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Hidden Agendas
Hidden Agendas
by John Pilger
Edition: Paperback
Price: £12.99

7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars On the shoulders of giants., 9 Feb. 2009
This review is from: Hidden Agendas (Paperback)
"We are told that the poor are grateful for charity. Some of them are, no doubt, but the best among the poor are never grateful. They are ungrateful, disobediant and rebellious. They are quite right to be so. Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man's original virtue" Oscar Wilde.

One of the truely great journalistic accounts detailing the 'hidden histories' of the dispossessed and powerless characterised by the new age of global interventionism.
From Australia to Burma; East Timor to Diego Garcia, John Pilger provides a stunning critique of our 'media age' of modernisation and globalisation, providing a voice for the "Unpeople" seldom if ever heard before.
It's difficult to pick a particular chapter over any other but the chapter Pilger writes about Rupert Murdoch "A Cultural Chernobyl" should certainly be obligatory reading for any media and politics students and provides a chilling account of just how far and how quick this shabby little government were happy to deregulate, deregulate, deregulate and hop into bed with Murdoch's equally shabby little media empire.
There is also much analysis of Foreign policy at work; the human rights abuses, destabiliisations of legitimate elected bodies, sponsorship of terrorism, malfeasance and barbarity. The central tenet of this book is the exposing of 'power, propaganda and censorship' the 'hidden agendas' which exist whilst also providing a platform for those who have the courage, tenacity and unbreakable resolve to fight the oppressors.
Outstanding and inspiring journalism.
We resist to win!
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Children of the Matrix: How an Interdimentional Race Has Controlled the Planet for Thousands of Years - and Still Does
Children of the Matrix: How an Interdimentional Race Has Controlled the Planet for Thousands of Years - and Still Does
by David Vaughan Icke
Edition: Paperback

36 of 48 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Who killed CockRobin finally revealed, 14 May 2008
I was horrified upon reading this book to discover that my wife was in fact a giant tortoise cunningly disguised as a rather over weight unpleasant looking woman. You only have to look at her wrinkled face and scaly flaking feet to appreciate what David Icke has tried to warn us about.
The signs to look out for are everywhere. I was hanging around the local park on the lookout for UFO's when I overheard two women discussing how one of their children had finally 'come out of their shell' When I attempted to confront these alien reptile illuminati types incredibly my trousers fell down and I must have snagged my underpants on a branch and ripped them off because unfortunately some unpleasantness occurred and the police were called. It was very convienient that my discovery was sidelined and I was cautioned by the 'authorities' obviously keen to hush up what I had heard.
Anyway because I am now banned from the park and the local paper who are obviously in on the conspiracy had me on their front page headlined 'Local prat strikes again' this has seriously hampered my investigations, just what David Icke said happens. I am now starting to try and set up my own cult. I have read a lot of Davids books and have this strange feeling that I am special and destined for great things in life. My plan is to give up my job at the post office and be a kind of a God to my followers. Could any ladies who are interested please contact me; you are preferably under 30 and good looking though I will be also compiling a reserve list so apply even if you're not, just in case. I believe that we all come from Atlantis and that I was the King there, it's all a bit hazy but when I can work it all out I'll write it down in a pamphlet. I have been visited by aliens for years and they told me I should spread my seed to as many fit birds as possible and that the lizards wanted global warming to kill us all and so that they don't have to live in giant terrariums.
I am keen to start this cult thing as soon as possible, after all you try going down on a giant terrapin, not very pleasant but needs must after a skinful.
This book will change your life if you are open minded enough to read it and follow David Icke around the country as I did witnessing his 8 hour lectures five times a week for 16 weeks. Contrary to opinion in some circles we are not aimless losers, I happen to be 2nd in charge of licking stamps at our post office after the sponge mats as well as the former Prime Minister of Atlantis I thank you.
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The Ultimate Gary Glitter: 25 Years of Hits
The Ultimate Gary Glitter: 25 Years of Hits

19 of 103 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars You wanna be in my gang?..... Really?, 12 May 2008
You know when you get apologists for repressive regimes or people with ulterior motives or personal agendas criticising the stance of others by saying things like 'You shouldn't mix sport and politics' well I'm one of those people that believes sport and politics do mix. So here's one for all the Gary Glitter sycophantics who are on this page.

Apparently the artist formerly known as the paedophile Gary Glitter is releasing a duet of songs with Robert Mugabe based upon some of Garys greatest hits, this scintillating duet includes:

1.Do You Wanna Touch Me, (I'll give you a liquorice allsort Oh Yeah)
2.I'm the Leader of the Gang (I Am, not the dogs of the MDC)
3.Doing Alright with the Boys (lets give the girls a go!)
4.Lets Get Together Again (I've still got those liquorice allsorts I was on about)
5.When I'm On I'm On (and not even the law or common decency will stop me)
6.It Takes All Night Long (well, I had to show her the ropes)
7.Oh What A Fool I've Been (see what happens when you give them the vote)
8.What Your Mama Don't See (Your Mama Don't Know)- self explanatory.

