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Hidden City®: Mystery of Shadows
Hidden City®: Mystery of Shadows
Price: £0.00

9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Addictive Fun, 6 Mar. 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have this on all my devices best way to save gems r friends by doing the 10 player a day and searching online for IDs I love it I'm
addicted plus its best to have many friends to get u mini items which can do by adding them to wishlist and then requesting big artifacts this has been my first review on amazon app page I love it

Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer w/ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology - Compatible w/iOS & Android Devices - White
Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer w/ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology - Compatible w/iOS & Android Devices - White
Offered by Smart Shop UK
Price: £104.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars Its like Xmas day and anyone can do this even Gran, 6 Sept. 2016
I love the fact I treated myself for my birthday and got this. And I love how easy it was to use.

First of all I looked at my phone. I downloaded Polaroid Zip. I did not need a YouTube video to show me how to do this. I then remembered I forgot to get the 50 pack of photo paper. So I bought some as I knew I would love this. I had seen it on grave3yardgirl youtuber and thought very cool. Be sure to check her out. Most items are buyable on here. There's one item where she takes photos of things for eBay etc and it's got lights and is like a folder. If anyone knows where I can get one tell me the name. If you can lol. I want that to and its prob on here. Be good to take white background pics with my photo through Bluetooth.

Anyway so I watch a YouTube video. Any unboxing video will come in handy. I never watched it all. Or you can just read this. You can put 10 photos in at once. I think. They do sell them in 50 packs (or on here I seen it way cheaper at 30 packs for £14.99 but was £10 more from where I bought from and £3.99 postage. This is where my prime account could come in handy) but I'm thinking its 5 packs in that packet. Anyway you charge the Polaroid first. I never did. Most products leave you with some charge. Even apple and kindle products. So then I slid the top and it gently came off. Very easily

Now this is important. When putting your paper in keep the barcode In the pack facing down. Why I don't know. Maybe to show its genuine photo paper.

Now the wonder of this is there's no ink to worry about. I have a great camera on my iPhone. Most people have great cameras on their phones.

I'm wondering will it work on my kindle fire and iPad Pro and mini and touch. We shall see. As long as you have Bluetooth. The ability to download the app as its not like going to your photos and looking for the Polaroid. Oh no you need that app. I bet once I read all these reviews I will know the answer to that.

Now apparently you can have hidden messages in the photos I have not played around with that. I have 8 photos left until my refills come. The first one I did as my daughter is staying with her gran was take one of the cat. Now even though you need the app. You still need your phone to be able to recognise the device. So you hold the power button for 5 secs. I went to the Bluetooth section on my iPhone. There was no number to type in. It said connected right away. So quick and easy.

Honestly guys I was so delighted at the ease of this a child could do it. And will do it. I will come on if I can edit this with my child's own review at the bottom. See how she enjoyed it. She's 10 and very capable of doing reviews. She does it on YouTube a lot (supervision)

Now I'm all set up. I'm connected. I have the barcode down the right way I have the app. I give permission to use my photos. My photos. Yes you may have permission but you better not show anyone my duck lip selfies I proclaim not to make. ROFL (we do we all make fun of those with the duck lips. Then we take a selfie ourselves and say actually I look better like that. I will put this on Facebook making fun of myself doing some duck face photos whilst the likes are coming in and your loving it lol)

So back to business I head to the app. I pick the photo I want. It's the cat stealing my pillow just before I'm going to bed. My daughter likes this one. So it says it's sending it. What comes out. Not only the barcode one. The one I have been told to keep at the bottom of the pack. I start worrying. Oh no I never watched all the video. Then I hear the printer again and what happens there's my cat looking like the Queen of Sheba who is 15 comes out staring at me. Da Ta drumroll and music.

Hello to simple technology. Now not only can you put secret messages etc. You can customise it as well add captions etc. You can keep the photos in your wallet.

Love scrapbooking? You do! I don't lol. However I may just buy a book and do it. I have tons of craft stuff from my daughter has this can be a hobby for me and her. Since this was a birthday gift for myself why don't I keep making duck faces and stick them into books.

