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Phill "thanewdanger" (London)

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Acid Tongue
Acid Tongue
Offered by mrtopseller
Price: £6.25

3 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars This Time It's Personal (4.5 Stars), 1 Oct. 2008
This review is from: Acid Tongue (Audio CD)
Jenny Lewis the front woman of the amazing Rilo Kiley now and then ventures off out on her own and crafts beautiful projects like her solo debut "Rabbit Fur Coat" which she,along with the equally alluring Watson Twins tantalised us her honest lyrics and beautiful voice making you fall blissfully in love with her. "Acid Tongue" is her second effort as a solo artist which pretty much picks up where her last record left us and quenches your Jenny Lewis thirst almost without even trying.

1.Black Sand - I felt was the only song that really falls totally short, and for her I found this was pretty weak lyrically, vocally she sounds great singing in a higher pitch than usual, It's good but I just feel theres too much repetition, not to say thats a bad thing because with some songs it can work, with this one sadly it doesn't the strings are a nice touch towards the end with a gradual build up that trails off into the next song and on with the rest of the album. 7/10

2.Pretty Bird - A great song I think this is definitely one of my favourite tracks having putting the album on my iPod and listening to it pretty much non-stop since I bought it. There are times where she really seems to sound like Feist and in all honesty it does sound like an Feist song, and Jenny being a fan of hers she probably draws influence from this.I felt this song is a symbol for freedom, emancipating yourself from a difficult situation and eventually finding comfort in past experience. 10/10

3.The Next Messiah - I see this song clocks a hard, almost demanding 8 minutes (almost 9) but it really doesn't feel like that and it the song itself is divided up, cleverly into 3 movements, you can hear the definite switch i mood and instrumentation but Jenny herself said that they're three songs about the same thing, her dad. It's sort of autobiographical while Jenny really rocks out on this one we find out her father is a cancer survivor and talks about how her parents met, the divorce and so on, all with beautiful almost perfect instrumentation with a sexy,dirty edge. I love this song, I'd even go as far as to say this is one of my favourite songs of this year so far. 10/10

4.Bad Man's World - I enjoy this song! it's sleepy, sorrowful track with a haunting hook and again has a nice string arrangement It's not my favourite on Acid Tongue, but It's a nice midway track It's actually pretty sad actually her voice adds a lot of atmosphere to it especially her croaky "Yeah,Yeah,Yeah part, nice track 8/10

5.Acid Tongue - I read somewhere that Jenny felt this was the song where she pretty much bared all, that struck me quite hard. It's so intimate. I feel like Jenny is holding nothing back and I love that about this track, although not conventionally a catchy song, the backing vocals give it a nice southern, almost gospel touch to it, a beautiful song 10/10

6.See Fernando - I have seen Rilo Kiley and Jenny on her own a bunch of times now, and during the Rabbit Fur Coat tour she used to play this song I'm glad she decided to release a studio version because this is an amazing song. I felt this song is about being over exposed, and learning to let it go, in different ways.The beat is amazingly catchy,foot stomping and hand-clappingly good! 10/10

7.Godspeed - This song is about Jenny telling her friend she wants the best for her, while her friend is in an abusive relationship. Again, it's personal, it's heartbreaking and I suppose alot of people could really relate to this, it's one of those things where you,as a friend can only do so much until they find the courage and strength to leave, again beautifully written. 10/10

8.Carpetbaggers - Great song it is a duet with Elvis Costello, an artist I'm not exactly really familiar with this is most country this album actually gets, but would of been quite out of place on her previous effort. It's a song about an exploiter who does not remain in one place and just causes emotional destruction wherever they go, It's a really funky song it makes you want to clap with the song,considering the lyrical content it does make you want to dance. 9/10

9.Trying My Best To Love You - For me I think Jenny sounds beautiful on this, I've always thought she was never an artist to be as straight forward as she is in this song, it's a beautiful ballad to her lover (I think it's Jonathan Rice).Again she does sing alot higher which at first seems like shes out of tune but she isn't and just sounds amazing giving it a really soulful vibe. You go Jenny you do those soul runs! 10/10

10.Jack Killed Mom - Again another Rabbit Fur Coat era song played alot live,Definitely Oedipal -- Oedipus is directly referenced in the line about the king who went blind from his mother's love. There's also an interesting reference to Sisyphus (men push rocks up stony mountains), though I'm not sure how an impossible task fits into the narrative of the song -- maybe it's a comment on how hard it is to be good in the world? After all, Mom even ends up "kissing on the Golden Rule" -- sullies something that's supposed to be one of the definitive pillars of a righteous life.Love the song, I remember loving it when I see her live another favourite probably because i'm more familiar with it. 10/10

