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The Legend of Korra: Book Two - Spirits (Volumes 1 & 2) [DVD]
The Legend of Korra: Book Two - Spirits (Volumes 1 & 2) [DVD]
Price: £7.20

4.0 out of 5 stars Good but messy/chaotic, 26 Dec. 2014
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I won't compare this to The Last Airbender as others have done because that isn't fair, Korra is it's own show and should be treated as such, having said that, this season is patchy, so let's get the negatives out the way with ASAP, it's messy.
There is so much going on this season, so many new characters and ideas that towards the middle it all starts to get bogged down by it all, we've got the love problems with Mako and Korra, Bolin and Varrick and their acting venture, Asami's failing company, Mako the cop, then we have all the water tribe civil war stuff and then all the evil spirits and the origins of the very first Avatar etc, there is just so much to take in and remember, too much all at once is how I would class it.
Having said that, the stories were on the whole quite interesting, we see Korra become more independent, and begin to tap into her spiritual side more often, we get to learn about the very first avatar which was amazing to see, also amazing to see the origins of the avatar powers and the battles between good and evil waged in the spirit world, we also see more of Aang's other children who go on a hilarious vacation with Tenzin and his kids.
This season is good, it's better than season one, and as of this review seasons 3 and 4 are already out and are absolutely superb, so if you've been put off by this complicated season, then don't give up, books 3 and 4 are absolutely fantastic.
Also, just one last note, the animation in this season is absolutely stunning.

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Price: £12.59

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5.0 out of 5 stars Album of 2014 - so bittersweet, 27 Oct. 2014
This review is from: Dk3 (Audio CD)
It’s been six years since the last DK album, it was always going to be hard to top their 2008 album, “Welcome to the Dollhouse”, because it was absolutely flawless, they were set to be the biggest girl group in the world, only for Diddy to split them up, most fans were devastated including myself, but then in 2013 they announced a reunion minus D.Woods, they spent most of 2013 and early 2014 touring, then Aundrea announced her departure to focus on her family which leaves the remaining three members for this album, Dawn, Shannon and Aubrey.
DK3 have now split up after an altercation between Dawn and Aubrey which apparently ended in physical violence, such a shame actually because this amazing album proves how much potential they have, I’m disappointed because they are sitting on a goldmine here, if only they could put personal issues aside and think of the business because my word, this for me, is the album of the year.
It really tells a story, starting off with huge dance-hip/hop bangers “Rhythm of Love”, “Lemonade” and “All in a Day’s Work”, terrific songs, so brash and sassy, exactly how I like my DK.
The next songs slow the pace down with more RnB jams like “Tell Me” and “Two Sides”, both tracks segue into each other and the result is glorious, absolutely stunning vocals and the harmonies as always, even with just three of them, are completely on point.
Then things speed up a little more with mid-tempo tracks “Secret Lover” and “Roulette”, my personal two favourites on the album, absolutely perfection in a pop song, the harmonies and the choruses are so beautiful, the instrumentals hypnotizing and the blend of voices so sensual and stunning, “Roulette” should have been a single.
The last two tracks slow the pace down a little more with “Pieces”, a beautiful slow jam about the break-up of a relationship, not an original idea but still a gorgeous song.
Last is “Bye Baby”, a fan favourite ever since the DK4 version leaked last year, it’s a great song that’s for sure, they close the album with this sassy mid-tempo and it works so well, again, gorgeous vocals.
This album is a bittersweet affair, on one hand, if this is to be their final album, at least it’s a great one, but on the other hand, it feels like such a waste, if they could just get it together, communicate with each other and sort out their differences then I believe they could become the biggest American girl group of the 21st century, they have the looks, the vocals, the moves, and most importantly the music. Like I said earlier, they’re sitting on a goldmine with music like this, such a shame it won’t be promoted the way it deserves to be.

Finest Selection: The Greatest Hits
Finest Selection: The Greatest Hits
Price: £9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Incredible Collection, 11 Aug. 2014
Absolutely fantastic, they have such amazing pop songs I'm so glad they are celebrating their hits, this also comes with 3 new tracks, and if you buy on itunes you get all the b-sides as well which are just as amazing as the singles. Long may The Saturdays continue to make amazing music!

