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Spearwood Academy-Episodes 11&12 (The Spearwood Academy Volume Book 3)
Spearwood Academy-Episodes 11&12 (The Spearwood Academy Volume Book 3)

5.0 out of 5 stars Action Packed, Wild Ride that will leave you wanting more!!, 1 Sept. 2014
After the almost heart stopping paused ending to Episode 10, I greedily delved into Episodes 11 & 12 with abandon. Avalon's life so far has been a very difficult journey, being the only female to live of her kind in centuries, hidden away on a farm for most of her life until the day came when she was brought to the Academy. Since being there she has made her fair share of amazing friends but she has unseen enemies with hidden agendas hiding in the shadows waiting to be able to take her and have their time with her - for she should not be alive, therefore she is a powerful being to "own" to be used for their own gain.

I the previous Books Avalon was brainwashed by Roseman to think that he is her father and that she is to marry the Royal Paden. But before he could lay his hands on all of the boys to change them to fit the narrative of his warped mind, Amr along with Dante, Horace, Bullock, Maverick & Lusk along with the help of Triton and Paden figure out what has happened and are on their way to meet with the Sea Witch who can help bring the real Avalon Clementine back instead of the Avalon Roseman they see and hear before them. Roseman has managed to change pretty much everything about her, from the way she dresses to her likes and dislikes of food, people, smells,names, places and her memories are fully fabrication, the most amazing change is the fact she no longer transforms into a dragon at night as before (until Paden gave her he pendant gift to help). All of the Avalon Clementine that remains within is a small voice that speaks to her, contradicting her within her mind. with the boys help she has even managed to come back transforming into her golden Dragon form to help fight and then rip one of her own scales off to save Dante but the exercision change her back to Avalon Roseman and it spurs the boys on to reach New York so they can end this madness!!

Knowing that Rosman and the rest of Spearwood Academy will have been alerted to their leaving the grounds means that they cannot travel in a traditional fashion, but there are always other ways when you want something enough! The underground tunnels where the Outcasts live are their only hope of reaching the Sea Witch so together they venture into unknown territory and there they find something more than they bargained for.........

Will Avalon reach the Sea Witch in time or will the brainwash that Roseman performed be too deep for her to uncover to reveal the truth? With Anchors of her past Avalon learns more than she ever thought possible and the boys begin to fear for her life, will she survive............ How will they continue?

Action packed from start to finish this particular installment of Spearwood Academy 11 & 12 has been an amazing ride and the psychology used within for both Avalon and the Boys individually and as a group, given certain situations revealed at certain crucial points was weaved in and out throughout the novel in such a fashion that you felt right there in the thick of it with them all!! Bring on 13 & 14!! A Fully 5 ***** Star Novel for a 5 ***** Star Series that always leaves you wanting more!!

Trust Me (Rivers Edge Book 1)
Trust Me (Rivers Edge Book 1)
Price: £0.00

5.0 out of 5 stars A Total Must Read from A BreakOut Author!, 30 Aug. 2014
Lacey’s style of writing flowed exceptionally well throughout the novel and easily without realising, Lacey’s words had whirled me away into a terrific place called “Rivers Edge”.

Avery Stevens is a single mum who has had her heart broken twice by men who should have known better, especially the father of her daughter Brooklyn – Drake Connor. Drake and Avery dated for a few years until she found out that not only was he habitually cheating on her with several other girls during their “relationship” but the day she told him she was pregnant he turned and walked away from her claiming he wanted nothing to do with the child they had created, in fact he tried to claim it wasn’t even his. This broke Avery and it was only with the help of her family and strong minded but superbly compassionate best friend, Holly Jenkins that she survived the heartache. Giving birth to Brooklyn or “little bean” as her nickname states which is terribly cute! Gave Avery purpose to move on with her life.