11.Sing A Song For Them - It's a nice closer not really that into it, could of been left off and Pelican Bay (B-side)could of been the last track, The album leaves on a low for but its a great album.7/10

Top 5

1.The Next Messiah
2.Pretty Bird
3.Trying My Best To Love You
4.See Fernando
5.Acid Tongue/Jack Killed Mom

Fan of Jenny? Just Buy It.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift (Nintendo DS)
Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift (Nintendo DS)
Offered by Netro Enterprise
Price: £19.99

11 of 13 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars This Is How You Do It!, 8 Aug. 2008
After a slew of unsucessful and just downright bland Tactical RPGs for the DS have been released, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift is a cut above the rest. You play as Luso a mischievous boy who accidently gets sucked into the world of Invalice via a magical tome found in his schools library.He meets a whole host of weird and wonderful characters like the feisty yet mysterious girl Adelle and the cute,wandering troubadour Hurdy.While the games main story may fall a little short it definitely makes up for with various side-quest, known as jobs. Jobs are very much like the first Tactics Advance game a main objective with a judge law to uphold which some of them are easy to stick to like not using items or the more trickier ones like only being able to attack under 50 attack points or having to move 3 spaces at a time, while admitted like grow frustrating and tedious the game doesnt disappoint. Character classes are a big deal in the game while there are quite a few default classes alot of the more colourful classes are acquired by completing certain jobs such as the moogles Chocobo Knight or the Humes Yojimo (which is like a bodyguard). Another great addition is the Bazaar which is located at the shop, while only a few basic weapons are available certain items such as vines,a fire crystal will give you something like a bow which as a skill attributed to it. As a fan of the series I'm very impressed with it, and it's one of, if not my favourite DS game so far.

Graphics: 10/10

Story: 8/10

Gameplay: 10/10

Extras: 7/10

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates (Nintendo DS)
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates (Nintendo DS)
Offered by FUN-N-MORE
Price: £18.90

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Nice Addition to The Crystal Chronicles Series, 25 Jun. 2008
The Final Fantasy series is one of the most popular games of it's kind. It also houses countless spin offs, The Crystal Chronicles series is one of them.Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates is the newest addition to the series the story centres around the fraternal love between twins Yuri and Chelinka who lose their mother, they go on a journey and meet a whole host of interesting and unique characters.My first impressions of this was that I knew I was gonna enjoy this (alot more than FFIII, which I do love but thought was too slow)with the custom-made weapons which made it alot more fun and the graphics are amazing even the music is pretty good.The bad parts, even though you have 3 other characters fighting with you, they don't always fight I was on the first 'Fish' boss and all they did was stand there or fall in the water so I guess the AI needs to be tweeked also the set locations kinda bugged me, I mean it's cool in Final Fantasy Tactics because well, it's a tactical RPG but with this game theres only about 6 or 7 places you can actually visit.While I did love the game and completed it in just under 10 hours I felt it was quite short and the gameplay was very "Gauntlet" not that I mind button-mashing I just felt the bosses seemed to get easier and easier like the final boss!. But I do love the game and will play it around again.
I would recommend it to the younger gamer as in all honesty the story isn't as crucial as you'd think, there was parts where'd I'd skip the cut scenes and still know where to go and what to do.

Graphics: 10/10

Story: 6/10

Gameplay: 7/10

Extras: 7/10

Heroes of Mana (Nintendo DS)
Heroes of Mana (Nintendo DS)
Offered by Quality Media Supplies Ltd.
Price: £21.49

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars OK, Could Of Been Better Though, 19 Jun. 2008
I've always been a fan of Square-Enix RPG's what with the Final Fantasy and Star Ocean series' which have always sustained my fantasy adventurer side. With the Mana series It's always been a bit of a hit and miss, the first Mana game I ever played was the PS1 classic Legend Of Mana it was a beautiful game with its hand painted-looking scenery and a hoard of colourful characters. Heroes of Mana for me just falls short, it does again have a whole host of cool,funny characters but the main flaw of this is the gameplay, the real-time strategy could have been developed a bit better, as someone has already said the fights can be very slow, almost unbearable. Alot of the elements of the game reminded me of Command & Conquer with the resourse gathering, but with Rabite's instead (which is actually quite cute).The good points are that the story is very solid and the dialogue is outstanding, but I wouldn't go any further than that.I do recommend this game to the hardcore 'Mana' fans but for anyone else I'd give this one a miss and opt for Children of Mana instead.

Graphics: 4/10

Story: 9/10

Gameplay: 3/10

Extras: 4/10

Seventh Tree
Seventh Tree
Offered by DVDBayFBA
Price: £4.97

4 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Supernatures Comedown, 25 Mar. 2008
This review is from: Seventh Tree (Audio CD)
Although respecting the force that is Goldfrapp, I never really took much notice, OK so 'Felt Mountain' is beautiful and the two disco/electro albums in betweem were pretty good, but nothing really compares to how beautiful,tranquil and quirky this album is.

