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Spearmark 590 ml Disney/Pixar Inside Out Emotions Bottle
Spearmark 590 ml Disney/Pixar Inside Out Emotions Bottle

5.0 out of 5 stars A Joy to use!, 11 Feb. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
British Standard Food Safe plastic, also not the brittle variety. Ours withstands being hand washed daily and the transfers are all as new, no fade, brittleness or peeling. Personally, I would not risk any part of this bottle in a dishwasher. Any Inside Out fan would love this design; one side Joy, Sadness and Disgust, the other side, Fear, Anger and "Every Day Is Full Of Emotion". Water is visible through the pink bottle sides and there is a good capacity, without a freezer pack it will hold 1 pint. Height - base to top of handle approx 23 cm. Base Diameter just over 7 cm.

This lid has an integral vacuum valve which makes all the difference, providing a vacuum free drink; no having to repeatedly release the spout to allow air back inside the bottle. Our valve hole was not quite open enough so we used a cocktail stick to gently open it, perfect now. The under side of the spout has a tiny nipple within the moulding, when the spout is closed right down, this nipple pushes into the valve closing the hole. Ensuring the lid is not cross threaded when done up and the spout is pushed down properly, this bottle is completely water tight even upside down!

The spout is a narrow design which makes for a comfortable drinking experience, especially for little folk. The hole is a good size allowing for a thirst quenching drink. Clear plastic enables thorough cleaning and looks pretty too. Although hard this would perhaps deter chewing. There is a tiny ridge on the upper surface of the spout to grip and push the spout up to use. This is not at all stiff for little hands yet firm enough to stay in position.

Although permanently connected, the lid and spout are easy to clean. As the rim of the lid has a layer of easy grip, silicone type material, this makes gripping to tighten and undo the lid a lot easier even with wet hands. The straw connected to the under side of the lid can pull out to be washed. There is a moulded circle rim on the underside of the lid which could hold a freezer pack though this bottle does not come with one. We have a long tubular thin freezer pack from another style bottle which we freeze and just place inside this bottle which keeps the water nice and cold for longer.

Another reason we prefer this design, the spout is protected and can be accessed without actually touching the area which goes in the mouth. Perfect for the school environment and grubby hands!

Icing on the cake- a comfortable, robust, moulded and integral handle which is invaluable. After trying what seems like, every design water bottle on the market, we keep coming back to this one. We find this design to be so good, we have three. This also makes for funky colour combinations swapping lids! Water tastes as it should with no plastic taint. The designers are spot on with this design, long may it be available!

Backpack for Girls Boys Women Men Kids - Padded Bag College School Highschool Teen Schoolbag with Laptop Pocket - Flowers Butterflies - comfortable Back Pack from durable Canvas - Backpack Frog
Backpack for Girls Boys Women Men Kids - Padded Bag College School Highschool Teen Schoolbag with Laptop Pocket - Flowers Butterflies - comfortable Back Pack from durable Canvas - Backpack Frog
Offered by EcomBrands

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5.0 out of 5 stars Bags of Room!, 11 Feb. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The digital frog image is as vibrant as the picture advertised with superb definition.
Outer layer fabric a true jet black and the usual man made material typically used for this style of rucksack. Inner lining a dark brown cotton type fabric.

Main compartment a very generous size approx:
Width 14 " 36 cm X Height 18 " 46 cm X Depth 5 " 13 cm @ bottom tapering to 4 " 10.5 cm @ top.
Ours holds two large school lunch box sized bags on top of each other plus an A4 ring folder at the back of these. There are outer adjustable straps, one each side of the rucksack to secure this section when full. This also keeps things in place when carrying less items and retains bag shape when empty. There is a spacious internal pocket on the outer wall with zip closure. A large compartment on the inner wall could hold a small laptop with sturdy velcro strap to keep in place; a holding space nearly the same area of the entire inside wall.

Middle compartment a good size approx:
Width 13 " 33 cm X Height 18 " 46 cm X Depth 1 1/2 " 4 cm.
There is no internal compartment here but this space could hold a thin A4 folder allowing for the corners to fit snugly.