It's a bit shocking that some of the reviewers here are so upset about some of the flak the artist formerly known as the paedophile Gary Glitter has received. I'm afraid unlike all bar one of the other reviewers to date on this review page I do not find it as easy to readily disregard the loathsome activities of this individual who has failed to take responsibility or indeed accept guilt for most of what he has been convicted of worldwide.
Comment Comments (14) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Dec 29, 2015 12:29 PM GMT

Condemned 2 (Xbox 360)
Condemned 2 (Xbox 360)
Offered by scaddingk
Price: £14.59

9 of 25 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Fun for little Timmy and all his friends., 15 April 2008
Poor little Timmy, he cries so if he can't get to play his computer games. I bought this game for him at the market. The nice man said it was fine for the under 5's. I very much adopt the hands off parenting approach, I can't understand these continual queries about age ratings and whether this game or that are suitable for youngsters. This is his favouritist game, he laughs so loud when he can control the 'naughty man' on the television screen. It keeps him occupied for hours and hours. He doesn't pay any attention to his pet anymore. Poor little mousey.

When he has his little friends from the playgroup round they are sometimes as quiet as little mousey, all busy as little bees making the 'naughty man' do his funny dance. Sometimes I hear screams and the sound of children weeping from Timmys' bedroom. I turn the tv up as I find the noise unpleasant and disturbing plus it interferes with Eastenders and Corrie. Little ones can be so demanding sometimes.

Poor little Timmy, his game is his only friend now, the others have stopped coming now since both sets of neighbours were clubbed to death in the alleyway behind our house, children are strange that way I guess.

I found poor mousey dead today, I don't know how he died but his face was all that was left in his cage. Old age I suppose, poor mouseys face looked frozen with fear, we are all scared of getting old I guess.

I am worried that little Timmy is missing too much school again, he is playing his nice game all night. He has not missed this much school since I bought him a pumpkin mask and kiddies film about halloween for his birthday. He watched it for days and days in his room. He only really stopped when those teenagers living upstairs were all mysteriously slain, at the end of October I think it was. Oh well I expect he will soon catch up with the others.

I think I have to go away for a while, there is too much unpleasantness here. I am a strong believer in responsible parenting so will leave out plenty of games and dvds Timmy likes to keep him entertained. I am going to a remote little hostel Timmy told me about in Eastern Europe. Little Timmy says he learnt it from the television and wants to go and live there. Such an intelligent boy, of course age ratings are pointless little Timmy.
Comment Comments (18) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Aug 28, 2009 12:23 PM BST

The Psychic World Of Derek Acorah: Develop your hidden powers: Discover How to Develop Your Hidden Powers
The Psychic World Of Derek Acorah: Develop your hidden powers: Discover How to Develop Your Hidden Powers
by Derek Acorah
Edition: Paperback

8 of 10 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Scary stuff, 2 April 2008
Fantastic book, really insightful and terrifying read, Derek Acorah explains a lot in his book which has made sense to me and all the psychic happenings and apparitions I have experienced.

After reading this book and watching Derek on 'Most Haunted' on dvd I realised that my house is actually haunted also. If I ever went down in the cellar at night I could clearly feel a ghost blowing on my head and it was really nippy down there. Sometimes I would see bits of dust and fluff blowing about obviously trying to form orbs and ghosts, this was just the start of it.

I called in a psychic, he had a quick look around and told me what I had always suspected... our house had been built on an ancient Indian newsagents and grocery store. Not only that, before then it had been a monastery, a prison where they executed 'bad uns' and Fred Wests' weekend retreat. Philip began his investigations but the haunting only got worse. One day I got back from work unexpected and could hear a right kerfuffle from our bedroom. Upon entering I saw my wife was in bed all sweaty and breathless, obviously absolutely terrified having just experienced a visitation. Poor Philip was cowering in the wardrobe in his underpants and the bed was covered in ectoplasm. Upon seeing me Philip went into a trance and became the ghost of a 17th century monk with a scouse/pakastani accent until he passed out with the stress and exhaustion. I had to pay the poor fellow extra for his troubles and all the extra effort he has been putting in with the missus.

I have subsequently seen on my return from work apparitions climbing out of my bedroom window, one looks like my neighbour Kenneth. Philip explained to me that ghosts often take on the forms of others we know, neigbours, milkmen etc so I was not to pay any attention to this. I suggested setting up a camera in my bedroom which was clearly the epicentre for this activity to catch some of this phenomena but he advised against this saying with a big smile on his face that he has got that one covered.

I am trying to learn from Dereks' book how I can repel these ghosts myself as I am having to work overtime to pay Philip who has now had satellite tv installed at my house as satellite waves apparently help him communicate with the spirits. It just illustrates what a special gift Derek and Philip have, thank god there are people like them who can see, hear, sense and feel phantoms and spooky things. What heartens me the most is the amount of dedication to the cause, my psychic is at my house night and day working his wonders. There is only one grey lady, three monks and Satan left to get rid off he tells me.

Great book, upon reading this you will discover that you too have the capacity to release your potential and learn the skill of reading far more into innocuous things and non events. Creepy beings are everywhere, beware of them and their tricks.
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