1.Clowns - A beautiful lullaby-inspired incoherent folk song, OK so maybe folk is probably the wrong 'genre' to brand this as but I love it I have to say, if u try and find lyrics for it on the net, they're way off,personally I don't think you need to know what shes on about, its beautiful as is and the drunk-like vocals just adds the mystery. 10/10

2.Little Bird - At first I wasn't too impressed, I really wasn't I felt there wasnt really anything original that hadn't been done, but listening to it more you kinda fall into the deliciousness of it, again a very sparse song with alot of ornithological references, possibly about freedom and emancipation of ones self. 8/10

3.Happiness - The second official single, and what a great one at that, a little more up-beat with more of an electronic vibe than the previous tracks, also I think there is some slight Beatles inspiration particularly "Strawberry Fields Forever" a great,catchy song will definitely have you singing along. 9/10

4.Road To Somewhere - Taking it back almost to the days of 'Felt Mountain' I think this is one of the most beautiful songs shes ever sung, It does have a very eurphoric dreamy feel to it and the way she sings "Listen to the radio" almost slurring it, is amazing it gives me a great sense of comfort and total relaxation. 10/10

5.Eat Yourself - Even though this is definitely one of the best tracks, I doubt it will be a single release (unless jazzed up a bit), very 60's sounding I felt that out of all of the songs this really opitomises the album cover. So tranquil but also with a slight vulnerability to it,It's also quite a sad song, I felt anyway, and it some parts of the song it seems like her voice breaks up a little, perfect. 10/10

6.Some People - Quite a deep and profound song, she sings about all different peoples mentalities, she also slightly pokes fun out of herself with the "Ask how old I am" line, regarding the slight mystery of Alison's real age. For me I wasn't overly crazy about this song, but it's a grower. 8/10

7.A&E - The amazing first single. OK so alot of people think this song is about a suicide attempt/drug overdose, But I really don't think so I've always thought this song is about her being stood up by someone and she gets upset about this so tries to drown her sorrows,resulting in being in hospital, so maybe in a way it has a link to suicide or maybe people are just morbid!.Overall though, even though it is a single release it's the glue that holds the album together I think although there is alot of strong songs, this one is the highlight. 10/10

8.Cologne Cerrone Houdini - I think this is beautiful, the strings and the overall lushness is amazing has a Bond Theme quality to it.I love the way she used this as a metaphoric idea about an ex-boyfriend who tries to escape from as many situations regarding thier relationship as possible, resulting in the 'Houdini' title. I love this 10/10

9.Caravan Girl - The most upbeat song on the album. Possibly about a traveller who falls in love with men on purpose and then disappears. The guitars and the whole band feel of the song really reflects Goldfrapp as a "Band" although I'm sure she is more comfortable surrounded by the electronic world, she can definitely pull off the band feel, great song. 10/10

10.Monster Love - A nice way to end the album, maybe a bit on the downer side but I like that, and I think it does have a connection to 'Clowns' and It works really well if you have the album on repeat. The lyrics are quite deep I felt, about intense love being given to a vulnerable person, all in all a fantastic way to round off the album. 10/10

Top 5
2.Cologne Cerrone Houdini
3.Eat Yourself

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Under The Blacklight
Under The Blacklight
Price: £3.93

3 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A Bit More Adventurous (4.5 Stars), 26 Aug. 2007
This review is from: Under The Blacklight (Audio CD)
Rilo Kiley quickly became one of my favourite bands when I became obsessed with their last album "More Adventurous" and I was so happy that this year a new album would be released."Under The Blacklight" is a big transition from their old sound recruiting hip-hop producer Mike Elizondo who also worked with Fiona Apple on her last album.

1.Silver Lining - Is the second single from the album which is such a great happy,sounding song.Ok, so it's much more poppy and commercial than their previous stuff but come on, it's a great summer song and I don't think anything else sounds like this on the radio at the moment it's quite original and Jenny is god so what more do you want.It sounds to me like its about someone who lived to be the only good thing in someone else's life (the silver lining) but then start living for themself and become happier (being gold).10/10

2.Close Call - I think this song is about someone, or someones, who kinda live a dangerous life, for money like pornstars, or prostitutes, or theifs. and how their whole life is kinda like a "close call" like everything they do practicially kills them, if not actually then like metephorically.Especially the band being from California and L.A being notorious for people selling their soul for fame and publicity.Jenny sounds great on this one, and the beat of it is, more polished than again, their previous work but I don't see it as a bad thing. 9/10

