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Donner Metal 6-String capo for all Guitars Instrument Guitar/ Mandolin/ Banjo/ Ukulele Capo
Donner Metal 6-String capo for all Guitars Instrument Guitar/ Mandolin/ Banjo/ Ukulele Capo
Offered by Donnerdirect
Price: £5.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Music is Golden..., 25 Aug. 2016
I received this Capo at a reduced price providing I wrote a review about it.

There is very little I can write about this Capo besides that works well.

It is made of a metal alloy that gives it the appearance of being heavy, it is actually quite light. It consists of three prongs of which two have a rubber-like surface about 3 mm in thickness, affixed to them adjacently. These are the two prongs that come into contact with the guitar. Furthermore, the middle prong and the third prong are used for opening and closing the Capo so it can fit onto the fret-board of your guitar.

It is of a rugged, robust construction. The third prong which is used as part of the lever mechanism, also has a rubber-like material to cushion the pressure on the thumb, whilst opening and closing it It is controlled by a solid looking spring, which by appearances should last a long time.

When applied to a guitar, the Capo ensures that all the strings are fully depressed to prevent any unwanted noise such as buzzing. I tried this Capo on 3 guitars, a standard Spanish guitar, an electric guitar and a bass and it was successful on all three, even though it is advertised as for a 6 string guitar not a four string guitar with a thicker neck.

It is finished in a gold colour, although other colours are available, including green, and will make a good addition to "my music making" (if not others).

I can recommend this Capo to anyone considering buying one.

GrandBeing® Upgraded Version Blight 4 Led Solar Spotlight, Waterproof Outdoor Wall lights/Security Pathway Lighting with Longer Stick, Stylish Texture for Landscape, Garden, Driverway, Yard, Lawn, Flood, Ground (Warm White, 1 pack)
GrandBeing® Upgraded Version Blight 4 Led Solar Spotlight, Waterproof Outdoor Wall lights/Security Pathway Lighting with Longer Stick, Stylish Texture for Landscape, Garden, Driverway, Yard, Lawn, Flood, Ground (Warm White, 1 pack)
Offered by goodgoogdbuy
Price: £29.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Four Stars for 4 LEDs, 22 Aug. 2016
I received this product free on the understanding that I wrote a review.

Being disabled and partially sighted I had to ask my wife to put this together as she was worried I would trap the little wires that join the lamp to the solar panel, in the hub that allows the 2 aforementioned parts to be moved about. Plus it needs a special nut and bolt to secure the 2 parts of the hub together. Voila, once done I was able to proceed...

It is refreshing these days to find products that fit nicely inside their packaging, without wasting the next hectare of Amazon Rain Forest. This set me off with a good feeling, that lasted the whole of my test. Obviously the first thing that one has to do, both logically and as instructed on the 1 page manual, is to charge up the lamp via the solar panel. The lamp has a small rubber bung covered 3 position push switch located on the back of the solar panel housing, that again according to the instructions and my testing, turns the lamp on with low lux, press again for higher lux and again for off. I tried this immediately and was pleased to see that the light came on low, higher and then off, even without me having charged it up. The only means of charging is via the solar panel, which also controls when it turns on and off.

I placed the now connected lamp and solar panel in a place I knew would capture the sun as early as possible the next day and for as long as possible. (Although not mentioned in the manual, this needs to be south facing in our part of the world). I left the lamp for the whole day having thought I had turned it off so was pleasantly surprised to find that I had left it on low and as the sun went down and dusk descended upon us the lamp turned itself on. As it was a test I had no real need to place the lamp in its final resting place. This can be either on the side of a building, (rawlplugs and screws are provided in the box) or in the ground or raised flow bed using the supplied stake, which is made from the same material as the lamp and solar panel housing. Do not forget if you are considering mounting it on the side of a building it needs to be able to charge via the solar panel and ideally needs to be pointing south as previously mentioned.

At the moment with the device being new a good charge will just about see you through the night on high beam and definitely with the lower powered beam. Incidentally the lamps beam is made from a cluster of 4 LEDs and uses a lot of reflective material within the lamp housing to ensure maximum light is pushed to the front of the lamp. This is a good design as it allows for the inevitable.

Without dismantling the product I cannot say if the LEDs are wired to work independently or like some of the old style Christmas tree lamp strings, if one LED stops working they all stop working. The other inevitable is that over time if left unmanaged the battery will eventually start to lose its ability to hold a full charge. My advice is that perhaps once a month at least you should turn it on to high beam and stick it in a dark place for example back in the box, so that the battery totally runs down. Then start again by charging the battery back up from scratch. This will ensure a much longer lasting lamp.