The front digital image section can be unzipped and removed completely. This piece is lightly padded and could be used to sit on (though not for long!). Ours is kept in place and used as a compartment to keep the image pristine. This offers a slim yet very useful space approx:
Width 11 " 28 cm X Height 16 " 41 cm X Depth 3/4 " 2 cm.
There is an internal zipped compartment on the inner wall which gives access to it's entire inside area.

The zips are of good quality with plastic teeth and good sized shiny chrome type metal pulls, easy to locate and use with gloves.

The adjustable shoulder straps are lightly padded with mesh on the inner surface. The back area which rests against the body is lightly padded, also mesh covered for air to circulate between the bag and body.

Sturdy plastic clips to both outer reinforcer straps. Strong plastic adjusters to both shoulder straps.
There is no horizontal front strap on this bag.

Strong padded top carry handle.
An elastic mesh outer pocket is located at the bottom of each side panel. These will carry a water bottle no problem.

The seams and zips seem to be securely stitched with the right tension and no loose ends. The raw edges all on the insides, are finished with dark brown over binding. The bag as a whole looks 'properly finished'. This backpack is extremely light when empty.

Purchased for daily school pupil use, overall this bag appears to cope well and is comfortable to wear when fully loaded. Contents are dry in a light rain shower, however damp comes through with a heavy downpour. We purchased separately a waterproof cover for particularly bad weather. When not in use this sits in one of the outer pockets.

Although I don't think this rucksack would be our choice for a secondary school main bag, with the volume of books and weight. We are very happy with our purchase for primary school use. This bag design definitely stands out, not the usual school bag. This will be ideal for trips out too, easy to spot your child in a crowd! If I had enough stuff to put inside, I'd happily use one of these as an every day rucksack. This seems to be a sound backpack although personally perhaps not quite worth the full RRP.

Know Your Addition Subtraction Multiplication & Division Maths Infant Junior Unique Solution Learn Primary Special (Children One Size)
Know Your Addition Subtraction Multiplication & Division Maths Infant Junior Unique Solution Learn Primary Special (Children One Size)
Offered by Know Your...Creative Educational Learning Systems
Price: £29.98

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Second Time Brilliant!, 25 Sept. 2015
We find this Learning System to be as affective as Graham P Woodward's first, 'Know Your Times Tables'.

This system is just as well made and user friendly, the layout is the same too. Again, as there is no writing or chanting involved, this was completely accepted by my now not-so-reluctant mathematician! In our case, writing 'and' sums are sometimes just too much, the only writing here is to make up your own sums. As we find writing a chore, the brain isn't having to process physically forming numbers, all thought is focused on working out the answer, which in turn increases confidence.

The hands on approach of physically holding and placing these cards is both hugely satisfying and informal. Mind maths happens naturally whilst holding the answer cards and working out where to place them. It's not the end of the world when a mistake happens either, this system offers a natural gentle learning curve.

A comprehensive, user friendly pamphlet is included. This gives guidance from first using through to increasing the challenge and handy tips. There is also a bag of scoring counters should you use this system as a game.

The robust laminated box will keep the contents safe for years, perfect as this will be useful for years. Child friendly sized strips 30 cm X 4.8 cm and cards 4.8 cm X 4.8 cm. These are the same size as 'Know Your Times Tables', so compatible.

There are long base strips: Addition - Infant & Junior, Subtraction - Infant & Junior, Multiplication - Infant & Junior also Division - Infant & Junior. Included, a spare set of blank base strips and marker pen to make up your own sums.

Separate colour coded answer card packs are clearly labelled for each of the base strip sets. Also included, a set of spare blank answer cards for your own base sum strips.

The answer cards are placed in the spaces on the strips. As with the 'Know Your Times Tables', there are separate colour coded answer cards as individual units, for example 10 is two separate cards 1 and 0. As the answers are separate units, this promotes real thinking and the act of placing them separately we find, helps reinforce the answer.