3.The Moneymaker - Now I gotta say I love this song, alot of Rilo Kiley fans hate it but this song is cool and it's original, and really only they could pull this off.My friend said to me that this would be the perfect stripper song, and yeah they are right as this song is about that.But I have to admit I didn't love the song at first, but I keep listening to it and I've fallen in love...Great groove, will be a good party song. And yeah, the lyrics aren't deep, but Jenny's vocals go excellently with the song, and I think that's what matters in this sort of song.Great first single to maybe push them into the spotlight a bit more. 10/10

4.Breakin' Up - This is definitely different for Rilo Kiley, but I do enjoy the lyrics. I think the meaning is pretty self explanatory. She's in a relationship that isn't working out and they're breaking up but she's not heart broken about it.But it sounds almost happy, almost like cool, we broke up i'm free like its a good thing.The song is such a cute one, and dancable..espcially the "ohh it feels good to be free" it's almost like a disco song, it makes me smile. 10/10

5.Under The Blacklight - I like this song, but the thing I fount a little disturbing was that in an interview Jenny said that the song was written about wanting to kill Blake Sennett (the guitarist and occastional lead vocalist), Now I don't know it Jenny was joking or serious and if she being serious, I definately wouldn't wanna be in his shoes. The song again has an original sound especially at the start and the end which has this weird eletronic sound which actually go with the song. 8/10

6.Dreamworld - On this song Jenny and Blake sing together although Blake is featured more prominantly, but doesn't sound so much like Elliott Smith like he did on the tracks from the previous album. Now this song is definitely about escapism to me. Just, talking about people living lives they arent happy with and pretending they're somewhere else. And how almost everyone is unhappy and trying to escape and you might not even realise it because they seem fine on the outside. It's a great song I wonder if this will become a single release. 10/10

7.Delajo - I think this song is brilliant, I could go as far as to say that it's my favourite song. I think people a making too much of a big deal out of her spanish, It's just a great funky, happy song about being free and not really caring what other people think, I was playing the album and my friend thinks the beat sounds like it's a Lionel Ritchie song,either way I really like this song. 10/10

8.15 - I'd venture to say this song is about a man flirting with a young girl on the internet. He's a pervert and she's young and willing, but he doesn't know she's only fifteen.Almost like the premise of the move "Hard Candy", I don't really like this song too much but it's alright for listening to the album all the way through I still sing along 7/10

9.Smoke Detector - I like this, alot,You could see the 'smoke detector' as being someone who bums off other people's cigarettes, but as the saying goes, 'there's no smoke without fire', and therefore the chorus is a playful warning to watch out for the peril you can't see.The song reminds me of the Beach Boys songs, very beach party sounding. The smoking theme is a metaphore for sex as well as "smoking" as being a sexy,hot person.There is elements of of Rilo Kiley in this song through out maybe coz of the hand clapping,as on "With Arms Outstretched". Great song give it a chance. 10/10

10.The Angels Hung Around - Sounds like this one is about the loss of a loved one, and the loss affected the person so much that she eventually died too, so the angels hung around awaiting the inevitable.
This is a great song. It's a favourite of mine. Jenny sounds great, and the music rolls perfectly with her voice.It's a great track,as though she's more influenced by "Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins"material than the original sound of "Rilo Kiley." 10/10

11.Give A Little Love - It's so strange for me to hear them do a song that has such a stronge R&B influence, considering their music can boarder on alternative country sometimes.Fans of the band have said this is the worse song they've ever done, But I like it, its odd for them to do something like this so I love it haha. It rounds of the album pretty well despite the album maybe being a bit uneven at times. 8/10

Top 5
2.Silver Lining
3.The Angels Hung Around
4.The Money Maker
5.Smoke Detector

There is nothing wrong with changing your sound, but the fact that this goes along with the new record company change, it makes me question their devotion to music vs. money.But all in all I do like the album, Just be a little more kind, it's not at instant as the other albums it takes a while to get into it.

Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £9.96

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5.0 out of 5 stars Just Don't Forget To Take Your Meds, 26 Aug. 2007
This review is from: Meds (Audio CD)
Placebo have been my favourite band for a while now since 'Without You I'm Nothing' I've been hooked on their hard sometimes eletronic songs mixed with deep,honest and reality laden lyrics. "Meds" their fifth album is one of my favourite albums of theirs also this album commemorates their 10 years in the industry, One of the best albums of 2006.

