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Avildlove Sexy Lady Women's Nightwear Sleepwear Underwear Lace Lingerie Set Mini Strap Dress and G-String
Avildlove Sexy Lady Women's Nightwear Sleepwear Underwear Lace Lingerie Set Mini Strap Dress and G-String
Offered by avidlove

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Rip Off, 2 Aug. 2016
WARNING! Did not come with the girl in the picture. I thought this would be easier than a mail order bride. I am very disappointed. :(

The Purple Revolution: The Year That Changed Everything
The Purple Revolution: The Year That Changed Everything
by Nigel Farage
Edition: Paperback
Price: £9.98

27 of 42 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Das ist fantastisch!, 20 Mar. 2015
I bought zee book to read about mein furher's plan for zee British. I vas not disappointing. Vhat zee British do not realise is that Herr Farage is a fourth generation son of zee Fatherland. Indeed, he is married to vone of our finest Deutsch Frauen. So it is vith great joy that I vitness zee slow occupation of zee land of zee Roastbeef. Soon zere vill be a glorious Fourth Reich when all zee peoples of zee colour and zee funny voices vill be sent off to be enjoying zee delights of zee Sudetenland, and the Ayran peoples of zee British Isles can forever enjoy true British food like zee schnitzel and zee sauerkrauts! Heil Farage, mein Held!

Wilhelm Von Großhoden - Age 112.

Alien Anthology [Films 1-4] [Blu-ray] [1979] [4 Disc Set]
Alien Anthology [Films 1-4] [Blu-ray] [1979] [4 Disc Set]
Dvd ~ Sigourney Weaver
Price: £14.99

41 of 43 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars An absolute steal - Perfect for owners of the DVD anthology who want the films in HD, 20 May 2012
After this product was brought to my attention at the highly cometitive price of £10 I admit I was suspicious. I am aware that the blu-ray anthology had dropped to just below £20 and I was minded to get it. When I heard that it was £10 I moved quickly.

However, once I looked at the stats I noted that this was a 4 disc version and not the 6 disc version that came out a couple years ago. I was a little dissapointed to say the least. I was resigned to having to buy a version almost twice the cost if I wanted the extras. That said, my main aim was to upgrade my DVD version of the anthology, mainly for the quality of the HD transfers of the films.

Being who I am I decided that I wanted to check reviews for the 6 disc version before buying. I did so and learned that save for a few minor additional interviews, 99% of the extras were not only presented in stardard definition, but where the ones from the old DVD anthology, which I already owned. Furthermore, all of the most desirable features, such as isloated scores, the director's and teatircal cuts of each film and all the deleted scenes are on the £10 set - because simply the £10 set is the very same set without the two documentary/interview discs.

Ultimately what it boiled down to was whether or not I wanted to pay almost double for a few extra minutes of interviews (and it's literally only about 1% of new stuff at that). Well, it was a no brainer. I quickly placed my order for the set. I am not dissapointed. The quality of the HD versions, especially the first two movies, are astoundingly good. ANyone who has seen the recent Star Wars transfers or the 2011 release of Superman The Movie on blu-ray will know the work that can now be done to 30 year old releases to make them look at sound better than they ever have, Aliens, and especially the original Alien, very much follow this pattern. They are stunning. You would think they were made yesterday.

If you are a purist or you don't have the original DVD set then go get the 6 disc version. But if you have the old DVD set and essentially just want the new HD bits, then this set is an absolute steal. How can anyone turn down a fully remastered Alien with isloted score, deleted scenes and director's version included, for a mere £2.50.

Highly recommended. Buy before the price goes up.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jun 9, 2012 2:37 PM BST

Box Canvas Print of Paul Ross
Box Canvas Print of Paul Ross

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars An evil plot by Mr. Paul Ross., 14 April 2012
This review is from: Box Canvas Print of Paul Ross

Be warned. Unless you want to be forced to spend endless hours following the career of Mr. Paul Ross of daytime televisual entertainment then avoid this product at all costs. I will not let Mr. Ross take over Britain (although he's welcome to Staines if he wants it). STAY CLEAR.

Save Britain. Save the world. Save your cat.

Aluminium Foil 18" (450mm x 75m) - industrial size for your kitchen or professional establishment
Aluminium Foil 18" (450mm x 75m) - industrial size for your kitchen or professional establishment

19 of 21 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Does not do what it says on the tin - foil., 14 April 2012
Fraud. That is all I can say. Fraud.

After investing the rather hefty sum of £2,500 for a rather large piece of artwork bearing the likeness of television personality Paul Ross, I began to feel unwell. It was almost as if I had become sick in the head. My decisions were no longer my own. I found myself routinely watching appearances of Vanessa Feltz on television and enjoying them. Indeed, I found myself longingly watching day time television and wishing I was famous enough to appear on Celebrity Cash in the Attic.

Something was not right. It's was like I was being controlled. Yes, that's right. This lovely piece of artwork was in fact a mind control device. I can only assume it is part of an insidous plot by Mr. Ross to wrestle television control from his lesser known brother, Jonathan. Well, it was controlling me so much that I simply couldn't find a way to through it out. Every time I tried I was gaze into those magical eyes of Mr. Ross utterly bedazzled.

After leaving for my weekly appointment at the dole office I stopped by a public telephone box and placed a call to the Massachusets Instiute of Technology to see if they had a solution to the problem I faced in my homestead. They advised me that my answer lay in aluminium foil, which I would need to use to fashion a rather essential piece of head gear. This head gear would stop those penetrating eletromagnetic rays coming from the evil Paul Ross.

Well the problem I have is that I have a rather large and bulbous head. The Poundland version simply wasn't going to do. I therefore hit the interwebs at my JobCentrePlus. I came to this page and I know my problems were solved. Sussex Supplies to the rescue. Despite having to invest one third of my weekly dole money in the product, which I would much rather have put towards several tins of Tennant's Super, I rushed to place an order. Soon my problems would be over!

Little did I know that this particular foil only works on alien mind control devices, not those created by aspiring game show hosts. Suffice it to say that my blight continues today. Despite having fashioned myself a rather fetching trilby with the foil,my problems continue. I can't help but feel that I could've more easily purchased two poundland ones for £19 less and stuck them together if all I wanted was a rather fashionable head piece. THE MAKES OF THIS PRODUCT SHOULD MAKE IT CLEAR WHICH MIND CONTROL DEVICES IT IS GOOD FOR.

So be warned, if you want to avoid nightly nightmares involving Mr. Ross in endless Celebrity Come Dine WIth Me repeats I strongly advise you to shop elsewhere.

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