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Kisspet kitty tunnel three-tiers tower intelligent toy dish funny cat pet ball toys (Orange)
Kisspet kitty tunnel three-tiers tower intelligent toy dish funny cat pet ball toys (Orange)
Offered by Kisspet
Price: £17.32

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Not a great quality toy, 17 April 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This seems to be a generic copy of the triple-level tower toy for cats. I don't know if there is an "original" but this particular item suffers from a couple of issues: firstly, the balls aren't very good quality - they are like textured, coloured ping-pong balls but they aren't uniformly round & so they spin around the tower a little before wobbling to a stop. The kitten is getting bored far too soon. Secondly, the big hole in the top just invites our kitten to put his head inside (trying to find the balls) and one day he's going to get his head stuck...
I bought a separate pack of cat toy "ping-pong" balls from Amazon & they fit this toy, but they are exactly the same in terms of not being perfectly round.
Don't spend too much money on this toy (no more than a fiver), sadly I needed it quick & spent far too much to get it on Prime delivery...

Audioquest Dragonfly Dac Red
Audioquest Dragonfly Dac Red
Offered by AudioVisual Online
Price: £169.00

13 of 18 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A triumph of form & function, 20 May 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I was on the verge of buying something like an Oppo HA-2 or Teac DAC/Amp when I came across this new Dragonfly. I wanted something for use with my iPhone when travelling & in the car and the other devices just seemed too big to carry around. The Dragonfly is similar in size to a USB thumb drive (but reassuringly heavier!) so it seemed ideal and when the reviews started coming in, it seemed to sound good too. My primary use would be in my car, which has a 3.5mm line-in socket with a very nice Harmon Kardon sound system, but it needs a line-level signal to really sing; plugging in my iPhone 6 directly (European model, so has the EU volume limiter) has always been disappointing, any volume above 75% would start to distort the sound and it wasn't loud enough. I used a FiiO E11 headphone amp for a bit but it muddied the sound and couldn't be charged at the same time.
Well, I bought the Dragonfly Red over the Black because it has a higher output. Within minutes of receiving it I knew it was a keeper! On volume alone, I would say that with my Sennheiser 598 headphones plugged directly into the iPhone on maximum volume, switching to the DF Red gave me the same volume at around 75%, so there was a fair bit more available if needed. In terms of sound quality at "regular" volumes, I noticed a fuller sound, more of a soundstage (instruments seemed wider, easier to pick out) and slightly clearer lower frequencies; importantly this was still the case when it got very loud, whereas the iPhone's amp would start to distort over 75% volume. When I went back to my headphones through the FiiO E11 into the iPhone, I realised how awful the sound was, really lacking in clarity and not really much louder than iPhone alone - the Dragonfly was so, so much better!
When I used the Dragonfly in my car, with iPhone volume turned up to maximum (so the DF headphone socket was outputting at normal line level), wow! I knew straight away I'd done the right thing. It sounded fantastic, as if it were coming straight from the (excellent) CD player (I was playing a mix of lossless ALAC and 256 MP3 files) and the volume was perfect; I went as loud as I dared with the car HiFi volume and really thought I would blow a speaker, and I don't think I hit the maximum. But the sound quality was so clear even when very loud. I was extremely happy... And all this within an hour of receiving the Dragonfly. I appreciate it may sound better after 24 hour burn-in (continuous play) but I was already decided.
I would like to add that I used the Dragonfly Red with the new Apple Lightning-to-USB3 adapter - this allowed me to plug a charging cable into the Lightning port and the Dragonfly into the USB port, so that I could listen and charge iPhone at the same time - it worked exactly as expected. In my mind, this is a far better solution than a USB DAC/Amp which has its own battery, requiring charging itself (& maybe can't be charged & used at the same time) and its own volume control; with the Dragonfly, you only have one volume to worry about (the iPhone) and one thing to charge (the iPhone).
To summarise: brilliant with an iPhone, get the new Lightning-to-USB3 adapter for charging if needed. If you have an Android phone, you should do some research (start with head-fi.org) because there are devices that work and ones that don't, depending on the phone capabilities.

