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Franz Kiffka "the figure that sniggers" (Manchester,UK.)

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No More Hell To Pay
No More Hell To Pay
Offered by Door2DoorEnt
Price: £13.53

4.0 out of 5 stars Turning up the classic heavy rockin' style again..., 7 Jan. 2014
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This review is from: No More Hell To Pay (Audio CD)
The infamous Christian rock metal band Stryper have come back over the last few years much stronger, and reinvigourated. The last album a couple of years back hinted at surprising impressive songwriting and well crafted solid rock riffs and tunes, which might not really have been expected from a band many just see as a joke.
They are still very much passionate Christians, and most of their tunes show their faith and worship, but they really do know how to rock out like many of their own influences. If you love bands like Judas Priest, Kiss, Iron Maiden, you will instantly hear the familiar riffing and structures but there are great original strong tunes here to enjoy.
Even non-religious rock/metal fans I am sure will easily respect and deep down enjoy the honestly great rockin' songs, some very really stunning guitar, bass and drum work, and the singer's vocals and at times surprisingly well up there with the likes of Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson. Rock out and be blessed.

Release The Panic
Release The Panic
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: £12.33

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4.0 out of 5 stars Changes but still strong and powerful rocking..., 7 Jan. 2014
This review is from: Release The Panic (Audio CD)
Well this is the latest new album from this Christian rock/metal band who are very massive over in the US. They have had three previous album which might appeal to fans of Nu-Metal, Evanescence, Linkin Park etc.
With this new one they really have finally taken some bold steps forward-at least for the kind of music/ band they are. They have brought in more dance/electronic sounds at the start and around the tunes, some of them. This gives a fairly contemporary modern new sound, and is reminds of bands like Nine Inch Nails, Linkin Park's more dance/electro times, the Dupstep Korn album. It does not cover the whole album, and the real songs are still very much there and clear. At least two songs are very heavy, and fast in a thrash/metal kind of way. Then a couple of big worship style tunes. It may not be their actual best album, but it is probably their most brave and challenging. Changes they probably needed to make, if not stick to on the next album. Still a great uplifting band to hear.

Price: £11.66

4.0 out of 5 stars The return in a strong and mighty way..., 26 Nov. 2013
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This review is from: Rise (Audio CD)
Here we have the all new album from one of the best rock band in America right now. If you have never heard them, this is a great place to start, and if you are already a big fan I can tell you that you will not be disapointed at all.

A good couple of years or more since their last great album, suddenly this new one appears. While the last album had some great moments, seemed more polished and strong to begin with but it did actually then contain a few weak songs. It was a shame really but here with this album, it seems the band might have noticed that and we have here a much more well crafted overall album, generally very strong all the way, from start to finish, which is sometimes a problem with Skillet.
It starts with a great big anthem, then onto first new single 'Sick of it' which is huge and catchy. After that there are many more, good tight strong tunes, still slick and catchy but almost every tune this time-and there are lots-is a very good one.
Very much worth hearing this album-if you are a believer or secular, agnostic or just looking for really great big huge catchy rocking songs this is one of the best albums of 2013.

For fans of Green Day, Flyleaf, Metallica, RED, Evanescence, Foo Fighters, KING'S X, and just really great uplifting rock music.

Original Album Series
Original Album Series
Price: £14.43

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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing quality huge rock music NOT to be missed, re-released, 25 Oct. 2013
This review is from: Original Album Series (Audio CD)
This seems to be released at the same time as a number of similar rock music package re-release sets, but while you may have heard of most of the others bands, or might eventually with this band you really should not take the risk of missing out at all.
Their commerical peak was probably the early 90's, almost breaking huge globally and touring with AC/DC, Pearl Jam and others. In recent years they have made a kind of triumphant return, their last studio album being a really well crafted top notch heavy rock modern classic.
This set holds their first essential, usually most highly respected studio albums and there are many really outstanding and truly stunning moments across them.
They may have initially been percieved as a kind of 'Christian' band, and there is religious/spiritual symbolism and a few references in songs, but that really should not at all stop you from enjoying these absolutely fantastic huge rock tunes. At a time when big hair Glam Metal was ending and Grunge was trundling in, this band avoided the first and influenced the next. Many bands, including Pearl Jam, Extreme and others have mentioned and given credit to this amazing strong band over the years.

