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Oral-B Stages Vitality Avengers Electric Toothbrush for Kids
Oral-B Stages Vitality Avengers Electric Toothbrush for Kids
Price: £17.49

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4.0 out of 5 stars Bright, fun first time electric toothbrush is a hit with a four year old, 28 Jun. 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
This toothbrush has been tested by my four year old grandson - his first foray into the world of electric toothbrushes. Once we had finally prized open the plastic packaging with a mixture of scissors, tearing and sheer determination, my grandson was immediately drawn in by the bright blue and red design of the toothbrush. The supplied head also features Hulk and Iron Man, which also helped get him interested. The overall build quality of the brush feels solid, but not to heavy for a small child to wield.

After his first look we then charged the brush overnight as recommended. Once again, these toothbrushes are supplied only with an EU two-prong power connector, which requires UK users either to fit an adaptor, or to use one of the increasingly rareshaver sockets for those who have one in their bathroom. An additional un-user friendly element of this toothbrush is that there is no visual indicator either that the toothbrush is actually charging, or that it has reached a full charge. On the plus side, this toothbrush uses the same charging cradle as other Oral-B electric toothbrushes, so you may already have one or more of these charging stations set up.

The four-year old has taken to his first electric toothrbrush very quickly and wholeheartedly, and as a result is brushing his teeth for longer with less fuss. This is as promised in the marketing of this product: '90% of kids brush longer'. In common with just about anyone making the transition from manual to electric, we have also noticed after just a week that his teeth already look much cleaner for using this Oral-B electric toothbrush. The bristles are softer than those for an adult, and the brush head is small enough to work effectively in a child's mouth. A buzzer indicates that one minute of brushing has passed, and while your experience may vary, we have found that our grandson is very happy to brush his teeth for a total of two minutes. After a few days the novelty has not yet worn off.

This is an excellent first-time electric toothbrush which is attractive, safe, solid and effective for a four year old. I have knocked off a star for the lack of a visual charging indicator and the truly anger-inducing packaging, but if you can get past these, you won't be disappointed.

ECVISION® Handmade Classic Small Round Silent table Snooze beech Wood Alarm Clock with nightlight
ECVISION® Handmade Classic Small Round Silent table Snooze beech Wood Alarm Clock with nightlight
Offered by EC Vision EU

5.0 out of 5 stars Up the wooden hill to the wooden bed and the wooden clock..., 28 Jun. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I do like the wooden eco look of this totally silent alarm clock. It is promised that the tactile, 'blended' wood will age gracefully, a soft, darker patina will develop handsomely.

When it arrives, make sure that the AA battery, which you will have to provide, is properly inserted into the back, push it right in, otherwise the second hand may turn but not the hours and minutes, it does go quite far back. Also when replacing the battery cover it is the smooth side that faces outwards.

The actual workings of the clock are encased in white plastic; on putting the battery in you notice that the cover is a little thin but that doesn't matter because the black and white, traditional face is fine, nice and clear to read, and a second hand goes around. The nightlight function works with a press of the finger for on and then goes off. That top button is also effects a small snooze function. Intriguingly this is quite well thought out - on first pressing the snooze button it keeps quiet for five minutes, then become more noisy with each five minutes more you buy yourself in bed!

A gentle alarm that should disturb you enough if it is by your head. It will sit discreetly and attractively in most rooms. Sorry to hear of other reviewers having faulty versions, quality control is perhaps not diligent enough. The hand turned case is very much to my taste anyway.

PEDIGREE Dry Small Dog with Chicken 2.7kg Pack of 3
PEDIGREE Dry Small Dog with Chicken 2.7kg Pack of 3
Offered by BuyAllMeans
Price: £28.98

5.0 out of 5 stars Tip Top for Terriers, 27 Jun. 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
The perky little Jack Russell on the bag looks just like ours so I am sure he thinks it is custom made for him alone. Adult Vitality is something we all aspire to, so that seems like an excellent aim.

The zip fresh opening is helpful if you cut it right, as a spill from this would be swiftly wolfed down. The variously coloured nuggets are clearly truly tasty – they smell fresh and nourishing. Most acceptable to the little chap, who is looking for more to sample, as I write.

