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Morning Star: Red Rising Trilogy 3 (The Red Rising Trilogy)
Morning Star: Red Rising Trilogy 3 (The Red Rising Trilogy)
by Pierce Brown
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £16.99

5.0 out of 5 stars QUICK SPOILER-FREE REVIEW, 18 Feb. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)

I just finished it couple of minutes ago and I think I'm still in shock from what I read.

Morning Star is poignant story that crushed me, gave me goosebumps and consumed all my waking thoughts ever since I started reading it. Pierce Brown can tell a story in a way that only very few authors can. Morning Star is a masterpiece. Whole series is a masterpiece. And I believe that this is a story that children of our children will be taught about in the future.

Morning Star was out-of-this-world amazing.

So all I'm going to say for now is: READ THIS BOOK/SERIES, GUYS!

Sci-fi/dystopian genre can't get better than this.

Pierce Brown, I'm your fan for life!

A Pound of Flesh: A Pound of Flesh Book 1
A Pound of Flesh: A Pound of Flesh Book 1
by Sophie Jackson
Edition: Paperback
Price: £8.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Recommended to all lovers of good profound contemporary romance!, 24 Jun. 2015
A Pound of Flesh is fabulous story. Writing is superb, storyline is engaging and overall it is very addictive reading. Who doesn't like good forbidden romance story, right? Moreover, characters development in this story is incredible . I could see how individual characters changed throughout the story and I found out that sometimes people are not what they seem to be at first and it made my reading experience that much better for me.

A Pound of Flesh is about the most powerful emotion - love - and about discrimination, prejudices and paying your debt no matter what sacrifices you have to make. Usually, people point out discrimination against gender, race or religion. But have you ever think about the fact that people with criminal history are discriminated too? (Of course I am not talking about murderers or psycho people) We never know all the details that lead to their arrest. As we did not know any details about Carter's arrest at the beginning of this novel. So please do not judge him in this story and give him a chance...

This story owned me from beginning to the end and I recommend it to all lovers of good profound contemporary romance!

Love, in Spanish: (A Love, in English sequel)
Love, in Spanish: (A Love, in English sequel)
Price: £2.06

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5.0 out of 5 stars a lot of heartbreak and plenty of passionate love. Perfection, 11 Nov. 2014
Halle gives us a little bit of drama, a lot of heartbreak and plenty of passionate love. Perfection!

Halle created singular seductive atmosphere in this novel and I was enthralled by it. I lost myself in Mateo’s beautiful heartwarming declarations as well as steamy passionate encounters. And I have to admit that even though I love all the heroes written by Karina Halle, Mateo is on the top of the list. I love his playful side, or how serious and responsible he can be when needed. But most of all I love the passionate man that he is!

Moreover, I loved the voice of this novel. It was mature, sensual and charming as the leading man himself. I fell for Mateo through Vera’s eyes in Love, in English. And I fell for him all over again in this novel, this time seeing Mateo’s love for Vera and Chloe Ann through his own eyes.

But do not fret, this isn’t merely the retelling of events that happened in first book. So all of you who are hesitant to pick this book up, don’t be! Love, in Spanish is completely new story plot-wise and it takes place after the end of Love, in English. We all knew that no matter how Love, in English ended, Vera and Mateo could not simply ride off into sunset and live happily ever after. This novel serves as insight into complicated life of Mateo and Vera once they decided to be together. Doubts, problems, haters... How will Mateo and Vera deal with them all? Will their love for each other be enough?

Coming Down (Love in London Book 1)
Coming Down (Love in London Book 1)
Price: £0.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars The best romantic fiction I have read in a long time!, 24 Sept. 2014
"I lost everything that summer. Including myself."

Beth was lost and broken. Until she met Simon. Older kind man who became her husband and helped her to get her life in order. Her life may lack a passion now, but it's better than chaos, right? But than Beth's former love interest comes back, bringing up painful memories and chaos back to her life...

If you are fed up with contemporary novels which deal with over-the-top drama and would rather read intense and realistic story focusing on everyday's human's troubles, Coming Down is right for you. In this novel you will find everything. There is romance, steam and emotions. But most importantly, Coming Down is a touching journey of 28-years old woman who is trying to find her true self and meaning of her life.

"How terrible to not know where you belong."