1.Meds (Feat.Alison 'VV' Mosshart of The Kills) - The last UK single from the album which is one of the best songs on the album.The song is in classic Placebo form dealing with manic depression,drug use and sex. From my interpretation of the song, It's about someone who is bipolar and has a really hard time dealing with it but whats more is that they are mixing the medication with other drugs therefor thinking that they can cope without taking their meds but they feel worse but just won't admit it. 10/10

2.Infra-Red - It appears that the psychotic main character of the song intends on committing suicide (as in the first line) but taking the other person out at the same time as an act of vengeance, making it look like an 'accident'.I think thats where the 'infra-red' theme comes in, that is that someone being killed occurs, but you don't see the intent behind the supposed 'accident'; just as infra red is there but you don't see it. It's a really great song again Placebo never disappoint always on point a stellar song that was also the second single lifted from the album with a great video. 10/10

3.Drag - This song is definately old,classic Placebo with the hard guitar riff throughout even down to the way Molko sings on this song reminds me of older songs like "Nancy Boy" and "Every You Every Me".I suppose this song is about somebody, who admires someone else who seems to be perfect in everyway, and hence the person feels a bit worthless, being always behind this perfect guy/girl. I personally think this should have been a single release it's another of my favourite songs. 10/10

4.Space Monkey - I've never really liked this song again, like some of thier previous work they've dabbled with some electronic sounds.Space Monkey is the most experimental track on the album.I see the enormously sexual element to this song. everything from the lyrics to the sound of brian's voice and the way the rhythm is kind of slow and deliberately erotic. I've had the album for a while now and I still really can't get into it, I do listen to it though but prefer the others 7/10

5.Follow The Cops Back Home - This is such a beautiful song again like Space Monkey is has an experiemental edge to it. Brian said that the song was inspired by a visit to Iceland during 24-hour sun. The vistas, the geysers, the salt pools and he wondered what teenagers get up to as there is no police and barely any crime. It was one of the songs that I just instantly loved it's definately one of the best songs. 10/10

6.Post Blue - Again the ongoing theme on the album is addiction and drug abuse and mental illness and of course this song is no exception I get the feeling that the person he is singing to has depression but uses drugs to cope with it all. parts of the song sound like he is trying to reassure them that he is there and would do anything for the person but alll they do is push him away "bite the hand that feeds". It really is a great song I gotta admit I didn't like at all when I first heard but, it's a great song especially listening to the lyrics carefully. 10/10

7.Because I Want You - I think this song is mostly about a relationship between two people. One of them is cheating on the other and is causing alot of strain on there relationship. the other person is finding it hard and feels lonely because the cheating has torn them apart and thus turning to drink for comfort as they don't like to be alone. I always thought this was a weird choice for lead single, I do love the song I just didn't think it was strong enough to make the impact that it should of made. 10/10

8.Blind - I think this song is about a partner thats destroying themself through drugs, self harm etc. Hes begging them not to leave but sounds like hes knows his efforts are pointless and hes kinda given up. Its a great song and very emotional, he saying not to leave him in the dark let him help you get through what your going through such a sweet song is it's own twisted, Placebo way. 9/10

9.Pierrot The Clown - This is such a beautiful,harrowing song. This is my favourite song on the album,to me this song is about phisical abuse and the vicious circle that it generates, the person being abused doesn`t like it but they don`t ask for help, they just let it happen again.Also I think that the figure of the clown was chosen to show that the person abused is a person who hides his/her sadness and always show a happy face even though he/she might be suffering, just like any clown.This song works on so many levels for me.The "Pierrot The Clown" character was always being made fun of and trusted people to easily. He was always being let down. A Naive character who gives too many second chances. This stands as one of the best Placebo songs ever written, to me anyway. 10/10

10.Broken Promise (Feat.Michael Stipe) - Considering this song features R.E.M. frontman Michae Stipe I was expecting something different, like some actually worth listening to!. I gotta say as much as I love both Molko and Stipe I think this is one of the worst songs on the album, if not THE worse.I have tried to like it, I really have perhaps I was so transfixed with the song before anything before it wouldn't live up to it.The song is about being unfaithful and both of you never really recovering or forgiving the person who did you wrong. 6/10

11.One Of A Kind - This song could refer to a person that is living on their own terms for life and is more realistic than people that looks forward to socialize to feel approved and sheltered for people acceptance."On top of the world and you get nothing done" is a sentence defining how there are people that looks more for a group belonging for not being labeled even when they could feel empty inside than be faithful to their own desires. It's a great song the ongoing guitar riff is great and Molko sounds great. 9/10

12.In The Cold Light Of Morning - Some people I've spoken to and listened to the album with don't really like this song and find it weak,I don't see this song as weak at ALL, it drags you right in to the situation and leaves you there. I think people don't like this song because it's different to the rest of the album but it belongs on Meds just like the others. I love the way Brian's voice is deep and haunting almost. People also find it to have a Tim Burton-esque feel to it.This song was ommited from the original tracklisting the the US because of one of the lines, and personally I think it's stupid I've heard worse. It's a great song to round the album off. 10/10