The lamp is small enough to be hidden nicely on the ground in a flower bed and allow it to be illuminated at night. I would not want to rely upon this type of lamp to act as a security lamp as it is beholden to the vagaries of the weather, namely hours on sunlight and hours of darkness, plus as I mentioned earlier battery memory. I do though think that this product is value for money and am pleased to be able to write a favourable review. I tried desperately to give it 5 stars but without being able to charge it from a separate source other than the sun, it fell just short.

It is well worth purchasing, in my opinion.

Complete Bedding Set Duvet Cover With Fitted Sheet + Pillowcases Polycotton (Double, High)
Complete Bedding Set Duvet Cover With Fitted Sheet + Pillowcases Polycotton (Double, High)
Offered by imperialhomeware
Price: £18.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Not what I expected, 22 Aug. 2016
I cannot remember when or if I have ever had cotton & polyester bedding before, but it certainly took me by surprise.
The package arrived slightly bashed about, but that did not matter as upon opening I was met by a smart thick plastic cover for presumably keeping the bedding in, between washing and next usage. Talking of washing, that is the first thing one needs to do. The bedding is nicely folded using sheets of fairly thick cardboard and once separated the distinction between the 2, cardboard and bedding was nebulous.To say that the bedding could stand up on its own would be slight exaggeration but they were so stiff the first thing I had to do was unpeel them and stick them on a 30 minute, 30 degree wash.

After they had dried they still appeared to be rather stiff and almost like tent material. I soon discovered why, the mix of Cotton to Polyester is 50%. That means that there is equal amounts of each fibre in the material. 50% is the lowest specification one can get below that the material has to be termed plastic. It is usual in bedding having a blend of Cotton & Polyester to strive for 65% Cotton and 35% Polyester.

Fortunately my wife is away for a few days so I made up the bed with the new bedding. Firstly the sheet, which is fully fitted and fits perfectly for the mattress size I choose, then 2 pillow cases and as the design is only printed on one side and my OCD kicked in, had to be oriented correctly. Lastly I checked to see that the duvet would fit, but as this is summer I decided to use the duvet cover OCD side uppermost as a sheet should I need one.

As I said earlier this was my first encounter with Cotton & Polyester and that first nights sleep was dreadful, I even contemplated getting up and putting a different bottom sheet on and changing the pillow cases. I felt like I was slipping and sliding around on the bed rather than relaxing at the end of the day. I have tried the bedding for 3 more nights and am praying that when I come to change the bedding and put it through the wash again, that they will somehow soften up and be like bedding is supposed to be. But I have my doubts due to the mix. I do not think the benefit of not needing to iron this bedding outways the discomfort of sleeping on tent material.

I am sorry to say that this bedding will probably be consigned to be guest bedding and I will go back to my Ikea Cotton bedding. Ah lovely...

I received this bedding from the supplier at a discount price, providing I wrote a review. At a discounted price it was not worth sending it back.

Adobe CS6 Design Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign Illustrated
Adobe CS6 Design Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign Illustrated
by Chris Botello
Edition: Paperback
Price: £27.99

5.0 out of 5 stars All for one and one for all.., 5 July 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I decided it was time that I tried the so called industry standards for Graphic Design, so I purchased this book which covers the 3 primary design tools most people use. At the same time I enrolled on a live on-line course. It was due to the latter that I forgot I had ordered this book and went about ordering 3 individual books 1 per subject,but all from the same publisher.
The 3 separate books arrived and isn't about reading them as a supplement to the course, which was hardworking as I am partially sighted and the course was only for 8 1 hour sessions over 4 weeks. It was about the end of week 3 that this book finally arrived, very late and obviously to my surprise. I completed the course and the last of the 3 books, then set about trying to implement various new practices I had learned. Being a new boy I still needed a crutch at times so decided to look at this book.
If only it had arrived on time I would never have purchased the other books. This book is a goldmine of nuggets of information and tips. It is clearly and succinctly written with both the novice and intermediate user in mind. It covers all 3 packages well and is my goto book of choice if I need a pointer or helping hand. That is not to say I wasted my money on the other books, but they are specific to their subject, whereas this book covering all 3 subjects has crossovers and comparisons, which are immensely useful.
Well done to the other for aggregating so much knowledge and detail into one tome. I am now trying Creative Cloud and must look to see if there is a version for that platform.