Coming Down is not the cheeriest story. But with topics of drugs and addiction, it is to be expected. Author never simplified harsh difficult reality. She laid it all out there and I loved it. I slowly, but strongly, fell in love with this beautifully bittersweet story and complex characters of Beth and Niall!

And a question time at the end. What makes a really great book stand out among other good books? In my opinion, it is all about small details and in depth depicted characters. Coming Down has it all. If my above words haven't persuaded you to pick this book up, I hope following reasons would.

➤ I loved that story wasn't too angsty. Yes, it was sad and bittersweet but Beth wasn't overly broken or damaged. It was all real. Nothing over the top like so many characters in books these days.

➤ I loved flashbacks to the past which gradually revealed what had happened all those years ago when Beth's life changed in a radical way. They had poetic quality into them and I found them utterly fascinating.

➤ Intimacy and sex has a real meaning in this novel. In the world of quick pleasures and books full of doms, stories by Carrie Elks are lovely refreshing change. Plus this author can write hot sexual anticipation like no other!

Fix You
Fix You

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5.0 out of 5 stars EPIC UNFORGETTABLE LOVE STORY!, 11 Feb. 2014
This review is from: Fix You (Kindle Edition)
Engaging writing, realistic characters, believable storyline and no insta-love. Fix You is a love story about overcoming hardships and facing consequences of your mistakes; a love story that will touch your heart and stay with you forever. A must-read!

Story starts with prologue, when 29 years old Hanna who comes to her ex-lover Richard's office to tell him this huge secret which she doesn't want to hide anymore. Than, readers are moved back in time so they can see events that had happened prior to this moment...

17 years old Hanna doesn't have the best relationship with her father so instead of enjoying the luxuries of high society, she lives ordinary life in London with her beloved mother. But her life and future changes the moment she agrees to help her mum with New Year's Eve party at Larsen's Residence...

This epic story covers period of 12 years. It held my 100% attention from the beginning to the end. I couldn't put it down, I couldn't stop thinking about it and it became one of my all time favourite stories, the one I will never forget. I loved it!

I enjoyed Hanna's humour and free-spirit and I felt in love with Richard's kind and self-sacrificing character. There were many other great characters who made this story unique but Richard and Hanna were definitely in the spotlight.

Fix You deals with some serious issues as well as ordinary human problems. Some parts were extremely sad and depressive, others were very emotional and my heart broke couple of times for the main characters. Reality was not making it easy for Richard and Hanna and their lives were full of drama and serious problems. This story will consume you and you definitely should read it. Author has beautiful way with words and I cannot recommend this story enough!

For the Summer
For the Summer

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1.0 out of 5 stars Author used dialogues and ideas from other story!, 23 Sept. 2013
This review is from: For the Summer (Kindle Edition)
I would say this is much more than just "coincidence". And there is more. For example:

For the Summer, Loc 460:
"What's your name?"
"Sophie Kaden."
You looked at me for a second before one of those boys yelled your name. "Well, umm, I have to go."
"Bye," I said, trying to hide my face in my hair I had pulled free from my ponytail.
You hesitated before walking away. Pushing your fingers through your wet hair, you said, "I like the color."
I smiled and looked up at you, clueless. "Of what?"
You offered a crooked smile, eyes lighting up. "Your eyes. I like the color of your eyes. It's different."
"Oh," I said, feeling a burn to my cheeks that wasn't from the sun. "I think they're gray, or blue, or something like that." I didn't know why I told you that, and judging by the grin on your face, I assumed you were wondering why as well.
I thought my eye color was odd. My parents and sisters all had brown eyes. I had gray-blue eyes. It made me think I was adopted or something, but they told me my mom's dad had blue eyes. I must have gotten them from Red. That was what we called him, Red, short for Redding.
You laughed easy. "It seems that way." You were walking backward, slowly, watching me.
I didn't say anything else, stuck in place, confused by our interaction.
"Well, see ya."
"Bye." I waved.
You turned around and began to run toward your friends, but then stopped and faced me again. "I really do like them." You smiled. "The color, I mean."
I made a face. Why did you say that? What should I say back? I liked your eyes, too? Were you making fun of me?