Having a huge family, 4 older brothers to be precise (Jake the eldest who is working as a cop, Travis, Nate and Will) has its rewards but also its draw backs for her. Her parents have instilled in her the right morals, so much so she has grown up to be a woman who puts her daughter and family first but although her brothers protect her, which when it came to Drake (Jake had his “fun” teaching him not to hurt his sister) a good thing it also has massive drawbacks, anyone and everyone is not good enough for her in their eyes. They also tend to interfere in her life “for her own good”, which was true in the case of her current job; working for the local Law Firm – Andrews and Levine Law Office, in town as Mr Michaels Assistant. Jake set it up for her so that she could manage her hours better, get a steady pay check and benefits, working waitressing was just not keeping them afloat too well so Jake intervened and arranged the job as soon as he heard the position had opened. Avery values her independence and is proud she has managed to raise Brooklyn without a penny from Drake, so although she was initially annoyed at Jake for interfering she quickly forgave him and is now settled into a brilliant routine with a boss who is kind and accommodating when it comes to her first and only priority; her daughter!

Maddox Jackson………Well let’s first begin with the obvious…. At 6ft 2, black hair, intoxicating chocolate brown eyes and a body that well a professional would be jealous of he is one hell of package but…..He is Jake’s Best Friend and current partner in the police force or Rivers Side. They served as Marines together beforehand and were even High School best buds before that, Maddox has always been around the Stevens place in one capacity or another for a long time but so has the crush that has turned to so much more for Avery. Watching from afar she has always secretly ”crushed” on him and now that she is no longer a girl, in fact a woman of 22, she desires him much more than ever before but the only one who knows is Holly, her amazing best friend who knows everything about her! Seeing Maddox in his uniform at the regular Sunday family meal at her parents has things swirling inside Avery that she hasn’t felt in a very long time, she needs this man but will he ever see her more than just his best friends little sister?

For Maddox he has always felt protective of Avery and took great pleasure in seeing Jake take out his “displeasure” on Drake for the damage he had caused her. But as the years have gone on he has witnessed just what a stunningly beautiful woman Avery has become. Her long blonde hair, her pools of ocean blue eyes just lift his heart and stir him up inside, in ways he doesn’t even know what to do with. But the conflict that wars within him runs deep and true, she is beyond sexy but she is also the Forbidden Fruit…..His best Friends Little Sister!!

He has always been a ladies man, never looking for a long term commitment; never once has he invited a woman to come home with him always preferring to go to theirs and then come home alone to sleep. But lately he has been having trouble getting Avery off his mind and thoughts of her in various sexual positions with him come into mind as soon as he sees her, making it very uncomfortable for him…….should he…..shouldn’t he.

With his mind in a nightmare of thoughts he goes for a run after seeing Avery at her parent’s family Sunday meal, without realizing it he goes jogging almost straight to her house where he sees her sat on the swing outside her porch. Within a blink of an eye and a short conversation he finds out about her plans to go out the following Saturday night so her makes sure Jake and him are there. After seeing Gabe the bartender pushing shots down Avery’s throat and then offering her a lift home something snaps in him and he cannot help but insist that he drops Holly and then Avery off home himself.

What happens next changes everything because as he walks her to her door his lips cannot but help come crashing down on her, taking her mouth, claiming her…..and then he snaps back to reality – What is he doing? Jake will literally kill him if he knew what was going on in his mind and in his pants, let alone the intense kiss they just shared…Taking a chance he asks her out on a date.

Can they both get past the fact she is Jake’s little sister? Can Avery let go of the past to secure her future? and Will they succeed in being together when what pulls them together could break them apart??

Secrets and lies play a part in this novel, the sex scenes are written expertly in a way they will definitely have your lady parts tingling *wink wink*, and the other interesting aspects of their relationships, for both Maddox and Avery outwardly with the people around them that Lacey Black has strikingly put together into one Novel is crafted expertly. I have really enjoyed reading the first within the Rivers Side Series and look forward to reading the second Novel when it is available as the introduction of Erin Anderson and her connection to Jake Stevens within this first novel is very intriguing……… A Total MUST Read!! 5 Stars *****

The Token (#7): Thorn: Alpha Billionaire Dark Romance Novel
The Token (#7): Thorn: Alpha Billionaire Dark Romance Novel
Price: £2.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Thorn is My Sex God! Loved This!!, 28 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I Pre-Ordered The Token 7: Thorn by Marata Eros because I have been following this series from the very start, enjoying Mick and Faren's tale as well as the many larger than life characters around them; Kiki and Thorn in particular. So here we are - I've got my coy of Thorn and my hands are trembling, my heart trying to pop out of my chest - you gotta love a bad boy and Thorn is MY kinda guy <3

