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Grr "Gumbo" (England)

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RED WAGON Boy's Knit Jumper, Green (Khaki), 6 Years
RED WAGON Boy's Knit Jumper, Green (Khaki), 6 Years
Price: £11.19

5.0 out of 5 stars Good looking, hard wearing jumper, 22 May 2017
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
My son really likes this jumper - and given its arrival corresponded neatly with a slight cold snap he has had a good chance to try it out! It fits as expected, he is 5 so it is a little large but he will fit it beautifully by Autumn I think. The material is nice and the jumper has been made with care.

From a parents view it looks great on him and feels hard wearing enough to withstand a fair bit of rambunctious play.

Overall, very please with this and would happily recommend.

Tower Health 2-in-1 Spiraliser and Grater with Detachable Bowl - Green
Tower Health 2-in-1 Spiraliser and Grater with Detachable Bowl - Green
Price: £21.93

3.0 out of 5 stars Does the job but not as well as expected, 15 May 2017
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
When you get this product out of the box it looks really good but it doesn't come with any instructions on how to take the unit apart to clean it or change the blades, this is left to you to figure out by yourself. It seems that I found this slightly easier than some reviewers - though this could be more down to luck than judgement, however once you know what you are doing the unit is pretty simple to take apart and put back together.

The unit itself has a simple design and is lightweight while not looking too obtrusive in your kitchen. The four feet on the bottom of the unit do little if nothing to stop it sliding about if there is any sign of damp in them or the worktop which does defeat the object somehow and I you ever get them at all greasy then they seem to stay this way no matter what you do, all of which means a fairly slidy experience as you spiralise your veg.

When you load up the spiraliser it seems to slice fairly slowly for all the effort you are putting in. The result you get out is pretty even and nicely contained within the base unit itself. That said I have been pushing the top of the unit towards the blades with a decent amount of force on top of the spring loaded lid to give additional pressure on the veg being sliced.

Overall I would say that this is a half decent spiraliser but that it could do with some design tweaks to make it something that works really well.

Why I March
Why I March
by Abrams Image
Edition: Paperback
Price: £11.99

4.0 out of 5 stars A snapshot of the times, 14 May 2017
This review is from: Why I March (Paperback)
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
A nicely presented piece of photo-journalism documenting the women's marches that have happened in the wake of the Trump election and other political/social events over the last year.

I picked this up as I thought it would be interesting for my young daughter to look at when she is older, as i'm sure the last year or so will have lasting resonance and I think there is value in showing the resistance that was shown. On this basis, this is a worthwhile, nicely printed book which has the bonus of supporting relevant charities as well.

On the flip side, as one other reviewer has neatly summarised, it is essentially a book of women holding up humorous signs. It perhaps needed a little more content.

Aquaplay LockBox
Aquaplay LockBox
Offered by Warehousebargains
Price: £37.60

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4.0 out of 5 stars Splishy splashy fun for all, 24 April 2017
This review is from: Aquaplay LockBox (Toy)
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
When we opened this toy we were met with huge excitement from our two children. Luckily the kit is simple to put together as long as you work methodically and make sure that when you affix the waterproof seals that you take your time sticking them. Our kit came with some spare waterproof seal stickers which is really useful - that said you may want to make sure that you immediately put these somewhere safe. We took our eyes off them for 1 minute and our two year old had managed to peel off the backing and stick them to her t-shirt.

We took the LockBox outside and put it out on top of our sandpit lid where is sits perfectly. We added some warmish water and the kids were off. They had a fab time pumping water around, opening and closing the gates and letting the water levels lower, playing with the crane and fighting over the one model of a hippo which comes with the set. It would be nice to have a second model to play with as only having one naturally leads to problems when more than one child is playing - even if you try and resolve the situation by offering a Octonauts toy instead.

We have had loads of fun with this over Easter and our kids really enjoy splashing about. It generally keeps them occupied for about half an hour at a time before they come and ask to put other toys in the water or if they can get changed because they are completely soaked.

Unfortunately I found that when closing up the LockBox it was not as simple as it appears. The gates are meant to slot into the ends in order to hold all the bits and pieces inside the case but unfortunately with our model they don't sit in their slots properly. This means that they keep falling out and the plastic parts inside and free to escape as well. Because of this we tend to carry the LockBox flat which kind of defeats the object of the case. Also the small red clips that hold the case together are a bit flimsy and not really stufy enough to hold the case well.