Dusty, Chapter 2:Dry and Dusty:
"What's your name?"
"Isabella Bliss." I immediately palm my forehead. Only my parents call me that; it's embarrassing.
Edward looks at me for three seconds before Alice rolls by and hits him as she goes. "Well, ummm, I have to go."
"Bye, Edward," I say, trying to hide my face behind my hair.
Alice is doing kick-flips and tricks on her skateboard behind me. The sound of her pink wheels hitting pavement is already oddly rewarding. It's like I've heard the sound my entire life. Those noises are supposed to be with me. They will always be. I know it.
Edward hesitates before he walks away. He pushes his fingers through his hair, and says, "I like the color."
I smile and look around. I'm clueless. "Of what?"
He crookedly smirks, and his eyes light up. "Your hair. I like the color of your hair."
"Oh." I touch my soft curls. "My mom says it's called strawberry-blonde. I let her curl it for me this morning." I don't know why I told him that.
He laughs easy. "Your mom lets you to have sweets for breakfast and curls your hair for you in the morning? She sounds cool." He's walking backwards, slowly.
"She is," I answer, stuck in place.
"Well, see ya."
Edward turns around and begins to run toward his friends, but then he stops and faces me. "I really do like it." He smiles. "Your hair color, I mean."
I make a face. Why would he say that? What do I say back, I like your hair, too? Cause, I mean, he has cool hair; it's like brown and red or gold...
Is he making fun of me?

I read Dusty. I read this book. Yes, overall plots are different. But flashbacks to the past in this book? There is too much Dusty in this book. He is just called Bensen. And I don't like it at all.

I am not a hater, only honest blogger. I really enjoyed previous books by this author. But this book had too many moments when I was having a very strong case of deja vu and I could not enjoy reading it at all!

Twisted Summer
Twisted Summer
Price: £1.30

4.0 out of 5 stars Very enjoyable and original, 23 April 2013
This review is from: Twisted Summer (Kindle Edition)
Danni is 18-years old, rude, I-know-it-all, bi-sexual teenager. After another fight with her mother, her mum has enough of Danni's behaviour and sends her out of city to spend weekend with her step-uncle in his cabin as a punishment. What none of them expected was that 11 years difference between Danni and "uncle" Gabe will mean nothing when sexual attraction between them takes lead...

Even though they never spent much time at family gatherings and they are not blood related, Danni feels guilty to be attracted to Gabe but she cannot help herself. But what about her lesbian girlfriend Esme who waits for her in the city? How is Danni going to solve this dilemma???

I read a lot of NA stories and they get repetitive from time to time, but this one was different and I truly enjoyed it a lot. Maybe I did not have the strongest or the deepest connection with characters but story was original and it kept me interested from the beginning to the end and I read it in less than 24 hours.

Twisted Summer is untraditional love story. It is about family secrets, about young woman finding out what she really wants from life, about finding her true-self. Yes, I found Danni's inner monologue a little bit too teenage-like at the beginning, but it never bothered me and by the end it was clear how much she wised up.

If you want to read something short, sweet, sexy and different, definitely go for this story!!!

Claim Me: Book 2: Stark Trilogy
Claim Me: Book 2: Stark Trilogy
Price: £3.99

11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I love this series!, 23 April 2013
Sexy billionaires have never been my most favourite topic (shocking, right?) but Nikki and Damien grew on me in Release Me and I fell in love with them even more in this book. Nikki and Damien are hunted by ghosts of the past while facing the pressure of society and paparazzi in the present. But the beauty of this book is the fact that besides their problems, Damien and Nikki found peace and solace in each others arms. But besides serious issues, readers will get plenty of steamy ones too.

Story pics up exactly where first book ended. Things between Nikki and Damien look pretty good right now, but Nikki is worried that while Damien desires her and her body, he does not need her as much as she needs him in her life. Also, in previous book we learnt that Damien has his secrets. In this book he finally opens up and gradually reveals them all. Moreover, I really love how possesive and passionate Damien is in this book. Also, he is able to admit his mistake and be reasonable. And THAT is very sexy combination... If you did not fall for him in previous book, you will fall for him in this book for sure.

Writing in this book has a poetic feeling. As well as the story itself, writing was sensual, tantalizing and very enjoyable. Storyline flows easily and I really liked this intelligent-like style of writing. The relationship between Nikki and Damien is extremely sexual. But I found refreshing the fact that they do not use sex as a make-up tool, the act of making love helps them to overcome problems from outside and it helps them to feel grounded and safe.

