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Creative EP-630 Noise Isolating Earphones - Black
Creative EP-630 Noise Isolating Earphones - Black
Price: £19.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Love these. Excellent value for money and they do what they say and I've tried the more expensive brands., 12 Jan. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Love these Earphones, my 3rd time buying, this time for my husband. Great sound quality and I don't hear diddly around me when wearing them! In fact, I often fall asleep when they're in to help cancel out noise instead of using earplugs which I don't like.

They're also fantastic when flying. I always plug these into the planes headphone jack and they work like a charm rather then the bulky ones that the airplane gives you which aren't noise cancelling.

I would recommend buying the extra earbud tips. I've pulled them out of my pocket or push a few times a bit roughly and all of a sudden I'm missing one. It's worth extra £1.90 to have them at the ready.

Adidas - Honey Mid - Color: Black - Size: 6.5
Adidas - Honey Mid - Color: Black - Size: 6.5

5.0 out of 5 stars I wish I could find these again! Very versatile., 7 Dec. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Loved them. I have a foot condition called Tarsal Coalition so have to wear orthotics in my shoes. I couldn't stand the thought of not being able to wear pumps or cute shoes again so I needed cool, versatile trainers that I could wear with nice work blouses and skinny jeans. These were right on the money. I was even able to fit my ortho's in without taking out the little foam wedge heel. I received compliments on them all the time.

SPIGEN SGP iPhone 5S/5 Case Tough Armor Series - Satin Silver SGP10491
SPIGEN SGP iPhone 5S/5 Case Tough Armor Series - Satin Silver SGP10491

5.0 out of 5 stars Lightweight, durable & doesn't interfere with connection, 21 Aug. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Bought this for myself and tested it out for about 6 months. I bought it again for my husband I liked it so much. By the looks of it I expected it to be a lot heavier and it's not at all.

The Intolerant Gourmet
The Intolerant Gourmet
by Pippa Kendrick
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £16.59

19 of 21 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars READ INGREDIENTS CAREFULLY! Not everything entirely gluten free., 13 Oct. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The Intolerant Gourmet (Hardcover)
Please, Please read from page 14 onwards where Pippa descirbes a list of fundamental flours/ingredients that are gluten free. She includes Rye flour and IT IS NOT GLUTEN FREE. If someone was recently diagnosed & didn't bother to read the foreward & skipped straight to the menu's they would mistakenly believe they were safe!!


Pippa does caveat putting it down by saying it's not "entirely" gluten free but er.......yeah, she's right because it's not gluten free at all so why even bother putting it on the gluten free list!??

It's a completely irresponsible & confusing message to send esp. for those who have been just diagnosed with Coeliac Disease & not yet familiar with all the do's & don'ts. It took me ages after being diagnosed until I learned & I still haven't gotten it down pat and I was diagnosed 7 years ago. I suffer horribly when I eat gluten and I keep to my diet as religiously as humanly possible.

If you are Coeliac you CANNOT have Rye flour full stop. You cannot have anything that contains wheat, barley, rye or malt & really, if you're super religious about it....stay away from Oats as well because they are still unsure to this day.

The whole point of Pippa narrowing down the list of what you can have, is because as she rightly says, it's "overwhelming" when one is diagnosed with a food allergy or auto-immune disease like Coeliac so to put it on the actual gluten free list makes absolutely no sense.

Now, for the recipes in this book that call for Rye flour (i.e. Sourdough Bread), I would just use 'Chickpea Flour' which is a wonderful flour to subsititue when any recipe calls for 'All Purpose Flour' and just use 'Gluten Free Xanthan Gum' which is a thickening agent.

Also for Chorizo - the real stuff from Spain should be OK but honestly, you shouldn't use it if it isn't marked gluten free.

On to the dishes....they are Yummy & Delicious! Under the Autumn menu, I especially loved the Backed Apple Charlotte (pg 157) & we have it with cream for those can tolerate dairy/lactose. It had the perfect blend of sweet & sour without being overwhelming either way.