13.Song To Say Goodbye - The song sounds like a story about a father figure, or guardian of some sort, that came into your life and was supposed to be your friend, someone you could relate to, but has a drug problem, I absolutely LOVE this song it's such a sad song and the video, It almost reduced me to tears, how helping someone go cod turkey is a emotionally draining experience. The first verse I think is giving the person tough love and when they are high and out of it they have "the voice that makes you cry". then the second verse is telling them how much your hurting the person. Such a great song to finish on. 10/10

Top 5
1.Pierrot The Clown
2.Song To Say Goodbye
4.Follow The Cops Back Home

If you love the band then I suggest you pick up their most solid work so far.
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Trailer Park
Trailer Park
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £2.19

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The Soundtrack To My London, 20 Aug. 2007
This review is from: Trailer Park (Audio CD)
Beth Orton's official debut was a milestone in music especially at the time of it's release we saw britpop and dance music dominated the charts,Beth opted for a more Folk/Eletronica feel for he album."Trailer Park" is one of those brilliantly crafted british albums that makes you feel proud of our music scene.

1.She Cries Your Name - One of her most known songs although not making a big splash when it was first released it has a more cult status today much like the album. The song is a very chilled out song but with a sense of sadness and fragilty mostly from the tone and utter gorgeousness of Orton's voice.The subtle strings and the gentle guitar riff backed up by the almost sonar-like bleeps throughout the song just give it that bit more of a 'chilling' feel,very atmospheric. 10/10

2.Tangent - Now this song is one of the most prominent trip-hop songs on the album following suit from the likes of Portishead, I've always had a sof spot for this song and maybe one of the best performances, vocally on the album.A song maybe alot of us cant relate to never getting to the point we wanna make so you procrastinate and go off on a tangent to hide the truth.I just can't get over how beautiful she sounds. 10/10

3.Don't Need A Reason - This is one of my favorite songs by Beth Orton, she captivates the feeling of hurting others so perfectly in her lyrics for this song.It has more of an acoustic feel with beautiful swooping strings maybe one of her most heartbreaking work, lyrically anyway.I usually like songs that are very reflective and sad, this song is no exception because she sings her heart out and towards the end you hear the hope and somewhat healing in her voice, you don't mean to hurt people just being hurt yourself it's like second nature I love this song. 10/10

4.Live As You Dream - Really the only upbeat song full of hope and promise and probably her most pop orientated song shes ever recorded, It's a nice song, short but sweet after picking yourself up from the previous song this is almost like summer in London walking down the street with a smile on your face and headphones blaring without a care in the world. 10/10

5.Sugar Boy - It's obvious this song is about a woman with a younger man that seemed to use her for her money. I love the lyrics "Told you I loved you / You beat my heart black and blue." So beautiful. Now that the woman told him she loved him hes gone maybe the pressure of that word and the reciprocation isn't what she was expecting a very sad song and things like this happen which makes it even more depressing I do like it but it's probably my least favourite song. 7/10

6.Touch Me With Your Love - Now this song to me, its just perfection and so happens to be my favourite song,I love the spoken word intro at the start hearing Beth speak is cute.See for me this song isnt as gloomy as it seems, yeah it has a very mournful and downtempo beat which seems to have inspiration from Massive Attack, she sounds beautiful as always the song itself is basically saying I'm here come and get me, just love me and i'll love you.This was also a single which didn't do very well (like much of the albums singles) but the video is great, shot in black and white you can see how London was 11 years ago.10/10

7.Whenever - A folk inspired piece of glory! It really is I love this song it's again a nice pick you up, doesn't necessarily have to be about a lover maybe a friend, whenever your lonely and need someone to talk to a friend will always be there. I always thought maybe this song goes on longer than it should be it's still a great one.The jangly guitar and the subtle percussion gives it a happy,sweet feel to it, very summery 10/10

8.How Far - I've always thought this song had a slight americana feel to it, very americanised but it's a great song but just standard rock/folk music not much of a stand out.I've had this CD for a long time, in fact it was one of the first albums I owned,but almost 8 years of owning it I still can't get into this one fully, I wouldn't go as far as saying it's a filler because that wouldn't be fair but it's just a bit of a slow growing maybe I'll appreciate it one day 6/10

9.Someone's Daughter - Beth weaves her voice around the song like a tapestry, grooving until the end with the beat to create a sublime piece of art, It's a nice song another uptempo song. A sweet love song possibly being intimate with someone but Beth simply asking for the person in question not to take it too far,'coz after all she is someones daughter and you would want the best for your own,Love the message. 10/10