Every aspect of nutrition is considered in the recipe – Oral Care ‘every dog deserves a happy mouth’ and the size of the nuggets is just right for tiny sharp terrier teeth. Dentistry is included as there is a special active ingredient that helps to prevent build up of tartar; the design too is helpful towards cleaning teeth.

Digestion of course is paramount, ‘Every dog deserves a healthy tummy’ plus a Healthy Skin and Coat, as ‘Every dog deserves to look and feel healthy’. Immune System is something else ‘Every dog deserves’… Every Good Boy Deserves Flavour ( dogs could play the piano… EGBDF)

A great success in our kitchen/kennel and just a joy to have the three packs delivered to the door. Three packs should last for months, feeding one or two dogs. Ours will be more excited than ever when the postman/courier arrives now!

by David Nicholls
Edition: Paperback
Price: £3.85

4.0 out of 5 stars Who do you like best?, 24 Jun. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Us (Paperback)
Our Book Club choice – our readers were pleased to give it a go as most had enjoyed One Day. I am sometimes not that much excited about books everyone else raves about, it seems that these award winning, hugely popular books are often not as impressive as they trumpeted to be. Many more gorgeous reading gems go un-hyped.

Our major point of discussion was whether you identified with/felt most for Douglas or Connie. ‘Albie’, we floated about on – until later. His stupid nickname was off putting! He took advantage of his parents to an arrogant, rude, painful degree and only seemed to come to his senses when his father showed weakness and need. Our group were divided in loyalties to the individuals. That made for a good meeting.

We all recognised the point when the last child or only child goes to university, which is a milestone and a crossroads in a long marriage. Team working is no longer the norm, personal feelings can be considered again, the big child-raising job is done, well, of course, at that point it seems that way… However with Connie having ‘ out of the blue’ announced the probable termination of their journey to also be the end of their marriage it was an unsettling trip to keep them company on.

I identified with, believed in Douglas mostly; feeling Connie was running the show far too much, she was annoyingly certain that she was in the ascendant, the fount of all good taste, education and wisdom. Whereas Douglas was prepared to listen, learn, look up stuff, take an interest in everything and try hard. The black and white allocation of sympathy wavers more warmly towards her later when Connie become more civilised, human and concerned.

The Grand Tour was realistic and interesting, although often spoiled by Connie and Albie ganging up and leaving Douglas in the cold. When Albie meets his busker, who I really took to, especially when she showed such initiative and kindness towards Douglas; things change completely. Parents become definitely de trop; Albie is off. The description of all the travels, encounters, hotels and art galleries is a good background but overworked – but a different approach, fresh and up to date views of experiences one might remember but not be up to date with. The interlude in Amsterdam was crazy, funny really with the falling domino effect of the bikes, the cafes, the helpful lady of the night! I enjoyed that.

Flashbacks to their earlier lives were informative and built up the story but being intermittent were irritating and slowed the pace of the main story. There were many episodes that are common to our age group and some humour, wry, in places, for example when Douglas first takes Connie to stay with his parents…

So yes, I didn’t like or respect Connie much, I thought she was spoiled, selfish, ungrateful for her husband’s love and care, even though he was perhaps borderline autistic. Today this is often the norm, for the woman to be assertive, to belittle and tease; to be the leader in sexual matters having in this case the more experience. Accusing Douglas of selling out to a big corporation yet reaping all the benefits that went with his effort to raise their living standards. His generous setting her up with a studio, allowing her to indulge her artistic bent, with the past unfaithfulness this concealed. His coming home to a cold lack of welcome, hardly looked up at when he entered the door, Albie and Connie cuddled together in their own little world. Sad when he mused that he was living in a dolls house without enough dolls – perhaps an understandable regret when there is only one child. This is a clinical dissection of 21st century marriage with a new and different balance. There is circularity to this modern parable that eventually pleases and make the read worthwhile.

The best bit of the book for me was when Douglas enters ‘that’ question into Google, near the end. I wish him well!