Green Lantern Volume 4 HC (The New 52) (Green Lantern (DC Comics))
Green Lantern Volume 4 HC (The New 52) (Green Lantern (DC Comics))
by Robert Venditti
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £15.90

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3.0 out of 5 stars Some obvious problems, 9 Aug. 2014
It would be fair to say that Green Lantern has had an amazing decade.
Geoff Johns relaunched the book and revitalized interest in the book and the characters, he wrote epic tales such as “Rebirth”, “Sinestro Corps Wars”, “Blackest Night”, “War of the Green Lanterns”, so here we have his replacement and the team as a whole on their first GL book, and there are some teething problems.
The first being that the characters themselves, seemed a little out of character, especially people like Carol Ferris, Hal Jordan and even more obscure members of the GL Corps.
Another problem is the story and the way it is set out in this book, you get about 1/3 through and realise that events have taken a drastic turn and things have progressed a lot in just one chapter, and that is because (I’m assuming) that the rest of the story takes place in the other GL titles like New Guardians and Corps, this is a problem, there is a huge chunk of the story missing with little to no explanation as to why.
Why DC didn’t release all volumes relating to this storyline all at once I’m not sure, a very strange move, because unless you have all of them, you won’t get the full story, quite bizarre.
But the story itself as well, seems a little bland, SPOILER, Hal Jordan is now the leader of the GL Corps, why they chose to put the most reckless, spontaneous Lantern in charge I’m not sure, John Stewart would have made a much better leader, but I’m sure Hal will improve with time.
Overall I think the story was bland, the art was very nice though, the characters were not written how they usually are and the book was jarring because of all the holes that I presume will be filled once you have read the other books.
I have hope that the new creative team will improve, it’s unfair to judge with one book, so in the words of the Blue Lanterns, I’m sure all will be well?

Welcome To The Jungle
Welcome To The Jungle
Price: £5.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars An impressive and varied debut, 28 July 2014
This review is from: Welcome To The Jungle (Audio CD)
A very impressive debut album!

Neon Jungle roared onto the scene last Autumn with their debut single “Trouble”, a huge EDM style dance banger of a song, since then they’ve released equally catchy “Braveheart” and “Welcome to the Jungle”, and now we get the album of the same name.
Actually, I was surprised and impressed with this album, I was worried that it would be full of second rate “Braveheart’s”, and luckily, it wasn’t.
This album is extremely versatile so much so that it doesn’t flow particularly well because we have tracks side by side that don’t seamlessly flow into each other because of the abrupt change in genre.
Still though, the songs by themselves are great and it’s hard to find fault.
1. Braveheart – So much fun yet still kinda sexy, when that beat drops you know you’ve got to drop everything and start dancing! 5/5
2. Trouble – So catchy its unreal, an EDM banger made for the clubs and the catchy chorus stays in your head for days, 4.5/5
3. Welcome to the Jungle – A more laid back dance track but still sassy and catchy, 4/5
4. Louder – A mid-tempo ballad with a very Ryan Tedder feel to it, lovely lyrics and Asami in particular shines on this song 4/5
5. Can’t Stop the Love – Such a beautiful song, the chorus is gorgeous and the message is one we all need to take heed of 5/5
6. Bad Man – Very middle class gangsta’ is all I can think of to describe this one, very catchy and very dynamic 4/5
7. Sleepless in London – a nice, synth pop laid back pop song about love, it’s nice but the chorus lacks any real oomph, 3/5
8. Waiting Game – Every album has a dud, and I think we’ve found it, very boring but the vocals are beautiful, 2/5
9. So Alive – A sensational track from start to finish, the chorus is a real hands in the air moment, this should be a single, 5/5
10. Fool Me – Another laid back song with a lovely message, really relatable and the vocals are stunning, 4/5

Itunes offers two deluxe tracks not found on the physical album which is a CRIME because they are fantastic!

11. Future X Girl – Like a mixture of Welcome to the Jungle and Sleepless in London, dancey chorus and packed full of fierce, this track is great, 4.5/5
12. London Rain – My favourite song on the album, such a gorgeous power ballad, the message and lyrics really speak to me and the vocals are stunning.

Overall a great debut album and other than the flow issues I don’t have many problems with it, a good mix of songs that show that Neon Jungle are not just a one trick pony.

The Fast Diet: The Secret of Intermittent Fasting - Lose Weight, Stay Healthy, Live Longer
The Fast Diet: The Secret of Intermittent Fasting - Lose Weight, Stay Healthy, Live Longer
by Michael Mosley
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Not as hard as it sounds, 8 May 2014
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You eat for five days of the week, and then fast for two days, they can be any two days you want, and that's beauty of it, if a social engagement comes up on a fast day then just make the next day your fast day instead, as long as you do two a week it's fine.
It actually makes a lot of sense, in my first two weeks alone I lost 8 pounds!