Another surprise of flavours was pg. 128 - Smoked Chicken, Butternut squash & Avacado Salad. Again, a nice mix of mildly sweet & salty. Nice textures as well & the dressing which was a mix of Olive Oil, Corriandor and fresh squeezed lemon juice added a really nice freshness to it all.

I improvised a little and toasted the butternut squash seeds as well as the pine nuts. Also, when making the dressing I actually mixed the chopped corriander in with the Olive Oil & lemon juice (I used a bit more OO than called for as a result). I'm glad I did.

Overall, a really sweet cookbook minus the inexplicably misleading information on some ingredients.

For those who aren't confident allergy free cooks - you will need time to plan and give yourself time to cook with no pressure as a lot of the ingredients are unusual and I had never tasted them before. For example; Harissa Paste & saffron threads!? I can't say I have those items to hand in my pantry and even the smoked chicken took a trip to 3 different grocers to find - not even Planet Organic had it (good old Waitrose to the rescue).

My tips over all:
- Read through entire book carefully but especially the foreward & intro pages;
- Give yourself time to work it out & become comfortable with the ingredients & menu's by earmarking recipes that appeal and practice on a weekend if you're not a confident cook;
- If recently diagnosed - again, take the time to get familiar with the recipes & isolate the ones with the least amount of ingredients to start with so you have less chance of becoming overwhelmed;
- Most importantly, don't take anything for granted, if you're unsure of ANY ingredients use GOOGLE!!


Beginners Yoga and Beyond: Elements of Yoga: Earth Foundation with Tara Lee
Beginners Yoga and Beyond: Elements of Yoga: Earth Foundation with Tara Lee
Dvd ~ Tara Lee
Offered by New Shoot Pictures Ltd
Price: £9.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Overall really good but felt a few things were missing., 19 May 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
There are 3 main routines around 20-25 minutes each and they each get slightly more challenging.

You start the DVD and have the option of jumping right into a main routine or do some of the extras like a 10 minute breathing (to start) or a 5 minute relax (to end). Then it takes you back to the main menu and you can go into the main routine of choice.

Personally, I think every Yoga should begin with a warm up so I really prefer the way the menu option choices are setup for the Flow Yoga DVD, which is a matrix type of menu giving you all your run options so you don't have to keep reverting back to the main menu to do a warm up or cool down.

When I 1st used the DVD, I expected a warm before each main routine automatically but it went right into the routine which was a bit jarring.

Other than some overall DVD formatting issues to make the overal video flow better, it's a decent beginners Yoga DVD. I did think that some of the positions where challenging in set 3 routine and since it is geared at beginners, maybe Lee could've gone a bit slower when taking us through the positions and explaining how to breath but it's a nice DVD.

If you don't have a lot of time, it's geared perfectly for that. I do it on weekday mornings and then do the longer, more intense Flow Yoga DVD with Monica Gonzalo on the weekends.

Flow Yoga - Strength & Flexibility [DVD] [2012]
Flow Yoga - Strength & Flexibility [DVD] [2012]
Dvd ~ Bodywisdom Media
Price: £10.76

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Very good but not for beginners. Firmly intermediate to advanced., 19 May 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
If you are a complete beginner, I don't think this video is for you immediately. However, once you get a solid foundation and a well rounded knowledge of poses committed to memory, this is a quality video. It actually reminds me a bit of The Bar Methods as it makes you hold poses for a bit longer than most are used to when doing yoga.

I am just getting back into Yoga and have been doing it on & off since my late teens (so about 20 years now). I studied Iyengar and Hatha and for many years was so into, I was considering becoming certified so I wanted a video that could reintroduce me to the positions with all of those gentle reminders on how to actually do the positions properly. Things like; "drop your right hip and align it with the left", "keep your feet tooted and pull back on the heel so you stretch the mat".

Those bits I find important especially when reintroducing yourself to Yoga or trying it for the 1st time. These are the things that you tend to forget when when you're trying to find that balance. I also love when they talk you through how to breathe in the position.

This video had that in spades which was great, however there are no levels to choose from as the DVD box says.

I would consider this. On many Yoga videos I have tried for beginners, there is usually someone else on the screen to show a less intense, amended way of doing the position. Not on this.