I do mean stick as not only is it a photo but it doubles as a sticker.

My only thing is do I go and buy the zip camera. Where I think I do need film and paper as well or am
I ok with my own camera. Or is the camera something my daughter can have for Xmas. To make her own memories.

I can say the photos came out good the ones I did. It helpfully aligns it before printing. I only did two as I want her to do one or two and have the glee I did. Hopefully one of me to stay by her bed. One can always hope.

It would be nice to have the option to buy this in a bigger size so you get normal sized photos. That's my only gripe and I'm not going to give it 4 stars for that. The pixels and colour was amazing as the colour is on the photo sheets so be careful opening them foil packets. They are not collector cards. Well in a way they are but of your life. Handle round the edges. I kept the barcode incase I needed it again but I doubt I will.

This has been a joy. i don't review often. I had to review this even though I did not buy it from here but it's cheaper here. I have a year to pay mine off.

Hopefully this one (review) will win awards. And to prove how easy it is I have taken those photos for you to see. I just wish I cropped the one of the cat so I had more cat than pillow. However that's not the printers fault it's mine. So there's a tip for you. Crop if you can. Take the unimportant stuff out.

The photos were taken on my lap. It's a big lap. Lol.

If you are thinking of getting one please do. Yes the refills are expensive (not that bad when I seen the prices on here dang it) but having hard copies of photos are running out. People are not doing them often enough. I take advantage of the photo companies when they do offers as If anything happened to my cloud or to my computer that's all my photos gone. So I back up. I then wait until I have 50 good ones and go to a company. Now I don't need to do that unless I really like the photo and want it enlarged.

I hope you enjoyed this in depth review. And I hope to see more people buy this and more reviews. Honestly even the technically challenged can do this. It's not hard at all. You'll have fun to. It's exciting. I want to do more but I can't. I will watch her have fun doing one.

Nicotinell Nicotine 2 mg Lozenges Mint, 96 Lozenges
Nicotinell Nicotine 2 mg Lozenges Mint, 96 Lozenges
Price: £9.00

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Best thing since cigarettes lol, 22 Mar. 2016
My hubby started on the nhs pharmacy programme. I'm not sure if this is available in England but it is in Scotland. You go in each week and if you show signs your carbon is coming down they keep you on it it you keep on failing 4 weeks in a row you take a break. Should you fail up to 6 times they will no longer help you and you may have to go to a different chemist lol. I think I will do my extremely hot (don't tell the hubby) pharmacist proud.

I did not want to give up smoking. Not really. I always said I would give up if I found something that replaced it. I've tried Everything I tried mostly patches did nothing for me at all! Well on their own anyway. Then I found these

I gave the lozenge a try out of my hubbies lot and omg. I could say I did not want to go outside for a cig (I don't smoke in the house due to my daughter who's 9) I then realised the second time I tried the lozenge I was feeling a bit sick. I treated it like a normal sucker sweet that's why. You need to wait for the taste to go then have another suck then keep between your gum and tooth. Since then no more sickness feelings for me.

Now I said patches did not work on me I don't know if it's all in the mindset but with patches and these have been the winner for me.

I'm now down from 25 to 11 and now 7 cigs a day. Yesterday was 6. The lowest I have had in like 8 years or so.

The only prob is how do I get off of these as I do like the taste. It's a great alternative. I also do have a addictive personality. I guess I take its the 1mg ones then reduce yourself however at the moment I can't say for sure what my set amount is. It's more than 5 anyway. Hey as long as that harmful chemicals and tar ain't going in your body I say take your time coming off them lol especially if you can afford it or the chemist is giving you a break.

You really feel the nicotine going to the back of your throat like smoking but the taste is Minty. It's not overly harsh either. Your working your mouth rather than doing nothing with a patch which is why most people give up with just the patches. Including me. I ditched them completely at one point.

I have tried different sweet things I won't name the brand but the sweets are tiny and horrible and it does nothing.