Many say the best KING'S X album might be 'Gretchen goes to Nebraska'- with strong Beatles influences, it is at times, heavy, funky, groove-filled, psychedelic, catchy as anything.
The next two album are similar in sound, complex-almost progressive rock in many parts, but there is always a strong mix of classic funk rock, rock n' roll, 70's rock all together.
Their guitar player Ty Tabor is also one of the most very underrated in rock music-his guitar solos are some of the most stunning you are likely to ever hear, I garuantee.
The last album in this set-Dogman- was when things were changing for the band, and they loosened up, lyrics much more deep, personal and the album is a very 'Grunge' 90's sound. Very cool for fans of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam etc.

So really get this collection, as no rock-even no music fan- will at all be disapointed on hearing any tune from this massively influential great living legend rock band.

For fans of: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Metallica, Black Stone Cherry, Aerosmith, Soundgarden, ALice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Green Day, The Who, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, and any modern/classic rock music.

Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £12.73

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic new big rockin' solo slab of music from dUg!, 23 Jun. 2013
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This review is from: Naked (Audio CD)
Well here in 2013 now he have the latest new solo album from the legend singer/bassist from the influential rock band KING'S X; Dug Pinnick. This is not his first solo album, there have been around half a dozen so far and he is known for guesting on recording projects with many various musicians over the years, experimenting in funk, rock, grunge, doom stoner sounds, even a little industrial.
This cool new album, is a bit shorter than his equallt excellent previous solo album, and doesn't have the extended jam sections this time. This is a coleection of shorter but very infectious and very well crafted songs, from a legend guy who certainly knows how to write a great tune that will sink into your mind and groove around in there for days to come.
As Dug and the guitarist Ty from KING'S X both have put out a good few solo albums each over the last ten or more years, Ty tends to usually sound more 70's melodic retro rock in style while Dug usually seems to lean toward much heavier rock sounds and clear funk bass as he adds into KING'S X often.
He has spoken on promo video clips for this album as it being a very personal album, and the lyrics do deal with serious issues of life like money, depression, fear, love, confusion and this is quite genuinely remarkable and to be very respected. And with these sets of very honest lyrics are put some very impressive catchy strong songs, featuring some absolutely great fine heavy riffing, choruses and big funk grooves. This man can always be counted on to put out top quality stunning tunes as he has been doing with KING'S X and solo now for many years.
Go check out this great album if you are a fan of KING'S X, Led Zeppelin, James Brown, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Beatles, Foo Fighters and just fantastic great rock in general- you will not be dissapointed at all.

Between Here & Lost
Between Here & Lost
Price: £12.14

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4.0 out of 5 stars HEAD back with first band album that rocks big style, 27 Mar. 2013
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This review is from: Between Here & Lost (Audio CD)
Well, here in 2013 we now have the first album from the band Brian 'HEAD' Welch, formerly of KORN has now called LOVE AND DEATH.
This has come a few years after his first solo album after he left the mega-huge globe-smashing Nu-metal titans KORN called Save me from Myself. That album was similarly heavy and had some of the hooks of KORN style songs, but was also slightly gothic and industrial at times. Of course it was also a very distinctly spiritual album, as he had left KORN after becoming a Christian. Many of the songs dealt with redemption, sins, fear, forgiveness, mercy, God, and love quite heavily.
Now here with this new album, with a band he has been touring with since the solo album came out, the sound of these songs is more refined, less outrightly religious and spiritual as with the first album, but it is just as heavy an album.

HEAD left KORN but he did not leave the extreme heavy sounds and giant riffs behind, and with this album the tunes are again just as big, huge and infectious or even more than the solo album. These are some very cool fantastic tunes, with similarities in style to bands like Slipknot, KORN, System of A Down, Disturbed, Marilyn Manson. Very dark, heavy, gothic Nu-metal chunky riffage cranked out in twisted but melodic ways.
The tunes on this album differ from HEAD'S solo album in being mostly shorter, more catchy and less contemplative. I was not bothered by the spirituality expressed with his solo album, being that way myself but also thought it was a refreshing bold style that stood out from the regularly self-involved, negativity of rock/metal repeatedly. Life does not have to be so dark, angry, negative. There is much to see in life to be thankful for.
Saying that, this is still very much an angry, loud hevay album, it is probably more closer to KORN once again, and some might really like that.
Honestly, if you love big huge agressive twisted tunes by bands like Metallica, Disturbed, Rammstein, Slipknot, HIM, Deftones, the Nu-metal style or darkly heavy sounds you really should check this fantastic band out. Peace.