What's nice about it is that you have the 6 main routines, with separate warm ups or cool downs. You can choose if you want to add one, none or both to each of the main routines to save or add time.

Be warned again beginners, the Core is pretty challenging. It looks easy but I have to stop in certain areas because I'm not that advanced and it takes building stamina.

Gonzalo's instruction is very good. Her voice is OK and I became used to it however, I prefer Tara Lee's dulcet tones!

I would say If Yoga is your thing, I think it's a solid choice to have in your library.

Dead Ever After: A True Blood Novel (Sookie Stackhouse Book 13)
Dead Ever After: A True Blood Novel (Sookie Stackhouse Book 13)
Price: £4.99

10 of 14 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars A pointless send off, completely phoned in. Zero context or authenticy to make trajectory believable, 12 May 2013
Holy crow. Spare yourself. Who is this woman's editor and continuity expert? CH needed to pull an E.T. & phone home to get a much needed reality check instead of phoning it in.

First off, what a boring and trite send off to a once great series not that it surprises, the majority of people saw it coming. Who Sookie ends up being as a person at the end of this series actually makes this series utterly pointless.

However, my main gripe, the thing that REALLY sticks in my craw daddy is the fact that CH is crying about her fans and saying she won't tour because she received death threats? Are you kidding me??? What a beyond low blow for her cowardice.

I've heard she's accusing of being bullied. What are we 12? Bullying my behind. She has been caving to the pressure since selling out to Ball and the s**** show that was book 9.

I am astonished by her lack of respect and personal accountability for careless and sloppy writing. She's been writing poorly and with little effort, she knows it & that's why she's in hiding. Period. Most of her fans are too astute to let it slide & that's why she's not touring.

CH wrote an overall piss poor end to the series (& when I say the end I mean the overall END not the WHO she ends up with). I think a lot of people are confusing that readers are disappointed about the end because she doesn't end up with Eric. That's not at all what most people are disappointed about when they say the end sucks.

Sure, they bring up Eric but that's because CH gave Sam ZERO context to warrant being the HEA. However, when readers say that this steaming pile of pooh is a disappointing ending, it's because for this final installment of the series to be the last book in Sookie's experience in misadventures is crazy.

Sookie ends worse than when she was at square one (at least at square one, in DUD, she's open to all of life's possibilities & extremities) so what has been the point? She is ineffectual, lobotomized, seems as if she is settling (Sam too!) and more importantly, she came across as marginalized by her own creator. What a bad mommy. CH....bad, bad mommy.

The whole concept of this series has been entirely POINTLESS. That is what people mean by it being a disappointing end. It's like Sookie learned nothing and was a shell of herself....of all the potential she once held wasted. Where was the poignant learning? Under rug swept.

I mean for Sookie to say she always liked Sam & wanted to be with him but didn't want to ruin the friendship? Oh flipping hell.....what cop out. We're supposed to just buy that? That's like the really insecure girl (you may know the one) who dates anyone whose interested because she is fickle & desperate for attention but doesn't really believe she can hold onto the man she really wants. The one who stokes her passion, so she ends up with the safe 'best friend' who was always into her (probably her friends brother). Down deep, she knows he's not for her but to prove everyone wrong, she'll stick it out with him. It's lame, unbelievable & everyone knows it.

The book was a beyond ineffectual write off with ALL characters assassinated and lobotomized. I could give a pooh who Sookie ended up with because they all sucked, esp. Sookie. She sucked since book 9, got marginally better in book 10 & 11 but in book 12, she was awful. CH didn't nothing to redeem her main heroine. Instead she eviscerated the plucky, authenticity she once had and THAT is why the series resonated with readers.

I said it a million times before to friends, it didn't matter if Sookie ended up with a purple people eater as long as it made sense in the end and was well written with genuine effort instead of phoning it it in order to just get it over with.

It is SO, so clear CH forced that ending upon her readers because she tried sticking to her guns, not taking any accountability for what she created & wrote all throughout the trajectory. She created the monster (which she deems her fans & the character of Eric) and because she was pressured not to kill Bill (& her fans sniffed that falsity out in a heartbeat), she decided she was going to stick to her guns for the HEA regardless if it flowed or if she gave it the proper context.