Overall this is a great toy that keeps children of different ages entertained for decent amounts of time. It is just a shame that it doesn't seem to pack up in the way that it should.

Aquaplay MegaBridge
Aquaplay MegaBridge
Price: £54.04

5.0 out of 5 stars Simple, clean - somewhat soggy fun!, 11 April 2017
This review is from: Aquaplay MegaBridge (Toy)
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
This is a great addition to our stash of outdoor toys. It was easy to set up and once this is done then all really needs is a bit of water and you are away.

Once assembled the Aquaplay Megabridge does take up a fair amount of space, but as we are only intending this for use in our garden this is not too much of a problem - though making sure there is space to store it when not in use is an important factor to consider if you decide to purchase this toy. It's also worth noting that if you do not have an outdoor space and want to use this indoors then you will probably need to make sure floors are lined with towels and that you are prepared for a pretty soggy clean up!

Both of our small people absolutely loved playing with this toy. We filled it up with slightly warm water because although the temperature outside was decent we thought they might get a bit too chilly quickly as it's not been summer temperatures just yet. Their excitement at being allowed to splash about with the boat and various other toys which we bught out with us was great. As there are quite a lot of bits and bobs to play with in the set there is a nice range of things kids can do straight out of the box - many of which have a nice educational leaning which is always a bonus with any toy. Our two found loads of simple games when getting used to the flow of water and how it all worked but once this initial excitement had passed we were treated to sea serpent invasions using dinosaur models and pirates looking for their treasure. We did have a bit of trouble trying to lure them away when the time came to come indoors but this is the sign of a great toy so we can't really begrudge it, even if it did mean sharpening our negotiating tactics!

When reviewing toys you do have to factor in the cost and at over £50 at the time of writing this is a ptretty considerable investment. That said it really does offer loads of play fun and as our kids are still young I suspect it will be used for several summers before we finally decide it is time to pass on. If you are looking to buy something that gives hours of fun which will appeal to kids of varying ages then you can't really go wrong here. It is one of those rare toys that genuinely offers incredibly simple play in an accessible way without trying to be too clever.

Braun Ear and Nose Trimmer EN10 (Precise and Safe, Ear and Nose Hair Removal)
Braun Ear and Nose Trimmer EN10 (Precise and Safe, Ear and Nose Hair Removal)
Offered by kent photo
Price: £16.00

3.0 out of 5 stars Ok but not impressive, 10 April 2017
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Using Tweezers on embarrassing ear and nose hair I not much fun, let's be honest. They are painful to pluck and, for me at least, pulling out nasal hairs ends up in a chorus of successive sneezing that rumbles on and on for ages.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I'm not too afflicted by hair in these areas - though as the big 4-0 approaches, I seem to be developing more steadily - so I use this sort of product solely for my own vanity and not to tackle waves of unruly growth. I've tried electric products before but have found that, on balance, a tweezer is quicker, more effective and requires no electricity.

Sad to say that, despite this product doing an alright job, the tweezer remains painfully reliable and therefore still wins out the day.

This does work ok, but needs a lot of patience and fiddling with angles etc.It also doesn't cut too fine so, if you get hairs on your ear lobes for example, you may still find tweezing a necessary evil. And if you still need to tweeze even a little, then what's the point?

It feels a bit flimsy for a Braun product as well - normally a product I am happy with - lightweight in the not so great way.

Going with three stars as two would be overly harsh but I'm afraid this is pretty average.

Vax UCNBPCP1 Power Compact Vacuum Cleaner, 2.0 Litre, 850 W, Red
Vax UCNBPCP1 Power Compact Vacuum Cleaner, 2.0 Litre, 850 W, Red
Price: £119.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Sucking fantastic - powerful light and easy to use!, 5 April 2017
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
This is a great vacuum cleaner, I was not sure what to expect when we opened this but it has exceeded the performance of all of our previous vacuums - at least one of which I thought was an outstanding cleaner.