That '70s Show: The Complete Collection- Seasons 1-8 [Import]
That '70s Show: The Complete Collection- Seasons 1-8 [Import]
Dvd ~ Ashton Kutcher
Offered by Macandtan
Price: £59.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Easiest way to get the Show but lacking on extras., 5 May 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
There are many reviews here already for this box set, so firstly I will repeat that although this appears to be the only 'complete' DVD box set available to us in the UK (not counting US Region 1 versions), it is packaged for the Dutch market and features subtitles only in Dutch, although the audio is only in English. I guess it was filmed before widescreen/surround sound became popular for US shows, so it is only in 4:3 and stereo.
Each season is spread across 4 DVDs, with the last DVD of each season holding a few small extras. I say small because across all the seasons' extras, I count only 4 more than 10 minutes long. From season 3 onwards I think every episode has a "promo" available, which I find pretty pointless - just a set of spoilers for that episode. My main complaint here is that the final season special "The Final Goodbye" is criminally missing from this box set - its an hour-long behind the scenes doc with interviews, highlights etc. I have never seen it and really, really would like to - it's blocked on you tube so I imagine this is a bizarre regional licensing thing.
Others have said the Dutch subtitles have to be turned off every time a disc is played. I haven't actually played the DVDs through a player, instead preferring to watch using a software media player - I can turn off the subtitles there but more importantly, I had no trouble with playing any of the 32 DVDs in my PC.
I love the Show dearly (well, seasons 1-7 anyway!) but am disappointed with the lack of meaty extras. 4* for me.

Dolce Gusto Coffee Pod Holder - 36 Capsules Stackable Stand - Anti Vibration Non Slip Surface - Mesh Drawer Rack
Dolce Gusto Coffee Pod Holder - 36 Capsules Stackable Stand - Anti Vibration Non Slip Surface - Mesh Drawer Rack
Offered by BB products
Price: £29.99

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Not perfect but I think the best pod holder available., 29 April 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I looked long and hard for a solution to storing 32+ Dolce Gusto pods and decided that most of the vertical types suffered from poor quality control, with potential problems on all of them. This flat drawer-style pod holder, although lacking a bit in reviews, seemed a better option, with less to go wrong. I have to say, it is a very tidy way to store the pods as they are hidden away, so it is nice and minimalist. It is quite large in its width/depth but not tall, so it fitted under our kitchen cabinets very well. I put our Genio 2 on it, plus a coffee grinder for when we make "real" coffee and it all looks great.
The reason I didn't give it 5 stars however: just like in many of the vertical style holders, one of the dividing bars (the left-most) wasn't quite in the right place which meant the pods in row 2 fell through to the bottom and looked messy. Thankfully, this was quite easily fixed using a cable-tie to pull the 1st divider closer to the 2nd and the tie could be pushed right to the back so it didn't interfere with the pods. Additionally, the bottom of the drawer is a metal mesh and ours had 2 small holes in it where the sharp metal ends were sticking out - potential to cut fingers or snag on something. I just pushed them flat with a screwdriver and now they are just cosmetic holes - which you don't see once the drawer is in use.
Overall I would rate this 3.5 out of 5 for quality issues, but bumped up to 4 as we have hopefully sorted them out. I still think this is the best and tidiest option for storing pods.

Fundamental Changes in Jazz Guitar: An In depth Study of Major ii V I Bebop Soloing
Fundamental Changes in Jazz Guitar: An In depth Study of Major ii V I Bebop Soloing
by Mr Joseph Alexander
Edition: Paperback
Price: £14.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Very useful and practical guide, 30 Nov. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This book represents my first real attempt to learn how to play electric guitar properly through study. I have reached the end of chapter 6, which is a quarter of the way through the book; it has taken me months and months to get to this point! Now, most of that is down to my relative inexperience on the guitar, building up finger strength, getting familiar with string & fret locations without looking at the fretboard etc; some of it is down to my not-so-young mind being slow picking up new concepts; but I think this book also begs to be used as a springboard for further ideas, which I have tried to go along with.

As other reviews have stated, it starts by presenting three chords that form the ii-V-I progression, then gets you to play around with arpeggios created from these chords. The idea is to be fluent with starting your arpeggios from the root, 3rd, 5th, or 7th across a couple of octaves, going in either direction and eventually being able to form credible sounding progressions using notes from the chords in a non-linear way, so it doesn't just sound like a collection of scales being played... At each stage of the process I have read the instructions and then spent a few hours noodling to some backing tracks (using SessionBand Jazz apps on an iPad - great for this!) and I have had a lot of fun doing this. It is all starting to come together for me now, what notes to choose, not looking at the fretboard so much, trying different styles/rhythms to play along to etc. Flicking through the rest of the book I can see there is a lot more coming up!

I am sure that guitarists that are coming to this with a fair bit of experience will take a lot less time than me to absorb the information, but whatever your experience, this is a book where you should start at the beginning and make sure you are familiar with the concept in each chapter before moving to the next as they build on what has gone before. This is not a "dip in to a random chapter" style of study book.

I am thoroughly pleased and excited to be learning this stuff and for me, this is a 5* book. I have two minor criticisms which are that the spidery font used on the chord diagrams makes it very hard to see the fret numbers and I would have appreciated some indication of which fingers should be used on the chords and certain note runs - for example, going from 7th fret on the 5th string to 7th fret on the third, do you bar, roll your finger or use different fingers? And how do you play that A chord in the first lesson? Its probably down to you but I'd like to know the accepted way so I don't learn bad habits (I'm using my thumb to fret the bottom string, just seems to gravitate there!)