And THAT is the other real issue here in legitimizing the end of this series. Zero authentic context. That's just bad writing. Period.

She just wrote with amazingly sloppy broad brush strokes in order to rush us to the end because she couldn't handle the fame or pressure. She turned her disappointment with Ball & her lack of conviction in book 9 outward & thumbed her nose & chose to blame her readers instead of just putting her head down & giving something truly genuine.

I am really staggered how she threw out there numerous times now in interviews that she received death threats which is why she insinuated not touring. That comment has detoured the reviewers or interviewers to focus on the wrong thing...the fans instead of the inept writing.

It's obvious CH wants to go back to her little world of writing, no pressure and near anonymity. It's unfortunate she couldn't figure out a more graceful and dignified way of doing that.

Instead we have yet another author taking pot shots at her fan base as a deflection tactic because she knows she phoned that crap in.

I know she doesn't care & is relieved when her more vocal "fans" say this but never again....she's not worthy of my time or hard earned money. This was clearly just a means to an end.

All of this negative attention is 100% due to her and the fervor she willingly perpetuated in order to sell(out), not her "crazy" fans. She needs to get a grip. I can't stand people who can't be honest enough with themselves in order to take personal accountability for their words, deeds & actions. Which not so coincidentally, is who Sookie ended up being. A person who deflects and sweeps it all under the carpet as if it all never happened or mattered.

We're all better off taking a page from Stoopie's book and making a casserole.
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All Seeing Eye
All Seeing Eye
Price: £4.99

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Found it convoluted & the reveals unsurprising. Didn't like the MC either., 12 Aug. 2012
This review is from: All Seeing Eye (Kindle Edition)
I know that it's practically blasphemous that I didn't like this but it just didn't work for me for a bunch of reasons. I don't think that I'm a Rob Thurman kinda gal as I tried reading the Leandros brothers & really struggled and DNF book 3 of that series. I thought I would try it again at some point but after reading this, I know I won't bother.

I really wanted to like this more than but it was a mixed bag and mainly I found it predictable (what? yes...I know but it was & I'll get into that), convoluted and tedious.

I am surprised at the high marks but I'm guessing that's for the end more than the overall structure which started off great but ended really poorly IMO.

There are some really great parts due to the fact that when she strips it back, tells more of the story and less of the MC's every emotion or thought, Thurman creates some really wonderful prose and imagery which keep it moving. Some bits are so strong that I want to underline them & put them on my quotes wall.

The thing with me & Thurman though is that I think she gets too descriptive & repetitive esp. portraying the MC's angst. This is where it started to stall for me at the 30% mark. The MC is extremely similar to the character of her other series, Cal Leandros and since he bored me with all of his constant emo angst, it's no wonder Jackson did too.

Both MC's are a bit too paranoid of an anti-hero than I'm attracted to because it just comes across as flippant and cavalier when we all know that down deep the character doesn't mean it because it's a defense mechanism. It keeps me from getting fully engrossed & keeps me at a distance because I find it treads water in the excuse for a self-pity party & really, if I don't care about the characters, esp. the Main, what's the point of reading?

The, I thought this was really messy. It tried way too hard to be clever & something different but more than that I felt that Thurman was trying so hard to distract from the 2 big reveals she had up her sleeve & it became a bit of a hot mess and incongruent as a result. The flow was hard for me to follow.

Let's talk those 2 reveals...


Here's where I personally thought Thurman really failed. As soon...I mean as soon as we met Eden on page, I knew she was the baddie. She was way too perky, nice & nurturing, In other words, the complete opposite of everyone else we've met in this book. Plus she sounded like a weird zealot underneath her nice words. Always chastising the people she worked with for having no manners etc. It was really odd. So....I figured she was going to be the 'unsuspecting' baddie.