Once out of the box this vacuum is really simple to get up and running. Once turned on I found this small machine to be surprisingly powerful. It really does lift up all the dust and dirt. It is a little noisy but not to a level I would find off putting, if you want powerful suction then you are going to get some noise and unless you are vacuuming at antisocial hours in a flat I can't see there being any issues. There are several floor surface settings you can chose from which is great meaning you can pick the setting which best suits your floor covering allowing or the best suction and care levels. It's also got nice and simple buttons and catches which stand out as they are coloured differently to the rest of the machine allowing for easy identification.

I found the vacuum easy to manoeuvre throughout the house and around various obstacles which is great as with two small children we have a constant supply of toys to get around. It is also a nice lightweight machine which is really helpful when trying to get the stairs nice and clean as I can lift and support it one handed.

The cord length is really decent (7M) meaning you can plug the cleaner in and not have to worry about unplugging to reach other rooms - although I note that others clearly have larger rooms than us and have needed to unplug to get everywhere. The hose supplied is also of a good length (2.5M) so you can easily attack those harder to reach bits of the house and get cobwebs out of corners. With the capacity of the vacuum being pretty hefty as well you don't need to worry about needing to empty it all the time - although I have found that emptying is such a simple process that I really don't mind cleaning it out almost every use. The ability for the handle to fold down is a really useful feature as although it doesn't reduce the footprint of the vacuum it allows us to store it in a cupboard with items hanging it above it without problems. A taller machine would get stuck going in and out so this works really well for us.

Overall we have been extremely pleased with this vacuum cleaner and it has definitely left our carpets much cleaner than they were, it is easy to use and empty and stores away well. It is also a pretty decent price considering all of the features it offers. I have used other more expensive models and I cannot say that they provided a better quality of suction. If you are in the market for a new vacuum then this is definitely one to consider.

D is for Duck!
D is for Duck!
by David Melling
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Great to help introduce youngsters to the alphabet, 3 April 2017
This review is from: D is for Duck! (Paperback)
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
There are so many books out there that are designed to help children get a grasp on the alphabet and this is another addition to that list. In order to be a success an alphabet book needs to stand out in both the way it is written and the illustrations it has. This book is a really charming introduction to the alphabet for younger children and it does stand out from the crowd of others available.

Our youngest has really enjoyed having this book read to her. She loves the illustrations and points out things as we talk about them, she also likes repeating some of the key words and 'reading' back to us.

As an adult who has to read favourite books again and again quality illustrations really do help to keep me sane. These by David Melling are both, lively and do help to bring a real sense of fun to the entire narrative.

Overall this is an enjoyable book which has been well produced and will appeal to pre schoolers for the most part. It is unlikely to have long term appeal once a child has a good grasp of the alphabet but as it is designed to set them on this path this is not so much of an issue.

Vitabiotics Wellkid Soft Jelly Orange - 30 Pastilles
Vitabiotics Wellkid Soft Jelly Orange - 30 Pastilles
Price: £5.95

3.0 out of 5 stars A decent supplement but a little on the expensive side., 3 April 2017
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Our health visitor advised us to give our children vitamin supplements to help boost their systems. Even with a healthy everyday diet it seems that young children could do with a little extra help in some areas - especially vitamin D due to our less than sunshine filled climate - so we have been on the look out for some decent options. These Wellkid jelly pastilles have been a hit, especially with our eldest who is always asking for his special vitamins in the morning.

I know some reviews have said that these jellies are not to their child taste but ours love them. They may not be the sweetest jellies out there but that's not really the point of a vitamin pastille. I tried one myself and although it was not the nicest thing I have ever eaten it certianly was not the worst.

The vitamin content is of a reasonable level but not as high as some out there and when you compare this with the price they do not seem to be the best value. Overall I think these are a decent vitamin supplement for children but if you shop around you can probably find other options which are more cost effective and provide the same level of benefit.

Official Xbox Wireless Controller - Red
Official Xbox Wireless Controller - Red
Price: £43.14

4.0 out of 5 stars Snazzy, 20 Mar. 2017
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
It's an Xbox controller with new gripping material and a snazzy red colour - my wife has declared it as 'hers' already!

It's a quality product, does all the bits you'd want it to and is a great addition to the Xbox collection.

Not a must have item certainly but a decent upgrade for a second controller if you need it.

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