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P. Bastow "flowerman" (Worthing,UK)

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The Politically Incorrect Guide to Teenagers
The Politically Incorrect Guide to Teenagers
by Nigel Latta
Edition: Paperback
Price: £14.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Just buy it, 28 Nov. 2013
I was in New Zealand in May and my Aunt recommended this book. I had never heard of it in the UK but Nigel Latta is a bit of a TV celeb in NZ. Its a great book, full of really useful helps and hints. It covers things such as computer use and how to try and live with as well as bitchy girls and Kevin The Teenager / Neanderthal man. Its a great read and anyone who is struggling a bit with their teenagers should get a copy. We should also try and get Nigel on UK TV!

Baggage (DFC Library)
Baggage (DFC Library)
by Robin Etherington
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £9.99

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Another great set of characters from the Etherington Brothers, 12 Dec. 2011
This review is from: Baggage (DFC Library) (Hardcover)
The Etherington Brothers are stars within the UK comics world. The brothers previously provided 'Monkey Nuts' for the defunct DFC comic - soon to be resurrected as The Phoenix Comic. This is yet another ripping yarn with the Brothers characteristic humour and amazingly detailed artwork. Young boys particularly (and not so young adults) will really enjoy this completely new story and set of characters from the Brothers. If you liked Monkey Nuts you will love this. A great Christmas present.

Vern and Lettuce (DFC Library)
Vern and Lettuce (DFC Library)
by Sarah McIntyre
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £9.99

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A great introduction comic book for 6+ children, 27 Dec. 2010
OK, so I have start this review by stating my two boys and I are big Sarah Sarah McIntyre and Vern & Lettuce fans. It was instant success in The DFC (a brillant comic for children but now sadly defunct) and my boys (7 and 9 at the time) instantly liked the cheeky humour and the great artwork. Sarah is an amazing artist and you can view her talents in other childrens books but this was her first stab at writing a comic. Keep an eye on Sarah as we're sure she's going to be a famous children's book illustrator for many years to come.

Of all The DFC books this one is aimed more towards younger children however older children will also like it. Its actually really nice to have all the Vern & Lettuce stories in one place. This would make a great Christmas or Birthday present.

Sony PSP Go! Console (Black)
Sony PSP Go! Console (Black)

5.0 out of 5 stars My son loves his PSP GO, 27 Dec. 2010
My 12 year old boy has had a Nintendo DSI for years and he wanted a PSP for his Birthday. We choose the PSP Go because in the past he managed to lose games and we liked the fact that he could have multiple games on one console and back the games onto a PC. We brought the PSP Go a month before his birthday so that we could get the 10 free games loaded onto his console for his birthday. I have to say as a Dad I found finding my way around the console to set up the account and register for the free games very fiddly and time consuming. However being born with technology my son found his way around the PSP in minutes (much to my shame). The free games code didn't arrive within the 30 days but when I rang up Sony they gave me the code on the phone. I thought the Sony customer service was excellent!

Yes it does take a while to download the games but then its quicker than travelling to the shops!

My son loves his PSP go and says its much better than his Nintendo DSI. The games graphics are better. I suppose the only downside is that you can't buy 2nd hand games and do trade-ins - although we never did much of that anyway with the DS.

Monkey Nuts: The Diamond Egg of Wonders (DFC Library)
Monkey Nuts: The Diamond Egg of Wonders (DFC Library)
by Robin Etherington
Edition: Hardcover

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great comedy comic with amazing artwork, 3 Sept. 2010
My boys always liked Monkey Nuts. As an adult (well legally anyway) I found the artwork on the matt paper of the original DFC comic too clutttered. This book is therefore, for me, a revelation. Suddenly the artwork shines and its stunning. The stories are still very funny and fast pasted. The bottom line is that if you have children of around 8/9 they will enjoy this. In fact my youngest, who find reading hard work, was found quitely reading this book on the sofa - with the wii and the tv turned off. So it can't get any better than that!