Glory. Oh Glory, Glory, Glory.....of course she killed Tess! I think Thurman drew a map that couldn't have been any more obvious. I mean really...I know she gave the poor excuse of Jackson putting himself through hell because it was his only family but she also had him clearly tell the reader she was sociopathic & highly dangerous. Yet the biggest giveaway is that we had yet to meet her on page. As this continued, I knew that her arrival at the end was probably going to signify the "truth" finally coming out.

Thurman kept drumming home the evils of sociopaths via Thackery and yet Jackson is willing to go through the lengths he did over Glory? Then she had Jackson often talk about how lazy & stupid Boyd was yet there was never any motive for him to kill Tess that I could make sense of as a reader however, there was for Glory.

First...she was a sociopath that no one (except Tess in Jackson's limited - red herring - view) could get to and second, those shoes would be motive enough to drive a major sociopathic personality (at 5 years old) to hurt or kill and Thurman did such a big sales job focusing on the shoe, I thought it was pretty obvious it was Glory.

My last big issue aside from the lack of surprises in the book or how unattached I was to the characters was just how dense Jackson was. This guy can read anyone he wants. Considering he knew that as soon as they found out he was the genuine article or when he found out Charlie was murdered, his life would be forfeit, it took a damn long time for them to come up with the plan to have him read the staff!

Then the whole Charlie being lost mess, Hector & Meleah are magically in love & Charlie knew it, Fuji ghost, Tess neatly reincarnated, Charlie found by Tess etc., etc..

I don't know what the hell was going on in the end. It was all just too much to try and rectify legitimately IMO. It was convoluted, I was bored, I gave it the eye rolls, I almost gave up at the 75% mark & to get through the last 25% was a struggle.

by Don Winslow
Edition: Paperback
Price: £8.99

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars More like Averages....haven't we read/seen all this before only better?, 7 Aug. 2012
This review is from: Savages (Paperback)
What's with the hype? This book was a snooze. A hatchet job. A pastiche of Tarantino, Roger Avary, Ritchie, Brett Easton Ellis etc. My advice...stick to those guys because chances are you've seen it & read it all before only much, much better.

Savages, Schmavages.

A totally played out story line (which was unbelievable BTW), with recycled storytelling, featuring snappy, hipster dialog that tries SOOOOOO hard to have pop cultural significance in the vain attempts of being ingratiated into those too-cool-for-school kidsters everyday lexicon.

This was such a blatant suck up to prove how down he is, I kept picturing Winslow skulking at the back of the class going, "oh! Oh! Me! Me! I know! I KNOW! Pick me! Pick me!" Then getting all pissed off because he was overlooked AGAIN so he goes on to continue writing his, "I'll show them" novel where he proves he's SO tapped in, the kids who never gave him the time of day now wish they did.

The characters were 2-dimensional. The action short & boring. The storyline trite. I completely understand why Winslow kept having to remind the audience that the title of the book was called Savages because really...what was the point this was so tepid? There was nothing Savage about it. Redundant? Yes. Savage? More like Average.

In some ways I was amazed Stone chose this to reintroduce his proof of cultural zeitgeist (long gone are the days of Wall Street & Natural Born Killers especially thanks to Alexander & Wall Street Never Sleeps).

Like I said, not only does this book have a been there and done that's not even good. However, it's easy to understand that its glossed over snap, crackle and flop dialog was enough for Stone to have read it & re-imagined his glory days. See? Redundant.

Insurgent (Divergent, Book 2)
Insurgent (Divergent, Book 2)
Price: £4.99

5 of 8 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Didn't work for me. Nowhere near as compelling as Divergent. Meanders, the point is weak & takes too long to get to, 28 May 2012
Oh this is one of those where I think - 'a[...] too bad. Shame about the potential'.

I know this isn't the majority opinion about this book but this was mainly forgettable in my opinion. I just came out of it feeling very Meh. Shrug of the shoulders and an hour later, I don't really remember the point of this installment. It just didn't really go anywhere and the point (at the very end) was lackluster at best and taken from a big reveal in 'Lost'.

I LOVED Divergent. I just didn't have the same sense of urgency reading this. I still like Tris although she was overly frustrated this time around and I think it might have been this element which held the installment back for me. It hit the 68% mark and just really kept stalling from then on.

