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Blondie 4(0)-Ever: Greatest Hits Deluxe Redux / Ghosts Of Download
Blondie 4(0)-Ever: Greatest Hits Deluxe Redux / Ghosts Of Download
Offered by mrtopseller
Price: £4.75

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5.0 out of 5 stars Ghosts of Download - Blondie's 10th studio album, 13 May 2014
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Ghosts is Blondie's 10th studio album and it is one of their strongest collections since their reunion and perhaps Autoamerican in 1980. The reason is simple. There are so many strong, catchy songs here - always Blondie's key ingredient.

Following 2011's Panic of Girls, Ghosts loses the reggae influences which flavoured so many of the songs - this time it's a mix of latin sounds including a collaboration with Systema Solar on Sugar on the Side, alongside lively electronic tracks like Rave and Take It Back. It's a good fit.

These songs have a great upbeat feel in a classic Blondie way. Rave, for example is a fantastic tune related to Atomic which recalls the thrill of songs like 11:59 or the sentiment of Live It Up.

So much is written about their past, but Blondie have always been interested in looking forward. This record sounds like them because the major players are the same but this is the sound of a band doing new things.

If the last record added new classics to the Blondie catalogue in the way of What I Heard, Love Doesn't Frighten Me and Horizontal Twist, from Ghosts, Sugar on the Side, Rave, A Rose By Any Name, I Want to Drag You Around, Take Me In The Night and Take it Back easily sit alongside previous classics, some of which are re-recorded as part of Deluxe Redux.

Any Blondie follower knows waiting for a new album can take a while for any number of reasons, but - brilliantly - with Ghosts of Download, Blondie really have delivered a great collection.

Body Talk
Body Talk
Price: £6.53

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5.0 out of 5 stars Best Electronic/Pop Album of 2010?, 18 Dec. 2010
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This review is from: Body Talk (Audio CD)
Body Talk [Explicit]
Body Talk is the final part of Robyn's 'Body Talk' project. Part 1 and 2 offered new songs in sometimes lovely, simple acoustic settings - amidst some great beats - which have now re-appeared emboldened as much bigger, fully electronic/pop songs. She made the earlier versions while out on the road.

What a fantastic collection of tunes she has amassed here. In the spirit of Blondie, Pet Shop Boys, LCD, Giorgio Moroder, Kylie and Kraftkwerk this album sounds like a greatest hits because so many of the tunes genuinely hit it. I like pop music with an edge; brilliantly catchy but subversive. The delicate/hardcore, heartfelt words and melodies are best heard on Dancing On My Own, Indestructible, Love Kills (not the Freddie Mercury song), Hang With Me and None Of Dem - and they sound really good loud.

It's a real shame Robyn isn't as big as should she be; this album is class. If you enjoy edgy, intelligent pop music and haven't heard this yet, give it a go.

Offered by NextDayEntertainment
Price: £5.09

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4.0 out of 5 stars Yes, Pet Shop Boys, 8 April 2009
This review is from: Yes (Audio CD)
Is this the Pet Shop Boys I thought it was going to be? No.

Is that a bad thing? No.

Reading the promotional info before release, the reviews, and having lived with this record for a couple of weeks it is more downbeat than I expected. After the much-discussed Xenomania collaboration, anyone expecting the rush of other X collabs such as Girls Alouds' The Promise, or Call The Shots will be surprised not to find them.

The brightest track is All Around The World followed by Did You See Me Coming, but interestingly, I think the best songs are slightly slower in pace. The sad melancholy Euro-pop of The Way You Used It Used To Be reminds me of the end of Abba and is genuinely lovely if you like The Day Before You Came, while Vulnerable has the glimpse of loneliness last sensed on Behaviour.

I have read several times and in several places that Very is the PSB album which is the natural predecessor of Yes. I don't see that - if Very was a great youthful blast of pop, Yes is a slightly older uncle.

Beautiful, yes, but not the explosive rush of Xenomania-induced pop initially expected.


Kim Wilde
Kim Wilde
Price: £9.36

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4.0 out of 5 stars thereviewers, 8 April 2009
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This review is from: Kim Wilde (Audio CD)
When this album was released in 1981, it seemed Kim Wilde was the new Debbie Harry. Look at the album sleeve; black background with a white font across the top. Just glance at the sleeves of 'Plastic Letters', or 'Blondie' from a few years back to prove it.

A big hit with Kids in America launched this album reaching no.2 in the UK, followed by Chequered Love. Water On Glass was the third single by which point she was established as a bright new star.

Don't be fooled by the three singles though. The rest of album nods to a range of styles including light ska in Everything We Know. Kim's albums always had a range with could be surprisingly less commercial than you'd imagine. You'll Never Be So Wrong being an example, a remorseful song some distance away from the thrill of the singles.

Almost 30 years on this album still sounds fun. It's bright, youthful, and if you appreciate the synth sound of Ricky Wilde, this is the where it kicked off.

If you are interested in Kim Wilde this is a great place to start. Wilde wasn't all about the catchy hits, and here reveals a little of the other, slightly darker side of Kim balanced well beside those classic early hits.