I'm really really surprised just taking a leaf out my partners book and trying it has made me have a better outlook on life. I'm 31. I've been smoking since I was 16.

So if your pharmacy does not do a weekly supply like mines even though I have only been on these a week and only get 36 in a box which it says 8-12 most people take then I'm guessing I'm going to be phoning up for more of them if they do them or ordering more on here.

On this I swear once my cig pack is done I'm not buying any more cigs as the ones I do go out for I say I could have done without that. Never have I ever said that to myself after 4 hours without a cig. Apart from that morning ones and after food ones. That will be my hardest to achieve.

Without the patch doing it's invisible thing I don't notice any cravings with the lozenges. However I have noticed I do tend to go through more of the lozenges these than I would when I have the patch off after the 16 hours. So I may ask for the 24hr patch. So patches most work to some degree right?. So a perfect combo.

I would have never reduced this far in 15 years and I only gave up once but I needed to the stress was to much afterwards. 8 months I was back at it. I never said I will really give this a go. I went to the chemist half heartedly thinking it was a one off thing with the hubbies lozenge. This is the first time where I'm like determined to see this through.

To be honest looking at the prices on here. It's much cheaper for a lozenge than a cig anyway. So much cheaper. My partner swears by the white inhalers that come with cartridges that the chemist also gives but it hurts his throat until he was used to it. If you are more of a hands person then the inhaler and lozenge would be awesome. He has a different view and notices no difference with the patch on or off. I do. I eat these things at least once a hour without patch instead of every 2-3 hours with the patches on. He swaps inhaler cartridges and lozenges each week as your only allowed the patches and one more thing. As far as he was told anyway. I saw a different pharmacist and I'm sure if I asked for say gum yuk and these he would have said yes.

I also have not noticed my food intake Is not going up neither that's because your working your mouth I think.

I noticed nobody really gave that much of a review and I hope you 1 click and order these and change your life. Going back 10 years ago maybe more you could find someone with a lighter in the street when you stupidly left yours at home now all my friends have given up. You end up in town shopping and having to buy a lighter.

I was seriously going to look into nicotine vapours to try and support the hubby. It gives you something to do with your hands. There's cute flavours like strawberry etc. However the device might not cost that much but due to how many there is out there and the cost of the refills which are much more expensive from the sample pack. Then reducing by yourself without support would just be awful and just as expensive as smoking. Also most places ban them as well. Why I don't know it's only steam but I guess it's those who have long kicked the habit that will think about picking up a pkt of cigs on the way home. Who knows. Maybe the smell to in restaurants etc. I have never had the pleasure to try one but I was tempted to buy one until I saw the refill prices.

Those of you looking for a product who have tried basically everything except these. Don't rule them out. Please.

If my chemist won't be giving out more than one box of 36 a week I will be ordering from here on Amazon. I did see a review to look out for fakes. Getting them directly from here at cheaper prices than the chemist will stop that dead it its tracks. Don't be tempted to give into a few quid cheaper on auction sites when you don't know the seller. Amazon will keep you right or Get directly from pharmacy then order from here if you need to pay so you'll have a box waiting in the mail should you finish that box and I bet you do. I won't say for sure you'll quit but they say NRT gives you 2x most likely to quit. I would say in my own opinion this product is more likely 4-5 times. It's that good.

Work with them and the patches. I recommend them highly. I was surprised. I did not buy them from here and I'm raving about it. I did not really want to give up! Only for the sake of my health and money and to stop going out as much for the hubbies sake and look at me now, no I have not quit but being below 10 if I can get to 5 today. I'm not looking back. Plus there's loads of freebie sites that gives you smoking packs. Some inc advice only. Some actually want to give you a sample. You might as well go there while your giving these a try. These are good for those who don't want to go out the house. Also try forums to.

As of going through the pharmacy NRT programme you can be working or non working its on the nhs free here in Scotland. I'm not to sure about other parts of Britian. Good luck.

