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SJOxford "SJOxford" (Oxford, England)

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Eight Demos 1979
Eight Demos 1979
Price: £5.52

5.0 out of 5 stars Another lost genius. A hidden gem., 29 July 2014
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This review is from: Eight Demos 1979 (MP3 Download)
Another lost genius. Get these and his beautiful album Silent Passage and you will be transported to a melancholy but inspiring place. For fans of John Prine, David Ackles &c.

Midwest Farm Disaster
Midwest Farm Disaster
Price: £20.79

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great lost album, 29 July 2014
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This review is from: Midwest Farm Disaster (Audio CD)
Great lost album.. Frog Dick South Dakota is an epic tale of small town smallmindedness. If you like John Prine, David Ackles &c. grab this fast!

Sugar Drops - Match three puzzle
Sugar Drops - Match three puzzle
Price: £0.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Four Stars, 29 July 2014
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Annoyingly, unlike other Bullbitz games, this one started asking for internet connection. Hope that doesn't continue..
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Dylan: The Biography
Dylan: The Biography
by Dennis McDougal
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £22.93

7 of 12 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Scurrilous tabloid rubbish., 23 Jun. 2014
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This review is from: Dylan: The Biography (Hardcover)
As pointed out in the latest version of ISIS Magazine, this excuse for a book is packed with too many factual and grammatical errors to list here, but suffice it to say on one page he says Hendrix and Clapton's guitars have fetched $1million dollars, and on the very next page says Bob's $965000 Newport guitar was the most expensive ever. Full of pointless polemic and dirt-dug rumour, this makes Spitz's biography look like a panygeric. Avoid.

MyFC Manager 2013
MyFC Manager 2013
Price: £1.50

2.0 out of 5 stars Need wifi constantly.., 28 May 2014
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This review is from: MyFC Manager 2013 (App)
...which wasn't clear. Downtime - crashes. Looks pretty good when it's up and running, but no good if you're travelling or out of range!

Born To Sing: No Plan B
Born To Sing: No Plan B
Price: £18.95

25 of 39 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Blah blah self parody continues..., 5 Oct. 2012
This review is from: Born To Sing: No Plan B (Audio CD)
Another re-tread of the same old clichés here.. nothing since 1997 has been worth more than a cursory listen...

"in the Garden, in the Forest, in the Allotment, down by Avalon.. down by the A303.. They're nicking my songs..blah blah..."

Van singing about the greed of bankers and how spiritually destroying money is, is a bit rich. This is the guy who charges £100+ for concert tickets.

It's more stodgy sponge cake Van, repeated clichés, noodly nonsense. Nothing since 'Back on Top' has sounded genuine; He even has the cheek to comment on 'pseudo jazz' playing in restaurants, um.. come on Van, that's exactly what you're slewing out here, for God's sake.. hell is other people you say.. yes.. your customers included. He even recycles "Close Enough for Jazz" an instrumental from his pre-fallow period. Can you imagine Bob Dylan putting a version of 'Wigwam' on 'Tempest'? I mean come on... don't waste your money. If you want transcendent spiritual music buy the new Bill Fay album, 'Life is People'. This is 'Life is Cliché'..mystic pagan, crossroads, blah, blah, give out about money, the business, same old shizzle. Take a leaf out of Schumacher's book, Mr. Morrison. Quit. (or at least raid your 70's & 80s archives and give us 'Philosopher's Stone Part 2.')
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All This Longing
All This Longing
Price: £14.74

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5.0 out of 5 stars The best Reg Meuross album ever!, 13 Sept. 2010
This review is from: All This Longing (Audio CD)
Featuring collaborators Jackie Oates, Paul Sartin, Andy Cutting, cellist Bethany Porter, and Fairground Attraction rhythm section Roy Dodds and Simon Edwards, the Somerset high tenor's fifth album firmly reinforces his status as one of the country's finest singer-songwriters. A little like a better-looking David Caruso, he's a warm, engaging live entertainer and that same easy going feel informs his discs and their songs of love, longing and true life stories.