Kim Wilde
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Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £1.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars Kylie X, 30 Oct. 2007
This review is from: X (Audio CD)
I have heard this album several times now. I was interested to see what it would be like after such a gap. It's been a long time since Kylie released a truly great record. 'I Believe In You' might have a been a classic Kylie single, but the 'Body Language' album was in my opinion a disappointment overall - despite some great moments like 'Slow', 'Still Standing' and 'Sweet Music'.

I've liked Kylie since the beginning. I've always wanted her to do well, create classic records. I'll admit being nervous about 'X'. '2 Hearts' does not sound like anything else on this album. It seems to have caused a spilt with other fans. I think it makes more sense when it's heard here on the album.

What I think about 'X' is this. I think it's by far the best 'album' Kylie has made. There are loads of songs on it which could make it as singles. Personally, the dark electro 'Like A Drug', the Calvin Harris penned sugar-rush euphoria of 'In My Arms', the slightly Europop-ness (in a good way) of 'The One' and the Cathy Dennis 'Wow' (which I think sound like a cross between 'Love At First Sight' and Madonna's 'Holiday') are for me the standouts. They could all be classic Kylie singles. There are very few - if any if I'm being honest - that I dislike.

As an artist, this is a really important album for Kylie so she can re-establish herself musically. As we all know, she's been away. But it's brilliant. It's absolutely her, the sleeve art is gorgeous, the songs really stand up, and they also sound ace very, very loud. This is the Kylie album I've been waiting (and hoping) for. It's so great to have her back looking and sounding better than ever.
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Disco 4
Disco 4
Offered by cdworld-ireland
Price: £24.95

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4.0 out of 5 stars Disco 4 Pet Shop Boys, 4 Sept. 2007
This review is from: Disco 4 (Audio CD)
Pet Shop Boys Disco series allows Neil and Chris an excursion from the official Pet Shop Boys duities - ie studio albums. In short a different sort of creative freedom.

With these mixes what is interesting is that Bowie, Ono, Killers all sound like they are guesting on a PSB track. What combines these random tunes and artists are the Pet Shop Boys unique skills as artists and producers. And Disco. Obviously.


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3.0 out of 5 stars Rockbird - Debbie Harry, 4 Sept. 2007
This review is from: Rockbird (Audio CD)
In 1986 French Kissin' appeared as if from nowhere. Four years had passed since Debbie Harry had last been visible - aside from an occasional shot papped of her in NY. Suddenly she was back and the sadness which hung over the end of Blondie, and the commercial failure of her Koo Koo album evaported. Suddenly she was back. Briefly.

French Kissin' reached no.8 in the UK - her only solo Top Ten here. The video captured her sense of fun, style and for once - humour. An odd choice of a second single - another ballad - was Free to Fall which flopped, and a questionable remix of the lovely In Love With Love by Stock Aitken and Waterman saw the end of the promotion of the album. Like the previous single, In Love With Love stalled around the mid40s. There were some other good songs on the record such as You Got Me In Trouble and Secret Life, but in 1986 the other blonde - whose name we shall not mention! - released True Blue. In the US, both artists shared the same label and one was prioritised over the other. In the UK, Rockbird reached no.32.

Fast-forward 21 years to 2007, and much of this album has dated badly due to the production, not the writing. Main exmples being I Want You and Buckle Up. In 2007 Koo Koo or Def Dumb and Blonde sound fresher than Rockbird. That said, if you haven't discovered this album with its iconic Andy Warhol painted background art, this is a vital and enjoyable link in the Debbie Harry story.

Necessary Evil
Necessary Evil
Price: £7.57

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5.0 out of 5 stars Deborah Harry - Necessary Evil, 4 Sept. 2007
This review is from: Necessary Evil (Audio CD)
Necessary Evil is Debbie Harry's 5th solo album: Koo Koo (1981), Rockbird (1986), Def Dumb & Blonde (1989) and Debravation (1993). Listening to her solo work I find it useful to remember that this is not Blondie. The similarity begins with her voice and ends with the range of styles on each album.

Throughout her solo career there have been a number of great tunes including Backfired, Surrender, Rush Rush, French Kissin', I Want That Man, Brite Side, Maybe For Sure, Strike Me Pink and Communion. Now we can add Two Times Blue, Whiteout, Charm Alarm and Dirty & Deep from the new album which ranges from rock, pop, synths to electronica.

The video for Two Times Blue was directed and shot by Rob Roth in a garden in downtown NYC. He also designed the album artwork for No Exit and The Curse Of Blondie as well as the cover sleeve for Necessary Evil.

With the release of Necessary Evil, Deborah Harry reminds us that she is an artist with her own vision - content not just to look back to her sensational past, but to embrace new ideas, sounds and ideas. Debbie Harry has never stuck with a formula to ensure a hit - a listen to Eat to the Beat followed by AutoAmerican will illustrate that.

For Necessary Evil, she even shot the album sleeve photograph herself. Please welcome Deborah Harry - solo artiste - it's been too long.

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