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Demaris "Passionate Bookworm" (London, UK)

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2 Combs Attached U-Part Wig Base Cap with Adjustable Strap Middle U Size S
2 Combs Attached U-Part Wig Base Cap with Adjustable Strap Middle U Size S
Offered by Beyond Your Thoughts
Price: £9.99

3.0 out of 5 stars It Fits!, 10 Jun. 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
At last a wig cap that fits!

Love Released: Episode Eight (Women of Courage Book 8)
Love Released: Episode Eight (Women of Courage Book 8)
Price: £2.80

1.0 out of 5 stars Seemingly Never Ending, 10 Jun. 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This series fell apart the longer it went on for.

iPhone 4s Cable, JETech 1 Meter Apple MFi Certified USB Sync and Charging Cable for iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 3G/3GS, iPad 1/2/3, iPod (White) - 0156
iPhone 4s Cable, JETech 1 Meter Apple MFi Certified USB Sync and Charging Cable for iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 3G/3GS, iPad 1/2/3, iPod (White) - 0156
Offered by JEDirect UK
Price: £5.21

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1.0 out of 5 stars Waste of Money, 16 Sept. 2015
This wasn't good. I've only had it a month or so and already it's splitting along the plastic wire casing. I'd return it but I expect it'll cost me more to do so than I paid for it.....
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A Different Blue
A Different Blue
Price: £4.84

4.0 out of 5 stars A Tale For All, 22 July 2015
This review is from: A Different Blue (Kindle Edition)
Ms Harmon has done it again. Fantastic plot development, wonderful characterisation and tight narrative
structure. Blue Echohawk is a heroine so wonderfully crafted that as I read her story a permanent lump developed and lodged in my throat and hasn't dissolved, even now when the story has ended. It is a testament to Ms Harmon's talent that I can go from reading C.J Roberts or Alessandra Torre to her without a blimp; normally after reading such.....torridly sexual content it takes a gradual weaning process before I can read somewhat more vanilla offerings; Amy Harmon's stories are so brilliantly written you don't miss the sex.

If I had any complaints with ADB it would be that that Darcy Wilson isn't as 'real' as some of her other romantic heroes, this might be because I'm actually British. And though Wilson isn't a terrible depiction of an Englishman he's just not accurate enough to pass; making him rather vague, not as solidly structured, he grated on me, a bit. It makes me wonder why he had to be British in this story anyway, in the large scale of things it won't have made any difference if he was an American?

I loved ADB, Ms Harmon is such a talent, she never lets me down. I'm completely Single White Female about her.....Ha!

Lone Star
Lone Star
Price: £4.24

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5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderfully heartbreaking..., 22 July 2015
This review is from: Lone Star (Kindle Edition)
Bloody hell, where to start....First wipe the tears obscuring my vision and blow my snotty nose! TMI? Yeah, maybe... This story is a unravelling, meandering surprise; it doesn't take you at all where you'd imagine and it's 'HEA' is heartbreaking.

I have read a lot of books in my life, more books that I will <i>ever</i> remember, all my life I have read. I was the little girl in the corner reading when all my friends and cousins were playing, I was the one reading rather than dating; so many authors, so many books, books that while absorbed in their pages, have transformed my reality and taken me to places that are difficult to come back from. Paullina Simons is responsible for writing one of 5 books I will remember on my death-bead. No matter how many books I read between now and then The Bronze Horseman will always be in my top 5 books. I bring this up because it is clear that just, like me, no matter how many books Ms Simons writes that story isn't one she finds easy to let go...that family keeps whispering to be heard. Somehow.

There were times when this book dragged a bit, (for example the build up to the trip) and may be a tad longer than needed. It has mutli POVs, which for once I didn't hate, all four friends have very distinctive voices and Simons' characters are as finely drawn as ever. But Johnny Rainbow is....well, just marvellous. Abso-fucking-lutely marvellous. I've read 'bad boys' till I'm blue in the face; I think I may be in a Bad Boy book group somewhere, somehow; this 'bad boy' isn't....that. I mean technically I suppose that's how you'd describe him (tattoos, singer, secrets) but there isn't anything about Johnny that you've read before, characteristically there's not a cliché in sight. I love him.

I spent the last quarter of the book straining every hopeful fibre in me that this book would go where I wanted it to; I kept thinking..."this can't be a stand alone, there isn't enough pages left to get the ending I <i>need<i>' And that is always the best, isn't it? When with an ending comes a surprise, not a complete one, like a walk in an childhood neighbourhood where there is the possibility of bumping into an old crush but still a surprise when it actually happens. Hints, breadcrumbs are scattered along the path that you either pick up or not....a whisper you try to block it out.

Lone Star isn't the book I thought it was going to be, it was so much, much more; better. One of the best books I've read this year, and I've read over a hundred.

God Shaped Hole: A Novel
God Shaped Hole: A Novel

4.0 out of 5 stars Brilliantly Timeless, 30 Jun. 2015
4.5 Stars!
I have discovered in the last year or so that I'm a bit anal when it comes to reading; I won't start a book series if the author hasn't finished (George RR Martin as cured me of that fancy, and proper!) as I hate the waiting. I will not read Fan-fiction WIP for the same reason, with the added double whammy that most FF authors NEVER finish! And I certainly wouldn't read an author's sophomore novel before reading their début release.

