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Dr. M. Al-Fallouji "mara" (Liversedge, West Yorkshire United Kingdom)

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Seven Men Who Rule the World from the Grave
Seven Men Who Rule the World from the Grave
by Dave Breese
Edition: Paperback

3.0 out of 5 stars This book is a useful guide to readres interested in rhe " Western Philosophy" ..., 15 Jan. 2016
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This book is a useful guide to readres interested in rhe " Western Philosophy" as influenced by those 7 people even though they are dead long time ago.
Good layout of the background with summary of life of those philosphers.
I was expecting that Sigmund Frued philosopher of sexual revolution, Herbert Spencer phiosopher of Social Darwinism (the so-called Scientific Racism !!!) to be inculded instead of last 2 philosophers mentioned the book.
It is a very good guide for beginners in the western phiolsophy.

The Hammer and The Cross: A New History of the Vikings
The Hammer and The Cross: A New History of the Vikings
by Robert Ferguson
Edition: Paperback
Price: £10.13

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2.0 out of 5 stars The Hammer and the Cross: New History of the Vikings, 15 Aug. 2013
This book is a good historical survey of the Vikings age (from 8th to 11th century). While the author entertains the role and the place of Vikings aggressive raids and the reactions within European history, he was again entirely Eurocentric in his views and vision, and nearly oblivious of the Vikings peaceful relationships with Abbaside Islamic Empire and with the East in general.
For instance, the book does not mention the First legendary Ibn Fadhlan's expedition in great details. Ibn Fadhlan's mission was not a geographic exploration and/or first account of Vikings description per se, but rather an Imperial Islamic Embassy to the Vikings and a great Islamic expedition sent specifically by the Abbaside Caliph to the Vikings on their own request in order to explain Islam to them (Vikings conversion to Islam), to build a grand central mosque for Vikings king, and to make official alliance with Islamic Abbaside Caliphate against the Russian Khazars. In another word, Ibn Fadhlan's expedition was perhaps, the FIRST peaceful invader of Islam to Vikings.
The author never mentioned the mixed marriages between the Vikings and Muslims, to the extent that a mother of one Abbaside Caliphs was a Viking woman!
The author had mistaken the runic history that Swedish Viking Ingvar (known as the Far-Travelled) died near black sea, when in fact Ingvar had visited, resided, and died in Serkland i.e. Baghdad.
The plethora of Islamic coins and pieces (found in multi-thousands)and many other Islamic treasures buried and found in the graves of Viking Kings and VIPs testifies not only to the magnitude of extensive trade between the Vikings and the Muslim World, but it signifies the blessing of holy objects (represented by Islamic coins) highly regarded by the Vikings to be buried with them in their graves, a pattern that was found consistently, throughout Scandinavian countries.
In short, The Vikings were strong allies of Abbaside Islamic Empire in Europe (links between Islamic East and European West), partly because of their blood relations with Muslims; partly because of their extensive trade in the Islamic World; but more importantly because of their Muslim brotherhood with their fellow Eastern muslim brothers, in that era (i.e. the Vikings era).
The combination of Charlemagne's ruthless aggressive campaigns to convert the Vikings to christianty by force (Charlemagne's policy to be Christian or to die), and the Vikings pre-Islamic conversion and/or alliance with Abbaside Caliphate can provide us with a better explanation as to:
Why the Vikings were raiders and traders: violent raiders of the Christian West, ransacking their churches and monasteries in particular, while they were quite peaceful traders and dealers with the East, and with the Abbaside Islamic Caliphate, in particular.
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Paradise Dictionary
Paradise Dictionary
by Professor M A R Al-Fallouji PhD FRCS FRCSI
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars At last, First Dictionary in the World for English words of Arabic Origin, 15 Feb. 2013
This review is from: Paradise Dictionary (Hardcover)
This 1600-pages-illustrated dictinary (published in 2 volumes) is an absolute master-piece and indeed a state-of-art dictionary on English words of Arabic etymology. It pays a due debt and tribute to the oft-forgotten Arab-Islamic influence, deeply-rooted in the English language and in all aspects of European knowledge (yet not acknowledged, wittingly or unwittingly, due to Euro-centric vision or ignorance).

Arabic is the language of Islam and Islamic World. in fact, Arabic was the lingua franca of the `Old World Order' for more than eight (8) centuries (from 700 - 1500 A.D.)and was the common language during the medieval ages, performing a communication role in cementing bonds between various cultures and civilizations at that time.

It was the medium that preserved medicine, pharmacy, and medical-pharmaceutical terminology, science, astronomy, seafaring (navigation), agriculture, mechanical engineering, law and legal terminology, architecture, military order, various branches of Islamic arts, and others.

Arabization (translation of Greek books into Arabic, and then reversed translation from Arabic books into Latin) played an active role in the documentation of world treasures of knowledge, to such extent that Greek books reached Europe in their Arabic manuscripts, thus preserving what had been lost of books in philosophy and science, and replacing what had been destroyed there at the hands of Inquisition Tribunals, being books of blasphemy and heresy.

Professor Al-Fallouji, already an author of best sellers in surgery (Postgraduate Surgery - The Candidate's Guide; Clinical Radiology in Postgraduate Surgery) must be congratulated on this mammoth task in compiling "Paradise Dictionary", being the First Anglo-Arabic etymological Dictionary (of English words of Arabic origin), checked by studying English words origin/history; and then studied objectively on basis of 4 criteria: phonetics, Semantics, word morphology, and Syntax.

The dictionary has entry of more than 25,000 English words of Arabic origin (derived from nearly 3000 English word-roots). These English words encompase a wide range of medical, scientific, astronomical, and legal terms. With its bi-lingual Introduction: `Adventures of Arabic Language throughout History'; the book is considered the First definitive and comprehensive textbook of its kind on `Arabic influence on English language'. It answers many perplexing questions, such as: Routes of Arabic influence on English language? Why Islam swept the world at an unprecedented speed and with permanent effect? Is English a racist language when compared with Arabic language? and many other questions. The Dictionary serves a linguistic communication in age of Globalisation; enriches the cross-fertilisation and cultural understanding between East and West; confirms the Oneness of human race; and thus promotes global peace and unity. Finally, this dictionary is a proof that mankind is a big global family inhabiting one global village.

Essential refrenec for every library and house; and essential companion for all students, researchers, and teachers.
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