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Blood of a Phoenix (The Nix Series Book 2)
Blood of a Phoenix (The Nix Series Book 2)
Price: £3.08

5.0 out of 5 stars Explosive doesn't cover it! Welcome to the Jungle and boy what a ride!!, 10 Sept. 2017
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The first book was outstanding but this one just simply blows it out of the hemisphere! Fast paced and exciting, twisting, surprising and a thrill at every turn of the page. I will not spoil it all I can do is beg you to read it, something I have NEVER done before!!!

Iams Adult Dry Cat Food Ocean Fish and Chicken, 800g
Iams Adult Dry Cat Food Ocean Fish and Chicken, 800g
Price: £4.50

5.0 out of 5 stars I wouldnt buy anything else ever again, 23 Jun. 2017
I've tried out quite a few different dry cat food biscuits but I have to say that after trying iams I might not buy my girls anything else again. You can tell straight away they are of a better quality when compared to other brands and my girls all loved eating each and every bowl I put down! Over the last 5 nearly 6 weeks their coats have become glossyier and of an incredibly good condition as well as full of more energy. They all in all have changed to become happier cats, snuggle times are longer and they even seem more loving towards me, almost as if they are saying thankyou in their own little way lol
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AllRight Military Tactical Backpack 50L Molle 3 Day Outdoor Rucksack Camping Bag Black
AllRight Military Tactical Backpack 50L Molle 3 Day Outdoor Rucksack Camping Bag Black
Offered by MokenEye-UK
Price: £16.89

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4.0 out of 5 stars Four Stars, 5 Jun. 2017
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Heavy but holds up well.

The Secret of Spellshadow Manor 2: The Breaker
The Secret of Spellshadow Manor 2: The Breaker
Price: £3.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Another Explosive Novel in This New Exciting Series!!, 3 May 2017
I am a fan of Bellas extensive works already and this new series has blown the roof off sky high with hair raising excitement and magical twists and turns that will leave you gripped. After the mass success of the first Spellbreaker novel I was unsure how the second novel was going to measure up but I wasn't left wanting at any point, if anything the overall tempo is kicked up by several notches with Alex having to overcome much more in this chapter aided by his friends Natalie and Jari.
Amair at the end of the last novel became a teacher but the golden bracelet all left us wondering just how things were going to go from here for the plucky group. Each student has their cross to bare in this one, individually being pulled apart as well as coming together for something BIG! Of which I can't tell you as I want to avoid suppliers but more people learn of Alex's secret and help him when he needs it, Elias's plans are to some degree laid out for all to see but yet relent of who he used to be come to the forefront when it is least expected. Some astounding feats of both magicl branches (anti-magic/magic) are pulled off and the fast paced rhythm sucks you in without warning leading me to read this novel in one go, I simply could not put it down and pre-ordered my copy of the 3rd instalment of the series within seconds of finishing this one!
Do not delay, read this series, as a Harry Potter fan I can tell you now you WILL be HOOKED!!!!

The Reflective Dissent (#3): A New Adult Dark Fantasy Paranormal Romance (The Reflection Series)
The Reflective Dissent (#3): A New Adult Dark Fantasy Paranormal Romance (The Reflection Series)
Price: £2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars The Reflective Dissent - The Best In The Series So Far..........., 29 Dec. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
As an avid reader of The Reflective Series so far, I have been sitting on pins and needles waiting for this third instalment. As soon as The Reflective Dissent hit my kindle I launched straight into it hungry to learn more about Beth, Jeb, Slade, Maddie, Jackie and what Evil Ryan had in store for them all. I must say that I shed a tear during this book for more than one reason, Tamara Rose Blodgett always finds a way to enthral you with a story line that both promises sheer beauty and joy as well as pain and suffering. Everything has its balance and this is true within the Reflective world, as Beth jumps from sector to sector trying to set everything to rights so that she can go back to sector one and rescue Commander Rachett she comes across an entirely new species that was once thought legend, one who is not always whom they seem, a price must be paid........... and the cost can sometimes be too high (I'm sorry I cant reveal too much here I don't want this review to contain too many spoilers lol) The First Species add a depth and a sinister air to an already fast paced and exciting plot that will have you clinging to the edge of your seat! I absolutely loved this instalment of The Reflective Series, the way it links with Tamara's other Series which I also really enjoy, it weaves a beautiful tapestry together that I find mind boggling - how does she keep it all together? Fascinating, it defies belief (almost lol) I would recommend The Reflective Dissent to anyone who already reads the Reflective Series or any one of of her other series if they are looking to expand and read something exciting with lots of adventure, love, hate, power, an empowering female lead character with a dystopian and scifi wonderland ultimate fix.

