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The Normans [DVD]
The Normans [DVD]
Dvd ~ Robert Bartlett
Price: £7.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Normans, 2 Sept. 2010
This review is from: The Normans [DVD] (DVD)
This is an absolutely first class series which I greatly enjoyed and recommend unreservedly. One thing it could have made clearer while speaking of the supposedly 'mixed' racial origins of the English population however, is that the Normans, Saxons, Jutes and Danes were all closely related Germanic tribes, who were all originally from the same region of Scandinavia/Northern Germany. The only significant differences between them were actually linguistic/cultural not racial; IE:- Saxon 'fashion' encouraged long hair and moustouches, the Normans had a type of 'skinhead' crop, while the Vikings wore their hair braided. An excellent DVD which illustrates these close genetic ties is:- Face of Britain [DVD] which is centred around a landmark reseach project carried out by Oxford University geneticist Sir Walter Bodmer. He and his team have created the most detailed DNA map of Britain ever, and show us, I quote:- "exactly who our ancestors were, where they came from and what they looked like.". This highly informative 155min 3 part series is the perfect companion to The Normans and I unconditionally recommend both as highly informative educational entertainment.
The Normans [DVD]
Face of Britain [DVD]
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A Game As Old As Empire: The Secret World of Economic Hit Men and the Web of Global Corruption (UK Professional Business Management / Business)
A Game As Old As Empire: The Secret World of Economic Hit Men and the Web of Global Corruption (UK Professional Business Management / Business)
by Steven Hiatt
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £19.50

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A Game As Old As Empire., 18 Aug. 2010
An absolutely first rate book, of extreme interest to all those concerned by the increasingly powerful influence of 'international' finance within Western Society in recent years. My advice? Buy it while you can!!

Third Reich Victorious: Alternate Decisions of World War II
Third Reich Victorious: Alternate Decisions of World War II
by Peter Tsouras
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars Third Reich Victorious, 14 July 2010
As a history buff for some fifty years, I have until relatively recently avoided these 'alternative' histories on the basis that they are mere fantasy, often driven by the ideological sympathies of the writer, but a chance purchase of Sid Meier's splendid computer game [[ASIN:B0002LIAJK Civilization III Deluxe Gold Edition: Civilization III + Play The World + Conquests + Fan Kit changed my opinion completely. Having now spent several highly enjoyable years attempting to build a civilization (Roman, Greek, British Empire, Soviet etc... that will 'stand the test of time', I am now clearly aware that chance events have sometimes influenced human history enormously; just one real-life example being the discovery of steam power in Roman times, and its rejection as 'economically unviable' in the slave based economy of those times!

When read from this viewpoint, 'Third Reich Victorious' raises some very interesting questions indeed. I now quote the summary printed on the cover:- "This book is a stimulating and entirely plausable insight into how Hitler and his generals might have defeated the Allies, and a convincing sideways look at the Third Reich's bid at global domination in World War II.
What would have happened if, for example, the Germans had managed to capture the whole of the BEF at Dunkirk? Or if the RAF had been defeated in the Battle of Britain? What if the Red Army had really been shattered in the summer of 1941 or if Axis forces had achieved the conquest of North Africa?"

The ten scenarios are:-

1. The Little Admiral, 1939.
2. Disaster at Dunkirk, 1940.
3. The Battle of Britain 1940.
4. The Storm and the Whirlwind.
5. The Hinge.
6. Into the Caucasus.
7. Known Enemies and Forced Allies.
8. Luftwaffe Triumphant.
9. Hitler's Bomb.
10.Rommel versus Zhukov.

Obviously World War II was a highly industrialized war, and as other reviews make clear, long term strategic economic/production decisions taken during the 1930's were crucial, with Britain's development of the Spitfire fighter and long range bomber fleets, Russian research into tank design and America's construction of a 'two ocean navy' all being of major significance to it's course and outcome. This makes some scenarios more plausable than others, but each is followed by a section detailing 'the reality' on which it is based. To my mind the most plausable are 2, 3, 4 and 8; which back up the points made by David Hoffman in How Hitler Lost the War [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC].

To conclude; this well written and highly entertaining book illustrates just how close Nazism came to emerging victorious from WWII; but Hitler and his generals misplayed the hand Fate had dealt them, with effects that have changed Western society irrevocably and for ever.