Printed on the inside of the lid, there are clearly laid out answer tables for all the base strip sums. This enables self checking if working solo.

We sometimes use our own counters or objects to physically work out the answers first, or to check if correct instead of looking inside the lid. Having counters and these beautifully clear cards really compliment each other.

The reverse of all the strips and cards, also the front of the base strips are plain white. Your own tinted acetate could be used if needed. All cards and strips are laminated too, so blu tac could be used.

We feel this system would be perfect for SEN, teenage and adult students as there is no rigid age related achievement expectation, so no sense of failure before you even start. The packaging and contents are age / gender neutral too. This system is also ideal for parents who are perhaps a little unsure embarking on maths learning at home. We feel so relaxed as there is no pressure. Favourite dolls and bunnies become involved too and enjoy it...apparently!

Both this system and the 'Know Your Times Table Learning System' never gets put away. They stay out because they are enjoyed - not used - enjoyed, daily.

This system actually puts the learner in control, this box is a happy place. We really feel this 'Know Your Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division Learning System' is another shinning beacon of achievement. We wholeheartedly recommend this system too. Keep doing what you do Mr Graham P Woodward, as I said before, you are the missing link! Thank you.

Know Your Times Tables learning system
Know Your Times Tables learning system
Offered by Know Your...Creative Educational Learning Systems
Price: £29.99

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Ahead of the Times, 21 Sept. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
We find this to be the missing link; a fresh approach to learning Times Tables, engaging without the pressure.

I have a Y4 / P4 child lacking confidence in all aspects of number, so dislikes the subject. I came across this remarkable system whilst searching for an inspirational Times Tables resource.

'Know Your Times Tables Learning System' offers choice so the learner feels in control and progresses at their pace. Mistakes happen and we find this is accepted as part of the learning curve far more with this system as it's so relaxing to engage with. There is a comprehensive, user friendly booklet included with easy to follow steps how to start and how to gradually increase the difficulty level; lots of handy tips too.

The box itself is welcoming with child friendly, yet mature line drawings on a white background. Inside is plain white with brightly coloured cards; simplicity itself, friendly and inviting.

Nine long times strips are the bases used for all the times tables. There are separate card packs from X 2 through to X 10, more than enough to start with. These are placed in the spaces on the strips to create the desired multiplication. ( There are sets of X 11 and X 12 strips with their X cards, available separately as an add on which store within this box ).

There are separate colour coded answer cards as individual units, for example 20 is two separate cards 2 and 0. As the answers are separate units, we find this promotes broader understanding and the act of placing them separately helps reinforce the answer so aiding memory. (Answer cards X 11 and X 12 are part of the separate add on which also store within this box).

All strips and cards are laminated both sides, ideal if blu tac is needed. The long main strips and X by cards have a white background with plain white reverse. The front of the answer cards have a coloured background (different for each set of tables) with a plain white reverse. The white reverse of all these strips and cards could be written on using coloured dry wipe or permanent pen, ideal if your own tinted acetate overlay is required.

The robust laminated box will keep the contents safe for years, perfect as this will be useful for years. Child friendly sized strips 30 cm X 4.8 cm and cards 4.8 cm X 4.8 cm.

We recommend you watch the You Tube video parts 1 and 2. Seeing the system in use was most informative. I had 99.9% decided to buy this before watching the video; within seconds of viewing, I was back here purchasing!

This system is not only perfect for the start of the Times Tables journey but there are ideas for the Times pro too. I feel this system would also be perfect for SEN, teenagers and adult students as there is no rigid age related achievement expectation, no sense of failure before you even start. The packaging and contents are age / gender neutral too.

'Know Your Times Tables Learning System' is a shinning beacon of achievement. We wholeheartedly recommend this system. Keep doing what you do Mr Graham P Woodward, you are the missing link! Thank you.

