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Mausoleum [1983] [DVD]
Mausoleum [1983] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Bobbie Bresee

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3.0 out of 5 stars What evil lives within the Mausoleum, 21 May 2015
This review is from: Mausoleum [1983] [DVD] (DVD)
On the day of her mothers funeral a 10 year old girl enters a mausoleum and becomes possessed by a demon, 20years later the possession manifests itself and turns the woman into a killer.

An enjoyable if latterly silly possession/monster movie. Bobbie Bresee stars as Susan and is by far the best thing about the film, hardly an Oscar winning performance but she delivers what she has too and does it very well, also she is a remarkably beautiful woman and a large portion of the audience will be pleased when she is de-robed, and her "monster" ( quite literally) breasts scene is hysterical. In fact all the performances are decent, Michael Dugan's direction is fine allowing the picture the flow along quite nicely and keeps the action on a steady course. The monster/gore effects are also good, there is a great skin ripping scene that is very good, although there is no major transformation sequence which is slightly disappointing, the climactic final scenes are done very well even having some decent suspense, the film is never really scary but there are a couple of OK shock scenes. The problem is the writing, it starts off well enough and even into the telekinesis part which for some might be a bit much but it's done well, once the demon or monster or whatever you want to call it rears it's ugly head the silly & frankly stupid story becomes way too ridiculous and even nonsensical to the point your not sure what's happening at times.

Overall a surprisingly decent little film, not really very memorable but no disaster either. Some of the violent scenes are quite strong including the before mentioned skin rip, which must have been one of the reasons for its inclusion on the Section 3 nasty list, that said it isn't a disgustingly gory picture.

Midnight [DVD]
Midnight [DVD]
Dvd ~ Lawrence Tierney

2.0 out of 5 stars If you steel some groceries, get out of town, 20 May 2015
This review is from: Midnight [DVD] (DVD)
When a 17 year-old girl runs away from her abusive step-father she hitches a ride with 2 young men, however after steeling some groceries they hide out in he woods unaware that a family of murderous Satanists are close by.

Slow and strange backwoods horror. After a decent pre-credits sequence it takes a good further 45mins for the film to get going again, but when it does it actually is fairly good. The climactic final 5-10mins are quite exciting and the gore for what was a low budget is commendably good, here also the film moves a fair zip and ends in a strong and satisfying way. However there are real problems with the picture though, the acting is poor, most of the cast give what can only be said as stiff performances (Lawrence Tierney aside who is head & shoulders above everyone else), some of the writing and direction is ridiculous, when Nancy hits her father with the radio its a gentle tap but instantly he's out cold,its a laughable scene, also having a disgusting pervert who wanted to sleep with his step daughter as our saviour at the end seemed a little bit in bad taste. The other major issue here is the films pace, after the opening titles the pic never really gets out of 1st gear, until well after the halfway mark, the stilted acting & writing doesn't help, though as said things do get better, but by that time some will have given up. John Amplas (memorable in Martin, another Section 3 nasty title) plays one of the bad guys here, it isn't a great role but it was good to see someone recognisable and interesting.

Overall a disappointing horror pic but definitely not an unwatchable one, the film promises a lot with its story but because of a few problems only partially delivers.

Mansion Of The Doomed [DVD]
Mansion Of The Doomed [DVD]
Dvd ~ Richard Basehart

3.0 out of 5 stars Dr Chaney is a great surgeon, if you've got beautiful eyes, stay away!, 18 May 2015
This review is from: Mansion Of The Doomed [DVD] (DVD)
A doctor blinds his daughter in a car accident, he then keeps trying to help get sight back by kidnapping people and transplanting their eyes into her body but it keeps failing, as he keeps abducting the eyeless victims mount in the basement.