National Geographic: Guns, Germs and Steel [DVD]
National Geographic: Guns, Germs and Steel [DVD]

22 of 57 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Guns, Germs and Steel., 4 July 2010
This two DVD documentary is very obviously designed for the liberal audiences of Professor Diamond's politically correct Californian homeland. Although very professionally presented, with the slogan "guns, germs and steel" (and Jared Diamond's name), being repeated innumerable times; the historical content is unfortunately both patchy and highly selective, being largely centred around the Spanish conquest of South America, where Prof Diamond's 'theory' does fit quite nicely. However; whilst a case can be made for plagues having played a major roll in human affairs, the effects of the Black Death on medieval Europe being a major example; I find it both amazing and tragic that this line of thought can be extended so radically without any meaningful disagreement!

Was Western civilization the only one to domesticate animals? or did they do the same elsewhere? Was Europe the only place to suffer from disease? I seem to remember that most of these plagues originated elsewhere; Smallpox from Africa, Bubonic Plague from Asia, Syphillis from South/Central America, Aids from Africa/West Indies, etc... etc...... Furthermore, the population now 'geographically fortunate' to be living in Europe and America originated far to the East amidst the barren windswept emptiness of the Asian steppes. The horse was the only real asset available in those far-off days and once domesticated, enabled those proto-Aryan/Germanic peoples to arrive in Europe as 'nomadic' cavalry warriors centred around tribal wagon convoys in the 'Volkswanderung' migrations/invasions, which sparked the confrontation which destroyed the Roman Empire in the West. Earlier waves of migration had pushed south to establish the first civilizations of ancient Greece, Persia and India; but that's another story.

A thousand years later, the descendants of those same Germanic/Aryan invaders were still applying their naturally high intelligence to overcoming ever more of life's problems. Adapting gunpowder, inventing firearms, designing/constructing railways, and building ships seaworthy enough to cross the great oceans of the world. Our fore-fathers used those tools amongst others, to conquer and develop the lands we now call America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc.... because ironically, the major motivating force behind Victorian Imperialism was actually economic; IE Europe's lack of resources such as gold, timber, cotton, spices, rubber, diamonds etc...

We are now using the latest inventions of those same ancient bloodlines to first explore and then develop, the Moon/Planets of this Solar System. Given time, our children will develop the knowledge and build the technology that will enable them to reach even the most distant stars. Don't try and tell me it's all been a matter of germs and luck Mr Diamond! National/cultural characteristics, personal initiative and individual genius contributed massively; from the dawn of history right through to our own times.
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The Russian German War - Part 1 - The Politics Of Fear [DVD]
The Russian German War - Part 1 - The Politics Of Fear [DVD]
Dvd ~ The Russian/German War
Offered by usnap
Price: £3.73

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The Russian German War- Part 1 The Politics of Fear, 28 Jun. 2010
First in a three part series; this 47min DVD takes the viewer on a highly memorable guided tour of the most destructive war in recorded history! Powerfully authentic Nazi/Soviet newsreel footage provides the action-packed backdrop to an epic narrative delivered by Douglas Rain; who in harsh but gripping tone, graphically relates the story of Hitler's 'Crusade in the East'. The Nazi quest for 'Lebensraum' in Soviet Russia, and the titanic polical/military events at the fiery heart of that awesome conflict. The documentary content is accurate, detailed and informative; covering the 1936-1941 pre-attack period, from Germany's military build up, through the Anschluss with Austria, the occupation of Czechoslovakia, the Nazi-Soviet Pact, the conquest of Poland, the Barbarossa Blitzkreig attacks, and a lot more.

The high impact script by Jerry Lawton ensures this DVD is far more than a just a documentary however. It is a clever blend of visual and verbal; of fact, opinion, pictures, skilled storytelling, heroism/tragedy, tactical combat and strategic overview. Were I restricted to only one series amongst the many available, this programme; and the series from which it is part, would be my first choice. It is the Nazi/Soviet clash as a Viking bard might tell of it, an illustrated barbarian saga; in 20'th Century news-speak.

The Cameron Delusion
The Cameron Delusion
by Peter Hitchens
Edition: Paperback
Price: £10.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Cameron Delusion, 16 Jun. 2010
This review is from: The Cameron Delusion (Paperback)
Otto Von Bismark once memorably said:- "Fools learn by experience, I prefer to learn by the experience of others.". This viewpoint prevailed well into the 1960's, with the result that significant numbers of my generation entered adulthood with a reasonable understanding of classical history; the purpose of those lessons being to ensure that past mistakes/failures were avoided in our own times. So often, as I read the newspapers today, the words of those lectures come unbidden to mind; along with numerous historical parrallels to modern times.