Genuine Mr Men and Little Miss 'Mr Tickle' Cotton Tote Shopping Bag Summer Bag
Genuine Mr Men and Little Miss 'Mr Tickle' Cotton Tote Shopping Bag Summer Bag

5.0 out of 5 stars Mr Men Rock!, 24 Aug. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Just as vibrant as the picture. Quality transfer and thin bright green cotton bag. Ideal tote shopping bag for keeping in a handbag for light purchases, however I purchased this for a school P.E bag. Just the job, bright and happy standing out so easily identifiable amongst the chaos of discarded uniform. Because the fabric is thin and cotton, it allows a P.E kit to 'breathe' so reducing fustiness. I did stitch over the inner raw seams to prolong use and to survive the gentle wash cycle in the washing machine. If I didn't already have several thin bags to keep in my hand bag, I would definitely treat myself to one of these. Mr Men rock and you can't help but smile!

Ten Little Pirates
Ten Little Pirates
by Mike Brownlow
Edition: Hardcover

5.0 out of 5 stars Ahoy me hearties!, 22 Jan. 2014
This review is from: Ten Little Pirates (Hardcover)
A very robust, hardback, glossy covered book; width 28 cm X height 25.5 cm. Quality paper pages with bright clear pictures, black text and numbers throughout. A funny count down rhyme from ten pirates to one and then.....

This would appeal to both girl pirates and boy pirates. Imagination could run wild as the rhyme lends itself to many further activity possibilities; draw a whole crew of pirates, junk model a pirate ship, make a tea stained treasure map or hunt for buried treasure/ find and match numbers, number bond games etc... I'm sure even the most reluctant reader or 'counter' would engage with these jolly pirates!

A super book, perhaps aimed at foundation/ reception to year one 3-6 years landlubbers depending on ability. I heartily recommend this book Jim-me-lad!

Numicon: Zig Zag Book
Numicon: Zig Zag Book
Offered by -SuperBookDeals-
Price: £2.89

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Useful Addition, 19 Jun. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Numicon: Zig Zag Book (Paperback)
Purchased to be used with the Numicon Foundation One to One set as this isn't included with that set. A lovely addition proving very useful.

Medium thickness card with a matt finish, folded like a concertina. This can be looked at as a book or opened out:

Measurement approx:
Closed 7.5 cm X 7.5 cm.
Opened Out 91 cm X 7.5 cm.

Both sides have a white background.
Numicon Side shows the Numicon shape in it's colour. Each shape has the numeral in bold black comic sans font underneath. 0-10 along a horizontal line.
Picture Side shows various objects brightly coloured. Each picture has the corresponding Numicon coloured shape underneath and the numeral in bold black comic sans font above. 0-10 presented as separate pages not a number line.

Although rather small, this size does lend itself to easy investigation by small hands. Also this easily fits inside the box our main set came in, ensuring it's safe keeping when not in use. My little one is enjoying matching the Numicon shapes to those pictured and finding objects to match the numbers. A useful addition!

Numicon: Firm Foundations One to One Kit
Numicon: Firm Foundations One to One Kit

17 of 17 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Broadening Number Reality!, 18 Jun. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
My little one uses Numicon at school. After borrowing this set from a friend, we found it so indispensable I invested in our own set. This Firm Foundations One to One Kit has the following:

A much needed sturdy plastic red box with clear lid to keep the whole set in prime condition when not in use. Separate clear plastic lable cover for the width end of tray. Unfortunately four fiddly separate clasps keep the lid in place, a ridiculous design as loosing one clasp renders the lid loose! Box approx Length 42.5 cm X Width 31 cm.

X 1 Teacher's guide. A four ring sturdy binder with opaque cover which has the following information...

Getting Started with Numicon Firm Foundations Kit- a brief outline of contents.

Chapter 1. Teaching Guide: A separate booklet in it's own right with contents:-
Introducing Numicon-explaining concept image.
Key Mathematical Ideas.
Creating a Number Rich Environment-Giving Number A High Visual Profile.
The Numicon Foundation Firm Activities.
Teaching Approaches and Developing Mathematical Language.
Planning, Assessment and Training.