Origins and Impulse (The Arcadia Falls Chronicles #7) (The Arcadia Falls Chronicles Series)
Origins and Impulse (The Arcadia Falls Chronicles #7) (The Arcadia Falls Chronicles Series)
Price: £1.99

4.0 out of 5 stars A Unique Insight Into Christina's Character - Totally Amazing, 4 April 2016
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Origins and Impulses is the latest edition to the Arcadia Falls series which is the follow on series of The Vampire Hunters Daughter also by Jennifer Malone Wright (currently FREE on Amazon). Origins concentrates on Christina and her reactions to becoming a vampire after the cliffhanger ending of Book 6 when Christina was captured by Edgar and bitten, forced to drink human blood to bring on the beginning of the change. Chloe called Anthony (one of the original vampires) to come to help, whose suggestion is to take Christina with him so that she can learn to control her hunger once she wakes up and learn to accept who she has now become without being a danger to herself or her friends who have become like a family to her. Her boyfriend and Warrior Angel on Earth, Zander breaks his heart and lets her go knowing that this is the best thing for her.

Anthony’s home is like no other; rich fabrics, antiques, a massive swimming pool and Jacuzzi, more rooms than you could possibly need and Christina has access to everything she could possibly want, everything except her friends and the one thing she will never see again…. Sunlight. Heavy drapes cover the windows of each room within the house, blocking out the harmful rays of the sun. Christina feels a profound sense of loss at the sudden realisation that she will never again be able to go swimming in the lake with her friends, sunbathe, go anywhere during the day, feel the warmth of the day’s sunlight rays upon her skin. Seeing herself in the mirror for the first time after waking up is a shock for her, gone is her sunkissed skin, it is now pale similar to that of a porcelain doll, and her eyes are red without blood to satisfy her need her once beautiful eye will remain red.

Because Christina has been trained to be a Vampire Hunter since birth, becoming what she kills is a huge culture shock and realising that she is going to have to feed turns her stomach, but the burn she feels inside only increases the longer she tries to abstain. Anthony convinces her to take her first drink but it does not go smoothly. Being a fledgling means that she has no control over the demon inside which wants to drain each human dry. Knowing that Leah, the woman who is the blood donor, is a willing participant helps and after some time, Christina and Leah become friends of a sort but her battle with the demon inside is a war she feels she cannot win, her humanity something she holds onto tightly knowing that her friends and Zander still want her helps but also Anthony being a one of the good, decent vampires who doesn’t give into his monster within helps her tremendously.

Researching her bloodline backwards so that they can learn whose line she comes from so that she knows her future fate given that the Hunters are planning to take out another original becomes an important task that Anthony takes on for her, but when she helps out seeing a photo of Edgar brings back her memory of the night she was turned and what truly happened is something that floors her and begins to haunt her every moment……….

Can Christina forgive herself for what happened that night? Whose bloodline will she belong to and what will her fate be? Will her friends still want to know her or will they want to kill her now she is a vampire? And most importantly to Christina, will Zander still Love her?

This novel is about a journey of discovery, a young girl finding herself again after going through a traumatic experience. Being a Vampire Hunter (one of the “Good Guys”) to being one of the enemy (one of the “Bad Guys”) and still trying to retain a sense of self is a mountain to climb. You will experience a full range of emotions you don’t normally see from Christina which I think is fantastic, it really opens her up as a character. Before she had just a supporting role within the main plot that was Chloe and Drew’s story but when combined with Book 6 which was from Zander’s POV you really get to see inside their relationship, how they fit together, how they each individually tick but how much they are actually meant for each other as well.