I have since bought the follow-on book (soloing in the Minor key) and the Blues compendium and am very much looking forward to working through them (I feel a New Year resolution coming...) - I should like to point out that the author and others have an active website called Fundamental Changes that contain a lot of further information and lessons - I haven't had much time to study from it yet but would like to do so when I can.

Jabra Move Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones - Black
Jabra Move Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones - Black
Offered by Insdec DE
Price: £49.69

70 of 72 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Good sound, very useful headphones but some issues with Bluetooth, 28 April 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
These are my first Bluetooth headphones but having read reviews of countless other makes/models, I wasn't expecting much from them at this price. I'm glad to report that they exceeded my expectations and almost immediately I had to buy another set because my partner wanted one! I can't get over how useful it is to have headphones that don't have a cable - I generally listen to music when doing housework and gardening and have destroyed several older headphones through catching the cables on *everything*! Plus, I now also don't have to carry my iPhone in my pocket where it can also get damaged.
My "regular" headphones are Sennheiser HD25 Mk IIs which are very impressive and I love them. These Jabra's can't match the clarity of the Sennheisers, lacking in the quality of the treble and overall "punch", but to be honest, they do a very good job for less than half the price. They certainly were better than I was expecting, with a good but not overpowering low-end although slightly muted mids and highs; more importantly I can't really detect any "compression" of the sound due to the limitations of Bluetooth. Considering they don't have any of the more recent Bluetooth innovations like "apt-X" for better sound quality, I'm otherwise impressed. (In case you don't know, Apple do not support "apt-X" in any iPhone/iPad so its a fairly pointless tech if that is your main music source!)
My only issues with these headphones are to do with the way it connects over Bluetooth. Within hours of receiving them, I had paired to 3 iPhones, an iPad and a Fire TV box. Almost immediately I started having problems trying to re-connect devices to the headphones - if I turned them on and started Bluetooth on my iPhone, they would announce "connected" and my iPhone would show the connection, but when I tried to play music, I could hear nothing. I had to re-pair the headphones to the iPhone to get it to work. This was happening about 75% of the time, even when I hadn't used them on another device, just turned them off for a bit. Sometimes just turning off the headphones and turning them back on fixed it, but basically I was getting frustrated. In the end I went to the Jabra support website and downloaded the full manual (I think the printed version you receive is a quick start guide) and it lists a "Factory Reset" method (hold Volume Up and Multi-function buttons for 5 seconds) which I did. Since then, I have been more selective about the devices I had paired it to (only 2 so far) and it has been OK for a week now.
One other issue I have noticed fairly regularly is that when I turn the headphones on, the voice saying "connected" is breaking up (weird, as I assume this comes from the headphones themselves) and then when I play music/podcast, the sound breaks up really badly - but this fixes itself after about 30 seconds so now I just put up with it! I do also get the occasional brief glitch in the sound that others have mentioned, but not often.
Finally, my first set of Jabra Move's seem to be version 2.4.0 according to my phone. The second set we ordered are 2.3.0 strangely. I haven't "messed" with these and so far they have worked fine. I wrote to Jabra and they informed me the firmware can't be changed at the moment, but perhaps in the future.
I haven't used the telephony functions for these headphones but my partner does quite regularly when out walking and really likes it - I can report from receiving calls that they are quite clear but very susceptible to wind noise. However, the "mute" functionality (VolUp+VolDown), as well as being tricky to do one-handed, doesn't seem to work with the iPhone either with calls or music, and the lengthy list of things you can do with the single multi-function button are frankly too confusing. I'll stick to the music!
In summary, try not to connect these to too many devices (the factory reset option may help you there!), accept some Bluetooth weirdness and you should enjoy the freedom and sound these headphones will give you.
I hope this helped future and past purchasers!

Update July 2016:
I still use these on a regular basis and am happy with the sound, just annoyed by the 30 seconds of sound breakup I get every time I start to use them. I've just realised this is probably because the second device they are paired to - my ipad - usually has bluetooth disabled (I don't often use it). When I am paired to my Amazon Fire TV (which is always on) and the iPhone, I don't get the breakup. I think the headphones must be trying to connect to the second device when powered up, and its messing with the sound if it can't find it !
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jul 12, 2016 12:50 PM BST

The North Face Big Shot II Backpack - TNF Black, One Size
The North Face Big Shot II Backpack - TNF Black, One Size