For Peter Hitchins, the social upheavals of the 1960's are the cause of Britain's recent decline, and he is certainly not wrong in that. If however, England's problems are seen in their proper historical context; it becomes evident that a far deeper malaise is affecting not just us, but the entire Western World Order. This deep rooted sickness is remarkably similar to that which ultimately led to the collapse of the ancient Roman World; from which our own Western civilization is sprung.

The first serious weakening of Roman world power occured under Diocletian, when in 285AD the Empire was divided between East and West. It should be remembered that our own Western World Order suffered an identical division in 1917, when at the height of WWI; Tsarist Russia collapsed and was replaced by the USSR. This event fueled Left/Right wing ideological rivalries which exploded into a second European civil war just a generation later. When the guns fell silent in 1945, the original heartland of western civilization was a broken shell, garrisoned by Soviet armies in the East and American 'liberators' in the West; who rapidly dismantled the empires on which Europe's economic/military power rested, to prevent any resurgence of 'european militarism'. As with Latinum/Byzantium; the victors in Washington and Moscow were both children of Rome/the Western World, but each was already noticably weaker than their Imperial parent.

As the fractured powers of Latinum and Byzantium each sought domination of the entire Roman Empire; so Moscow and Washington sought the same prize in a 50 year 'Cold War'. As the Western Empire bought 'influence' amongst the Visigoths with gold, and Byzantium paid Attila's Huns tribute; so the once invincible but now ever more poorly equipped Legions/Western Armies struggled to win even minor frontier conflicts with Germania/Parthia etc..... In a striking modern parallel, Washington largely rebuilt Japanese industry in order to fight the wars in Korea/Vietnam; while Moscow's 'development loans' and industrial transfers helped built the Chinese industrial base, which prevented an American victory.

Then as now, each used covert methods to undermine/destablise the other's social stability; bad politicians/senators were bribed, the good murdered, malcontents supported, revolts/revolution were sponsored/supplied. Then as now, an immense and apparently powerful world civilization seemed only to have lost it's way; but beneath the strong self-confident veneer; all this self-destruction bore malignant fruit. Then as now, a tiny group of financial racketeers profited unbelievably by obscene methods, roman slavery; modernday importation/exploitation of low paid immigrants. Blatant corruption in the Senate/Parliament went not only unpunished, but was protected by an equally corrupt Praetorian Guard/Police Force. Then as now the slave/immigrant based economy stalled, producing a situation of both unviably low wages and mass unemployment; which in turn led to a collapse in the indigenous birthrate, ethnic conflict and the social chaos of mass family breakdown, along with the associated crime, ignorance and despair.

Then as now, while Rome floundered, by comparison the rival powers grew ever stronger in real terms:-
Europe's population 1914:- 360million. Industrial growth 2-3%. Europe 2005 :-400million. Industrial growth rate 3% (Nil since 2008!).
Chinese population 1950:- 450million. Industrial growth nil. China 2005:-1,200million. Industrial growth rate of 10%+ per year!
Indian population 1947:- 380million. Industrial growth 2%. India 2005 pop 1,100million. Industrial growth rate reaching 8-10% per year.

In ancient Rome(East and West), the inevitable discontent that came with the economic and social chaos was 'controlled' by a huge army of state spies, paid a paltry wage to protect property, watch/inform on their neighbours and spead stories of how successful recent Government actions had been; highly reminicent of our security, surveillance camera, phone tapping and mass media industries?

We all know how Rome's once great Empire finally ended; the Rhine froze and waves of starving heavily armed Germanic barbarians surged into Roman Gaul; neither the ineffective, poorly equipped legions or the disarmed 'citizenry' could resist the tide; the wealthy fled with what loot they could carry and the Empire was gone.