Cyxus Blue Light Filter Blocking UV Protection 9H Tempered Glass Film Screen Protector for Apple iPad Air 1 / iPad Air 2 (iPadAir) Specially for Women
Cyxus Blue Light Filter Blocking UV Protection 9H Tempered Glass Film Screen Protector for Apple iPad Air 1 / iPad Air 2 (iPadAir) Specially for Women
Offered by Cyxus Technology Group Ltd
Price: £15.90

5.0 out of 5 stars It's stuck, but it slid first !!!, 4 July 2016
I was really pleased to receive the package from Amazon but a bit trepadacious about what to find inside, as in the past I have received flimsy contents packaging with all the associated problems of cracked screens etc. Inside this Amazon package was a really nice reinforced cardboard packet containing the screen. The packet looks like it is made from recycled materials but I could not find any confirmation of this on the packet. If it is then Cyxus need to let us all know, and if not then surely it should be.
Well anyway, upon opening the packet I noted that on the inside left panel were 3 very simple instructions that even I could follow with my bad eyesight. I cleaned the existing screen with the enclosed cloth, peeled the flimsy screen protector off and then instruction number 3 seemed not to be quite going to plan.
I carefully laid the screen on top of the iPad screen, aligning the hole with the push button, at that point the screen started floating around on its own accord and before I could realign the hole with the push button it sunk down and adhered by itself. Unfortunately not how I wanted it to.
So I had to very gently lift the screen off and realign it. This time it did not float about, so I have assumed that the first time was due to a certain amount of static was present and caused the sliding around. Hint to Cyxus again, this could do with looking at.
As this was a second sticking, even though I tried to rub out the blotches, I was unable too, so have three 1cm circular blotches that look slightly unseemly on a screen that is turned off, but thankfully are invisible when the screen is turned on.
Now that the screen is firmly down I decided to write this review on my iPad in order to test its capabilities. The capacitive touch is excellent and even over the 3 blotches works extremely well.
All in all the screen performs just as I hoped it would. This is the first screen that I have used that does not reflect or shine, which, again for me being partially sighted is a real joy.
Well worth every penny.
I was offered the screen at a reduced price providing I wrote a review.

SanDisk SSD PLUS 240 GB Sata III 2.5 inch Internal SSD up to 520 MB/s
SanDisk SSD PLUS 240 GB Sata III 2.5 inch Internal SSD up to 520 MB/s
Offered by MemoCow
Price: £56.99

5.0 out of 5 stars I am so pleased I did as my router flies with much less ..., 28 Jun. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
A dream of an SSD from the standards company.
I purchased this drive to use as the boot and operating drive in my pfSense firewall / router, which runs on FreeBSD as I wanted a quiet, mechanical free system. I am so pleased I did as my router flies with much less heat than anything mechanical does.
It is an excellent choice as my firewall reads much more than writes data. I do not think I could ever go back to the days of spin-ups and overheating mechanical drives.
An excellent product.

No Title Available

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4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent for MCU usage, 28 Jun. 2016
I was offered this drive on the understanding that I wrote a review, which I am glad to do.
As an MCU and microchip nerd I have been looking at various ways of storing data at wireless hub nodes should the main server go off line. Most of the popular MCUs such as Arduino and Beaglebones offer Shields or Capes that allow either USB or SATA direct connection and aroused libraries to allow one to read and write data to external storage devices. The Raspberry Pi comes with a USB connection and if using Operating Systems such as Raspian or Arch, already built in drivers.
In the past I have utilised standard mechanical drives as the storage medium but with this opportunity I rigged up a USB SATA drive container and plugged it in.
The drive was immediately recognised and took over the data backup role. Due to the construction of the drive being chips rather than mechanical the data reading and writing became blistering fast and potential and actual dropouts from writing data due to and outage on the main server, have become a thing of the past.
The drive arrives in a swanky black box, which I have to admit is somewhat awkward to open without ripping it to pieces in the process, I do not think it is necessary these days to display this type of drive as though it was a bar of gold, particularly as once in use, the box becomes redundant. I would assume that a straightforward cardboard box could also drop the price.
Which leads on to me saying that this size of 60gb is now woefully too small to be considered for anything other than the MCU backup process I outlined above.
I use a minimum of 250gb at about the same price, as this drive, as the primary boot drive in my servers. So coupled with adequate RAM I have almost instantaneous on devices. I fear this drive would certainly not have sufficient space to run the latest windows incarnations, bearing in mind that an SSD drive should have about 20% free space to allow the OS and built-in firmware to manage worn or damaged patches on the drive, plus allowing for automatic defragmentation.
I also tried the drive as a boot drive in an Ubuntu Linux 16.04 based laptop, and even though the laptop was old and under-equipped in memory, it was fast enough to boot-up and run the OS in a speedy robust manner.
All in all I am happy with its performance but do not feel that buck for buck it was a leader in its peer group, especially as we are now seeing Seagate 1Tb SSDs coming to market.
I advise looking at larger capacity models within the Hectron range, unless you wish to use it for data fallback with an MCU.