Offered by mrtopseller
Price: £10.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great return!, 5 May 2014
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This review is from: Sheezus (Audio CD)
Lily has returned with her third album and it is very, very good! It takes little pieces of what made her so good before but evolves it into this new Lily with more sass, opinions and even some vulnerability.
Her lyrics here are just as clever and narrative as always, her comments on social status, feminism, popular music and love are really insightful.
The genre of the music is a real mixture, pop, RnB, indie, electro, mellow, middle of the road type stuff, overall a great album.
No one should have any doubts about why Lily got so big in the first place, a talented lady with great music!

Kiss Me Once [CD+DVD]
Kiss Me Once [CD+DVD]
Offered by Amore DVD
Price: £7.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars An amazing return, but takes soem growing!, 18 Mar. 2014
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This review is from: Kiss Me Once [CD+DVD] (Audio CD)
I will admit, this album didn't hit me straight away, it took a few listens to take everything in and to really appreciate what I was hearing, every track has gotten better and better with each listen, it's a great collection of upbeat/mid-tempo electronic, dance pop anthems, personal favourites of mine are Million Miles, Sexy Love, Sexercise, Feels So Good, Les Sex and Sleeping With the Enemy. A great return from Kylie.

The Complete Studio Albums [1983-2008]
The Complete Studio Albums [1983-2008]
Price: £20.61

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5.0 out of 5 stars Legendary, 28 Dec. 2013
This is a collection of Madonna's first 11 studio albums, from her debut up until Hard Candy.
This collection really highlights the sheer amount of success Madonna has had throughout her career, from her disco pop beginnings to her folksy, trippy Ray of Light album to her disco/diva dance hits on Confessions.
There is something for everyone here, each album is a whole new style for Madonna, she literally reinvents her style with each album, making for a truly iconic, dynamic and versatile back catalogue.
Lot's of people are pointing out that specific hits such as Vogue are missing, well it isn't rocket science, this is a collection of STUDIO ALBUMS, if you had bothered to do your research you'll see that songs such as Vogue were never included in a studio album, therefore they are missing.
My only con is the packaging, it's compact and easy to store, but I really do not like the cardboard sleeves each album is housed in, no lyric booklets or photo's are included, it's literally the box, with the 11 studio albums in cardboard sleeves.
I realise if it were a box of all the jewel cased albums with original booklets the price would be far more expensive.
But for the music you get here, I rate this an easy five stars.

Britney Jean
Britney Jean
Offered by positivenoise
Price: £3.05

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5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely fantastic!, 2 Dec. 2013
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This review is from: Britney Jean (Audio CD)
Billed as Britney's most personal album ever, I had reservations about this album, her past hits which had next to no contribution lyrically or production wise from her were fantastic, but I was sceptical about her taking the reins, well, I was wrong, this album is great and has a song for every occasion, and best of all for "real music fans" out there Britney has contributed writing on EVERY track on the album.
This album is also more about the vocals and her distinctive voice which in recent years has been semi-drowned out by vocal effects and layering, and whilst some of that is still present it has been vastly toned down.
On ballads like Perfume or Passenger you can hear her actual voice, and gosh, we all know she hasn't got the strongest voice but she DOES sound beautiful on songs like these two.
The album has a constant theme of loneliness and sadness which some may find off putting, I however find it endearing; she means what she is singing.
There are of course, the usual Britney anthems, fast paced dance songs such as Til It's Gone and Body Ache and of course the amazing Work B*tch will definitely satisfy long time fans of her dance hits, one thing to note is that even on the full on dance tracks she has stepped up her vocals, she now sounds more alive than we've heard her for years and she comes across more passionate.
There are some great collaborations here as well, Tik Tik Boom featuring T.I is a wonderful piece of RnB that showcases Britney's sex appeal, whilst her duet with her sister, Jamie-Lynn, Chillin With You, talks about how comfortable they are together, with hints of Country and Trap this is quite a creative collab and I'd love to hear more.
The duet with is well, my only low point, I like the song however has made Britney sound unrecognisable in this song as the autotune is so overwhelming it totally threw me off for a while, Britney sounded like a droid from Star Wars, however the fun instrumental makes up for that in my opinion, only other nag about this song is that is featured far too much, he literally takes the entire last chorus and ad-libs all for himself which shouldn't have happened.
Also, the bonus tracks for the deluxe edition are just flawless, Brightest Morning Star is gorgeous with beautiful gospel vocals featured in the last chorus and Now That I Found You features a bizarre yet catchy mix of Avicii style dance beats with a banjo kind of country feel, it's odd but sounds great at the same time!
Britney has always lead the pack, throwing in new styles and starting the new trends, in 2007 she bought electro-pop to the forefront with Blackout and in 2011 she bought dubstep to pop songs with Femme Fatale, Britney is back and I sincerely hope people give this album a chance because it is her one of her best yet!

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