Opening the Kindle pages up I began to read Thorn's story, something I have been dying to know for a very long time as I am sure a lot of ladies out there have too! How can you not? This man just eludes pure sex, protectiveness and also kindness hidden underneath - similar to unwrapping a delicious Christmas present....... Thorn's story is not quite what I expected, we got a small snippet at the end of The Token 6 as to how it would all begin; his mother was hooked on drugs, beaten and by the sounds raped on a regular basis. His home environment growing up was disgusting to say the least and we have heard small bits here and there throughout The Token series as to the "Hood" where he grew up was like, the dirty streets how he had to fight for everything he had. We know that he was wrongly convicted for murdering Mick's Sister to whom the Black Rose strip joints are named after, he then became a cop - working undercover for Mick as the manager of one of the clubs. We have witnessed first-hand his unusual mood swings between kindness and almost anger laced with disdain for this weakness with Faren.
During his hypnotherapy regression, Thorn remembers a vital piece of information, a single name - Rex, the man who beat him and his mother, the man who scared his body with cigar burns so much so he when and had them covered up with full sleeves of Tattoo's to try and rid himself of the past abuse; but this man, this man is his father and now he has his name - Rex - now Pandora's Box is about to open with a force like no one ever expected.

The one woman who has always gone toe to toe with Thorn is Kiki, they are very alike and I always thought that they would get together but when Kiki introduces him to the exotic beauty Simone she is the one who sweeps the rug from under him and literally knocks him on his ass! She is the force of nature no one see's coming, not even Thorn and definitely not Kiki. This whirlwind of a woman swoops into their lives, turns everything upside down, inside out and rips the ground apart leaving them all blind to the danger that is coming for them all.

Sometimes is the past better left dead and buried? Or should you unearth it and rip it apart where it stands? For Thorn, Kiki and Simone there is only one option as soon as Shepard appears - Stand and be counted, stand and Fight!

I truly enjoyed reading The Token 7: Thorn, It opened my eyes and answered so many questions that I had about him, it reveals his true personality and character, why he is who he is and there are some impressive twists and turns that Marata Eros takes you down that will slam you right in the face because you will Not see them coming! Fantastic as always, this series has been sensational and I have already now Pre-ordered The Token 8: Kiki - What her story will Reveal......... WOW! 5 Stars All The Way!

Spearwood Academy--Episodes 9 & 10 (The Spearwood Academy Series)
Spearwood Academy--Episodes 9 & 10 (The Spearwood Academy Series)

5.0 out of 5 stars Love This Series!!, 20 July 2014
I have followed this series since the very first Spearwood Academy Novel Episode 1. The short Novellas are very addictive always leaving you wanting more, which is why it is so good that there is a relatively short time between each publishing. Spearwood Academy Episodes 9 & 10 are no different, once you have a taste you cannot help but devour it in one sitting!

In the last Novel Roseman had gotten into Avalon's mind and replaced her memories, leaving her to believe that he was her father, her childhood was completely different and that she was indeed engaged to be happily married to the Royal who in reality she cannot stand; Paden. When he lets her go he tells her that her friends will be acting strange for awhile but that they will soon be "back to normal" by the next day.

When she wakes up and sees the boys, Avalon is astounded by just how weird the boys are acting around her. None of them understand why she is acting so strange; her choice of clothing is different, the way she is bothered about her appearance and even references to a Mother (whom she never knew as she abandoned her at birth) who would go mad if she could see her looking so messed up, she has to look pretty for Paden. at this the Boy's know instantly something is very wrong but Avalon just brushes off their concern for her to visit Dr. Quinn (Spearwood Academy DR), she remains insistent that they need to hurry in order to meet up with Paden for breakfast.

Paden is shocked to see Avalon arrive for dinner with the boys in tow, especially with the way she is acting towards him, and although it is his greatest wish to have Avalon in his arms, be agreeable to be his wife, does he really want her this way, with no mind of who she truly is? In an unlikely turn of events, Paden decides that certain things are worth more than his social standing - Avalon. Restoring Avalon's memories is of more importance to him as even though he wishes she would love him, he wants her true love not her false memory induced love.

Dante, Amr, Horace, Lusk, Lennox,Bullock, Maerick and Paden all work together in an attempt to rescue Avalon from the mind manipulation that Roseman has put her through - Things are never easy and as the boys find out, that even working together things can be exceptionally dangerous and the game has just gotten deadly...........