Taking a break somewhat from the main plot to explore these characters has been really interesting and brings some very unique twists to the main plot which continues to work away in the background. You see how details from other books in the series come together to bring the main plot whole again by the end of each novel, Origins and Impulses is no different and the ending was actually quite surprising when these details were revealed showing just how much thought was put into these details so far ahead of time. There are still quite a few other supporting characters that I believe could benefit from a book of their own just like Zander and Christina expanding them, allowing us to see inside who they are, there is so much more to learn about Gavin, Luke, Oscar and Alice as well as a huge amount of room for development on Chloe and Drew still, this series has the potential to become a huge series and I really hope it does.

For those of you who haven’t yet read how Chloe came to live in Arcadia Falls then reading The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter is a MUST READ as it will give you a fresh perspective on the base of the plot that we see in Arcadia Falls Chronicles – Currently FREE on Amazon.
4.5****Stars x

Dragonstone (Kingdom of Chalvaren Book 1)
Dragonstone (Kingdom of Chalvaren Book 1)
Price: £0.99

4.0 out of 5 stars An Outstanding Beginning To An Amazing Series!, 11 Feb. 2016
Dragonstone is a short introduction to the story of how Kort and Mia meet along with the lost dragon Magnus. I found that right from the beginning I was very drawn into the story which was being played out before me, written so intricately by Paula Millhouse, that I settled down and began to devour the first book; Dragonstone (prequel to Chalvaren Rising) and then the second; Chalvaren Rising, one straight after the other.

We begin in Dragonstone with Prince Kort Elias searching for the missing Royal Dragon Egg on Earth after coming through a portal from Chalvaren chasing after the mercenary who stole it from the palace. It is believed, due to prophesy, that the dragon who hatches from this egg will be the one to find the missing Dragonstone, a heavily coveted and important relic that belongs to the Royal family which was stolen many years ago. It is said that when the Dragonstone returns to Chalvaren that peace will return to the kingdoms. Chalvaren is rife with danger and a darkness due to a particular wizardess whose heart is black as night and as cold as ice, she wants to rule all of Chalvaren and Kort believes that it is due to her that this mercenary stole the dragon egg thinking it would lead her to the Dragonstone. But so many years have gone by since the prophesy was made that no one believe's the Dragonstone exists, Kort certainly doesn't.

Kort finds the remains of the dragon egg and parts of the mercenary, the egg has hatched and the dragon was hungry, it seems the mercenary misjudged the timing and became the dragon's first meal. This leads to another problem, the dragon is now on Earth where humans don't believe they exist, alone and confused without other dragons to show him the way. Following the signs of where the dragon has been Kort could never have foreseen what and whom he would run into next.....

Mia has been living on her own for a few years now after her parent's died trying to help the local village. She is different from everyone else because Mia is an Elf and she is not accepted by the local humans even though her parents made such a huge sacrifice and some of the village's women come to her to ask for potions, lotions, salves and medicines which her mother used to make and now Mia does too. The local Vicar has tried everything in his power to make her life uncomfortable but she has refused to let it get her down. She is a very strong and determined character but you can also see she has a softer, feminine side that is delicate. Meeting Kort is like nothing she has ever experienced, as she has never met another Elf before, she has always had to hide her ears to try and blend in. Little did she know when she got up that morning that her life was going to change so dramatically; Kort - the Elven Prince who stirs a fire deep within her soul like she has never felt before. Magnus - The Royal dragon who shows her that not everything is what it seems, that the story's she heard as a child were more than just fairy tales.

Ghostfire rages, Elven words written long ago change history, hidden truths are reviled and a journey together to retrieve the Dragonstone, return themselves, it and Magnus back to Chalvaren via a portal are just the beginning to this amazing story that captured me for hours. It really is the perfect introduction to the series and is fully recommended because the world that Paula Millhouse has created with Chalvaren is highly unique earning her this month's Fantasy & Romance Reviews Fantasy February Special.

