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Mr. R. Nathan "soulsurvivor_666" (England)

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WWE 2009 PPV Collection [DVD]
WWE 2009 PPV Collection [DVD]
Dvd ~ John Cena

5.0 out of 5 stars Actual review, 16 Jun. 2014
I'm going to review the product rather than review the seller (no disrespect to the other reviewer but that is the purpose of these reviews).

Every PPV from 2009 all in one place and what a year it was. Don't get me wrong it had it's bad moment too but I would say the good outweigh the bad.I won't review every show as you're better off going to the individual entries but I will give some highlights. Two elimination chamber matches, Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker, Backlash 2009 which is one of the best non-big 4 PPV shows ever! Edge vs Jeff Hardy in 3 great encounters including a great but often forgotten classic ladder match. Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho which just kept getting better with every encounter making the last PPV match at The Bash absolutely awesome! The rise of CM Punk which lead to a compelling rivalry and lead to a very physical TLC match at Summerslam. Randy Orton vs John Cena may have dragged but their I Quit match and Ironman Match didn't disappoint. Christian vs Shelton Benjamin in another great Ladder match (there were quite a few this particular year I won't deny haha) and many more.

Overall 2009 may not have been as good as 2008 but it had some epic moments with the above just being a few. I highly recommend this set as it'll keep you in your set trying to get through it all for a good week at least depending on your schedule :)

by Bret Hart
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars One of the greatest ever, 15 May 2010
This review is from: Hitman (Hardcover)
This is truly a great read. This is a man who truly turned the wrestling industry at one point and has finally told his story so far. I am a huge wrestling fan but will be the 1st to admit that at times wrestler's autobiographies can be let downs at times for one reason or another but this is not 1 of them for many reasons.

First off, due to Bret recording his times on the road during his life, he gives a more accurate account and feeling of how he felt at the time.

Secondly, he at the very least appears honest as he says good and bad about everyone including himself and will openly admit he is far from being innocent in his life.

Thirdly, he shows various sides of himself, good and funny and bad and ugly. Does he whine in this book? Yes. Does he try to have a laugh at times? Yes. What I'm saying is he's not afraid to show any aspect of himself here.

Lastly, it is very well written, to the point where I'd put this only second to Mick Foley's books (to this day I'd say he is number 1 and will stay there) with only a select few wrestlers coming close (Chris Jericho's book is a good example and another good read).

If you are a true wrestling fan and want to have a perspective to the goods and bads of the industry along with a story of one of the greatest of all time then this is worth it. I have met this man and he is like the rest of us, one of a kind and has a story worth telling and in this case does it very well. Enjoy reading those who do buy this highly recommended piece of literature!

WWE - Wrestlemania 24 (Tin Version) [2008] [DVD]
WWE - Wrestlemania 24 (Tin Version) [2008] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Wwe
Offered by babsbargains *** WORLDWIDE SHIPPING ***
Price: £39.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Honestly, 1 of the best Wrestlemanias ever, 11 May 2010
Right I'm not going to give spoilers, I'm just going to try and get to the point and hope it helps those reading know how good this ppv was (apoligies if I get the match order wrong or waffle by the way):

Finlay vs JBL Belfast Brawl: God awful storyline with Hornswoggle but thankfully when it turned and produced this match, it at least made for a good brawl and opening match. 7/10

Money in the Bank Ladder Match (featuring: CM Punk, Chris Jericho, MVP, Shelton Benjamin, Carlito, John Morrison and Mr Kennady): well it is what you would expect and better. So far the 2nd best MITB match since it started in WM21. It is a spotfest but smartly done and full of great stuff with most here surprising everyone and taking it another level. The ending in particular I thought was smart booking. 9/10 (I think if Jeff Hardy had been in this as planned instead of screwing himself over, this might have reached the 10, look on the internet if you do not know the story there)

Batista vs Umaga: To be honest, they could've had better but Batista in particular, with the exception of the ending, did not put the needed effort in, in my view as Umaga is good. But it should've especially from Batista, so a 3/10 for his lack of effort.

Kane vs Chavo Gurrero for the ECW Title: This could've been an average contest at least but it wasn't even that, not because of the wrestlers but because of poor booking and WWE further ruining ECW's legacy. 1/10

Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair Career Threatening Match: This was named match of the year not far in front of MITB and it's no surprise why. Both put in a great effort with a great story and booking. This is what you expect at wrestlemania and despite Flair's age, he can still go when push comes to shove. 10/10

Maria and Ashley vs Melina and Beth Phoenix Lumberjack Tag Match: Well better than the previous year's wrestlemania but it just was not happening, was mainly a filler for those like myself who are straight males and enjoy a pretty sight. 3/10

HHH vs John Cena vs Randy Orton Triple Threat for the WWE Title: This was ok but wasn't long enough in my book and was more your typical triple threat so no surprises really or anything outstanding but wasn't bad either. 5.5/10

Floyd Mayweather vs Big Show Anything Goes Match: Ok this was 1 of the big draw matches and I was shocked by how good it actually was. It wasn't going to get match of the year at all but it turned out alot better than most thought, mainly because of the added stipulation. 7/10

Edge vs Undertaker for the World Title: This was always going to be at least good but it was so much better than that, it was a great feud that would continue but this 1 their best singles match without a gimmick stipulation. An awesome main event that's not far behind the 2 match of the year contenders on this show.

The extra are worth it here. The whoe hall of fame ceremony which is good just because of Flair, seeing the rest were a small bonus, although seeing the Rock again was also awesome as well. The 24 Man Battle Royal was your typical TV match battle royal, nothing special but was a good way to start the crowd off and would get a 4.5/10.