Deep inside her mind Avalon is barely hanging on by a thread all she knows is that she can hear her own voice making comments to herself , but comments she feels like she wouldn't normally make.... Can the Boys save Avalon before she is gone forever?

An amazing edition to the Saga that has again left me wanting more! Again the novel, just like the other previous episodes, 9 & 10 are no different, they are too short; just as you are really getting into it and are full to the brill of excitement and anticipation is suddenly cut short - Cliffhanger Overload!! But yet these novels are SO Intoxicatingly addictive that you know you will have to read Episode 11!! I can't wait!!!

Stupid Girl (New Adult Romance) (Stupid in Love Book 1)
Stupid Girl (New Adult Romance) (Stupid in Love Book 1)
Price: £1.82

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Emotional and Well Written 4 Stars, 20 July 2014
Author Cindy Miles did an amazing job when she wrote "Stupid Girl", the characters are exceptionally constructed and she has been able to tackle some hard hitting issues within the novel in a way that allowed you to understand their plight, sympathize and feel with them..... in effect - Stupid Girl by Cindy Miles is a definite must read!

Olivia, who is our main female lead character and heroine comes from a small town in Texas. She wants to give herself a whole new life, a clean slate and a fresh start from the relationship that almost ruined her life, and with a scholarship to collage allowing her to follow her passion for astrology, she has all of the ingredients she needs to achieve it. Regardless of what happened to her she has remained down to earth but yet very intelligent with it, with her academic passion in mind she wants to keep all of her interest in the classroom rather than out of it.

Meet Brax, who is our Male Lead, our hero he is what is known in surrounding circles as a "Southie" native, he has come to the same college also on a scholarship but for baseball. But Brax is a bit of a fighter and constantly getting himself into one situation or another! He meets Olivia on their first day of college and their connection is instant no matter how much Olivia fights it. Throughout Stupid Girl Cindy Miles writes Brax's "spoken" part in the Southie style, allowing us to truly feel the full extent of his character, a different style of experience, one that I must say I enjoyed.

The plot of Stupid girl broached the subject of abuse in relationships and how someone can move pass what has happened to them in order for them to love again. The fact Brax, even though he is rough around the edges has such a huge heart proves that no one should judge people on what they just "see", it's about the person within. The back stories to each character was very well put together and thought out, the plot did at times become predictable in places, mimicking other Novels within the NA genre BUT the Characters do set Stupid Girl a mile apart from the others - A definite recommended Novel!

Somewhere With You: A Novel
Somewhere With You: A Novel
Price: £2.00

5.0 out of 5 stars A Must Read!, 20 July 2014
Somewhere With You is an exceptionally emotionally charged Novel that will hold you within its pages from the very start. I have never read any Novels before that have been written by Britney King but this Novel's Synopsis spoke to me, so when the opportunity to read this Novel for this Review Tour opportunity was offered to me I grabbed it with both hands, and I have to say I was not in the slightest disappointed with my choice - I was whisked away on a journey centered around the mending of hearts that turns to True Love.

Centered primarily around Camp Hope, a camp for children from bereaved families we meet Jack Harrison at the age of 10 and Amelia Rose at the tender age of 8 years old. Both children have suffered great losses, with Jacks Mother passing away from Cancer and Amelia's Father passed away in a car accident. Their surviving parent's decide that sending them to Camp Hope (A specialist bereavement counseling and wellness center within a cam environment) is the best course of action and the story that follows is one of the most heart warming but wrenching all at once.

Jack is a privileged boy and has grown up surrounded by wealth, the death of his mother rips out the very young boy's heart. At the tender age of 10 years old shrouded in grief his father sends him to Camp Hope in order to help him come to terms with what has come to pass. When he meets Amelia initially he feels she is just a pesky little girl, she is far too carefree, where he is far too serious, to him money is power and with power and money, any thing and anyone can be bought. At 16 Jack has Amelia trying to get him to notice her as something more than a friend but he doesn't want that from her, it is only with hindsight he realizes he has been a fool as that Amelia has developed into a stunning young woman with a heart of gold, something he most desperately wants for himself.  It's now his turn to try and impress her, to get her to notice him, but Amelia has learned from her experience at 14 and avoid anything other than friendship from him. It's up to Jack now to convince her there is something between them....... Letters from his Mother that he cannot face to read, he manages to convince Amelia to read them and later on they come as brilliant advice for hi so he can win Amelia's heart.

