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This Is Spinal Tap (Double Disc Set) [DVD]
This Is Spinal Tap (Double Disc Set) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Rob Reiner
Price: £7.54

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5.0 out of 5 stars A review for the fans, 20 Jan. 2007
OK I'm not going to try to convince people who haven't seen this movie that it's funny, comedy is such a subjective thing. What I will say is that it is probably the funniest film that I have ever seen. Back to the point, this review is for people who have seen the film and loved it (like me) you have to get the DVD. The commentary is without doubt the best commentary I have ever heard on a DVD, it's the 3 "original members" of tap reminiscing on the time when the "documentary" was filmed. It's almost like getting a new Spinal Tap film for free, hilarious in many many places, in a time when commentaries are often the director informing us what lense he used or how hard it was to shoot a particular shot this one stands head and shoulders above the rest. When you add the fact that the deleted scenes add up to almost the length of the original movie this is a must for anyone who liked This is Spinal Tap.

Sunset Boulevard (Special Collector's Edition) [DVD] [1950]
Sunset Boulevard (Special Collector's Edition) [DVD] [1950]
Dvd ~ William Holden
Price: £3.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Timeless classic still shocking., 20 Jan. 2007
I don't want to spoil the plot for anyone who hasn't seen this film but suffice to say the story is still fascinating and disturbing today, i can only wonder how if was percieved when it was released. You have to be a real black and white movie buff to spot all the cameos, I admit I don't know who a lot of the people are, but it doesn't take away from my enjoyment of the film. When you take a truely original script, brilliantly shot, which gives a beautiful picture of hollywood in the 40s/50s you end up with a film lovers dream.

Interestingly Sam Mendes thanked Billy Wilder when he received his Oscar for American Beauty. When you see this film it will be clear to see why, this film was clearly a major influence. It's definately in my top 5 films of all time.

Documentaries That Changed The World - John Pilger (4 Disc Box Set) [DVD]
Documentaries That Changed The World - John Pilger (4 Disc Box Set) [DVD]
Dvd ~ John Pilger
Price: £9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars They don't make TV like this anymore, 23 Dec. 2006
These films make me despair, for many reasons: why don't we see decent honest reporting on UK television any more. Why is there no room in the TV schedule for world current affairs (Unreported World on Channel 4 excepted). Why is it so wrong to have someone expressing a personal opinion about world affairs on TV and why is the world still like this.

Anyway, programs like John Pilger's documentaries do not seem to be made any more, which is all the more reason why you should buy this collection. At least 5 of these films made me cry. Pilger's conviction and belief in basic human rights is apparent in all these films (except the Coca-Cola vs Pepsi one which is a little flippant) another review criticized his lack of humour but I feel his tone is perfect. We all SHOULD be outraged by what the governments we have elected are doing in our name, satire and humour seem to be the popular way of criticizing governments but when they are facilitating the murder of innocent civilians, often children, it would be inappropriate to make jokes, and anyway, where has this satirical "bremner bird fortune" approach got us...no where.

Enough rage, a tip, buy this, you won't regret it, another tip, the first film, Year Zero - about Cambodia is the best so save it until last, Pilger's rage at the way the world community was sitting back and doing nothing while Cambodians starved is clear, it's probably the most disturbing film I have ever seen.

This DVD collection should be watched by everyone on the planet. Thankyou Mr Pilger for trying.

Second Coming
Second Coming
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £5.40

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5.0 out of 5 stars I will Prevail., 19 Jan. 2006
This review is from: Second Coming (Audio CD)
Totally underated album. Has there been a better British Rock Album in the last 12 years?
I'll answer that for you, NO.
There is no tighter band the the Roses when they have been jamming in the studio in Wales for four years, this comes through in the quality of the music on the album.
It's not all immediate, but all good things come to those who wait. Alot of the tracks need a few (hundreds) of plays before you hear everything that is going on.
Come on. Any album with the lyric "Love Spreads her arms, waits there for the nails, I forgive you boy, I will prevail." Is gonna be worth buying, when you remember that God(Jesus) is "Love" the whole song becomes clear.
For me this is (in terms of the depth of the songs,) the greatest british album in almost 20 years (almost....released 1994, what was the one before that, here's a clue, tick tock tic tock)
If you give this album a few listens it will be clear the TIME that has gone into creating these songs, the numerous guitar solos played on top of each other, the multi-layered vocals, bands just don't seem to put this kind of effort in any more and I think it's a tragedy.
"Are we etched in stone or just scratched in the sand, waiting for the waves to come and, reclaim the land"

Price: £7.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Pure DC., 19 Jan. 2006
This review is from: Powerage (Audio CD)
This was the first AC/DC album I bought and how lucky was I, having since snapped up their back catalogue I now know that this is the album that sums them up the best, it may not have the hits of "Back in Black" or "Highway to Hell" but it is still, to my mind, their greatest album.
No weak tracks, this was a statement of intent, a pure rock album, no filler all killer, it avoids the slightly childish lyrics, it doesn't need the controversial song titles or the anthemic choruses. It's simplicity is it's beauty. This is pure Rock, pure DC.

Chungking Express [DVD] [1994] [1995]
Chungking Express [DVD] [1994] [1995]
Dvd ~ Brigitte Lin

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5.0 out of 5 stars Unforgettable, the master begins his ascent., 19 Jan. 2006
This is a good introduction to the films of Wong Kar Wai (In the Mood for Love is better but that is his masterpiece, save it for later.) The film is split into two stories, ignoring holywood rules that dictate that films must be in three parts. It is a unique film, made quickly by the director (by his standards) it has the air of a throwaway piece of fun but yet it deals with deep deep issues, Love, Hope, Life the first part is an entertaining enough story but the film really gets going in the second section. The Love story between Tony Leung and Faye Wong.
Tony Leung is one of the greatest actors making films today, he has impressed in every genre - see Happy Together, Hero, Infernal Affairs, Hard Boiled, In the Mood for Love etc etc..if he was american he would be bigger than Tom Cruise and as for Faye Wong, well Quentin Tarantino said it best when he said that every man that has watched this film has fallen in love with her.
The second story involves a sort of courtship between them, I don't want to spoil it, let's just say I heartily recommend this film. As the title says' this film was Wong Kar Wai's first real success in the west, he followed it up with one of the greatest films of the last 20 years: In the Mood for Love. As an introduction to his work this is ideal, it's just a shame that his films are so expensive to buy in the UK. P>After this get In the Mood for Love, 2046, Days of Being Wild and then the rest. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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