New Horizons
New Horizons
Price: £9.91

4.0 out of 5 stars Stunning huge return but final with amazing singer..., 21 Nov. 2012
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This review is from: New Horizons (Audio CD)
Considering most band and how long they can take to knock out new albums, FLYLEAF only had their previous full album out over two years ago and even put out a small mini album since then. That last album was very good, but a huge different concept album, very poetic and ambitious.
This new much shorter album is a different kind of thing. I was initially very shocked at how short it is-only just less than forty minutes. But after listening a few times, it is one of those albums where, it is actually just the right size where you soon want to listen again and do not feel like it plodded on for too long.
There are at least three or four really very fantastic tunes on this album which immediately stand out. The first song quietly begins then explodes into huge chorus, repeating. A great opening tune and then the title song appears which is more accessible mainstream catchy sounding.
The best tunes are probably Great Love, Fire- Fire, Save me Grace, New Horizons, Call You Out-which is quite heavy and repetitive, Freedom-which is a massive huge passionate tune. Other very good too if more quite and thoughtful, building to a strong end of the album. If you like their most well known tunes like Fully Alive, All Around Me, there are similar big tunes here thankfully while they change a little and get better a little too.
Very sadly though this has been the last album with their amazing female singer Lacey, who has left but stayed friends with the band. They have chosen a new female singer to tour the album with already.
If you want some huge passionate, truly inspirational, and very uplifting songs then this is definitely the kind of band and music you are looking to find. Enjoy.

The Horse
The Horse
Offered by tws-music-eu
Price: £5.04

4.0 out of 5 stars Continued GREAT unusual heavy pop rock sound!, 16 Jan. 2012
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This review is from: The Horse (Audio CD)
This was one of the last album that this unusual but very good different band put out before splitting a few years back, and have only played a handful of shows since unfortunately. They began as a bizarre mix of thrash metal, grunge style rock and catchy BEATLES style big pop sounds. They metal thrashing dissapeared more as time passed, streamlining to a more groove heavy pop sound.
Very unusual but very cool band, worth lsitening to for sure, if you want to hear different heavy but melodic catchy band.
Great sounds and lets hope they return in future.

Galactic Cowboys
Galactic Cowboys
Price: £11.50

4.0 out of 5 stars Very unusual but GREAT heavy pop grunge metal..., 16 Jan. 2012
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This review is from: Galactic Cowboys (Audio CD)
This is a strange heavy band, who disbanded a few years back and have only so fae played a handful of concerts since. That is a very sad thing, as really they were so very unique, original and possibly ahead of their time really.
This was thier first album from around 1991, probably some of the heavier tunes they did, but it also introduced their original strange mix of heavy eighties trhash metal riffing with catchy big mainstream rock and BEATLES style pop hooks at times.
If you like metal, thrash, like it heavy but want something a bit thoughtful and different, really check out these bizarre great guys and hope they reform somethime soon.

Black And White America
Black And White America
Offered by jim-exselecky
Price: £4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars NEW FANTASTIC BIG FUNK FEEL GOOD TUNES!, 28 Sept. 2011
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This review is from: Black And White America (Audio CD)
Here returns Lenny only after a couple of years away. Where he suprisingly gave away most of the last 2008 studio album 'Time for a Love revolution' free with a national newspaper, joining Prince in the panic of the direction musicians should take as the music industry crumbled slowly shakily here it is back to selling it as usual. Nothing wrong with that, I've bought my copy, as he certainly deserves it.
As the last album was a more sombre, mature, moody in places album, even dark; this new one returns to big hopeful joyfilled tunes, as only Lenny seems to write with little effort. It has tunes much funkier than any new RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS ones, it has deep groove soul, r n'b style, JAY-Z pops up, among others. Maybe too long, a little unfocused toward the end, but as usual from LENNY, garuanteed a good few stunning cool big catchy uplifting tunes to lift you up and make you have a good day once again. Dependable, reliable, outstanding cool funk pop rock goodness returns.

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