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NatJ "* Happiness lies in a woman's courage to act upon her passion *" (UK)

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I'll Bring You A Song
I'll Bring You A Song
Price: £11.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful, 3 Nov. 2011
This review is from: I'll Bring You A Song (Audio CD)
So i'm a relatively new Shona White fan. It's only recently that i discovered Shona further to seeing her in Chess in Edinburgh and completely falling in love with her voice... In fact so much so that when i had the opportunity to see it again in Birmingham and High Wycombe, i jumped at the chance and took friends with me. It's times like this that i am glad i travel with my job :)

I received my CD today and couldn't wait to play it on returning home. Shona's voice is absolutely pitch perfect and i love the tracks she has chosen for the album (although i wish it was a double CD as i want to hear more!!). There's quite a few songs that were new to me and i hadn't heard before but i can safely say i now love.
My favourite is definitely 'Nobody's Side' from Chess - i thought Shona was truly amazing as Florence Vassey and her portrayal really moved me (to tears in fact during several of the performances...). I do hope there is a new Chess album in the pipeline as i'd love the others songs on CD too. I also find 'To Sir With Love' really beautiful and actually prefer it to Lulu's original version which i have always been a fan of. The song from Wicked 'As Long As You're Mine' is really brilliant and the guy she duets with has an amazing voice. I've seen Wicked before and thought it was great but this isn't one of the songs i remembered from it so it was a nice choice. 'I Close My Eyes and Count To Ten' is also a real beauty. Shona has such a strong, powerful and emotive voice adn shows this in some of the songs on this album but also shows a real delicate side in songs such as 'Ae Fond Kiss'.

As a fellow Scot, i have to say that Shona makes me really proud to be Scottish. If you're in any doubt as to whether to buy this album - BUY IT - you'll not regret it :)

Mamma Mia! The Movie Soundtrack
Mamma Mia! The Movie Soundtrack
Offered by mrtopseller
Price: £4.99

52 of 54 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Just when you think it can't get any better..., 22 July 2008
Being a fan of ABBA, when i heard that they were going to be making a Mamma Mia movie, i was absolutely thrilled. Nevertheless, i forgot all about it until they started advertising it recently.

The more trailers i seen for the film, the more i couldn't wait until i finally decided that i was building it up far too much..
The film was absolutely, funny, tearful at times, joyous!! Laughing and crying the whole way through.

Meryl Streep has always been one of my favourite actresses and she just excels in this soundtrack. Brilliant voice - wonderfully mature for the role of mother. My favourites from Meryl are Money, Money, Money and Slipping Through My Fingers.

This soundtrack is wonderful. Listening to it, i can play the whole film in my head. I was absolutely delighted to see them introduce "When All Is Said And Done" too - beautiful track from Pierce Brosnan. I've got to say, i'm not completely sure about whether i like his voice yet, but it's certainly growing on me. One of my favourite tracks on the album.

Amanda Seyfried has a wonderful voice - is this the girl from Mean Girls? Who played the ditzy blonde?
She excels on Thank You For The Music which i the hidden last track on the album, played at the end of I Have a Dream. Really beautiful version which would make Agentha proud i imagine.

Colin Firth is great on Our Last Summer - his voice i really like. Very English, proper, clean accent. Really suits the song.

Other favourites are Does Your Mther Know and The Winner Takes It All.

Only thing i would have liked to have seen is maybe a DVD clip on the CD to watch - would have been great! But i await the Mamma Mia DVD!
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Sep 23, 2008 11:44 AM BST

ABBA - Super Troupers [DVD]
ABBA - Super Troupers [DVD]
Dvd ~ ABBA
Offered by westworld-
Price: £16.08