CrazyFire USB Borescope HD Inspection Camera,2 Million Pixels 720P Endoscope USB Camera Waterproof Flexible Borescope,2 In 1 OTG Android Phone Borescope Snake Camera with 5m Cable
CrazyFire USB Borescope HD Inspection Camera,2 Million Pixels 720P Endoscope USB Camera Waterproof Flexible Borescope,2 In 1 OTG Android Phone Borescope Snake Camera with 5m Cable
Offered by RESON
Price: £21.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Once more into the hole we go..., 21 Jun. 2016
I have needed one of these for some time and when the opportunity arose to be a tester / reviewer, I jumped at the chance.
Firstly it looks bigger and more robust in the photograph, so I was very surprised when a rather small box eventually arrived. The contents of the box was duly unwrapped and the Quick Install Guide read. I followed the instructions to load the operating software onto both my PC and Android Tablet. With an Android it is essential to allow "Load Applications from Other Sources" to be set to On, otherwise the .apk file which you have just download will not be able to be installed.
Accompanying the Endoscope is a little bag containing 3 "tools", a hook, a magnet and a mirror. All 3 are very delicate and proved more troublesome than useful.
My desire to test the Endoscope is due to the fact that I live in a very old house with out-buildings and because of this and the impracticality of routing the walls to lay cable conduit, I have laid large bore conduit outside the house and to the out-buildings. My aim being to run TV / Satellite coax and Cat6 /6a network cables to enable internet and IPTV to be distributed around the place. Some of the runs require laying the conduit over or under existing drainage and water pipes, inducing bends, but hopefully not kinks. This is where the Endoscope comes into play.
I was delighted with the double end USB plug that enabled me to plug the Endoscope into my 10" Tablet. The minute this is done successfully the little ring of LEDs light up. I would have preferred that this was controlled by the app rather than just plugging in as it will eventually consume battery power just by being plugged in. I also found that the larger of the 2 resolutions selectable once in the app, left things very blurred and was too big for any serious in the conduit work, but, as soon as I switched to the 640 resolution the image became very clear. It was also slightly magnified rather than being just a like for like display. Although I found this very useful at times it gave a false depth to the probing. A toggle switch would be great.
There are a couple of options buttons one of which rotates the image thru 90º upon each press. Firstly before plunging the Endoscope into the hole you need to check what orientation you want, as it is vey difficult once in the pipe to know 100% which way the image is. Again a little overlay (toggled) on the image would help by saying what orientation the Endoscope was in.
On its own the Endoscope cable soon becomes impossible to feed, but, as I have drawstrings in the conduit, I was able to tie the string around the back of the actual Endoscope and then with 1 wind on sticky electrician's tape secure the Endoscope and string to ensure it was straight for pulling rather than kinking the Endoscope where it was tied behind.
Voila, I was now able to pull slowly on the draw string and watch as the Endoscope displayed its passage on my Android Tablet.
Although I was only able to test the 5m version so could not fully traverse some conduits, it did give me a clear picture of some cable nests to try and jiggle free later. I took a snapshot of each. I also at each metre point added a wind of white electricians tape which gave me an indication how far I had travelled. (My draw string has markers too).
I have yet to submerge the Endoscope into my drains or septic tank, as I am not 100% sure of the manufacturers claims on it being waterproof as they also make claims about the LEDs being adjustable which I have yet to find.
I am though all in all very happy to have this tool in my collection and will keep my eyes open for a big brother maybe towards the 20-25 metre length. Had the cable been slightly more robust I would have given it 4 stars.

Is This Real
Is This Real
Price: £11.45

5.0 out of 5 stars Buy it, you'll be glad you did., 11 Nov. 2014
This review is from: Is This Real (Audio CD)
What a great album this is. Having only heard one track by Sunship on a sampler I hoped for more than just one or two additional good tracks on the album. What I got was an album full of incredible sounds, that are a real joy to listen too on a regular basis.

YKS KRONE Type IDC Punch Down Tool Telephone/Cat5 Insertion
YKS KRONE Type IDC Punch Down Tool Telephone/Cat5 Insertion
Offered by Consoletronic Ltd
Price: £2.78

2.0 out of 5 stars Snip, Snip, Snap, 11 Nov. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
If you have more than about 10 jacks to put together, then this is incredibly flimsy and starts to fall apart quite quickly. Of the two I purchased, one of them gave up completely within 3 jacks with bits breaking off, The other just about survives and has been relegated to the toolbox as an emergency should I misplace the model I subsequently bought from a different supplier.

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