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Snooper 4Zero GPS Fixed & Mobile Speed Safety Camera Detector
Snooper 4Zero GPS Fixed & Mobile Speed Safety Camera Detector

96 of 97 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Seems to do the job, 12 May 2015
Having just been caught unexpectedly exceeding the speed limit, I decided to invest in this unit as it is apparently the only device available capable of identifying all types of speed camera, both through GPS of fixed ones and picking up radar and laser devices. I do around 40,000 business miles a year, so thought this would be critical in helping me get around without exceeding speed limits.
Not immediately obvious, but you have to pay an ongoing subscription for the updates. But it is only £30 for the year so it is worth it. You can also pay monthly or quarterly, but this is slightly more expensive. I must admit, I did find the set up of this a bit tricky, so for someone less capable on computers it could cause problems. I loaded the CD, registered the product and the icon appears on my desktop, then I plugged the device in as instructed. And I kept getting a message that it hadn't been recognised. After some playing around, manually starting the software for the update and doing something, not entirely sure what, it updated and was ready to use. Worth noting that, when connected to your PC, the display is virtually unreadable. Thankfully when you connect it to the power via the cigarette lighter in the car, it is pretty good. Also, some people have complained about the sound. I have found it fine, the beeps audible easily over the radio, and you can adjust the volume so that you can hear the warnings if you want.
As far as performance goes, I have had it less than 24 hours,,but it has picked up everything I have driven past so far. Fixed cameras and mobile police ones, ones in unmarked police cars,it has worked as I hoped. So, apart from the awkward set up, it is doing what it should, and the display and sound are both good. Would recommend it to anyone nervous of their points total, or just those who don't want to collect any at all.
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Power Cloth/Sand FILLED Bag Boxing MMA Training Fitness 5-60kg (Blue)
Power Cloth/Sand FILLED Bag Boxing MMA Training Fitness 5-60kg (Blue)
Offered by Wolf Impex
Price: £13.99 - £99.99

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Really useful bit of gym kit, 2 Jan. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I used a weighted bag a few months ago at a gym, and since then I intended to get one, just to mix up my training. I opted for the empty bag and went to B&Q and bought a 20kg bag of sand. Was much cheaper that way than buying the bag with weight already in it. I wrapped the bag of sand in a bin bag, then an old towel, and used two small towels, one at either end, just to add a bit of padding. The whole thing eased snugly into the bag - needed a bit of patience and a lot of wiggling, but a pretty good fit. 20kg seems to be about right for me. If you wanted to add more weight, it could be tricky as there is maybe enough room for another 5kg of sand.
I use traditional bars and dumbells for weights. This I use for plyometric and endurance stuff. After doing a session of jump squats, clean & presses and some other various lifts, I still ache 3 days later. So I am very happy it is fulfilling a purpose. If you are looking to combine strength and cardio training as a way to increase fitness, then I would recommend getting one of these. The bag itself seems sturdy enough, has enough handles in the right locations, and delivery was fast. I ordered one morning at 6.30 and I received an email at 9.30 to say it had been despatched. Only took a few days to reach me, and that was over Christmas.

Karrimor Orkney 5 Mens Walking Boots Brown 8 UK UK [Apparel]
Karrimor Orkney 5 Mens Walking Boots Brown 8 UK UK [Apparel]
Offered by USC
Price: £119.99

21 of 22 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Good walking boots, 5 Jan. 2014
I am a relatively experienced walker, having done the three peaks three times and done 40 mile hikes, and I can say that these are the best boots I have owned. I do have a preference for leather boots over the lighter materials - I just find that they stand up better to the wear and tear of being bumped against rocks. These boots have great ankle support (I have sprained ankles a few times and can be a weak spot of mine), they only required one 45 min walk to break in, and you can walk for hours in these boots and they are still comfortable. The slight down side is they are a heavy boot, but in return you get a hard-wearing, supportive, comfortable boot. Would buy them again.

MMT Sports Ltd Leather Weight Lifting Gloves Wrist Support Double Velcro
MMT Sports Ltd Leather Weight Lifting Gloves Wrist Support Double Velcro
Price: £2.75 - £5.99

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Very good for the price, 5 Jan. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have been lifting for quite a few years and have previously used York gloves. The first pair I had lasted me year, but the second pair were totally destroyed in a year, so I was looking for something a bit better quality. I almost bought a more expensive pair on Amazon, but the £4 shipping put me off and I opted for this pair, thinking I will give it a go as they don't cost much.
When I received them, 4 days earlier than the due delivery date, I was impressed by the quality, especially for the money. They are much better than the York ones, they are comfortable, look good and the wrist straps are good - and not too long meaning you don't have to spend ages wrapping them around your wrists. Don't regret buying this pair for a second, easy to grip the bar and good padding. Definitely recommended.

Head Nanopower 50 Badminton Racket
Head Nanopower 50 Badminton Racket

4.0 out of 5 stars Got used to it quickly, 7 Jan. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this raquet as my Browing one broke in a collision, although I usually use my Yonex. To start with, the colour of this raquet might put some people off, but if you are comfortable with a bright orange raquet that everyone will notice, then I think it is a good buy.
It did take me a couple of games to get used to the raquet and my off-timing meant that I was not hitting the length of the court (and being punished accordingly), but soon I get the measure of it and ended up having to restrain myself or I would send it out the back of the court. You can generate as much power with this raquet as with my Browning - which was a little heavy, great for smashing fast, but gave you a tired arm after an hour, but the Head Nano is light. I also managed to get more power into my back hand shots, where I am usually weak. As for gentle touches, it didn't take me any readjustment to get to grips with the Head. Don't regret buying this raquet for a second for the price I paid (£25), although I nearly went for the Prince.

V-fit AR1 Artemis 2 Air Rowing Machine
V-fit AR1 Artemis 2 Air Rowing Machine
Price: £229.99

16 of 21 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Excelent product for the cost, 3 Jan. 2012
I had been wanting a rowing machine for quite a while, but did not have the space available to store one, until I found this one that folds away. I was a little concerned that it may not been too rigid due to its folding, but having used it I am happy that it is robust enough.
I have previously only used Concept 2 rowers at various gyms, and I did not expect this product to be as good as this well known piece of standard gym equipment - and it is not. But is is close! And for 1/5 of the price, that is amazing. I am 6'1" and the travel is adequat for me to do a full stroke. The action is as smooth as a Concept 2. The resistance is not adjustable, but the more effort you put in, the more it fights you back, so you will get a good work out. I am used to using the Concept 2 on 5, and rowing about 28 strokes/min, this gives you a similar resistance - so it is ideal for me. The display is not great, but it is better than nothing and for the money can you complain?
A note on assembly - which is generally straight-forward. When attaching the drive band to the bungee, you need to feed it through the frame into the main rail that the seat moves on. It isn't apparent from the instructions and I've read other reviews saying that the the band wears against the frame. It isn't meant to, and it took me half of the hour it took to assemble to work out how it was meant to go (that and working out that most of the bolts are already attached to where they are meant to go and not somewhere in one of the packages).
Overall I am very happy with my purchase. I am sure it will give me an extra option for exercising at home - I already use a cross trainer twice a week and do weight, so am reasonably fit. I'm sure this rower will give enough resistance to provide a challenging workout. Would definitely recommend.
Oh, and I bought mine directly from Beny for £175 including delivery. Arrived the next day.

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