4.5***** Stars

Chalvaren Rising (Kingdom of Chalvaren Book 2)
Chalvaren Rising (Kingdom of Chalvaren Book 2)
Price: £3.29

5.0 out of 5 stars *** A Spellbinding Must Read ***, 11 Feb. 2016
Chalvaren Rising is an epically brilliant novel that expands on Mia's past, present and future which Paula Millhouse began telling in her exciting prequel Dragonstone. With Magnus the dragon, now hatched and bonded to Mia the two need to work together to strengthen their connection in order to bring the prophesy into full force. But working together is harder than they could have forseen, with many trials and hardships ahead of them that they need to overcome. This does not mean that they don't have a fun time trying! Kort, as a dragon trainer, understands that training new dragon riders and dragons to work together can be challenging but each pair need different tacks in order to catch onto the basics and build on from there - with Mia and Mangus it's all new territory because Mangus can talk, voice his opinions, thoughts and feelings, so making training time fun is just what they need!

Kort and Mia's relationship would be known as "it's complicated" as although she is certain about her feelings for him, she is unsure whether she should stay with him at the palace as she feels her presence there is in part causing problems. Learning about her past, although has answered many questions that have been burning in her mind and teasing her curiosity since a child, have not fully yielded the answers that she expected or could have ever wanted. The great evil that the kingdom is facing is someone known to her family well. Nothing could prepare her for the secrets that have been kept from her that are brought into the light nor the dangers that they put not only everyone she loves in but also the kingdom, people will die because of her and because of this she wonders whether it's better if she leaves Kort and the palace to give everyone a chance to survive.

Paula Millhouse's writing is vivid and compelling. Her ability to capture the emotions and individual character's humour, and then to deliver it in such a successful way had me up late into the night, I just couldn't put Chalvaren Rising down! Nothing about this book feels forced it flows freely and smoothly - a truly amazing read! I can't wait to read the next in the series.

5***** Stars

Dragon City
Dragon City
Price: £0.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Love this Game ~ I'm hooked!, 20 Dec. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Dragon City (App)
Have been playing a few weeks, and I'm hooked already! The only drawback is that if you do not have a lot of friends who play you get stuck in a stasis point moving very slowly only. To continue further only in app purchasing will allow you to move on but the cost is very high, too much so to justify it. If you are able to keep it steady and have the strength to keep plodding on, you'll get there and it is very addictive. Overall a brilliant game!!

Immortal Moon: A Moon Sisters Novel (Paranorm World Series Book 2)
Immortal Moon: A Moon Sisters Novel (Paranorm World Series Book 2)
Price: £3.19

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5.0 out of 5 stars Loved It! An Amazing 2nd Novel in The Moon Sisters series, 17 Nov. 2015
As a fan of The Moon Sisters from the first book in this series which I had the pleasure of reading earlier this year (Voodoo Moon), I was really looking forward to seeing just what June Stevens had in store next for this amazing ensemble of characters who from the very first few pages had me truly liking them. Loving how strong willed they were, tough physically and mentally yet had hearts of gold even though they all had been saved by Pinky from terrible childhoods, each Moon Sister you feel very protective of and really route for them. evoking that kind of loyalty to one character in a series or a single novel is an extraordinary feat in itself but to evoke loyalty to several takes true skill, something I believe June Stevens has.

This particular instalment in the series, Immortal Moon concentrates on Anya Moon, the rough, tough, quirky, yet sexy barmaid that is liked by all. Back in the first book she had a one time tryst with Jarrett who for better a phrase "rocked her world". Now 6 months have gone by, Jarrett has been away investigating any leads he could find to the possible proof that his former partner survived her swan dive off the ledge and possibly into the sea missing the rocks below which if she would have hit would have killed her instantly. With no more leads to follow and nothing more to do he reports back to base bringing him back to the city, back to a close proximity to Pinky's bar and back to Anya.

Both have thought about nothing but each other, neither looking to another within that 6 months for company, something that is rare for them both........

Anya has spent her time fighting in the ring at the fight houses to burn off the extra tension she has felt, winning even though she is a norm, even beating men 4 times her size. Because of her superior fighting skills she is often accused of cheating and it is due to one such encounter after a fight when she is running from the sailor and his friends that she bumps into Jarrett who saves her. She swore never to be with a vampire...well, not again anyway and for Jarrett never to be with a norm, well not again anyway either.

A tale of twist and turn that pulls you in, has all of the makings of an exceptional novel which i truly enjoyed, Thank you June and I really do look forward to book 3!


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