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ASUS X75VC 17.3-inch Notebook (Black) - (Intel Core i5 3230 2.6GHz Processor, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Blu-ray, LAN, WLAN, Webcam, Integrated Graphics, Windows 8 Home)
ASUS X75VC 17.3-inch Notebook (Black) - (Intel Core i5 3230 2.6GHz Processor, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Blu-ray, LAN, WLAN, Webcam, Integrated Graphics, Windows 8 Home)

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5.0 out of 5 stars A very very good cheap laptop, 8 May 2014
I was given this laptop to replace one that was stolen and fortunately for me, the specifications far surpass that of my old laptop. The screen is huge. You don't think two inches will make much difference but they really do (I'm sure there's a joke there somewhere but it'll take a brighter mind than mine to figure it out).
The high Ram, which is double what my old laptop had, allows the machine to run high maintenance applications such as video editing software or games like a dream. So far it hasn't made a sound whilst my old Toshiba would be screaming from it's fan vents and burning a hole in my leg.
A terabyte of memory is more than enough for any casual person to use for music, films and other stored files and three usb ports (including a special super charged one for boosting power to your phone) is also sufficient.
A bluray disc player seems somewhat obsolete considering my use of Sky go and Netflix but it's always nice to know it's there.

Problems I have come across so far;
Due to the large size, the keyboard is located far from the edges, meaning when the laptop is on my knees while lying down as it is now, the angle can make typing slightly more difficult.
The power lead could be longer. It's a pedantic complaint but an extra half meter would be nice.
Not naming names, since I don't know any, but some genius decided the best place for the speakers would be on the bottom of the laptop at the back. When any sound is played it's muffled unless the volume is turned right up. If any Asus employers are reading this: put the speakers just under the screen above the keyboard. I'm currently a student and therefore unemployed so feel free to employ me as of next summer.
Using headphones or external speakers is the best option and I have no complaints when using either.
One other problem that isn't the manufacturer's fault: Windows 8 is one of the most infuriating thing's anyone has ever done ever. It's fairly easy to get used to but occasionally it'll pull something out of the bag that'll make you want to punch a wall, or Bill Gates if he wasn't so damn lovely.
If possible, get windows 7.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Xbox 360)
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Xbox 360)
Offered by Galactico
Price: £9.73

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4.0 out of 5 stars >COD, 12 Jun. 2010
Surprisingly, my review went from one to four stars in the space of a week. I originally said the game was awful and I planned on selling it but, just to make sure I had no regrets, I had another go online. I tried Rush instead of conquest which I had played before and really enjoyed it. I also tried a different class - the sniper. This was going okay but I'm an LMG prodigy on COD so when I tried the medic class it was so much more enjoyable. I said that it was almost impossible to find enemies but I found out about pressing back when viewing an enemy to "spot" them. This is how you communicate to your squad mates. Each class is well balanced. I can kill a sniper relatively easily if he isn't already aiming at me and the other classes have machine gun type weapons. I initially found it impossible to level up but I have found that killing, while a good thing to do, is not the only or best way to level up. For a medic you should aim to revive as many people as possible as well as just doing the objectives which gets a lot of points. The geomod technology isn't too useful. It's only good if you have a tank or several rocket launchers - a grenade won't do a lot of damage to a building. It can still be useful against camping legends and adds realism. A problem is that you can't customise classes as much as on COD. For example, only a medic can have the LMG, only an assault can have a normal machine gun and only an engineer can have a rocket launcher. A good thing is that you can change weapons during the game when you respawn, unlike in COD where you can only change class.
The single player, on the other hand, is of the same opinion as before and it's just a joke. The story is so ridiculously similar to modern warfare it can't be taken seriously. There's even a quad bike race with a reference to the snowmobiles, saying they're for 'sissys'. The acting's bad and the characters are 2D and it's all a bit of a joke. If you try it you can see the harsh realism of COD and how much better it is.
I first said that when playing battlefield I just wanted to play COD but now that I'm enjoying Battlefield I just can't and don't want to play COD. This review if evidence that you should give it a go but actually properly give it a go and be open minded and unbiased.

Oblivion: The Shivering Isles Expansion Pack (Xbox 360)
Oblivion: The Shivering Isles Expansion Pack (Xbox 360)

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4.0 out of 5 stars An explanation, 4 Aug. 2009
I had difficulty with this like a lot of people. I didnt have the 1.2 update and so it wouldnt work. There are two ways to fix this - contact microsoft asking for the update on a cd or to connect to live. i learnt that it was free to connect to live so if you have broadband you may as well. Once i finally got going the game was great. Knights of 9 was quite short but you get good stuff out of it and the isles are really good and quite funny since everyone there is insane. You apparently get 30 hours of game in this and a lot of games can only manage about 15 so its definitely worth it. Four stars is just because it took a while to sort it all out. It's definitely not worth the one stars people have given it.

Unreal Tournament 3 (Xbox 360)
Unreal Tournament 3 (Xbox 360)

4.0 out of 5 stars UT3, 20 July 2009
Unreal tournament is obviously more of a multi player game. The game is great for friends online and off. Having a large amount of bots and humans along with its fast paced game play makes an exciting and exhillerating game. The campaign is pretty bad. The story consists of a necris invasion which i'm still not sure who that is on a planet that I think is earth. There are battles of about 6 people who will die and be re-spawned until the re-spawners run out of power. The one player is basically the same as the multi player where you don't get to choose what you do but are able to get achievements. I've also had to play the same level a few times which can be annoying. definitely not you're conventional campaign and that isn't a good thing. The characters are pumped full of steroids like you would see on gears of war because it's made by the same people. The rocket launcher seems to be worse than previous games - there are 3 barrels which I think used to be eight? also the explosion is tiny - you need a direct hit or two to kill them, making it pretty useless. buy this as more of a party game or a game for when friends are round -that's what it was made for.

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