Sport Bra Jimmy Design Medium Impact Print Women Sports Bra
Sport Bra Jimmy Design Medium Impact Print Women Sports Bra
Offered by Jimmy Design
Price: £33.00 - £39.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Works as hard as you do, 24 Jun. 2015
I chose the XL as I am 38" chest and it fits as it should without the removable cup padding. It is tight but clearly that it is compulsory, how else would it stay on through vigorous workouts, running and jumping. There is a useful hidden pocket in the centre of the top, just inside the lining. You could carry a key or small mp3 player in it.

Mine is the multi coloured diamond pattern and I love it. Very bright and attractive, the design is perfect for cheering you on your way. The seams are robust, top quality sewing, this will not let you down. It has the feel of a good, well lined swimming costume, and definitely stays in place. Not hitching up or moving about, it moulds like a second skin. The cloth feels soft and stretchy.

The cut out back shape is comfortable, looks great and allows free movement.

I am very pleased with this SEEU compression top and was delighted to receive it in return for a fair review. Thank you Jimmy Design.

Just Life U-01153 Outdoor Sport 480ml Portable BPA Free Glass Drinking Water Bottle with Silicone Handle and Sleeve for Running Camping(One Piece)
Just Life U-01153 Outdoor Sport 480ml Portable BPA Free Glass Drinking Water Bottle with Silicone Handle and Sleeve for Running Camping(One Piece)
Offered by Fun Mall
Price: £20.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Helpful hydration happily to hand, 24 Jun. 2015
I enjoy fresh drinks from this glass bottle, which for me has no smell at all. I like the way the cover keeps herbal tea, green tea, at a reasonable temperature to drink, as thermos flasks keep it scalding which is too hot to handle. Because you are in contact with the glass, at the top, you know before you sip what temp the drink is at. Once out of the packaging, the earlier mentioned scent of neoprene, from the cover, and carrying loop, soon dissipates.

The clear glass is thick, robust, and sparkling. The product comes with a fun bottle cleaner in the cheery shape of a person, standing to attention, with a sponge for a head. Warm to the touch, the thick, well sewn together fabric cover will keep the bottle safe, should you drop it or a bag that it is in.

Holding the bottle in it's zingy coloured cover means you won't lose your grip and the screw on lid with carrying tag is also tidy, easy to open, close, hang from a peg.

If you are looking for a portable drinks container you can trust, with hot or cold liquids, then this is a great solution.

Thank you Just Life for sending me this item in exchange for a fair review. I am very pleased to have it.

Battat Airplane Take-Apart
Battat Airplane Take-Apart

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4.0 out of 5 stars Grown up work to construct this robust, good quality toy, 23 Jun. 2015
This review is from: Battat Airplane Take-Apart (Toy)
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
This toy rewards your and your helpers getting to know it slowly. It can't be quickly done and dusted. The journey is the thing. When put together it is quite a big, heavy toy, fun to take outside. The prop goes around and the wheels turn but otherwise it is almost too young for the child who can make it. I think future versions need a place to pop a pilot, personally!

The drill may require adult input as you have to insert 2 AA batteries inside their compartment, which is sealed with a small metal cross thread screw. It also needs explaining that the control switch is either tightening or loosening the screws or OFF. These positions are not that easy to see at first. I found that was something I had to explain over a few times to our four year old grandson who spent a whole afternoon playing with this simple but demanding toy. It is my only criticism, that the clockwise/anti-clockwise action has to be sought by trial every time rather than a clear instruction. There are three drill heads, one cross thread, one conventional and one for undoing the wheel bolts as it were. The drill is man enough to work this toy and makes the right noises. The sound of it working is addictive to the child who loves turning it on and off.

Following the instructions is complicated, especially for us as parts of the toy were already assembled. It is just as good having a go with common sense, trial and error. This prolongs the experience anyway. The power of taking something apart and putting it back together again, at four, was rewarding to watch unfold.

Once made the chunky plane is ready for off, or maybe some attention from the ground crew. I chose it for three boys from four up, but firstly I acclimatised myself with it thoroughly so I could offer a hint or two.

This is really a great success with our little chaps, and we are glad to have found a toy that challenges and rewards rather than comes ready made.