Chapter 2. Activity Cards: Briefly comprising...*Counting *Getting to Know the Numicon Shapes *Learning To Put The Numicon Shapes In Order *Getting To Know The Numicon Shapes And Patterns *Giving The Shapes Their Number Names *Knowing The Number Names Of The Numicon Shapes *Ordering The Shapes And Numerals *Knowing The Shapes And Numerals *Using The Numicon Patterns *Addition *Subtraction *Reasoning About Numbers *Reasoning About Numbers And Numicon Shapes.

Chapter 3.Assessment Tools:
*Planning and Assessment-Links to Mathematical Development in the Early Years Foundation Stage *Numicon Firm Foundations Record Of Progress...

Chapter 4.Photocopy Masters:
*Number Track for Counting ( 1 -10 ) *Spinner Overlays * Numeral Cards 0 - 10 *Plasticine Masters 1-5 *Plasticine Masters 6-10 *1-9 Grid *Lined blank notes page.

X 80 Numicon Shapes of robust plastic, inside a sturdy black plastic box with clear press on lid containing: Orange 1 hole X 10, Lilac 2 hole X 10, Yellow 3 hole X 10, Mint Green 4 hole X 10, Red 5 hole X 10, Jade 6 hole X 5, Pink 7 hole X 5, Green 8 hole X 5, Purple 9 hole X 5, Blue 10 hole X 10. Size approx Smallest One hole 2.5 cm X 2.5 cm, Largest Ten hole 12.5 cm X 5 cm. ( A box of 80 Numicon Shapes is also available separately in all black ).

X 80 Numicon Chunky Pegs in a plastic bag. Pegs sturdy plastic approx Height just over 2.5 cm, Diameter 2 cm. 20 X Yellow, 20 X Red, 20 X Green, 20 X Blue. ( A bag of Numicon Chunky Pegs is also available separately as 40 White and 40 Black ).

X 1 Numicon Feely cloth drawstring bag approx Height 32.5 cm X Width 24 cm.

X 2 Blue plastic spinners ready assembled, bases approx 9 cm X 9 cm. Each have a ridge and cut out piece on opposite ends so they can connect together, more could be added.

X 2 Sturdy white plastic base boards with 100 integral raised pegs on each. Approx 26.5 cm X 26.5 cm.

X 2 packs of 6 double sided Base Board Picture and Numicon Shape Overlays. Very flimsy and easily damaged. Feel and thickness of paper with low microgram matt laminate.

X 1 Large Format Table Top Number Line. Thin card with a matt finish: Folded approx Length 20.5 cm X Height 10.5 cm. Unfolded approx Length 81 cm. Number line on a white background with Numicon Shape/Numeral/Word from Zero - 21. Reverse side just plain blue, a waisted opportunity.

Every component of this set can be purchased separately. I found buying as a set to be more cost effective. There are other sets available eg. Nursery, year 1 and upwards plus add on smaller sets and other individual items.

As advised by Numicon I am giving the opportunity for an abundance of free play. Through play I see natural exploration and reinforcement of already acquired number knowledge. Numicon is meant to be a sound reinforcement of the number concept and not to be a sole numeracy learning aide. The main Numicon shapes lend themselves beautifully to sand and water play, glitter, dough, snow foam... They become ingredients to cook with making ideal biscuits, slices of cheese etc for a sandwich. The pegs are used too but we avoid the dough as that's rather time consuming to remove from inside. Both shapes and pegs are brilliant for weighing, measuring etc...In fact the only real limitation is imagination!

We find Numicon to be a superb 'broadening of number reality'. Numicon offers number clarity and learning support enjoyed along side other teaching aides and real life hands on numeracy experiences. Numicon has proved to be the mortar between the bricks of our number foundation. This really helps make sense of the abstract.