Amelia is devastated at the loss of her father is a serious car accident and just like Jack, she is also at a very tender age, in fact she is even younger; 8 years old. She is a care free spirit and has a love of art and artistry, her spirit is something she loses at first but at Camp  Hope where she is sent, she can grieve and hopefully find a way to begin to move on, become something like her old self again. As soon as she lays eyes on  Jack she is infatuated by him and after convincing him they should be friends they become excellent friends. Visiting Camp Hope year after year both Amelia and Jack becomes closer and as she grows and mature she becomes a very beautiful young woman, both inside and out - something Jack cannot help but notice. But Amelia also notices how attractive Jack has become at 14 but he is 16 and his arrogance does not want her as a girlfriend, he wants nothing  but to continue as friends.  She has learnt not to trust her heart when it comes to him, given he broke it but can he change her mind?

On a road trip everything between them changes - *No Spoilers* So all I will say is that this is a story that involves journeys of the soul, the mind and of the heart, a story of  True Love. Over coming the death of a loved one and just how one person can be the rock you need in your life makes all of the difference to becoming healed.

Somewhere with You is expertly written by Britney King, she must have dedicated a massive amount of time in researching just how bereaved children cope with death, how counseling camp work and also how relationships work - It all shines through in the characters, the plot and each chapter that you read. Written from a duel POV I enjoyed the jump between each of them as it helps you understand just exactly what is going on in each of their heads at each moment in time.

This novel is a massive Must Read

Blood Reign (#4): Alpha Warriors of the Blood (The Blood Series)
Blood Reign (#4): Alpha Warriors of the Blood (The Blood Series)
Price: £2.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Siren's Song - Blood Reigns with the perfect crown!, 17 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
As a loyal follower of the Blood Series by Tamara Rose Blodgett from the very first book, I was very excited to read Blood Reign (Blood Series #4) and find out just what was going to happen to Julia next.....

I pre-ordered my copy, and even waited up until it began to download onto my Kindle so I could jump right in and after reading the first few pages I was glad that it had been worth the wait! The time scale between the last book in the series and Blood Reign was quite a while but when you take into account how many different series that Tamara Rose Blodgtt is writing under her own name and that of her pseudo-name Marata Eros all at the same time, it is a wonder she has a life at all! You could also wonder if the quality would be affected but as usual Tamara did NOT disappoint and her words were ingenious in themselves, as they so easily danced across the page creating a siren's song that has you trapped in an astonishing fantasy land from the very first page, and that song keeps you enraptured far longer than you intend to read in one sitting.

Julia has been constantly a blinding light of goodness throughout the novels so far and a tower of strength, but in Blood Reigns she learns some very harsh lessons and yes, people we all love and care about are going to suffer because of it. Nothing is ever going to be the same, rivers of Blood will fill each page as situations you never thought possible will occur and you WILL need a box of tissues handy because by the end you will have cried several times! Enough Spoilers as such, because this novel is just far too good to tell all in a review - You simply just HAVE TO read it to appreciate it in it's full glory.

Decisions that are made, lines that are crossed and sides that are chosen, in some respects, especially one - is VERY surprising and the facts surrounding the Singers, The Sithe, The Reds and The Vampires no longer have the issues to fight amoung themselves for The Rare One.....Something Much darker, older and sinister is coming for them all and Julia is still the prise... Can they put their differences aside and work together? Or will their old rivalries cause them all to fall including the Rare One...

Verdant (The Legends of Regia Book 3)
Verdant (The Legends of Regia Book 3)
Price: £0.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Get Swept Away By The Love Story of Shi & Ler - A Must Read 5 Stars!!, 6 July 2014
As a Massive Fan of the series: Legends of Regia by Tenaya Jayne when I heard that Verdant was being released I could not contain myself! It has been too long between the last novel in the series "Forest Fire (Book #2 Legends of Regia)" and this novel release, I was getting withdrawal symptoms! Settling down with my obligatory hot chocolate, I dove straight in and lost myself.....