This was simply awesome even despite it's bad points and hope you enjoy it if you get to watch it.

Wwe: Armageddon 2002 [VHS]
Wwe: Armageddon 2002 [VHS]

5.0 out of 5 stars 3 bloody falls, 7 Jan. 2004
World Tag Title Four Way Elimination Tag Match. Dudleys vs Booker T & Goldust vs Lance Storm & William Regal vs Chris Jericho & Christian. 8/10 A very smartly done match with worthy winners.
Edge vs A-Train 7/10. DQ ending spoiled it plus it was quite a while since Edge met a big man.
Chris Benoit vs Eddie Gurrero 9/10. 2nd best match of the night and a must watch.
Torrie and Dawn do a Lesbien. Puppies!!!!!!!!!!!
Kane vs Batista 7/10. Flair interferes and they should've shown off their power more.
Womens Championship Trish Stratus vs Victoria vs Jackie 6/10 Short and only for puppy lovers.
WWE Championship Kurt Angle vs Big Show 8/10. Good Considering Big Shows standards at times.
2 out of 3 falls Shawn Michaels vs HHH 10/10. A street Fight, a cage match and a ladder match with grudge the size of Texas all in one match.Best match of the night.

Wwe: No Way Out - 2003 [VHS]
Wwe: No Way Out - 2003 [VHS]

3.0 out of 5 stars Could've been better., 7 Jan. 2004
No Way Out was a bit of a let down but there still some good matches.
Y2J vs Jeff Hardy 9/10. This is one of the best opening matches ever with lots of high flying and speed. This was the best for me.
Lance Storm & William Regal vs Kane Rob Van Dam 7/10. Regal gets a concussion but they all still produce an alright match with a smart ending.
Matt Hardy vs Billy Kidman Crusierweight Title. 7/10 Hardy used to do so much more high flying but never mind. Anyway not bad match and it does have a devastating move to finish it.#
6 Man Tag Team Angle vs Brock Lesnar, Chris Benoit and Edge. 8/10 This was 2nd best match but doesn't turn out to be a 6 man watch it and find out.
Undertaker vs Big Show 5/10. These 2 can't work together.Taker can't lift Big Show and can't hit any of his finishers.
Steiner vs HHH 4/10. Royal Rumble Match was bearable but this one sucked. It should've had a stipulation.
Stone Cold vs Eric Bischoff 7/10. Stone Cold returns and Bischoff gets an ass kicking. Very funny.
Hulk Hogan vs Rock 8/10. Not as good as X8 but still entertaining and another load of contreversee (sorry about spelling) in Montreal.

Wwe: Judgement Day - 2003 [VHS]
Wwe: Judgement Day - 2003 [VHS]
Offered by Discountdiscs-UK : Dispatched daily from the UK.
Price: £19.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Judgement Day for Big Show, 7 Jan. 2004
The main event is the main reason to buy this but here's the review.
6 Man tag. FBI & John Cena vs Spanky, Rhyno and Chris Benoit. 5/10. This could've been awesome but they were given 3 mins! And it had 3 main eventers in it too. The wrong team wins.
Tag Match. La Resistance vs Test & Scott Steiner. 6/10 This was average at best but was rather lame.
Tag Team Ladder Match Team Angle vs Eddie Gurrero & Tajiri 8/10. Now it gets good and all 4 men do pretty well considering Tajiri had only hours notice. All men hit good moves and take great abuse in this one.
Intercontinental Title Battle Royal. 7/10 They brought it back with a contriversal ending.
Bikini Challenge Torrie Wilson vs Sable. 8/10 Puppies!!!!!!!!
Sorry but need I say more.
HHH vs Kevin Nash 7/10. Good spots but short and ruined by a predictable crap ending.
Fatal 4 Way Womens Title. Jazz vs Victoria vs Jackie vs Trish 7/10. Jazz is ugly but the rest I'll still say PUPPIES!!!!. They all hit some good spots though.
Stretcher Match Brock Lesnar vs Big Show. 10/10 Some may say I am being generous but I like No DQ matches and Big Show is able to produce a decent match. Very unusual but funny ending and alot of brutality.

Wwe: Summerslam 2003 [VHS]
Wwe: Summerslam 2003 [VHS]

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Summerslam always rules., 7 Jan. 2004
Never seen a bad Summerslam and this is no exception.
Dudleys vs La Resistance. 7/10 Average tag match due to rookies la resistance but it had alot of emotion that made it a good starter for the ppv.
Undertaker vs A-Train 7/10. Sable in trains corner helped but should've been longer with a better move to finish it.
Shane o Mac vs Eric Bischoff 7/10. Coach and Stone Cold get involved and Bischoff puts up a bit of a fight but the winner is still obvious.
US Title Fatal 4 Way Eddie Gurrero vs Chris Benoit vs Tajiri vs Rhyno 9/10. Great match which should've gone on longer. All were in top form.
WWE Championship Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar 9/10. Possibly better than their Wrestlemania match it was that good and Vince tastes steal on his birthday.
Kane vs Rob Van Dam No Holds Barred 8/10. Both men were in top form here. Lots of flying, weapons and their usual spots with a good finish.Winner was a bit obvious though.
Elimination Chamber HHH vs Y2J vs Randy Orton vs Kevin Nash vs Shawn Michaels vs Goldberg 8/10. The title's on the line. Not as good as the 1st but still worth seeing. There were only 2 let downs here. 1 was this is Kevin Nash's last ppv match only only lasts 2 mins tops with hardly being hit at all. 2 is that HHH was injured and couldn't do much. HBK and Y2J deserve the most credit for this one.
Overall a good Summerslam.

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