17 of 18 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Super Douper!!, 12 Feb. 2006
This review is from: ABBA - Super Troupers [DVD] (DVD)
For any ABBA fans - this is something you MUST add to your collection. It is hours of pure ABBA Bliss.
It focuses around the time of the Mamma Mia 25th Anniversary when Benny, Bjorn, Frida and Agnetha were all invited to London to reunite and celebrate 25 years of ABBA. It shows Benny arriving...and Bjorn...then Frida turns up (sporting a new lovely blonde hair do) but will Agentha show...?
The documentary captures the excitement of the event, shows Mamma Mia rehearsals, lots of ABBA footage and some lovely interviews with Bjorn and Frida.
Frida, especially, makes a huge contribution to the dvd, giving a long full interview, answering many great questions about her ABBA days etc..and a few times showing that her great humour is still there along with that naughty laugh and mysteriousness she's always had. She is just radiant.
The highlights of the dvd for me all surround Frida. Firstly when Frida is in her dressing room and she is combing her hair and then goes into her wardrobe and says "What will i wear tonight? Maybe this? Or maybe this....(and pulls out her Orange Waterloo costume and holds it up to her) you know when i last wore this? It was 1974 in Brighton when we won the Eurovison Song Contest with Waterloo...". It's just a lovely little scene. :-)
Then when Mamma Mia are performing Dancing Queen on stage and back stage Pete Waterman talks a little about how Frida was his Dancing Queen and he's standing beside her etc and you can hear the Dancing Queen chorus and Frida can't help but sing along "Haaaaving the tiiime of youur liiife - oooohhhh" lol. It's just the most wonderful moment but she is loving it completely and says something about wishing it was them back out there and your heart just melts.
The third higlight is just after this when Benny and Bjorn walk out on stage and thank everyone for coming and then say that there is a special lady they would like to introduce and how without her none of this would have ever been possible - FRIDA. And Frida is walked onot the stage with some guy from the cast and she gets her shoe heel caught in the stage floor!! lol It's so funny, she has to stop and pull it out the floor then walks out to stand beside Benny and Bjorn with the shoe in her hand before leaning on Bjorn and Benny helping her put her shoe back on!! It's a great laugh then she ever so sweetly says "As you can see i have not been on stage in a very long time - i even lose my shoe!" It's so sweet and lovely and you just kinda go "Awwwwww Frida!!" lol. :-)
Must buy this dvd - even if it's just for that scene! :-)

Abba - The Movie [2-Disc Special Edition] [DVD] [2005]
Abba - The Movie [2-Disc Special Edition] [DVD] [2005]
Dvd ~ Abba

14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic - must buy!!, 12 Feb. 2006
Well i wasn't around for the Abba days so i'm so grateful that someone thought to make this wonderful movie!! Not for the not so genius story, but for the wonderful concert footage! Just amazing!!
Songs include Fernando, Dancing Queen, Waterloo, Gimme Gimme Gimme, Money Money Money, Why Did It Have To Be Me (Bjorn and Frida only!!! HGHLIGHT!) I've Been Waiting For You - all LIVE!
Imagine Fernando - Frida singing beautifully, her warm deep inviting voice and long firey red straight hair blowing in the warm night breeze - just beautiful - ON THIS DVD!
You really get such a buzz and feel like you're really back in the 70's, back there at those concerts with them!! Sensational!!
I first bought the PAL video and played it over and over again - now i have The Movie on DVD - It's FAB!!
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: May 12, 2014 10:23 AM BST