Verdant is based on Shi, Shi is the spirit who guards the heart within the forest, that we have met several times during the first two books in the Legends of Regia series (Forbidden Forest & Forest Fire). She is the spirit of a Dryad Princess who found a weeping young girl (Forest) and taught her about herself, Regia, the Woods nad the secrets that lie within the heart. But she has always been evasive about certain subjects and it is within Verdant we find out why. Forest is able to get Shi to open up and confide in her the epic love story that turned into the destruction of her race and ruined the surrounding woods, damaging everything in it's path.

The name of the novel, Verdant, is actually the name given to the Dryad Princesses that were chosen to care for the heart - in effect Shi is/was a Verdant. Her Story is discovered by Forest quite by accident when she visits the Royal Memorial Chambers in the Onyx Castle to see Zeren. He is there to create a memorial plaque for Christina, although she is not dead she may as well be and it is tradition for all of the Queens of Regia to have their own Memorial Plaque. He asks for her help as he is struggling for inspiration on what it should look like given how much the people disliked her, but for the sake of Syrus he wants it to look at least fit for the title of Queen that she held. So Forest goes further into the Memorial Chambers to look back at previous Plaques to get ideas that may help Zeren, what she discovers shock her to her core. she comes across a Plaque which is dedicated to Shi as Queen of Regia, complete with a crown and a loving inscription written by King Leramium. Forest knows that Shi and Leramium have a complicated past and that as far as she was aware Shi hated him, and that King Leramium was an exceptionally evil King as he destroyed the woods with Black Shaddow Sand, which killed off everything, eradicated the Dryads and damaged the heart. But here she has proof that Shi was mated to him? So she uses her "end of the gate" to go directly to Shi to find out the truth behind her findings.

Forest confronts Shi as soon as she sees her, she shows her the memorial and Shi is stunned, she had no idea. Shi is reluctant to let anyone into what is the true pain and suffering within her heart but she views Forest as one of her own, a child she has comforted, helped and loves so she makes a sacrifice and allows her to see her true face by taking her to the waterfalls and getting her to look into the silvery violet water that reflects back not the wooden tree like spirit Forest has always known but a stunning woman with glowing skin, shining hair and show stopping eyes that entrance.

Taking Forest toward the Heart she eventually caves in and promises to show her the past. As we know from the past novels, the Heart affects Forest in a certain way so the nearer she gets the more pain she is in. But Shi is insistent that she would rather "show" Forest what happened so that she is unbiased in the events that occurred. The Heart is no longer black as is once was to Forest's delight, it is now a grey colour - It's a vast improvement. Taking Shadow Sand from around her tree's roots she offers it to Forest who has no choice but to "snort" it in order to see the past.

What Forest learns during her Shadow Sand induced view of the past, where she is able to see both Shi's thoughts and version of events, and also Leramium's she learns that Love, Lust and Jealousy knows no bounds and what begins as a chance meeting sets off a chain reaction of events that no one could have foreseen. We learn all about the Verdant, the Dryads, their way of life, the Heart and the woods, but we also learn about the Vampires within the Onyx Fortress - Leramium who becomes King, his brother Quinn who has a major part to play in this tale and exactly how trusting someone to do the right thing doesn't always mean they will regardless of their intention!

I went through 6 cups of Hot Chocolate reading this, I lost time, missed my tea and managed to get to bed at 4am after prying myself away from the book eventually. I was back reading it by 9am the next morning! by that afternoon I had devoured Verdant! Forest does feature in this novel, but not in a major prominent role, this novel is about Shi, it's her story and it gives you a whole new appreciation and compassion for her. By the end I was in tears, this novel will whip you up and take you along a journey full of pure emotion. Tenaya Jayne has easily re-created the land that is Regia making you feel as if her first two novel is the series were written much closer to this one ten they were. Pure Fantasy with Romance intertwined together makes this Novel the perfect choice to be crowned as July's Featured Fantasy Review!

Well Done Tenaya Jayne - 5* Must Read (Just Don't Make it So Long Next Time To Give Us Book 4 in the Series! I don't Think I Could Handle The Wait Again!!) I

Claimed by the Elven King: Part Four
Claimed by the Elven King: Part Four
Price: £2.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A Fitting End To An Amazing Series!!, 30 Jun. 2014
I have been a massive fan of this series since I first picked up Part one on Amazon as a Free Book. What started as a free read turned into one of the best four booked series I have ever read. After reading so many Romance novels and fantasy novels containing Vampires and Werewolves this series came along at a time when a well needed break was sorely required as nothing seemed new or unique. But with this tale of Emily and The Elven King it was like been woken up with rejuvenating waters, this was something New, this was something I could work with as they say.