Sealy Posturepedic Pocket Spring Back Pillow - Soft
Sealy Posturepedic Pocket Spring Back Pillow - Soft
Offered by CyclopsDigital
Price: £39.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Would certainly win a pillow fight!, 22 Jun. 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
This is a weighty pillow, the chunkiest, heaviest, most boxy I have used; well, since the days of ticking stuffed with hen feathers!

I couldn't detect the springs, and found my head lay more on top of the pillow rather than in it.This takes a little getting used to. For me it is a restful support, not too much as to be bouncy, but enough to keep me sleeping steadily. Choosing such a pillow will be very much a matter of personal choice and trial - although it is, without doubt, the best quality, thoroughly thought out and highly endorsed product, a 21st century pillow indeed. Sealy offer a Pillow Menu in this new range and advise accordingly with a buying guide that allows you to choose one that will be best for you. Spinal support, Zonal Support, Cooltech gel, Pocket Springback and Optimal latex.... You can get in touch with them should you find you have inadvertently chosen the wrong type of pillow and I see that they will endeavour to exchange it for a more suitable one. They really want you to be pleased with your pillow!

I really like mine and feel very comfortable in a side or back sleeping position. I shall continue to use it on its own, another underneath would be way too much!

The Soft Support Version:

Substantial support and resilience.
Snug feeling, with the memory foam moulding a little to your head.
A three guarantee.
Endorsed by the 'AB' - Orthopedic Advisory Board.
Meets fire safety regulations from 1988.
Filled with hollow fibre, so non allergenic - 100% Polyester.
Well packaged and presented, in a robust, zip up with carrying handle, clear plastic case, to keep it in if you take it away with you.
Only one pillow required - this is designed for back sleepers. It would also do for support when reading in bed etc.
Revolutionary design, there are actually 28 tiny individual sprung pockets inside, nestled in memory foam layers.

The usual housewife pillowcase will compress this pillow and make it less squishy, more tightly sausage-y. You may choose to source a larger Oxford type of pillow slip to allow the pillow to work at its best. However after a week, the pillow settled and lost some of its volume.
You cannot wash this pillowcase - ever. Just 'wipe clean' - not easy with absorbent memory foam in white spongey material. Still, I don't suppose many people in the olden days tried to wash traditional feather pillows...
Only one pillow required, so if you are used to having two beneath your head to swap around, cool you down etc this won't do.

Pack of 12 Color Crystal Magnetic Stud Earrings for Girls Kids Women
Pack of 12 Color Crystal Magnetic Stud Earrings for Girls Kids Women
Offered by Princess-J
Price: £9.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Magical earrings that stick close and safe, 21 Jun. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
These are hugely popular with our nine year old grand daughter who chose them from the site. I am amazed that they actually stay on, I really couldn't believe that they would.

I am told there are no problems with losing them and so I am happy to recommend them to early earring admirers who aren't yet ready to have pierced ears!

Charles Wilson Chambray Denim Casual Shirt
Charles Wilson Chambray Denim Casual Shirt
Offered by Charles Wilson Clothing
Price: £19.95

5.0 out of 5 stars A high-quality, multi-purpose shirt for casual and smarter occasions, 21 Jun. 2015
Traditional denim wash look, 100% cotton, this classic shirt will take you through a variety of activities. Flexible, multi purpose, the style is timeless.

Charles Wilson clothes are a collection of everything a chap could need to look great on any occasion. Explore the range, it is amazingly good value for money. This neatly sewn, proudly presented soft blue shirt will surely become a firm favourite. The XL version is totally true to size, comfortably generous in fabric yet tidy enough to give a smart look to a casual outfit or under a suit for a more relaxed day at work. I also reviewed the mid wash colour in the Large size - the size is exactly as expected, and mid wash colour is a smart, neutral grey which can stand on its own, or with a colourful tie, or under a sweater.

The cuffs have two buttons to choose from, there are a couple of spares too, sewn on to an interior label. The collar is proud, up standing, and has matching pearl button down tabs.

Charles Wilson clothes kindly sent us this to review, as always I am impressed with the robust construction and high quality appearance.

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