DFC Library: Good Dog, Bad Dog
DFC Library: Good Dog, Bad Dog
by Dave Shelton
Edition: Hardcover

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Pedigree children's comic book - a great read, 25 April 2010
A collection of stories about a 'Good Cop' and a 'Bad Cop' - its basically a cop story set in a dog world - brilliantly done. It was originally published in The Guardian so it comes with a pedigree - pun intended. The artwork in this book is stunning. But you instantly expect that with any book/comic with a 'DFC' tag. The artwork brilliantly captures the slapstick nature of comedy al la 'Laurel and Hardy' and there are some great film noir references that your kids may not get but you will.
This book is now very popular in my son's year 6 (10-11) class. Its a funny, clever, very artistic comic book that will appeal to childrens of say 5 upwards - there's real depth in the writing and the artwork so the older you are the more gags you will appreciate. Apparently book 2 is in gestation so please tell all your freinds and pass the word around so that we can be sure to see a book 2.

DFC Library: Mezolith
DFC Library: Mezolith
by Ben Haggarty
Edition: Hardcover

11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Children's classic, 25 April 2010
This review is from: DFC Library: Mezolith (Hardcover)
Mezolith was the unexpected jewell in the DFC canon. My boys loved it from the off. The artwork is simply stunning (amazing in fact) and the stories are strange and dark - which really appeasl to my two Dr Who obessed boys. Very different to anything else in the DFC but its a classic. This book has broad appeal but its slightly dark tone would make it more accessible for children ages 8-9 and above. If you don't know what to give a child for Christmas or birthdays this would be a good start. I suppose its more of a boys book but I'm sure girl's would appreciate the artwork and especially the Swan Bride's storyline which I think is the best story in the book - although my boys prefer Raven. A winner - a classic.

DFC Gift Subscription
DFC Gift Subscription
by Philip Pullman
Edition: Paperback

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Your child is not interested in reading? Then get the DFC, 13 Dec. 2008
This review is from: DFC Gift Subscription (Paperback)
My youngest boy was not interested in reading until we got The DFC. Now every week he fights with his brother to be the first to read The DFC. Its a delight to see both boys (10 and 8) steal away with The DFC and sit in a quiet corner and devour the comic page by page. My youngest bemoaned the fact on Friday that one of his favourite comic strips had its last episode (Lazorus Lemming) and we've never heard him be so passionate before.

The DFC is a bit pricey but it is really worth it. Dad's will enjot it to. Some of the artwork is simply amazing. My parents generation always looked down a bit on comics but I always loved Tin Tin and those World War 2 strips you could by in WH Smiths! I think The DFC continues in these traditions but as its varied both in style and content week from week you and your children will not get bored with it at all.

I can't recommend The DFC highly enough.

Wii Fit with  Balance Board  (Wii) [Nintendo Wii]
Wii Fit with Balance Board (Wii) [Nintendo Wii]

6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Get the whole family fit, 28 April 2008
There have already been some excellent reviews so I won't bother going into a huge amount of detail.

Setting the Wii Fit up is very easy. To start with it checks to see if you have the latest version of Wii on your Wii. So you will need to make sure your Wii has internet access if at all possible (remember setting 11 on your router if you're having problems connecting).

Overall I would say that this IS a GREAT family game for all the family. My 7 and 9 year old love it. My only concern is that you do have to watch the kids on some things, especially the Yoga - becuase if they don't do it corectly it can cause more harm than good. Also the temptation is to do too much to start with and kids can definately over do it. The Wii fit does warn you if you go over 20 minutes but kids can get round this by having more than one Mii. So my advice is to watch your kids using Wii Fit for the first 2-3 goes and limit them to say 30 minutes a day.

The other really handy thing is that you can add Wii Fit as a channel rather than having to load in the CD every week.

There really are loads of games to choose from and you get access to more as you spend more time on the Wii Fitness. The new penquin game is a particular favourite as is the tightrope walking.