In the past I've likened him to Martyn Joseph and Don McLean. The latter's still readily apparent on For The Seeds Of Love, a lovely song inspired by song collector Cecil Sharp and the need to preserve the storytelling tradition for future generations, has a definite starry starry night feel.

However, the comparison that increasingly strikes me is that of early Harvey Andrews, in the humanity of his writing, an interest in history, and the lilt and catch of the vocals.

While, undoubtedly unintentional, listening to The Redcliffe Boy, in which the ghost of ill-fated Bristol poet Thomas Chatterton prevents the suicide of a post-war working lad helping rebuild the city while having to stifle the poet inside him, I can hear similarities of phrasing. Meuross deserves to enjoy a similarly lengthy and acclaimed career.

Chatterton's not the only real life figure to inhabit these songs. With suitably anthemic refrains, Victor Jara recounts the military junta's 1973 murder of the outspoken Chilean poet and theatre director while (aside from Come On Eileen, the only lyric name check I'm aware of for the Prince of Wails), the gently swaying Looking For Johnnie Ray uses the 50s housewife's choice as the perfect example for an unlucky in love woman's search for " a guy who's not too tough to cry." Of course, she wouldn't have been aware that he was gay and an alcoholic.

Closer to home, guitar jangling murder ballad The Bitter Wind gives an account of the 19th century Dartmoor double murder by rejected lover Peter Tavy while, with a melody reminiscent of Ian & Sylvia's Darcy Farrow, The Heart Of Ann Lee tells of the Manchester born 18th century Shakers founder who rejected sex but was forced into marriage, bearing four children (and four stillborn) "taken before they were ten", before fleeing to America to escape persecution.

Even when not drawing on history, the songs are still very much driven by character and human drama. The opening Angelina's Coming Home concerns a romantically disillusioned prodigal's return set to a Molly Malone-like melody, The Drover's Road weaves a trad flavoured, accordion backed tale of romance between an artist and a travelling musician while the closing hymnal lament Sail Away No More guessingly concerns the fears of sailors' wives but likely runs much deeper.

The softly cascading If I Should Fall From You and The Shoreline And The Sea appear to be personal songs about supportive love, but perhaps the most moving here - and sharing the same theme - is Shadows On The Wall, a deeply touching pledge to nurse "the one who made me whole" through depression and how "the hands of those who love you make cradles when you fall."

In reviewing his last album, Dragonfly, I said it was his finest hour. It looks like I was 60 minutes out.

Dylan (3CD) (Deluxe Edition)
Dylan (3CD) (Deluxe Edition)
Price: £29.69

9 of 33 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars This would have been worth £24 quid:, 1 Oct. 2007
For a piece of cloth and some postcards, £23.99 seems a bit steep, so I thought I'd imagine a mythical 3CD box set of 51 tracks, the fans' version if you like, that I WOULD pay for! Please feel free to amend and add!

Soundtrack rarities:

'Cross the Green Mountain
Huck's Tune
Tell 'Ol Bill
Return to Me
Waiting For You
Dream About You Baby (Hearts of Fire)
The Usual (")
Night After Night (") [God, the rest of that album is SOOO sh/t!!]

Single "Hard to justify buying the whole album for" tracks:

Mavis Staples & Bob knockin' over a chicken
My Blue eyed Jane
Spanish Is the Loving Tongue (piano)
George Jackson (both versions)
I & I Reggae Dub remix
Mr Bojangles
Ballad of Ira Hayes (even if we could buy it!)
Rita Mae

Fantastic studio unreleased gems

The Bromberg tracks:
Katskill Serenade
Miss the Mississippi & You
Polly Vaughan
Sloppy Drunk
AND ALL THE OTHER 8? 11? tracks
Trouble in Mind (full version)
Danville Girl
other Empire Burlesque outtakes minus the 80's cheese
Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground
Went to See the Gypsy (slow o/t)
If Not for You (")
Sign on the Window (strings)
Tell Ol Bill (one or two from the session of o/t's)

PLUS...Blistering live tracks from the vaults, the NET and previous..

