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S. J. Pinder (Cornwall,UK)

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The Albums 2000-2010
The Albums 2000-2010
Offered by westworld-
Price: £16.52

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5.0 out of 5 stars Kylie - The Pop Princess, Her Best Era!, 18 July 2011
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This review is from: The Albums 2000-2010 (Audio CD)
I love Pop music, i LOVe Music in general....but with just her Ultimate Kylie CD compilation i felt that my collection didnt have the glitter eccentricity of Kylie in the 00s!

And with this boxed set collection i now own all 5 of her albums released in the past decade! I have always utmost respect for her! What she has endured over her career and what she has challenged as the pint sized Pop Icon is inspiring for many thousands of women and men across the nation!

And now you have the chance to own all these memories and Pop sparkle of the Pop Princess here collected beautifully in vinyl style cases with each disc neatly in each casing and a foldout collage style booklet of images from each era all beautifully laid out.

This is a must have for all lovers of Pop music, Dance music and for searching "out of the box" a little bit for some feel good anthemic power Pop! It is all here from the Disco campness of Light Years, to the Madonna/Daft Punk Electronica (with a glittery touch of course) infused "Thriller" of her career FEVER! The Prince, 80s Synth Pop/guitar influenced masterpiece Body Language, her massive Sonic comeback album X and finally her most recent Synth Pop beauty Aphrodite.

And a one by one oveview -

Light Years - As an album i feel personally for me this is my least favorite, not that it is a "bad" abum but that it screams one heck load of camp/eccentric levels it is too "sweet" in sound for me YET there are some absolute corkers including redemption singles Spinning Around and On A Night Like This and some standouts with Butterfly and title track (and Donna Summer infused) Light Years. Overall a 3/5.

Fever - This is the Post Ray Of Light/Music, Daft Punk and Bjork style Trance/Dance/Electronica infused album that marked a change in the pop and dance landscape after these aforementioned respective artists and in Madonnas case legends! released their masterpieces....so in turn Kylie released hers in the shape of Fever! It is her largest commercial selling album and the hits and videos poured out of this album. So many memories of childhood captured here and some absolute corkers....the final song Burning Up is an absolute frenetic corker, and the title track should have been a release. A phenomenal 5/5 album!

Body Language - This came in 2003 where Pop went experimental, Madonna released the phenomenally underrated American Life, P!nk released the aggressively untouchable Try This, Britney went Ambient and Trancey on In The Zone and Christina bared all on the mighty Stripped. So Kylie of course followed suit that year with some Prince, 80s Synth Pop and FUnk influences throughout, of course Fever holds a big shadow over this album which is a shame as it is one of my all time favourites without a doubt and set the benchmark that Kylie can be seductive, vulnerable and commanding across the distorted and funky beats throughout the disc. Absolute corkers throughout the album also. 5/5

X - This and Blackout were the most anticipated Pop albums of late 2007, both were Electronically driven and both surpassed expectation in different ways. Britney was darker, confessional and deep while Kylie was predictably fun but also rather "left of centre" in production. Working with a variety of fantastic producers throughout it made a fantastically made audio collage of sonics, Electro Pop and glam Pop throughout the disc and showed Kylie on full on comeback mode after a cancer stricken few years! While strong fans felt she needed to go "deeper" emotionally i feel she hit it on trend and while promotion wise it wasnt setting the media alight it is a solid and well made album overall and also shows that 10 albums in she wasnt fading away....rather the contrary. 4.5/5

Aphrodite - Her recent album and I was gobsmacked and proud to say when i read she was working with Stuart Price who has worked with Madonna in her band since 2001 and collaborated with her on the mighty Confessions On A Dance Floor and since then he has made a name of himself due to that particular album! With The Killers/Brandon Flowers, Take That, Scissor SIsters etc. And of course Kylie on this album. There are some similarities in style (kinda had me gutted it didnt follow suit and the songs not meld together and segue as a concept album) but lacked a massive push of wit, aggression and passion like COADF but it is functionable and an overall solid album we would expect from Kylie. All The Lovers was also a massive success and the album was her first chart topper since Fever! Cupid Boy, the title track and Cant Beat The Feeling should have been massive releases. 4/5

Overall a fantastic selection of album with a plethora of fun to be had for reflection and dancing your butts off! A phenomenal collection from Pop Royalty, THE Princess Of Pop! ENJOY

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Doctor Who  Series 6 - Part 1 [DVD]
Doctor Who Series 6 - Part 1 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Matt Smith
Offered by A2Z Entertains
Price: £9.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars Doctor Who Series 6 Part 1 - The Television Event Of The Year! Matt Smith is THE Doctor! Karen, Arthur and Alex are TEAM TARDIS!, 13 July 2011
Series 5 of Doctor Who was a much needed relaunch, and a remarkably risky and successful series at that! It set up this Fairytale nightmare on an epic scale with twists and turns in the plot throughout and the introduction of a then unknown Matt Smith and in so so many ways he is THE Doctor. The alien, vulnerable characteristics that made him such a cult hero in the first place. He went where Tennant and Eccleston never went before with the role (and of course different too) and all three actors also marvelous but Matt Smith really IS the Doctor, he always is so accessible in such an alien way it is remarkable.

Not to mention the new companions played wonderfully as married couple Amy and Rory who push their roles even further than in series 5. And of course the show wouldnt be complete without the return of the mysterious River Song! together making up such a dynamic as TEAM Tardis!

Also the series opener boasts a villainous force that is arguably the most terrifying yet (yes even more so than the Weeping Angels) and the gothic macabre nature of the shows twists the dreamlike dissillusions of Series 5 what it did so remarkably well and turns it into a chaotic Tim Burton style nightmare!