The word's of Patrick J Buchanan, senior adviser to three American presidents and twice runner for the Republican presidential nomination provide an ominous but accurate conclusion to this comment. I quote:-

"All about us we can see clearly now that the West is passing away....Not one European nation, save Muslim Albania, has a birthrate that will enable it to survive through the century. As a share of world population, people of European ancestry have been shrinking for three generations. The character of every Western nation is being irremediably altered as each undergoes an unresisted invasion from the third world. We are slowly disappearing from the Earth. Having lost the will to rule, Western man seems to be losing the will to live."
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Northwest Passage [DVD] (1940)
Northwest Passage [DVD] (1940)
Dvd ~ Spencer Tracy
Price: £5.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Northwest Passage., 13 Jun. 2010
In 1938 Kenneth Roberts wrote the novel Northwest Passage, an heroic story based on the legendary exploits of Major Robert Rogers(7'th Nov 1731 - 18'th May 1795), a larger than life American soldier/pioneer of frontier times. The book was an instant best seller and in 1940, King Vidor used it as the basis for a classic film starring Spencer Tracy and Robert Young. Originally sub-titled Roger's Rangers: Book One, this stirring tale was intended to be followed by Book Two, which would have detailed Roger's search for the fabled 'Northwest Passage' but unfortunately, this sequel was never made.

Northwest Passage begins with these words:- "This is a story of our early America....of the century of conflict with French and Indians.... when necessity made simple men, unknown to history, into giants in daring and endurance. It begins in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in 1759....". The film then shows just how vunerable to attack by Indian raiding parties and/or their French allies those early frontier settlements initially were, but both in Europe and on the American frontier; British redcoats steadily gained the upper hand. Finally Major General Jeffrey Amherst ordered Major Rogers and his Rangers to destroy Saint-Francis, the Abenaki Indian town in French Canadian Quebec Territory from where most of the warrior bands raiding the New England settlers were coming from.

Rogers led 200 Rangers from Crown Point New York on an epic march deep into French territory and on 3'rd October 1759 they successfully attacked Saint-Francis; burned the town and claimed to have killed 200 Indians. With food supplies exausted, the return march through the desolate Canadian wilderness became a nightmare as the film shows, but the survivors did ultimately reach Fort Wentworth. For the British colonists the destruction of Saint-Francis by Roger's Rangers was a major victory, showing the Abenakis and others that they were not beyond reach of British retribution. Abenaki raids along the frontier did not totally cease, but fell in size and number almost immediately.

All too often, we forget the grim struggle for survival which faced our predecessors as, with courage, sacrifice and iron determination; they built the world that we today now take for granted. In it's own highly entertaining and at times humourous way, this magnificent film pays homage to the immensity of that struggle. I regard it as the best of Spencer Tracy's films and recommend it to all. It's a rip-roaring adventure from start to finish!!!
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Infantry Aces of the Reich
Infantry Aces of the Reich
by Gordon Williamson
Edition: Hardcover

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Infantry Aces of the Reich., 4 Jun. 2010
Written by Gordon Williamson in 1990 as a follow-up to his earlier 'Aces of the Reich', the introduction to this fascinating volume begins with the words:- "In the fifty years which have elapsed since the outbreak of the Second World War, countless books have been written about the daring deeds of the war heros of all the participating nations. Those written during the war were, understandably, heavily biased to boost the morale of personnel on the home front; books written in more recent times have been more objective. As old hatreds have faded, virulent anti-German propaganda has all but disappeared and, while the excesses of a few are still abhorred, the magnificent fighting qualities of the German soldier during the war are now more widely acknowledged. On the German side, reluctance to discuss wartime experiences has faded, and as many former German soldiers become willing to open up and discuss their military careers, much important new photographic and documentary material has emerged.". This explains the book's purpose beautifully, and a little later in the same introduction the following quote summarizes it's content:- "The cases presented here are those which, had they been preformed by an Allied soldier, might well have attracted the award of the Victoria Cross for a British serviceman, or the Medal of Honor for an American. The fact that these German soldiers fought for a regime which is now held in abhorrence is irrelevant. Heroism must be considered objectively. A brave man is a brave man whatever cause he fights for. These are soldiers who, when the chips were down, put their lives on the line and in total contempt of personal danger, continued to fight when any lesser man would have considered the situation lost."

Infantry Aces of The Reich begins with a very useful twelve page paragraph explaining the:- 'Badges and Awards of the Combat Soldier"; after which come six sections (One for each year of the war.), detailing the outstanding feats of bravery preformed by thirty two of the Wehrmacht's most highly decorated infantry combat veterans. Just one example is Oberwachtmeister Wilhelm Wegener of the Grossdeutschland Division who, when confronted by an overwhelmingly superior force of Russian tanks during the battle at Stanowje, immediately attacked and destroyed twelve of them himself! Having exausted his ammunition Wegener then withdrew, refuel/resupplied after which he immediately returned to combat, at one point attacking some forty Russian tanks!!! As you read these heroic tales, always bear in mind that these are true stories!