If today was not a crooked highway...

Any Day Now
Any Day Now
Price: £9.62

26 of 26 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Johanna's Vision of Zimmy's Songbook, 31 Mar. 2006
This review is from: Any Day Now (Audio CD)
No one is better placed to get inside the heart of Dylan's songs than the woman who once had a place in his own heart. This is the only Dylan covers album you really need, because the soul and passion of her covers is unequalled and unable to be bettered.
It's all very well Judy Collins &c. churning out Dylan covers albums, we all know the songs are great, but what we have here is a radical reinterpretation sung with beauty, elegance and poise, wih backing musicians that Dylan used on John Wesley Harding who all know the songs very well, and flush them out into fuller accompaniments than the Zim permitted on JWH.
But what really counts here is the emotion behind her voice, in songs she clearly cares about and mean something to her, more than they can mean to any other artist. The plangent beauty of Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands and the resignation of Walking Down the Line, the rueful freedom of You Ain't Going Nowhere and the heart-stopping definitive version of Love Is Just a Four Letter Word makes you wonder how many of these songs were actually written about HER? It's the musical equivalent of reading someone's love letters.
One's emotional involvement is enhanced by the exquisite musicianship of Buttrey and all the Nashville top dogs. This album will become a firm favourite; it's certainly in my Top Ten to Take to a Desert Island. It's great value too, because originally it was a double vinyl album. Disregard the two bonus tracks, they're ten-a-penny versions and they spoil the mood of intimacy and poignancy that dominates this songbird's beautiful paean to a former lover.

Self Portrait
Self Portrait
Price: £5.99

45 of 50 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Curiouser and Curiouser, but Some Sublime Moments!, 28 Mar. 2006
This review is from: Self Portrait (Audio CD)
THIS IS A REALLY NICE REVIEW FROM THE REALLY NICE MAN WHO RUNS WAREHOUSE EYES WEBSITE: GO THERE FOR GREAT DYLAN ALBUM REVIEWS, NOT HERE"That album was put out the time...I didn't like the attention I was getting. I [have] never been a person that wanted attention. And at that time I was getting the wrong kind of attention, for doing things I'd never done. So we released this album to get people off my back. They would not like me any more. That's...the reason the album was put out, so people would just at that time stop buying my records...and they did." Bob Dylan 1981.
If the huge body of fans that Bob Dylan had created in the sixties were expecting a so called return to form after the negative reaction to 1969's "Nashville Skyline," the record they got was an even bigger surprise. The most succinct response to the June 1970 release of "Self Portrait" was Greil Marcus writing in Rolling Stone who headed his article "What is this s***?" and went on to call it "...a concept album from the cutting room floor." He was not alone in his opinion, most of the reviews were even less kind than they had been to "Nashville Skyline" and of course they focussed not only on the paucity of original material, but also the quality of the material that was used. Comprising twenty four tracks, "Self Portrait" could realistically have been one mediocre album but it simply did not have the substance to justify a double album. Criticism ranged from "...astonishingly contemplative" in Time to "The revolution is over. Bob Dylan sings Blue Moon to Mr. Jones" in Record World, and most felt that they had a point. Of the twenty four tracks, some were instrumentals, some were different versions of the same song, there were four live tracks (and not the best) from the recent Isle Of Wight concert and a version of Simon and Garfunkel's "The Boxer" that was surely a joke. But there are a few high points, "Copper Kettle" has a superb vocal, "It hurts Me Too" and "Let It Be Me" are both stand out tracks, and there is some merit in the version of Gordon Lightfoot's "Early Morning Rain," but these few highlights could not hide the overall insignificance of the album. Amazingly, it sold very well and by the end of June had grossed three million dollars, so the attempt to demystify himself that Dylan claimed that it was had proved to be a financial success. Critically it was a different story altogether.
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