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Ketchup on Everything
Ketchup on Everything
by Nathan Robinson
Edition: Paperback
Price: £5.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars This Book is Literature!, 21 Jun. 2014
This review is from: Ketchup on Everything (Paperback)
“Ketchup on Everything” by Nathan Robinson is absolutely nothing like the title might suggest to you. In fact, it apparently is nothing like anything Nathan Robinson has previously written, although I’m only repeating what I’ve read elsewhere. “Ketchup on Everything” is a powerful, touching story of a man and his wife, living life in a constant state of unsettledness following the disappearance of their 8-year-old only child, Evan. The raw emotion of that universal fear of every parent on Earth is profusely tangible in this poignant and haunting tale of love and loss.

I have several other books by Nathan Robinson, and I will be reading them very soon. Robinson may have veered from his normal archetype in “Ketchup on Everything”, but his rich and erudite talent for effective and captivating writing is abundantly obvious throughout this story. I was very impressed with his writing. I like a lot of genres, and enjoy most of what I read, but I very seldom say I was “impressed” with the writing. Nathan Robinson is one of the few about whom I can honestly say that. Please… do yourself a favor, and purchase a copy of “Ketchup on Everything”. And just in case you need it, keep a box of tissues handy.

Nataliee's Alien Nightmare II:The Dulce Chronicles
Nataliee's Alien Nightmare II:The Dulce Chronicles
Price: £2.14

5.0 out of 5 stars Truly a Nightmare!, 3 Dec. 2013
"Nataliee's Alien Nightmare II: The Dulce Chronicles" by Markus Fredericks and Bob DeLong is an adrenaline inducing escapade involving private American citizens, CIA and other government entities empowered to kill certain of those American citizens in the "national interest", and at least three distinctly different alien species. Furthermore, courtesy of a surprising number of stereotypical "mad scientists", there are also a great many bizarre experimental hybrid life forms held in secret cages far from prying eyes.

"The Dulce Chronicles" is the second story in a trilogy, or possibly a longer series. In a number of places I felt I might have benefitted from having read the first book before reading this one, but all things considered, "The Dulce Chronicles" stands alone just fine, as long as the reader can occasionally read between the lines. In this episode the action is virtually non-stop from page one to the cliff over which the reader is left hanging until Book III is available.

Nataliee Cunningham, perhaps the primary lead character, has recently given birth to a baby who is already surpassing the size and intelligence of an 8-year-old child. Before reaching his first birthday, young Tommy would be Thomas Cunningham Junior, known to all as "Junior", standing a full 6 feet tall. His unique growth rate, maturation, and incredible learning skills were each a factor of some genetic manipulation that apparently occurred in Book I.

As this story progresses, Junior plays an ever-increasing role in the rescue of his biological father, Anthony "Tony" Elliot, due in no small part to his close relationship with his "alien" father. It doesn't hurt that he also happens to be very paranormally blessed in the ESP department.

"Nataliee's Alien Nightmare II: The Dulce Chronicles" is an amazing adventure wherein it seems that somebody is always in need of rescuing, while the rest are constantly planning how to perform the necessary rescues. The initial rescue was an offer to Nataliee and little Tommy to live, eat and study under a full scholarship at the Institute for Paranormal Studies, where the founder and owner of the complex happens to be another breed of Alien.

Army Captain Cindy Pruitt also appears at the complex to inform Nataliee that Tommy's biological father is not dead, as she supposed at the conclusion of the previous episode, but has been "given" by the military to an underground colony of "Greys" for experimentation, amusement, and ultimate consumption. Sadly, the CIA sent an assassin to tail Captain Pruitt, with orders to terminate her if it appears as if she may have shared top-secret information regarding the Greys colony.

However, the CIA seemed to have forgotten that the Institute for Paranormal Studies includes a whole lot of people who can read minds, so the CIA spy is soon captured and securely bound. But, of course, he still manages to escape and take hostage the good Captain, until a whole lot of telepathy comes up with another plan to overpower the CIA spy.

Confusing as that tiny sample of the story may sound, the entire book runs along the same lines. The characters are, with a couple minor exceptions, very well developed. The dialogue is constantly very believable, although again there are a couple minor exceptions. All in all, this story flowed very well. I wish I had already read the first episode in this series, but I can tell you I intend to read it as soon as I can, so I'm all caught up in time for the third installment early in 2014.

Although this tale is certainly Sci-Fi, it should be especially fascinating for those among us who believe in UFO's, and alien life forms from outer space. If you believe there is a government conspiracy to withhold information about UFO's and Aliens, this is a story you will love to get your hands on.

I strongly recommend this for all UFO/Area 51/Government conspiracy fans. It was for you that I started this review by saying "Nataliee's Alien Nightmare II: The Dulce Chronicles... is an adrenaline inducing escapade involving private American citizens, CIA and other government entities empowered to kill certain of those American citizens in the "national interest", and at least three distinctly different alien species." If that description makes your heart beat a little faster, you will love this story.