Story may have been a little bit slow paced at the beginning but I never mind. I got to love main couple so much that I just simply enjoyed their sensual and emotional journey in this book to the bits. Cannot wait for final instalment in this series and see how things are going to develop for Nikki and Damien!

On Every Street
On Every Street

5.0 out of 5 stars Emotional perfection, 11 Mar. 2013
This review is from: On Every Street (Kindle Edition)
In this novella, Ellie is 20 years old, young, naive, unexperienced and stubborn. She is completely different person than Ellie I got to know in Sins & Needles and more importantly, she deals with completely different issues. She wants to truly start living her life, but firstly she needs to get even with person who scarred her mentally and physically. She has a plan. Plan for reveange. She is willing to do anything to get her reveange but one thing she did not include in her plan was falling in love with her mark, with Javier.

Javier is charismatic, smooth talker, "Latino heartthrob" and real charmer. But on the top of that he is ruthless criminal, rough, controlling and very dangerous man. I admit, there is much more to him than I thought, he almost fooled me into liking him and he definitely makes very intriguing character but he takes term bad boy to completely different level and I just cannot like him.

For me, this is story about Ellie/Eden and her turmoil of raw emotions and difficult lifechanging decisions. Yes, she was driving me crazy with her ignorance of facts and making excuses for her actions but I felt so much compassion for her! This is story about vengeance and about first love. So of course it was doomed to be emotional and heartbreaking. The style of writing in this novella will make you feel all emotions our young heroine was experiencing. You will be nervous, excited, lustful, happy, angry, devasted, heartbroken together with Ellie. It takes really talented author to be able to make readers feel everything that is happening in the book like it was real. That is exactly what Karina achieved in this novella.

On Every Street affirms the saying that love is blind. This story will emotionally drain you but it will help you to understand Ellie so much better. Kudos to Karina Halle, once again she created extremely emotional and perfectly written story that you will be re-reading over and over again until her new book is out.

Sins & Needles (The Artists Trilogy #1)
Sins & Needles (The Artists Trilogy #1)

5.0 out of 5 stars A MUST READ!, 26 Jan. 2013
Mafia, drug lords, con artist and sexy tattoo artist...this was one hell of dangerous and exciting ride! Get yourself ready, this is a MUST READ!

Ellie Watt is 26 years old con artist with very hectic life. Always different names, different places and different enemies. Now after 7 years she is coming back to town where she spent her teenage years determined to leave her grifting lifestyle behind. With unusual and difficult childhood, we can say that Ellie is not your typical heroine. She lives dangerous life, not entirely moral and legal. She has her own skeletons which may be hidden in the closet, but they are definitely not forgotten...

"I was used to running and always kept a spare life in the trunk. Spare clothes, spare driver's licenses, spare social security numbers, and a spare tire."

Than there was Camden, Ellie's old friend from high school. Back than the victim of emotional abuse, now sexy tattoo artist. I have to admit I really liked Camden. He was very interesting character. Temperamental, charming, hot-tempered but still emotional, sexy and loving. But Camden has demons of his own...

"Spite was the fuel to right all your wrongs. And like any fuel, it could consume you."

Events in this book were dangerous, exciting and unexpected. Story was full of twists, surprises, action, emotional and steamy parts. At the begining I was not entirely sure what to think about main characters, but the more I got to know them the more I fell in love with them. They were realistic, with their own flaws but always compassionate. This book was spectacular, unique and made me feel all sorts of raw and deep emotions. I just loved this book so much!

Normally, I hate when sex is a main focus of the story and in such a case I become easily bored with book. One of the many reasons why I love Karina Halle's writing is the fact that she always focuses on storyline and characters development, twists and emotions. Sex scenes are always just hot and sensual addition to her novels. In Sins & Needles writing is exceptional. It draws you right into the middle of story and you feel like you are there with heroine, experinecing everything with her. Karina Halle is extremely talented author and if you haven't read any of her books, you are definitely missing out. Sins & Needles may be different from her previous works but once again she created excellent and very addictive story.

This was not just plain romance, neither it was just thriller. It was so much more and I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone! Perfect start to new contemporary adult series!

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