So, I've had to ask myself how I managed to read DeBartolo's How to Kill A Rockstar before Godshape Hole and I thank my anal "I've started so I'll finish.." mentality which won't allow me to leave a back catalogue untouched for better or for worse; case in point? Laurell K. Hamilton whole Anita Blake series, which I disliked with a passion but had to continue reading until my head finally exploded after book 13 and I just had to stop! Anyway, a less anal me would have stopped after How To Kill; it was good but not good enough to warrant further investigation. But then I would have missed one of the best début novels I've read in quite some time. God-shaped is awe inspiring in it's tight, believable narrative and the way each character come to life on the page. Having spent a lot of time in LA (as an outsider) I completely bought into and identified with the alienation experienced by Beatrice "Trixie" Jordan, I've found a new fictional girl-crush; she is vulnerable but tough, cynical yet romantic, edgy and feminine; and I floved her. Her soul-mate Jacob isn't your average, cookie-cutter, romance hero, he is a 'lover' for the intelligentsia; DeBartolo worked very hard to make you 'fall in love' with his mind and quirks and not his six pack and chiselled jaw, I'm head over heels, cry/snot-nosed, broken-hearted over him.

This book made me laugh out loud (Trixie's gal pal Kat has more dry one-liners than Tina Fey), aching, bone-marrow sad, and ultimately, hopeful. I would recommend this book if you wished to cleans your palate after a S.C. Stephen or Nicole Williams reading, like a great sorbet this book will clear out the crap and leave your taste buds refreshed and ready for more.

Price: £4.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars This Labour of Love Is Not Lost..., 30 Jun. 2015
This review is from: Juliet (Kindle Edition)
**4.5 Stars!!**
I'm really impressed by this book. It's been a while since I enjoyed a book quite so much....In fact I might have go all the way back to my reading A Discovery of Witches (All Souls Trilogy).

I'm a literature graduate so it was a real treat to capture glimpses of one of Shakespeare's most famous (though not my favourite) play throughout the novel and I have really have to give it to Ms Fortier, she kicked arse with her research!

Fast paced, suspenseful, romantic, this modern tale of old-fashioned love it just what the doctor ordered.

The Girl on the Train
The Girl on the Train
Price: £4.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Less on A Train, More...On The Wagon...., 30 Jun. 2015
I really enjoy whodunits, love them, and as I type I keep wondering if I've been ungenerous by not giving this an star....Maybe. But it did tend to drag in places and I wasn't keen on all the different POVs; don't get me wrong it was expertly done, I'm just not a multi-POV fan, is al'. But Ms Hawkins is a very talent writer and this story did keep me glued to its pages, though I kinda knew who the guilty person was about half way through the book, but that might be less, lack of skill on Ms Hawkins part, and more, I've read so many of these murder/mysteries/whodunits books that it's difficult for any author to completely surprise me; it's now a case of the surprise/suspense of how the crime is committed and ultimately righted, rather that who actually perpetrated it.

The heroine(s) in this book are not very likeable, none of them, but they are all very believable and Hawkins really knows how to script eloquently the horror of addiction, of selfishness, of despair.

All in all a book well worth reading

Written in My Own Heart's Blood (Outlander Book 8)
Written in My Own Heart's Blood (Outlander Book 8)
Price: £6.49

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars MOBY!, 30 Jun. 2015
Well! That certainly was a journey and a half. 3 weeks. 8(long, loooong) books, a couple of Lord John's and a handful of novellas and my Outlander journey has come to an end; or I should say a stall, until Gabaldon writes book 9.

Written In My Own Blood is a very different book to it predecessors, it feels like a full-stop. It hasn't got the cliff-hangers endings of Dragonfly and Fiery Cross. It could, in all honestly, end here and, apart from if you're a fan of certain minor characters, you'd walk away feeling satisfied. Which is why I'm not a basket case right now. I can't do incomplete series especially if each book isn't a stand alone, i.e. PD James Inspector Dalgliesh series in comparison to, say, George R R Martin's Songs of Fire and Ice (I can't tell you how much I want flay that man!), I only watch TV series once the season is complete; I'm just way too impatient to be drip-fed. With Written the Outlander series it feels complete, even though I know there will be another books.

Written is also a much more humorous, I was laughing out loud with characters I actively disliked or barely tolerated previously and even the angst feel slight tinged with wry. The growth and progression of both the author and the characters are such that Written works like a well oiled machine.

I'd dare anyone to not give this book a 5*

An Echo in the Bone (Outlander Book 7)
An Echo in the Bone (Outlander Book 7)
Price: £7.49

4.0 out of 5 stars A View From....Well, Everyone., 30 Jun. 2015
Book 7. Read. (by God!) One left to go....But? What to say about Echo? It was first and foremost a very enjoyable read, though at first I wasn't thrilled with the multi POVs, but I never am; I'm interested in the two main protagonists viewpoint most of the time and no one else's. Echo, for my money, gave me way too many. Lord John's, Willie's, Ian's, all had too much to say in this instalment. But Gabaldon is still a magician with a pen (or computer) and this saga still has me gripped in its fist and I can't wait to move onto Moby, (or I suppose I should call it by its official title, Written In My Own Blood). Now.

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