Angelic (Otherworld Stories series)
Angelic (Otherworld Stories series)
Price: £2.40

5.0 out of 5 stars A great eve short, 25 Jan. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Great short to a great series. I have had to much weres. I love eve and I love Jamie I also love the vamp stories. I have not finished the series off so we will see.... Or at least what is left of the series. In case you readers don't know bitten is now a tv show. Canada I think it's a given though when you think of the weres and author

Fila Vintage Mens Winter Knitted Woolie Gloves - Red - AX00359 - S
Fila Vintage Mens Winter Knitted Woolie Gloves - Red - AX00359 - S
Offered by Avenue 85

5.0 out of 5 stars Great item., 9 Jan. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
These are a small. I have small hands. My partner has slightly bigger hands. I was a little scared they would not fit since his fingers are bigger and manly but they did. So if your deciding to buy these. A size down from your original size would be OK.

Fila Beanie Hat, Ear Flaps, CoolQuik, Red - Size Medium
Fila Beanie Hat, Ear Flaps, CoolQuik, Red - Size Medium

1.0 out of 5 stars Way to small unless your a toddler., 9 Jan. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is way to small even my small child can fit in this.

Lip Pump For Thicker Fuller Plumper Bigger Natural Luscious Lips Film Star Look Luscious Lips Plumping Device
Lip Pump For Thicker Fuller Plumper Bigger Natural Luscious Lips Film Star Look Luscious Lips Plumping Device
Offered by awhao
Price: £3.12

1.0 out of 5 stars Don't bother., 9 Jan. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
A complete waste of money. Please don't bother. There's tin ones out there. Use YouTube for gadgets like this. And make sure to view at least 3. I learned that the hard way.

Real Vampires Take a Bite out of Christmas
Real Vampires Take a Bite out of Christmas
Price: £0.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Love her. Love all her work., 9 Jan. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I love Gerry Barrett. She's a treat to read. However I find the Scottish Hottie a little bit controlling. I would rather be revving it up with the idol. If Michael buble for instance became a vampire being a fan. He's not my biggest but because of the character I see him as a bad Michael lol. And I would have to say bye bye to my partner and be off with the singer who's now got his life in order. Or so I read. I have not read this yet. So I don't know. Giving it a 5 star as every book even though things change and I don't want them to. It's awesome. And I wish her protector was still a dog. I loved it when they were going on hunts together. By the way totally forgot everyone's names apart from glory. I read 3-4 books a month so give me a break lol.

Retro Style Ancient Dragon Leather Strap Bracelet
Retro Style Ancient Dragon Leather Strap Bracelet
Offered by P I N T I
Price: £5.49

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3.0 out of 5 stars Won't last long., 9 Jan. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This went down a treat. However at the buttom it was catching on all his sleeves. So be good if they Ameded the catch part or whatever the bit is at the bottom. I have supernatural ones. Least the items never came off in this one and it lasted a while. It went done just before Xmas. So folks don't expect this to last forever because of it catching on the sleeve that's one star away and because of the item not lasting long that's another one. However it was worn everyday and at bedtime he never took it off. Expected it to be like his other leather braided bands. So maybe best to take off at night.

Tarot To Go! (Activity Kit): Book and Card Set (Petites Plus) (Charming Petites)
Tarot To Go! (Activity Kit): Book and Card Set (Petites Plus) (Charming Petites)
by Peter Pauper Press
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £5.99

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Off to a great start., 9 Jan. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Omg this is so cute. It gives only a brief explanation. However it does give you a good few ideas but there's several ways of doing them. I now look them up on the Internet. It will take me a while as each person has their own interpretation which in life if it says you need a rest you think of something you do reg that tires you. So I did do that and it gave me a good warning to in the love department. Well worth the money for a beginner like me. If you've watched penny dreadful. I love tv merch and all things supernatural. Even the show is my fav. So I have the penny dreadful deck now. I have not opened it as just got it from Xmas but I would love to compare and still use the little book as a guideline as well as the Internet.

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