I recommend this book to all those with an interest in World War Two, and also those who would like to understand the reality of infantry combat during that momentous period in European history.

The Holocaust: Shame Of A Nation [DVD]
The Holocaust: Shame Of A Nation [DVD]
Dvd ~ The Holocaust

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3.0 out of 5 stars The Holocaust - Shame Of A Nation, 17 May 2010
Compiled largely from Soviet footage of the liberation of Auschwitz, the tragic events shown in this dismally graphic DVD can only appall it's viewers. To my mind however the programme omits a very important point, which is not whether the Holocaust occured; we all know and regret that it did, but was it was a deliberate act? As ever more historical evidence becomes publicly available, this newly released information clearly demonstrates that the 'dogma' of deliberate genocide in 'death camps' was a gross emotional simplification, used at the time of the Nurenburg trials, to justify Allied actions in WW2 by literally demonizing the defeated German leaders; who were then promptly executed to prevent their future reply. The historical reality is both more complex, but more easily understood today. The major underlying cause of Europe's political instability in the century preceding WW2 was the population explosion of the Victorian era, which had accompanied the Industrial Revolution. By the 1860/70's Europe could no longer feed all her people from her own soil, and became evermore dependant on food imported from around the world to make good the growing deficit.

Following her victory in the Napoleonic Wars however, Great Britain had based her newly won world power on naval control of the world's oceanic trade routes; a shrewd strategy which became ever more effective as the gathering pace of industrialisation both massively increased world trade, and also concentrated populations. By preventing essential supplies of food, fuel and raw materials from reaching those with whom she was in dispute, Great Britain's naval power could completely destablise entire national economies; inflicting industrial slump, mass unemployment, and even famine upon her rivals, at minimal cost to herself. By the late 1880's Wilhelmian Germany's growing industrial power caused many in British ruling circles to regard her as a dangerous rival; and increasingly, this 'economic' pressure was applied to German trade. Finding this intolerable, Germany embarked on what became known as 'the Naval race', a major national effort to create a navy capable of breaking Britain's hegemony; an action which would in turn, make the British Isles equally vunerable to German 'influence'. Thus mutual fear of artificially induced famine led directly to the Anglo-German conflict of the First World War. At it's outbreak Britain immediately began blockading Germany in earnest, intent on starving the German nation into submission. By 1918 some 800,000 German civilians were dead, with millions more at death's door; a ghastly situation which caused the 'collapse of morale' that forced Germany to sue for peace in 1918 and ended WWI.

At the outbreak of World War Two this British naval blockade was immediately reinstituted and despite the German victories in France, the clock began to tick for Nazi occupied Europe. Eventually supply stockpiles would be exausted and Europe would again starve; the very scenario Kaiser Wilhelm had begun the pre-1914 naval race to avoid! This menacing threat of famine was a major reason for Hitler's attack on Stalin's USSR; if successful it would have captured for Europe the breadbaskets of eastern Europe/western Russia and the oil reserves at Baku; effectively removing Europe's two great geo-political weaknesses. With the failure of Operation Babarossa and the increasing strength of the Allied strategic bombing offensives, famine became a certainty; the only choice left to the Nazi High Command being who would die first. As they watched their navies strangle the European economy, and their bomber fleets smash the European industrial/transportation systems; were Churchill and Roosevelt really unable to guess who the Nazi leadership would ensure would be first to suffer the effects?

In 1945 however, with the war won and the grim results of their wartime decisions being broadcast far and wide to a horrified world; it is also clear why these events HAD to be portrayed by the victors at Nurenburg as the deliberate action of depraved Nazi psychotics; rather than the unfortunate by-product of what was in other respects, highly successful Allied strategic planning. It should also be remembered that on a much smaller scale Hitler's U'boat blockade of Britain was said by Churchill to be the only thing which really frightened him, and came within a few weeks of achieving it's aim.