10.I Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine - Now I have heard the original I can honestly say I prefer Beth version, It's quite original.
This song is painful to listen to. It is such a great song, but it actually hurts to listen to it.A song clearly about depression never seeming to be able to be happy, As it can be such an emotionally consuming state of mind it's hard to who you want to be, I think it was very beautiful for Beth to cover this,she truly bring the emotion out of the song 10/10

11.Galaxy Of Emptiness - This song is the longest on the album running just over 10 minutes, going back to the more trip-hop feeling, I could see this being maybe the inspiration for Air's work years later the build up is beautiful and almost perfect in itself, almost 4 minutes of instrumental before she starts to sing, I mean I do really like it, but again its not one that instantly grabs you maybe if it was shorter not that I mind long tracks, but this one just didn't need to be. 8/10

Top 5
1.Touch Me With Your Love
2.I Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine
3.Don't Need A Reason
4.She Cries Your Name

One of our best unsung heroes, and a great album to soundtrack London i've always felt this way listen to it while walking around the westend at night and you'll really get the true feel of the album.

Beauty & Crime
Beauty & Crime

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Beautiful Crime Of Being Underrated (4.5 Stars), 13 July 2007
This review is from: Beauty & Crime (Audio CD)
Much like fellow singers such as Aimee Mann,Heather Nova and Natalie Merchant, singers who I feel get left on the shelf who really possess stellar work. Suzanne Vega's seventh album "Beauty & Crime" the follow-up to her underrated (as always) gem "Songs In Red And Gray", A love letter to New York City with all its faults Suzanne finds the beauty in this mysterious city.

1.Zephyr & I - The opener is great, a song about Suzanne and her artist friend Zephyr having a conversation and reminiscing about the past and the familiarity yet the change of the city,as it once was, in this case the 70's.The guitars keep a rhythmic flow throughout the song with great backing vocal harmonies very nice song to get the album started. 10/10

2.Ludlow Street - My favourite song on the album,Now this song is about her Brother Tim who used to live on said street who had wild parties and generally good times, its a very atmospheric song almost melancholic, again we see Suzanne reminiscing about the good times, she sings "each stoop and doorway seems incomplete without you there" I actually find this song really sweet, whenever she visits this place she can't help but smile 10/10

3.New York As A Woman - Now, people usually refer to New York as a women probably due to the fact of the statue of liberty,The city represents hope and promise, the song plays a role of a woman who is a bit of a maneater if your not smart and strong you will be swallowed up, I love the imagery Suzanne conjures up she is a fantastic story teller, so people never been there before beware although it seems beautiful, it's a dangerous place lol 10/10

4.Pornographer's Dream - A very continental cafe sounding song, can imagine Suzanne singing this song to a small group in a cozy coffee shop, The song is about possibly a woman or women who come into the said characters life as an 'actress' and feels incomplete,he doesn't really know why he does this,to him things are fake and plastic, it's a very good song it works on alot of different levels a very mature and somewhat sad song, again 10/10

5.Frank & Ava - Has a sort of Bonnie and Clyde (but inspired by Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra)thing going on, a couple who constantly fight but when the lights go down and they get intimate things change "not enough to be in love" they're relationship seems shallow and actually reminds me of an Aimee Mann song, great guitars in this one and also as always stellar vocal harmonies. 9/10

6.Edith Wharton's Figurine - Originally just called 'Figurines' Now, this song is a very beautiful song it applies to every woman who has to compete with each other to be beautiful always comparing each other to whoever, Suzanne sings about women getting surgery and she asks "why isn't our beauty not enough?" I think girls under the age of 13 should be made to listen to this song they might not have such low self-esteem 10/10

7.Bound - This is a song dedicated to Suzanne's husband one of the more up-beat songs with frantic sounding strings and a hand baseline, with a beautiful piano loop, A song about her worrying if he still loves her, and the insecurities she feels, I guess anyone would very beautiful song, haunting even (I think it might be the vocals) 9/10

8.Unbound - I didn't like this song at first it just didn't fit in with the rest of the albums low-keep approach, this one is more electronic and modern, I love the way she sings about a plant it's pretty cute and I mean, if Kate Bush can sing about her washing machine then why not,pretty cool song although it's a bit of a 'stick-out-like-a-sore-thumb' song 7/10

9.As You Are Now - Beautiful song about Suzanne's daughter,In the booklet there is a picture of her daughter, I just think it was a sweet song for her to do, usually I don't like when artists sing songs about their kids 'coz it's usually quite sickly but this is a very pretty understated song 9/10

10.Angel's Doorway - The song is about A cop is stationed at Ground Zero and his wife wants him to leave his clothes at the door. Also about troops returning home.I love this song although it sounds like a happy song is has a eerie and unsettling feel, seemingly about 9/11 great song, not on of the standouts though 9/10

11.Anniversary - Dedicated to the people of New York, a song about the one year anniversary of 9/11,very sweet song and a great way to end the album I can't really say much about it, you just need to listen to the lyrics, nice relaxing,reflective song with a slight gospel feel to it. 10/10

Top 5
1.Ludlow Street
2.Pornographer's Dream
3.Edith Wharton's Figurine
4.New York As A Woman
5.Zephyr & I

A beautiful reflective album,It will probably overlooked as usual, for a mature,adult perspective on life then turn to this.