The Deal
The Deal

5.0 out of 5 stars This is the Real Deal!, 1 Dec. 2013
This review is from: The Deal (Kindle Edition)
"The Deal" by R.J. Gibson is a brilliantly crafted suspense-filled thriller, worthy of a seasoned professional writer. I was honored when the author asked me to read an earlier draft of this book, and write a review just as if the book were already published. In that private "practice" review, I stated that the way things looked, she was going to produce a real page turner that's pure genius. Having just finished reading the final product, I have to say she definitely accomplished that.

"The Deal" is a fascinating tale of murder, revenge, extortion, double-crosses, back-stabbing, and so many twists you won't want to take a break until you find out what happens next. In "The Deal", as in real life, there sometimes is a fine line between "the law" and "justice". I finished reading it an hour or so ago, and I'm still not quite sure who all the good guys were and who all the bad guys were. In a strictly legalistic interpretation, there might be no good guys, but in a more just interpretation, there were several good guys. However, in sunny Southern California, where everybody is an actor, regardless of how long they've been bussing dishes, you cannot always believe what you see with your own eyes.

"The Deal" is a story that begins with professional football player, Paul Kittredge, being bribed $100,000 to throw a decisive game by fumbling at a critical point. Instead, Paul, with mere seconds to go, fights his way through the defense, scores a winning touchdown and sends his team to the playoffs. All it cost him are both knees and his career. The team rewarded him by waiving their option to extend his contract.

An embittered Paul dove head first into a bottle of Canadian Club, becoming increasingly paranoid and irrational. Paul ultimately goes off the deep end, and is never able to turn his life around. But he always had the support of his childhood friend-turned lawyer... or did he? In spite of the long-standing friendship, the lawyer hid his real thoughts extremely well. In fact, a lot of the characters in this story feel like real people, with few exceptions. Some of the descriptions are so meticulous I'd swear they were patterned after people I've personally known!

Rife with misperceptions, misunderstandings, misleading "clues", puissant bosses, and liars, at times you will fully expect to find the wrong people arrested for... well, let's just leave it at "arrested". This is an action packed story, and I wouldn't want to spoil it for you.

"The Deal" should be made available to a much wider audience than simply Kindle owners. I sincerely hope the publisher plans to release it in hardbound and paperback formats, because there are millions of potential buyers who do not own Kindles, and they will want to read this story. If you enjoy action filled, suspenseful thrillers, get "The Deal". It's the REAL deal!

The Frozen Sky (the Europa Series Book 1)
The Frozen Sky (the Europa Series Book 1)
Price: £1.99

10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Tomorrow's Sci-Fi Classic, Today, 26 Mar. 2013
I am an avid fan of Sci-Fi and Space Operas. However, in so many books the "aliens" seem to always be either bipedal humanoids, or bug-eyed monsters (BEM's), intent on destroying Earth. They also always seem to be light years ahead of us in space technology. "The Frozen Sky" by the accomplished author, Jeff Carlson, turns that stereotype on its head and shakes it up quite a bit.

This story takes place on and inside Jupiter's super-frozen moon, Europa. Earth has been mining the ice to extract deuterium for use as fuel in various vessels and to power outlying extra-planetary colonies. One day a probe becomes fouled with dirt particles which subsequently are determined to be extremely small fossil bugs.

That discovery prompts a new interest in the moon, leading to a Chinese rover accidently finding what appears to be repetitious designs carved in the ice, indicating the possible presence of intelligent beings, either now or in the past. THAT discovery presages a significant uptick in interest in Europa.

Numerous Earth nations, coalitions and alliances, send multi-disciplinary teams to "cooperatively" explore the satellite. Unfortunately, "cooperative" on Earth has a different meaning on Europa, and each group tries to sabotage the others, so they can claim the lion's share of glory for themselves, assuming some proof of sentient life awaits them.

Jeff is a master creator of believable, realistic Science Fiction. His aliens are unique in the Sci-Fi genre, which, if you think about it, they would be on Europa or any other orb suited to the existence of life. There are no BEM's in Jeff's world. But there ARE alien life forms, with a measure of intelligence.

Back on Earth, the politicians and various pharmaceutical giants are seeing dollar signs as they consider how the alien life forms can be exploited... harvested, if you want the ugly truth. Only by placing her career and her future, and possibly her freedom, on the line, can one woman plead a case on behalf of the aliens. Her challenge? To convince the world these aliens are sentient beings, not simply dumb animals.

"The Frozen Sky" is a brilliant, realistic panorama of how Earth's powers might very well treat an alien species. It is also a thought-provoking story which will pull you right in with the force of ten G's, and not let you go until the final conflict has been resolved. "The Frozen Sky" may be tomorrow's classic Science Fiction work.

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