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Gleader Robotic Dog Puppy Hungry Hound Bank Coin Eating Save Money Box Collection Gift
Gleader Robotic Dog Puppy Hungry Hound Bank Coin Eating Save Money Box Collection Gift
Offered by Sunny Market
Price: £8.80

5.0 out of 5 stars Great item - bought this for a friend who loves ..., 17 Jun. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Great item - bought this for a friend who loves it - not for small children though I would think........

Scott - The Collection 1967-1970
Scott - The Collection 1967-1970

9 of 15 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Poorly Packaged., 5 Jun. 2013
This is such a wasted opportunity to have packaged these wonderful works of art into something beautiful - but the opportunity I'm afraid has been missed. I would have wanted and expected these CDs to have been packaged in SQUARE mini LPs (like the japanese releases of 2007 which were beautiful, just so lovingly reproduced - they were expensive at the time but what value can you put on great art?).

These however are packaged in OBLONG gatefold cardboard covers which must miss off parts of the originals - they are nether one thing nor the other, neither a mini lp, nor a digi-pack, but something in between. They look quite cheap and nasty.

When you look at something like 'The Smiths Complete' cd box set, which was done extremely well with a bit of sympathy and understanding of the art being reproduced, you feel like you have something of value artistically to treasure (which is surely one of the reasons for box sets in the first place) - even the 'David Bowie Columbia' box reproduced the double cds to look like their original Lps would have looked, and they have a nice quality feel to them.

These look and feel cheap, and its a shame becuse the music contained within is beautiful and often sublime - totally unique sounds and a music that makes your spine tingle over and over again.

Music this good and art this special should be treated with a LOT more respect than this. I know the music is the important thing, but for a little more imagination this could have looked, and felt wonderful. To me it is a pity.

Wood and Walters - The Complete Series [DVD] [1981]
Wood and Walters - The Complete Series [DVD] [1981]
Dvd ~ Victoria Wood
Price: £5.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Funniest Sketches On TV EVER!!!!, 23 April 2010
I so hope this DVD will be released - Way way back in the mists of time (1982) before I even dreamt of owning a VHS recorder and my portable (only) TV was still black and white this fantastic comedy appeared on TV. Fortunately I had seen 'Talent' on TV a couple of years earlier so I knew who Woods And Walters were and so was ready to watch this from the start.
And what a start - the very first sketch 'Piano Lesson' is THE Funnniest sketch on TV EVER for me, my personal Parrot Sketch (which I also Love) but I can quote 'Piano Lesson' verbatim and it never fails to make me laugh. "...'avin' trouble are yer? like that sounds all the same wether you play it right or wrong dunt it?...yeah...smashin'...."
Although I had no access to VHS back then, I sensibly audio taped four of the series when they were repeated on Channel 4 in 1983 (i unfortunately missed 2 episodes not knowing they would never be repeated again)- and the pleasure those tapes have given me over the years you would not believe. I worked in a shop and for years i quoted wholesale from the fantastic 'Boutique Sketch'...."I don't think we're actually s'posed to serve people...just shoot them if they do anything suspicious....I'm goin' out on't floor Eileen....there's no landmines in seperates are there? ....well if you 'ave any trouble with people wantin' to buy things - LET THE DOGS OUT..."
Just writing this stuff down makes me chuckle, I would so love to own ALL these episodes on DVD.
Does anyone else remember 'The Dentist Sketch' "....We're forever 'avin' brunettes ringin' up sayin' 'oy, my teeth 'aven't been cleaned and me bra's on inside out..." Then the 'Samaritans Sketch' "...What's that? profiterols? - ooh's your dishcloth....Is that black forest gateaux?....Looks more like Cardiff Arms Park..."
Although Victoria Wood rightly became a national favorite later with " As Seen On TV" for me she had already used her best material here - also she invariably (and generously)gave Julie all the best lines and roles because they were billed here as a double act - later some of the best stuff wasn't done by her (Julie) and it lacks her 'bite' - Julie Walters is just superb here and (for example) Dotty is way way superior to the later Kitty charachter (although Kitty is also very very funny)
This will be great if it becomes available. To the people that own the rights - please do us all a favour and let us enjoy this wonderful source of laughs.

Space Oddity (Space Oddity 40th Anniversary Edition) [VINYL]
Space Oddity (Space Oddity 40th Anniversary Edition) [VINYL]

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5.0 out of 5 stars At Last - Released as it should be., 19 Oct. 2009
This is all about the cover - the music you know so well already.

As a thirteen year old Bowie fan back in 1973 I (like many others) purchased the RCA 'Space Oddity' vinyl lp. with its Ziggy style cover which I never thought was a great Bowie image (prefered the back cover photo really). I knew it was a reissue of a previous release - it says so on the cover, but search as I tried in the mid-seventies I never knew what the original Philips cover looked like.
Eventually, in 1978, after 6 years a Bowie fan, the Rare record stall in Manchester Underground Market (both stall and Market now long gone) had a copy on the back wall - it became like a holy grail to me, but was way out of my league price wise - I often used to walk past the stall just to gawp at the cover of this (and the other holy grail - the dress cover MWSTW on mercury) and dreamt of one day winning enough money to buy these out of reach luxury items.
Many years later (about 1990 I think)I was in the right place at the right time with the right cash and finally managed to purchase a copy of the Philips 'David Bowie' album for a bargain £75 at Piccadilly Record Fair (ahh - happy days...)- the reason the cover is so important is it shows the Bowie who wrote and recorded these songs - slightly hippy; slightly pre-fame Bolan; a lot Scott Walker; the songs make more sense without the Ziggy pictures - Bowie was not that character yet - and the back cover by George Underwood (who had incidently previously designed Tyranasaurus Rex's 'My People Were Fair' cover) was so important to help the imagery of the songs / lyrics.

Cut a long story short - this is a great vinyl reissue at last - titled as it should be 'David Bowie'- not 'Space Oddity' and packaged in the gatefold sleeve - Compared to the original Philips cover it has been very well done - typography in the right place; inner gatefold lyrics and credits identical; no barcode to spoil the images - my only gripe is the back cover is slightly enlarged and some details from round the edge have been lost - but a very minor gripe that is. I like the 'Bowie/Philips' style record label too -

.....If only they'd reissued this like this in November 1972 it would have saved me so much time and money !.....but with an artist who's image is so important to their output it's great to finally have this record looking like it should. The reissue Cd is nice too but this is the real deal
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Apr 22, 2013 7:00 PM BST

Price: £4.98

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4.0 out of 5 stars Fabliousa !!!!, 22 Sept. 2008
This review is from: Portfolio (Audio CD)
CAMP CAMP CAMP CAMP CAMP - and then some ! This album is just the gayest thing you'll ever hear for all the RIGHT reasons, and even though it's of it's time [1975 - 1977] it has dated very well indeed,
La Vie En Rose is superb and one of those rare occassions someone has had the balls to make a classic from a classic, nothing like La Piaf's version, it becomes itself and grows and grows with a great vocal from Grace. The production is great on side one with 3 tracks segued - all the tracks sound like they were made for 1977 gay clubs and bars but great FUN - the singles SORRY; THAT'S THE TROUBLE and [of course] I NEED A MAN are great.
This music is nothing like Grace was going to make a short time later [WARM LEATHERETTE NIGHTCLUBBING etc.] and she's almost a different artist here but I still think this is one of her best albums because of the fun and warmth it exudes. Well worth owning.......

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