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great backpack for short trips, 30 April 2014
I really like this backpack! We tried a couple of other brand's 25 litre packs and they could not hold all the "stuff" we wanted to put in (hand luggage for holidays - spare clothes, underwater camera gear & electronics) but this 32 litre bag is the perfect size. I was a bit concerned it would "look" big on me but I honestly think it looks fine - I'm 5ft 10in and it looks the right size. What I like most of all is the storage is mostly in one large inner compartment, which makes it very flexible for what you want to put in. The padded back section for laptops etc was very handy for putting an iPad and wireless keyboard in. The inner compartment has quite a good depth to it if you need to put in some large items and the compression straps help to keep it all in place. As there is just one main compartment and the large, sturdy zippers can be locked with a padlock, its easy to keep it secure. Loaded up with about 8 or 9 kilos of travel gear, it was very comfortable for me to wear while marching across numerous airports last month, whether with one strap across the shoulders or both. I used the sternum strap to keep it all in place, didn't need to use the waist strap. The top handle is a little bit thin, I would have like to see more padding there but it survived two flights and three airports outbound and return, no problems. The various loops on the front were handy for attaching some additional things like shoes with velcro straps.
We bought this from another website (my review never showed up there!), in a colour which I believe is called Coffee Brown - we really like it, more natural looking and less "techie" than the pure black version!

Eneloop AAA 4 Pack Batteries - delivered in "eneloop" Safe-Box
Eneloop AAA 4 Pack Batteries - delivered in "eneloop" Safe-Box

12 of 12 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The best rechargeables by a long way, 26 Feb. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have used the AA versions of these for a few years now in my underwater flash & torches, but I needed some AAAs to replace my diminishing stock of alkaline batteries. These AAAs have just the same qualities as their big brothers - they last a longer time than competitors, but most importantly, they keep their charge for an extremely long time. This means when I go on holiday for example, I can charge a whole load of them far in advance and be very confident that they will still last when I come to use them. For this specific item, I like the hard plastic box that they come in because it can store 5 of the AAAs or 4 of the AAs which is very handy for keeping charged batteries apart from empties - I put charged batteries in the box facing "in" (ie the hinge) and empties go in facing "out" (ie the catch to open) - very simple to work out which to use or charge next!

Honestly, it seems a silly thing to get excited about but I absolutely love these batteries and I always extol their virtues to other photographers/divers I meet !

Sealife + SL911+ Moisture Muncher for use with all Sealife Cameras
Sealife + SL911+ Moisture Muncher for use with all Sealife Cameras
Price: £6.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect for my requirements, 26 Feb. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I read about these Moisture Munchers on an underwater photography website so I bought them last year to try out. I have a Canon Powershot S95 digital camera and use it inside a RecSea aluminium housing for taking underwater photographs (very successfully I might add!). The inside of the housing has a recess which these fit into perfectly, so I have since bought several packs. I only scuba dive when on holiday, and its usually hot and humid wherever we go, so these are a god-send to keep the moisture out of the housing and prevent fogging of the lens/glass. Personally, I try to open my underwater housing only when in an air-conditioned room and I keep it open for as little time as possible - I never open it outside if I can help it. In my experience, a single one of these "munchers" will last me 4-5 days (you can tell when they are saturated because the colour goes from a nice blue to pink!). For me, they are good value because of that; I appreciate they would get saturated quicker if you leave them out or not in a sealed bag but I haven't tried that yet! I don't think they can be de-hydrated again so once one has gone pink, you throw it and move onto the next. There's 10 in the pack so they work out less than two pounds each...

All Time High
All Time High
Price: £7.90

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic music - but get it on CD!, 26 Feb. 2013
This review is from: All Time High (MP3 Download)
I read a brief review of this album in a Guitar magazine and listened a few times on Spotify - each time I did, I really grew to love it so bought the MP3 download. I was going to score this 5 stars minus one for only being available in MP3 download format (I loathe not having a high-def original) but I just checked the Amazon catalogue and its now in CD format! Heck, thats nearly £7 wasted as I now want the CD... I will wait for it to be reduced at some point hopefully.

As to the music, it is all instrumental and sometimes very simply put together - some tracks seem to be just solo guitar (acoustic or semi-hollow?) although most tracks feature multi-track guitar with I think subtle drum programming - the focus is always just on the guitar melody which is often hauntingly beautiful, sometimes up-tempo and other times more laid-back; I believe one of the tracks was written for his wife, to be played at their wedding. I'm not into "ballads" myself and I think this album manages to avoid that stereotype - it also manages to avoid being a overtly technical showcase for guitar playing. Instead, the music just seems to flow very nicely and it works both for sitting down and listening to (where you can appreciate the playing skill) and for (dare I say it) putting on in the background.

I highly recommend this album if you appreciate good guitar music, its very compelling!

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