Frida - The DVD
Frida - The DVD
Dvd ~ Frida

36 of 36 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Must Buy!! FANTASTIC!!!, 12 Feb. 2006
This review is from: Frida - The DVD (DVD)
I have the Frida Dvd and i must say - it was nothing like i expected. I never expected to get so much on this wonderful dvd. You must buy it if you are a Frida fan!! :-)
Frida talks for about 2 hours, answering all questions with detail and loving memories. She laughs and jokes and remembers the fun times she had as a solo artiste in the 60s and the wonderful times she had with ABBA. She talks about her tragic losses in her husband and daughter, never faltering, never saying "This is too hard to talk about or this is too private to go into". She speaks honestly and truly.
She talks about her albums and making them and the songs she chose and why. She speaks about Mamma Mia and even how she is still in contact with Agnetha and how they have a sisterly relationship. She speaks with such fondness of ABBA - it's such a joy to watch.
There are many, many rare video clips from shows starting with her very first tv appearance singing En Ledig Dag as a shy and quiet young girl to after ABBA when she was co-presenting on Lite Grand i Orat. There are wonderful clips such as Baby Love, My Man, Shot Down in Action, Just One of Those Things, Fire and Ice, Min Soldat, Aquarius and many more!! There are fantastic documentaries from the making of the Shine album with Phil Collins and also the Djupa Andetag album with Anders Glenmark. Both taking you behind the scenes and following the whole recordings of both albums, emotions - tears, laughs and all.
If you have ever had any questions that you wanted to know about Frida - you'll find the answers here. Frida is no doubt truly happy and comfortable with her life now. The Dvd interview with Frida filmed in the Summer of 2005 in Zermatt, Switzerland. Her friends Heinz Julien and Urs Beiner both talk about their love for Frida and how she is the most wonserful person. About how she gets them up to go skiing early in the morning and mountain climbing and how they drag her out clubbing late at night.
This is the true insight of Frida, you won't get any closer than this :-) Any fans dream come true!

All By Myself
All By Myself
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £6.98

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful!!, 28 July 2005
This review is from: All By Myself (Audio CD)
I've not been a fan of Bernie's for long but then again it doesn't take long to fall in love with Bernie's voice. I loved Bernie in The Nolans and when i saw she was going into The Bill which i love, i couldn't wait to see her acting. She sang Macushla first on The Bill and i really enjoyed it so i bought the single. Then the album...i bought it straight away. The album really shows how powerful Bernie's voice is, especially songs like the title track All By Myself and Stop! I would recommend this album to anyone - young or old!!

Pal Joey / Cast Recording
Pal Joey / Cast Recording
Price: £13.42

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent, 13 Jun. 2005
I've never watched this musical but i bought the cd and i love it! It's got some of the most amazing songs, and i especially love That Terrific Rainbow and Zip. The Terrific Rainbow is sung fantastically by Jane Gurnett who has a really strong, powerful voice with a lot of character! Buy this cd now! You'll love it!

Melancholia [VHS]
Melancholia [VHS]

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Different, 12 Jun. 2005
This review is from: Melancholia [VHS] (VHS Tape)
This is quite an unusual film and not really my kind of thing. However the best part of the whole thing was Jane Gurnett's performance as the frightened widow of a Chilean victim. She was utterly convincing and made the whole thing worth watching. All in all, its quite a slow film with some subtitles - make your own decision on it.

Trial By Fire [VHS]
Trial By Fire [VHS]
Offered by unclejohnsband
Price: £18.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent, 12 Jun. 2005
This review is from: Trial By Fire [VHS] (VHS Tape)
I really enjoyed this film. In particular Juliet Stevenson was fantastic to watch as usual but i also really enjoyed Jane Gurnett's performance as Christine. She was utterly convincing as the lover of the prime suspect and showed great emotion when turning up at Stevenson's house shouting and swearing and blaming her friend for her part in her lover's arrest.
If you're into The Bill, Taggart or Dalziel and Pascoe then this is a must see for you! A great crime drama!

Abba-The Movie [VHS] [1978]
Abba-The Movie [VHS] [1978]

13 of 14 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars MUST-HAVE!!! Best Abba video out!!, 16 Mar. 2005
This is the most amazing Abba documentary on Abba you will ever find!! Interviews and live performances - it's a story about a journalist who tries to get an interview with Abba and all the obstacles he goes through, trying to get one!!
Fabulous rare songs like I've Been Waiting For You, Tiger, Carrousel and I'm a Marionette, performed live!! Gorgeous Frida and Agnetha like you've enver seen before!! As i'm a Frida fan, i was over the moon when i watched this - live performances of Fernando, Money, Money, Money and a fantastic performance of Frida and Bjorn singing Why Did It Have To Be Me - energetic and crazy!
Really fab - if you're a fan then you MUST buy this film!!

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