I'm fairly fit and run half marathons regulary and Wii Fit certainly gets me sweating. The good thing is that you can also add in your 'realtime' activity such as running etc into your Wii Fit and you can obviously watch and monitor your weight.

The only real improvment they could do is to add in a heartrate monitor - this would then make Wii Fit a serious fitness tool.

Overall I'd say that this is a truely great game. It's of course much more than a game its a personal cyber training. I don't think it will ever beat getting outside and exercising but it does get you to think about your fitness and thats a fine achivement for a video game.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Apr 29, 2008 11:02 AM BST

Nintendo MP3 Player (Nintendo DS) (German version)
Nintendo MP3 Player (Nintendo DS) (German version)
Offered by PlayAllGames
Price: £9.65

67 of 69 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A good introduction MP3 player, 20 Dec. 2006
I received the Nintendo MP3 player today (20/12/2006) for my sons Birthday on Boxing Day. We've got him a Nintendo DS for Christmas and had big debates over which consule to get: Sony's PSP or a Nintendo DS. We decided to go for the DS becuase it has more games for his age group (8) even though I knew he'd love the MP3 feature of the PSP.

I was tempted to buy the Japanese Nintendo MP3 player that also plays movies but I read that the instructions were all in Japense so I decided against that. So I was delighted when I heard about the Nintendo MP3 player being launched on the 8th Dec 2006, although when I asked Nintendo UK about this in late November they knew nothing about it!

Anyway you plug the MP3 player into the GBA slot in the DS. You had to click on the GBA button on the DS to activate the MP3 player - something the instructions don't care to mention. I'm a novice so these sort of basic instructions would have saved me half an hour!

You'll need to by a seperate SD card - I went for a 2GB which I got for less than £14. You'll also need an SD card reader. Then you drop you're MP3 files onto the SD card. Just a warning - I originally had all my mp3 files in one overall folder - don't do that as the MPS player can't read it. You can have sperate files i.e ABBA containing all ABBA songs etc but not one big file containing other files.

Just out of interest, I got the MP3 palyer for £20, the SD 2GB SD card for £6 and the SD card reader for £14, so for £40 ish you get and MP 3 player which works on the Ninendo DS. £40 for a 2GB MP3 player is OK - not the cheapest but not the most expensive either, by a long way. Of course you can get a smaller SD card i.e 1GB which wil bring the cost down.

Another warning I did read the odd review of the Nintendo MP3 player saying it came with an SD card : it doesn't. Another review said it only plays 500MB SD cards: it read my 2GB SD card fine.

When you start up the MP3 player it gives you two options: super mario version or blip man version. It will then display all your files in a tile type display and you scroll up and down and select what you want to hear. It took me, a novice, a while to work out what buttons does what but its pretty easy really.

The MP3 player only uses the top half of the DS and you can make the screen go to sleep while you listen. You can hear music without the headphones although the sound quality is not great. The MP3 player comes with its own headphone socket. Through the headphones the sound quality is what you expect.

This really is a good kids introduction to an MP3 player - although an adult will need to be in charge initially of downloading the MP3 files onto the SD card. What makes the Nintendo MP3 player fun is that pressing the B button to the beat of the music makes the Super mario man or the Blip man dance - which is fun even though it will probably bugger up the B button given time. Also at the bottom various graphics play along to the music - I'm sure the novelty will wear of given time of these features but its fun.

The only gripes is that it does stick out the GBA slot even though the instructions show it fully flush with the DS. Oh and you can't play games while listening to your MP3 player - its one or the other but not both at the same time. Also it would be a million times easier if the MP3 player just came with it own memory rather than having to buy and SD card and an SD card reader. Software to turn your CD's into MP3 files would also be useful for complete MP3 novices.

So all in all the Nintendo MP3 player is a good 'add on' and its really designed for kids. The SD card makes it less kiddy freindly as an adult will need to set this up first. You'll also need to know how to get hold of MP3 files. But overall it pretty good and I know my son will love it to bits and that the main thing.

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