In concluding this review, I suggest Norman G Finkelstein's The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering as further reading to accompany both this excellent DVD, and the series from which it comes.
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Eugenics and Other Evils: An Argument Against the Scientifically Organized State
Eugenics and Other Evils: An Argument Against the Scientifically Organized State
by G. K. Chesterton
Edition: Paperback
Price: £11.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Eugenics and Other Evils, 29 April 2010
Standing 6'4" and weighing in at 21 stone, G K Chesterton (1874-1936) was a giant of English literature in both senses. An Illustrated London News writer for some thirty years; he considered the concentration of wealth and power which the Victorian Age industrialisation had triggered to be a social malignancy, advocating what he called "Distributism"; best understood through his explanation that "every man ought to be allowed to own three acres and a cow." Born in Kensington, he was a patriotic, christian country gentleman at heart; and not afraid to speak his mind. His classic:- "It is not bigotry to be certain we are right, but it is bigotry to be unable to imagine how we might possibly have gone wrong" remains a truism to this day.

Written in 1922, when 'blood and breeding' were much more valued, but far less understood than in today's world; he wrote 'Eugenics and Other Evils' as a warning against the 'Eugenics' craze then sweeping the European and American upper classes; making clear that in the wrong hands these ideas could be very dangerous:- "Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions". He was far from opposed to scientific advance however, clearly understanding the benefits of electrification, radio, telephones etc... which were cutting edge technologies in his day.

When speaking from a 20/21'st Century viewpoint many today find it easy to ridicule the Bible based lifestyle of our forfathers, but it should be remembered that in their time these idea's were far more deeply rooted and widely accepted than liberal/socialism, racial equality etc..... are in today's world, because they had firmly underpinned a socially stable and highly successful European culture for generations. Thus it was not backward looking bigotry but logical concern for their inherently destablising effects, which caused so many to oppose theories such as 'Natural Selection' and 'Scientific Marxism'; ironically the very ideas most today accept as unchallengable orthodox truth.

The world moves ever onward however, and whilst reading the potential horrors G K Chesterton warned of in vain during the 1920/30's; I suggest you also view Darwin's Dangerous Idea [DVD]. In particular Episode 2:- Born Equal? This excellent, highly informative programme is written and presented by Andrew Marr, a TV 'insider' whose egalitarian liberal/socialist credentials are impeccable. Co-produced by the Open University, itself a bastion of egalitarian opinion, the programme begins with a graphic denounciation of Nazi eugenics which G K Chesterton would have fully approved, but then moves on to introduce Nazi concentration camp inmate Rabbi Joseph Eckstein who, having fled to America upon his liberation later established 'Dor Yeshorim'; a "charity dedicated to the erradication of genetic diseases within the Jewish community". In less than thirty years, this sensitively run but highly efficent organisation has all but erradicated Tay Sachs Disease, a ghastly genetic curse which had plagued Brooklin's Jewish community for generations.

Following this splendid example of genetic medicine at it's best, Andrew Marr then introduces Bruce Lahn; a young genetics student who fled his Chinese homeland for America following the 1989 Tiananman Square massacre. On Friday 9'th September 2005 Dr Lahn of Chicago University shocked the world when he announced his discovery of gene varient's ASPM & MCPH 1, which bless their bearers with 'bigger and smarter brains'. A horrified commentator said of this momentous revelation that it's:- "the moment the anti-racists and egalitarians have been dreading!" Why? Because the MCPH 1 gene originated amongst Europeans 'only' 225 generations (approx 6,000yrs) ago, and although widespread amongst those of European descent, is far rarer in non-Europeans, and almost totally absent from the sub-Saharan African gene pool. Thus modern scientific research now incontrovertibly links intelligence levels to racial inheritance. (You can obviously verify the scientific detail on numerous websites such as Wikipedia.) In the face of such indisputable genetic facts however, Andrew Marr is asking us all a simple question. Do we follow the historical precidents given by the Spanish Inquisition, the Victorian Establishment, the Nazi Gestapo and/or the Bolshevik KGB, and ignore/suppress such politically volatile knowledge from fear of social destabization, or do we follow the wiser guidance of Rabbi Eckstein; accept the truth of racial difference, but use it to aid those afflicted/disadvantaged?

In concluding this review, I cannot recommend 'Eugenics and Other Evils' highly enough. Although written ninety years ago to warn against Nazi Eugenics, it's content is still highly relevent today. Genetic science is now widely, but still by no means fully understood. Applied wisely it offers humanity virtual freedom from ill health and sickness, but the potential is also clearly there to creat the hideous 'Brave New World of Aldous Huxley. At present the choice of future WE want is still ours to make; but for how long???
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