A very silly but ultimately "fun" little 70's horror pic. The story is about as ridiculous as it gets but is hugely entertaining, it plays like an updated (and much bloodier) 1940's mad doctor b-movie. The cast is great, Richard Basehart & Gloria Grahame both 40s & 50s stars are very strong and add a bit of class to the film and a young Lance Henriksen has a decent role as a victim, but all the cast are fine. The effects are much better than might be expected and are actually quite effective, the 83 minutes run time also goes by quickly as the pace moves at a strong gallop holding interest as it does. Although the film is never scary there is an underlying creepy tension with the growing number of disfigured victims in the basement and an increasingly unhinged father on the loose which also helps to keep your interest and the climax is well handled. There aren't really any downsides or negatives, the film knows what it is a fun "popcorn" horror flick, being picky actor turned director Michael Pataki is OK in the chair but no more, but in truth there wasn't really anything with the material he had that could've went badly off track.

Overall a very enjoyably fun, fast paced (if far-fetched) horror thriller that is an easy watch. Placed on the Section 3 nasty list as Massacre Mansion probably because of the eye abuse but frankly its not a gory or even a strongly violent film.

Martin - Special Edition [DVD] [1978]
Martin - Special Edition [DVD] [1978]
Dvd ~ John Amplas

3.0 out of 5 stars Martin a young man of only 84! and his fav drink...blood!, 18 May 2015
Martin is a young man, however he says he is 84, he is also someone who kills people and drinks their blood, but after moving in with his elder cousin he tries to subdue his blood cravings.

Director George Romero's favourite of his own films is an interesting low budget modern day vampire movie. John Amplas stars as Martin and is frankly excellent, the unknown Amplas creates a character that is both likeable and horrific at the same time, it really is a wonderful performance, the rest of the cast are fine but no more than that, although Lincoln Maazel does stand out as cousin Cuda with a memorable scene. Romero directs the violent sequences expertly, he creates a fair bit of sustained suspense in the scenes and they do come over very well and the climax is a class above almost all of its vampire contemporary's. What didn't work so well for me though was its pacing, some of the set up scenes and the scenes in between the gore went on just a bit to long and my interest did start to wane very slightly. The modern day setting works for it and adds another layer of tension to an all ready creepy atmosphere.

Certainly one of Romero's better films though definitely not his best, its a chilling little bloody tale that'll keep fans of old school horror satisfied, more modern horror fans may not be as engaged as it doesn't have the usual stupid over the top gore, no story & lifeless characters. Unsurprisingly it found itself on the DPP's Section 3 nasty list, the blood lust clearly too much for them.

Mark of the Devil [DVD] [1970] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Mark of the Devil [DVD] [1970] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]

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4.0 out of 5 stars Is this "Positively the most horrifying film ever made"!, 17 May 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
In 18th century Austria a group of witch hunters torture and kill townsfolk for there money and possessions until they start to turn on themselves and the townspeople discover what they are doing.

Michael Armstrong's 1970 graphic but fascinating film isn't any easy watch. Despite not being liked apparently by any of his German crew Armstrong has managed to create a very intriguing and fairly damning (it was all done in the name of the religious state) supposed true story. The director wanted the violence to be very strong and unflinching and in this was successful, tongues are ripped out, women burned alive, men beaten to within an inch of there lives and much more, the torture scenes are graphic and bloody and many have an air of cruelty around them however this is not a negative, the picture needed these scenes as they create an atmosphere of dread and to tell its story of just what "good people" do. The writing, also done by Armstrong is excellent with the story unravelling at all the right times leading to a good mass revenge sequence, the performances are another strong point, Herbert Lom as the head of state witch hunter is excellent and the striking Reggie Nalder is very convincing, but the entire cast do a great job in their roles, apart really from Udo Kier who gives quite a blank distant performance. The gorgeous Austrian countryside gives this grim tale a much softer setting and the real torture equipment takes the violent scenes to another level. The final scenes of the townsfolk marching to their revenge is brilliant and infuriating because of what happens to certain people but is none the less effective and thrilling.

Yes this is a very strong, brutal film but it most certainly is not a disgustingly nasty or unwatchable one, in fact despite the violence you may find that it's far more interesting and compulsively watchable than you thought. Luckily this was only put onto the Section 3 list here in Britain as it could've easily been a full DPP Video Nasty.
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Mad Foxes : Limited Edition Mediabook Blu-ray+DVD
Mad Foxes : Limited Edition Mediabook Blu-ray+DVD
Dvd ~ José Gras
Offered by BOASOA Dvds
Price: £35.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars The Mad Foxes: you won't look away, 17 May 2015
After he accidentally kills a biker a man and his girlfriend are attacked, he is beaten and her raped, the man then sets out to get revenge.