Octonauts - To the Gups [DVD]
Octonauts - To the Gups [DVD]
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £2.97

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Octastic!, 12 May 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The second Octonauts DVD with quality and content just as outstanding as the first. This release comes in the usual sturdy plastic case but with no outer card slipcase this time. Rated Universal suitable for all and really is. There are no frightening scenes and nothing remotely offensive. Total running time stated approx 80 minutes. Order of Contents:

Play All~ Straight into the first episode with no trailers, running right through the first 8 episodes:

Speedy Sailfish
Blobfish Brothers
Monster Map
Lost Sea Star
Albino Humpback Whale
Giant Kelp Forest
Enemy Anemones

Episode Select~ The first 8 episodes clearly laid out with their picture and title underneath.

Creature Reports~ A brief special report for each of the 8 episode creatures. The crew sing along to music giving a few creature facts whilst inside the Octopod. A short video clip showing real life footage of each creature is shown.

The Great Penguin Race~ The 9th episode listed separately with a longer duration of 22 minutes. Here we meet Peso's brother and a lesson is learned all round.

Subtitles~ Very clear on/off and easy to see which option is chosen.

Another no fuss Octonauts DVD giving you exactly what it says on the cover. Brimming with beautiful animations and superb instrumentals. All the stories are interesting, offering factual information and good morals along the way. We can't wait for number 3 and only hope a feature length film will be released at the cinema. Octastic!

Learning Resources Writers Block
Learning Resources Writers Block
Price: £14.02

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Foundation Block., 12 May 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Writer's Block contains:

A note inside giving basic ideas. From these suggestions it's easy to follow on using your own adaptations. Objects can be placed inside the block instead of the card prompts, there are many possibilities. Taken from this note:-

"...Most of these cards fall into the category of the 6 main questions: Who, What, Where, When, Why and How. The cards are colour coded by content so that you and the students know what area they are writing about. You can also put different content cards in the block depending on what you want to focus on..."

A set of 86 writing prompt cards made from thin laminated card with rounded edges. Each have a colour coded boarder with a coloured photo picture one side and phrase or question on the reverse. Approx size 6.5 cm x 6.5 cm. Teal x 22 Language, Green x 22 Science, Blue x 21 Math, Black x 21 Social Studies.

These are American, noticeable only with a few cards for example, Police. For the UK that in itself lends to further discussion and awareness. Examples of picture~text as follows:

LANGUAGE *Cat, Hat, Mat ~ Write about things that rhyme with at. *Rug ~ Where would you go on a magic carpet ride? *Two people shaking hands ~ How do you communicate without speaking?
SCIENCE *Volcano ~ Describe what living near a volcano might be like. *Astronaut ~ What would you bring with you on a trip to space? *Sky ~ Why do you think the sky is blue?
MATH *Clock face ~ When the clock strikes midnight...*Ball ~ What if everything was round? *Workman ( a tape measure would be better ) ~ Who uses a tape measure in their job?
SOCIAL STUDIES *Television ~ What would you do without TV? *Computer ~ How do computers affect your day? *Penguin ~ Describe life for a penguin from Antarctica?

14 blank cards for using a dry wipe pen to create your own prompts ( pen NOT included ). Teal x 3, Green x 3, Blue x 4, Black x 4.

Block sturdy cardboard approx 13 cm cube. White inner, outside brightly coloured predominately greens and blues with a gloss finish. Removable lid with hole large enough for an average sized adults hand. Hole covered with a thick green polythene; slits allow a hand to pass through while keeping the cards hidden from view.

The suggested age is 8-11 years. As with most things, a suggested age is just that! I purchased this to use with a 4-5 year old to make up stories about the pictures for now. Because of the simplicity of design and photo pictures, I find a younger child can benefit greatly and enjoy what they can achieve. Equally I feel this would be a valuable resource for teenage and mature learners. The outer box could be covered with what ever would appeal to the target group. Tailor made cards could be created, perhaps different languages, Sign Language or drama prompts etc. We enjoy our game of 'Build A Story' taking turns to pick a card with 2 or more players. Each person adds a sentence about their picture and so the story grows, usually bizarrely!

I find this a compact, easy to use and well thought out literacy aide. A superb foundation block on which to build upon.

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