I was a little confused in general as a whole to be honest. The whole thing was kinda muddy the plot draaaaaggged itself out up until the very end. Unless Roth reveals something more in the 3rd book, there was no other point from this book to take with - other than that reveal at the end. So that made it come across as money-making filler to me. Cashing in on the Hunger Games trilogy format.

I guess that was Roth's point, to muddle everyone's true intent and as a reader we have to rely on Tris deciphering things and trying to trust her own instinct and stay true to herself by having the courage of her convictions.

However, I found it just a little exasperating. Let's take her 'relationship' for example. Clearly Tris doesn't trust Tobias and seemingly, he doesn't trust her either but considering how smart Tris is, I guess I just found her constant fibbing & then running away to do something she said she wouldn't, tedious.

We're supposed to believe how smart & strategic she can be (when not running head on into danger without any analysis 1st) I guess I was just waiting for Tris to be the one to turn the tables & test Tobias's true loyalty to her by setting him up for a change or asking for him to compromise in some way. Everything that I liked about the two of them in Divergent made no sense for me in this book. Tris went from being a savior in many ways to being babysat and constantly forced to make promises both of them knew she would never keep. That really frustrated me. I just kept thinking; then why ask Tobias? So you can be let down again & again? Those deep rooted mommy abandonment issues coming to the fore, so if Tris let's you down you can tell yourself - 'See? everyone I loves betrays or leaves me' and continue to self-sabotage any chance onlearing how to trust someone you love? I just felt like he was constantly setting up her character to fail him & it was annoying an unjustifiable considering what they been through and how at the end of Divergent, Tris would not shoot him.

To me Tobias felt like a mom & his lack or respect & trust was unwarranted in my opinion. It kinda came off like this ; "Now promise me Tris you won't touch the stove it's HOT. Do you hear me? HOT. Can you say hot? Hot is bad. Now promise me you wont go near OK? (Big Sigh) I love you but you're so aggravating to love. Now be a good girl please?"

Yet, the main thing I think, which got in the way of the suspense & pacing for me was the fact that the MC kept running off into situations that would ensure her death - so as a reader I'm assuming we're supposed to be biting our nails right? The more it happened, the less I bought it. The reason being is she is the MAIN CHARACTER and it's a trilogy! So of course she's not going to die! At least not yet. So this death wish thing that Roth was trying to beat us over the head with? It was really anti-climatic for me and felt like an obvious stall tactic to add pages to the book in order to get to the goal of this series being the trilogy she signed up for.

I also came to have less respect for all the factions as a whole. Not that I think segregating people is a great idea to begin with however in the 1st book, Roth did such a wonderful job of giving those factions meat on the bone that while reading, I was completely engaged, often trying to choose my own faction and assessing how I would react in Tris's world. In this book, all the factions just lost any oomphf. They weren't even self-righteous really, which is something I expected! They were just.....IDK. I guess Roth wanted us to see how they weren't really meant to be in the long run so that's why they're not really working and all of this happened but again, I just didn't feel it.

I think my biggest issues was with Dauntless. I felt like Roth just made them come off as mindless thugs and I'm talking about the ones not on actual mind-control. Plus, it didn't make sense that they're weren't more people who rebelled against what happened to them! I mean...they're Dauntless right? Bravery, freedom...FREEDOM being a big theme for that faction. Huh?

And then we have the ending. Was that a cliffy? I guess it was supposed to be but it was as suspenseful as a poop. Ya knew it was coming and when it did, was it any big surprise? No. Not really and haven't I seen something like this somewhere before?

There were more plot wholes & things that just didn't make sense to me but at this point, I'm not bothered to give any more examples.

IMO, Insurgent wasn't anywhere near as good as the 1st book. It just didn't mean anything and circuitous path in order to get the the only main plot point of this installment which came at the very end. I already don't remember much about it and my excitement for the next book isn't there & I can care less about that fact. I'll read it eventually but the enthusiasm just gone. Meh. Whatever.

The publishers and the author could've done better by the material if they made one large novel or split it in two but that's just my opinion.

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