Wow this is a different film. You might think you've seen it all but unless you've watched this, no way. Hilariously bad acting, atrocious dubbing, some of the worst writing and dialogue I've ever heard and a cast of characters that wouldn't look out of place in a Carry on picture, but somehow this has got to be one of the silliest but funniest exploitation movies ever. Hal is the lead character and our supposed hero, but he thinks it's OK to kill someone who spits on him & get an 18 year old virgin drunk so he can have his way with her (I think we all know what were in for from this point on), this leads onto possibly the most fake but painfully funny all out fight scene, between the biker gang and Hal's friends an incompetent karate club, who's kicks and punches miss by metre's (although everyone acts like they've been hit), then the cherry on the cake a castration scene, words cannot describe this, its brilliant. There are some absolutely excellent sequences, from the frankly outrageous grenade up the a*** to the massacre's were the "dead" are still breathing it is a jaw dropping experience, director Paul Grau keeps the pace up never really allowing the film to become boring or slow which in such a film is feat in itself. There are a couple of minor issues, the sex scenes do go on a bit and the film just seems to stop but given what happens its understandable and fitting that it go's out on a... bang! While it's been mentioned by some that there is a strong homoerotic vibe, I found personally this wasn't the case, yes there is a fair bit of male nudity but there's just as much female nudity and our "hero" is quite sexist and in love with the ladies.

Quite how this didn't become a full DPP Video Nasty is real surprise, it was on the Section 3 list, given what happens in it and some of the other titles that did this must've seemed like a certainty. This is almost the definition of so bad its good, yes your average horror fan will never get it, but if your looking at this your probably interested in Euro cult movies and believe me this is an experience you just have to see the 77mins will wiz by.

The Last Hunter [DVD]
The Last Hunter [DVD]
Dvd ~ David Warbeck

3.0 out of 5 stars Don't like war films, Last Hunter may be for you, 17 May 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The Last Hunter [DVD] (DVD)
An American soldier becomes trapped behind enemy lines during the Vietnam war, he the joins up with others fighting with the Vietcong trying to get rescued.

Unlike a lot of other Vietnam war movies the word "fun" rarely raises its head, but if there is a "fun" Vietnam film this is it. Yes the story is nothing special and comes and goes throughout and the dubbing is about as solid as jelly, but this is not an in depth, serious look at Vietnam (far too many U.S. movies did this and it became a bit tedious), this is a plain and simple entertaining action picture, and it achieves this goal very well. Director Antonio Margheriti does his job expertly, the pace is great there really is never a dull moment, enough happens on screen to keep anyone entertained, deaths, explosions (about a million), booby traps and a whole lot more, is thrown in for a good show. David Warbeck does a sterling job in the lead and is given good support by Tisa Farrow & John Steiner and for a low budget film it looks not too bad either. The final twist in the tale is a bit ridiculous though and in fact as with the rest of the film the plot doesn't hold up all that well, but you don't watch this kind of thing looking for another Gone With The Wind.

If you love war actioners you'll love Last Hunter, if you love gory horrors this may well be the war film for you, even if you just stumble across this one you may find it far more watchable than you might first think, just leave your brain at the door for 90mins and go with it. Clearly the DPP didn't go with it as they put it on to the Section 3 list, but as with most of his other work from around this time Margheriti delivers the goods. 3.5/5

Love Butcher [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Love Butcher [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Price: £13.39

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2.0 out of 5 stars Caleb or Lester which persona would you choose?, 16 May 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
After being cruelly spoken down to by women, a physically & mentally handicapped gardener becomes a handsome but violent serial killer who then attacks and kills the women.