Price: £40.13

4.0 out of 5 stars Another Geological Journey, 30 Jun. 2007
This review is from: Saltbreakers (Audio CD)
"Saltbreakers" is Veir's sixth album and fourth on a label. Again she explores modern day love with the Earth and her geological expertise, having only hearing of her music in 2005 she has fast become on of my favourite 'underground' singers.

1.Pink Light - I love this song, and the hand claps are perfect. It seems like it's after she's broken it off with someone. It's kind of like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and knowing that with the start of a new day, you'll be OK. The guitar work on this song is fantastic the whole album is backed by her band The Saltbreakers (of whom the album is named after) 10/10

2.Ocean Night Song - Again like most of her songs they're about the earth,the sea and the sky, In this case the ocean it's a beautiful melodic song which is very atmospheric the imagery is beautiful. Comparing her love for someone to the ocean being deep and an un-taming force very pretty song. 10/10

3.Don't Lose Yourself - A more upbeat song that the last, I got to say though I'm not really in favour of this song it has a great vibe to it again another song about love about not forgetting who you are as a person ,don't turn into the person they want you to be also can work in a more life affirming way very good moral just not one of my favourites 7/10

4.Drink Deep - I felt that the album started to dip a little,I just felt that the song didn't really tell me anything apart from Laura's fascination with water and more specifically the sea. The mood of the song isn't as aquatic as I was hoping it was, I think thats why I was a bit disappointed. It's also one of the longer songs and it didn't really need to be. 6/10

5.Wandering Kind - Again, not really blown away by this one either I don't really listen to it now, I'm not one to just listen to a song for 15 seconds I did give this song 3 or 4 through listens and still felt the same as the track before it just doesn't do anything for me It starts to pick up a bit late into the song and I think I just lost interest. 5/10

6.Nightingale - I think I would go as far as to say that this is the worst song on the album, In fact maybe of her whole career it's just uninspiring drivel to make use of a better word I really couldn't get into it the production I guess is pretty good and she obviously has a good rapport with her band, but as I've said it just does nothing for me 3/10

7.Saltbreakers - Now this is a much better song I like the production on this song the chorus is just so cool with Laura singing the first line with her band singing backing which sounds like a small chorus and they sound excellent. I was glad the album started to pick up 'coz I was ready to send this album back , but this is a great song and definitely one of my favourites. 10/10

8.To The Country - Another great song, I can't listen to this without thinking of Sufjan Stevens, especially the "Heavenly stars, the heavenly stars, the heavenly stars" part reminds me of his song "Chicago". It actually sounds like a country song again like "Pink Light" this song has the infectious clapping which give it such a carefree feel to it. The song is pretty straight forward, Laura loves nature (if you didn't know that already) and she has very strong desire to move the country very beautiful song and it sounds great in the car. 10/10

9.Cast A Hook (In Me) - This is by far her best song, and not just on this album. It's just so great again more imagery conjuring for the ocean it starts off nice and serene then builds up into this, and considering Veir's limited vocal range (not a bad thing by the way) she really makes the most of it, the chorus is so beautiful the "oh oh hah hah haaaa" is so great how soft and delicate her voice is just utterly amazing. 10/10

10.Phantom Mountain - From the beautifulness of "Cast A Hook", comes this great edgy rock song, it's pretty short too which was a bit disappointing but all in all this is a great song I actually couldn't really make out what she was singing about on this one but I know I like it alot, but there is a part where the guitar playing starts to sound like a siren which made me laugh a little. 10/10

11.Black Butterfly - This is a nice short song I guess the butterfly is in the shape of the protagonists love for someone else but it's gone and flown away 'coz, well thats what loves does a slow and almost distraught song very nice 10/10

12.Wrecking - I got the impression that Laura is actually singing about wreckages being pillaged, but then I think some of it is acts as a double metaphor the wrecking, being a messed up person who has been hurt alot and trying to sort themselves out but still is a mess again Laura never fails to conjure up the cool imagery shes singing about. 10/10

Top 5

1.Cast A Hook (In Me)

2.Pink Light

3.To The Country

4.Don't Lose Yourself


Another cool album, not without it's flaws but still a winner I suggest you purchase this.

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