We began Part One way back when......Where we first met Emily (Emily Ford) not in the usual way, but by being kidnapped late at night for him, what become her Sethian. At their first "meeting" when she accepts him as her lover (she thinks she is having a really, really nice dream ;) ) they clicked, a spark of not just pure passion but also total love over took them (although they didn't accept it at the time). Emily has grown from Part One to Part Four no longer being the afraid young woman, slowly but surely she grows in confidence and inner strength.

The birth of their child is a defining moment not only for them but also for the future of the Elven race...A lot rests on Emily's shoulders and a small baby's head. The pressure and undue stress the Queen keeps putting on Emily does not bode well and when repeated attempts are made on her life (one of which whilst still pregnant) causes Emily to question everything she has come to know and understand......Just what has Sethian been hiding from her?

A brilliant ending to an excellent series, I just wish there were more books as there was always more scope and potential for future plot lines you can easily see! A definite MUST read!

Her Ride (An Erotic MC Romance Novel) (Her Series Book 1)
Her Ride (An Erotic MC Romance Novel) (Her Series Book 1)
Price: £2.10

5.0 out of 5 stars Hot As Hell!!!, 30 Jun. 2014
Her Ride was definitely a rush of a ride to read! Racheal Osborn has created a novel based around bikers that is not your typical “biker book”. The plot is excellent with Ryan (Shannon Ryan) returning home from the military, to the life she left behind and the man she thought she could forget. Striving to make it on her own, away from the gang and her brother’s over protective ways, she walked into a situation that rocked the world around her and has left her with many secrets she isn’t willing to share. But with a boyfriend that demands to know your every move, a brother who has someone constantly looking over her shoulder and reporting back to him she feels trapped………Something has to give but not everything is that easy.

Ryan is the nickname she grew up with as Shannon Ryan and her brother were orphaned at an early age leaving him to take care of her. Being in a motorcycle gang left her in an environment that has her wanting to prove she was not just another “girl” and she worked hard to earn their respect and standing like any man would within the gang which is how she acquired the name Ryan. No one calls her Shannon anymore, no one. At 16 she joined the military because she felt trapped by her Brother Patrick’s overbearing protectiveness. The book begins the day she comes home just over 6 years later. Ryan has not lost any of her attitude and is still one fiery, feisty woman who has desires that run deep and hot, with a fine line between pain and pleasure.

What she doesn’t expect is to run straight into her childhood crush Ellis (Dirty) and straight into a wall of mixed emotions and feelings, she thought she was over him…….Maybe she just needs to get him out of her system. But with Jeremiah in the background things aren’t always that easy.

Ellis is one hell of a sexy, well defined Greek God of an man – the way he is described you could bounce quarters off his ass they are that hard….hmmm… Ellis has always had his eye on his best friend’s sister but that is one of the main reasons he has never acted upon any of his thoughts. When she comes home 6 years later, not only does he realise just how much he has missed her and that he will never let her go again (he just has to convince her of that) he realises just what he has been missing because she is fit, lithe, provocative, stubborn and has a body to die for, but also is loving and loyal – the perfect woman. There is only 2 thing standing in his way: Patrick, her brother, his best friend and head of the gang, and secondly Ryan’s Boyfriend Jeremiah. His mission to show her he is the man for her and that she can let her walls down to someone is something that is not going to come easy……..Does he have the patience to wait or will he force them down?

Secrets, revelations and even things that will leave you stumped are all interwoven in the plot of Her Ride, along with this Amazing romance between Ryan and Ellis – the sexual tension between them is something you can almost touch it’s that thick! I have only one negative and that was the end seemed a little rushed, once Ryan’s secret was out. The book has taken it’s time putting out all of the information about the plot out, going into great detail, leaving you wanting more but the ending is short but sweet shifting gears somewhat. The plot had a whole availability for it to be slightly longer which I think would have balanced it out a bit more. There is going to be Her Ride #2 but that is Patrick’s Story and I cannot wait to get my hands on it when the time comes.

Rachael Orman is a very talented author, with a natural gift for writing and I think she is really going to go very far! 5 STARS *****

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