An incredibly strange serial killer film that is very difficult to characterise. The story & events make it sound like a slasher horror but what we see is very different, there is quite a lot of very dark humour (none of it really comes off), the dual personality dramatic stuff is effective at times but after a while loses its edge and the "horror" isn't really, it may work better if viewed as a dark psycho drama but the kooky dialogue lightens it a bit too much. What really does irritate though is the poor acting, apart from the lead and a couple of others the performances are barely passable, Erik Stern though as the lead Caleb/Lester is frankly excellent and is a real surprise, surrounded by such mediocre turns he really does impress and gives an incredibly believable performance and carries the film very well. Coming in at under 90mins so it's not exactly long but the pacing makes it fell a lot longer than it really is, it has a few too many set up scenes that go on a little too long, Lester is an effective villain though and when he's around there is a fairly creepy tension. The police investigation seems a bit like an afterthought, for the majority of the time nothings coming together for them, and apart from a reporter they don't really seem that concerned, but in the last 10-15mins everything comes in line (a bit too conveniently) and this part of the story does feel a bit rushed & unbelievable.

The title Love Butcher, the covers featuring naked ladies and a lot of the descriptions will make some think that this is a sleazy, gory and nasty little exploitation picture, but it isn't, it is actually a moderately watchable (thanks mostly to Stern) if totally unmemorable little film, better than a lot of other movies on the Section 3 nasty list, just don't expect too much and you might enjoy it. 2.5/5

The Last Horror Film [Blu-ray]
The Last Horror Film [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Caroline Munro
Price: £19.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars The last Munro & Spinell horror film, you need see, 16 May 2015
An obsessive fan follows an actress to the Cannes Film Festival, where he tries to get her to star in a horror film he wants to make, meanwhile someone is killing friends and colleagues connected to her,

This is a film that sounds & looks great but ultimately a bit underwhelming. Caroline Munro & Joe Spinell team up again in a very different production to Maniac, the locations look fantastic, the ad hoc shooting at the real 1981 Cannes festival does give the film a real air of class that defies its low budget, Caroline Munro is also good and gives the role everything, a real horror queen. Munro maybe good but the rest of the cast aren't, Spinell frankly was a brilliant actor, he had some excellent and memorable small parts in big studio pictures, but this however is not one, his rather pathetic and depressing character is so annoying at times it's actually quite off putting, his real mother plays him mum in the film and the less said about her "acting" the better, in fact the acting overall, Munro aside, is definitely not a strong point. Directing and writing are also not very good, the revelation of the killer is very unsatisfying and unmemorable thanks to some very slack writing, director David Winters struggles to create any suspense or tension and frankly never scary, in fact with such a promising storyline it's such a shame that the writers & director didn't do more with the interesting start they had.

A disappointing but not unwatchable Section 3 nasty horror thriller with Munro on form and a couple of decent scenes (most releases put a frame from the best sequence on the cover) just don't expect another Maniac.

Killing Hour [DVD] [2008] [US Import]
Killing Hour [DVD] [2008] [US Import]
Price: £8.87

3.0 out of 5 stars Can the Clairvoyant discover"The handcuff killer", 14 May 2015
A young female artist starts seeing visions of murders before they happen, soon a detective and T.V. talk show host try separately to use her visions to solve the mystery.

Well made and fairly interesting mystery/thriller. The tone of the film is a serious thriller, however the psychic element does undermine the seriousness of it but if you go with it there is some pleasure to be had. Aside from the "visions" the mystery is actually quite good and keeps you guessing until a decent surprise revelation, the deaths themselves are a very strong part of the film, they're not gory or graphic (although there is a strong rape scene) but quite clinical and effective, as are the performances, Perry King, Elizabeth Kemp & Norman Parker, the 3 leads, all do a good job in particular Parker as the detective. The overall feeling of the picture is cold & chilling with each murder adding to an atmosphere of menace that doesn't really diminish. The main issue with the film though, and it does hurt it, is the pace, there are too many lulls in the story & in between the killings there isn't a lot of note happening, when the mystery is on track its interesting and enjoyable, but too many times sub-plots or uninteresting characters come into the fray and derail the tension. While it's never really scary or have a lot of suspense the last 10mins the pace picks up and a satisfying conclusion wraps up the story.

Also known as The Clairvoyant it was the rape scene that almost certainly got this one onto the Section 3 list it's raw and realistic and was edited out of the certified 18 release. Aside from a few minor issues this is a very watchable and intriguing mystery (not really a horror), feels much more like a lower budget studio production and might have much wider audience appeal than expected.

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