by audiences the world over, so it is no surprise # 2 came along. You know the old saying, 'not as good, but okay'.

It is difficult to replicate a film in a repeat, and though this was entertaining, I did skip ahead a few times. It was not difficult to put the theme and plot together and come up with the answer. The old hands were there, Dames Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Bill Nighy, Dev Patel and the addition of Richard Gere, (he must have needed the money). This time around Dev is getting married, but before the day, he and Maggie go to the U.S. to beg for money for a new addition or a new hotel. At home Judi and Bill have the sweets for each other, trouble with Dev and his fiancée, a couple of the order tourists are looking for love and Dev's mother is found. A few twists and turns but not many, and this is the same old story, the search for love and glory. Entertaining, however.

Recommended. prisrob 07-26-15

Popchips Potato Chips - Sour Cream & Onion (85g) - Pack of 6
Popchips Potato Chips - Sour Cream & Onion (85g) - Pack of 6
Offered by British Essentials
Price: £27.94

4.0 out of 5 stars Tasty Treat, 26 July 2015
My son was a big proponent of these chips, and I first tasted the Sour Cream and Onion. They were very good, and as the label states better for you. Well, not really, but you feel better eating these.

I received 6-flavor variety pack of 24, 0.8-ounce single-serve bags of chips. There are 4 original flavor which really lack pizazz, 4 BBQ, which are okay, 4 Sweet Potato which I liked very much, 4 Sea Salt and Bvinegar which left my mouth feeling puckered, 4 Sour Cream and Onion, and 4 Cgeddar. My favorites are the Cheddar and then the Sour Cream and Onion.

The chips are popped for flavor, with no artificial ingredients. These do taste fresh. I liked the size of the bags, a nice little treat, but I won't be buying them regularly, they are too addicting.

Recommended. prisrob 07-26-15

Me...Jane (Mcdonnell, Patrick)
Me...Jane (Mcdonnell, Patrick)
by Patrick McDonnell
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £12.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Jane Goodall, 26 July 2015
My granddaughter, eight, requested this book for Christmas. She loves all things animals, and wants to be a Veterianarian like her mom.

This is a book about Jane Goodall as a young person. Her life is one of animals and in particular monkeys, chimpanzees. From an early age she reflected her interest in animals and it was displayed in her interactions in school and with others in her everyday life. As we know, she went on to become the biggest and most prominent proponent of chimpanzees. She studied them, lived with and wrote about them. Many books, films and articles have been written about her life. However, none of them concentrated on her life and a child. The author, Patrick McDonnell, has written a beautiful,y constructed narrative if her life. This is one that should interest every child and many adults. The illustrations done in pen and watercolor are extraordinary, and they reflect her life so well. They bring the child, Jane Goodall to life. I read this book before wrapping it for my granddaughter, and I was most impressed. We had such a good time discussing this book when I saw her at Christmas. This brings back many lovely memories.

Highly Recommended. prisrob 07-26-15

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