Each episode pushes the story arc along and there are some absolute classics here the opening two parter The Impossible Astronaut/Day Of The Moon, The Doctors Wife and the mid-series cliffhanger finale A good Man goes To War is ultimately the most "EPIC" feel a finale episode has been in years! if not ever (and Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang blew all finales out of the water so that is a major compliment)

i will do a coplete review when the full DVD box set is released of series 6 later this year (presumably for the Christmas season and after series 6 has aired in full) But i cannot wait to see how exactly the show will continue to evolve with the cast and crew and the characters dynamic and relationships in particular!

An absolutely thrilling run of the first half of series 6. And if you loved Series 5 like so many, then you will be blown away by Series 6! Hold onto your seat and trust him....he is the doctor.

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Dangerously in Love
Dangerously in Love
Offered by ReNew Entertainment
Price: £3.88

5.0 out of 5 stars Beyonce - She Rides In SOLO, A Highlight from 2003!, 29 Jun. 2011
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This review is from: Dangerously in Love (Audio CD)
This album i HAD to purchase recently after reigniting my absolute adoration for Ms Knowles. Here she proved so many points, you can be part of a massive band in music history with Destinys Child and still manage to prove herself as a solo entertainer.

Here she offers a different side to R&B and Pop, which in 2003 of course the bar had been set by Britney, Justin, Christina and P!nk. So yeah VERY tough competition out there too for a bit of an "experiment" for Beyonce and her dad (co-producer here and manager of Destinys Child at the time too)and pulled it off.

Her team up with husband-to-be Jay Z on the instantaneous classic Crazy In Love which is currently one of the greatest songs ever recorded and made history with her booty-shakin video. Then the hits kept a comin from the album.

Reception to her debut solo album as a whole was very very mixed, but it won multi-grammy awards and her vocals wre always the catch with the band to begin with so a newly found love and adoration by the public for her was ignited by this album. Also over time and in reflection the sounds and the direction of the album has reached new levels of acclaim.

Here we can see and hear her influences of Donna Summer, Old Skool Funk and Disco. You can imagine a Club in the late 70s pumping out these jams, and then being catapaulted into a modern Bar in New York with slow jams and balladry oozing from her microphone.

This was essentially the R&B album that set the standard in the 00s decade. And in style it ranges from massive Club themed Disco Beats and Frenetic powerhouse anthems into a more subdued setting with seductive and funky beats and emotionally driven vocals. It is very maturely handeled if a little lacking in the consistency department. It more then makes up for it in style and raw edge.

Of course she exceeds this level on the likes of B Day released in 2006 and her recent release "4" is a masterpiece when released in the summer of 2011. But this album is a well rewarded achievement in her career and a daring experiment that was in so many ways....well worth it.


4 [Deluxe Edition]
4 [Deluxe Edition]
Offered by b68solutions
Price: £10.91

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5.0 out of 5 stars Beyonce - The Pop Titan! The R&B MASTERPIECE of 2011, 28 Jun. 2011
This review is from: 4 [Deluxe Edition] (Audio CD)
I have forever loved Destinys Child. I found them to be (besides Spice and TLC) to be the best and biggest girl BAND (and they were a band!) of their era. COmpeting with huge names (such as Ms Spears, Ms Aguilera, Missy Elliott and N Sync) and they pushed out one hit after another. Then of course Beyonce went solo and delivered a surprisingly slick debut album. It catapulted her to a new area of superstardom and allowed for fans and critics to embrace her as a very gifted lady.

A few years later DC had disbanded and Beyonce unleashed not one but two bohemouth albums unto us all. (B Day and I Am Sasha Fierce) One showed a more reflective side to her persona while the other reflected the commercial if a bit schitzo side to her. One thing has to be noted though, unlike her contemporaries (Spears, P!nk, Aguilera, Rihanna) her albums were not necessarily consistent in direction and usually had the memorable anthems overshadow the lesser known or weaker songs.

Nevertheless, Beyonce had two monster successful tours, Her most recent was up there with Madonnas Sticky & Sweet Tour and P!nks Funhouse as an absolute bohemouth and record smasher! She then of course hooked up with Lady gaga for Telephone which was a smash worldwide, and then collaborated with Alicia Keyes for her album and Kanye with his album (both however not yet or may naver be released).

During this time Beyonce took her time to analyse what inspired her to be the Pop Titan she is now, the role model for hundreds of thousands of boys,girls,men and women. What sounds did she love when growing up? After a year of reflection and recording we were left with one thing, her opus thus far...."4".

At 29 she did what the best two when they reach this stage in their career, P!nk recently did it with Funhouse, Madonna made a musical masterpiece with Like A Prayer and Michael Jackson made Bad. Beyonce evidently took notes and at 29 she has unleashed her most WARPED, SURREAL, and REFLECTIVE body of work yet. Arguably (with the massive contenders in Pop this year) is one of the best albums this year.

Mixing some diverse production, it follows the journey of a woman trapped and consumed in a loving relationship and she must face these different challenges across this musical journey of empowerment, loss, strength and reflection.

Therefore there are her most recognisable and instantly catchy ballads, surreal mid-tempos, thunderous sonic anthems and an absolutely powerhouse of a vocal arrangement on display.

The tracks themselves -

1+1 - Empowering and strong. Almost no instrumental production. This is a mystical and haunting ballad that launches the album off. And this is an instant emotional classic in her legacy. 10/10

I Care - Another instantly huge sounding mid-tempo, her sentimentality and instant aggression is something to behold. 10/10

I Miss You - The shortest song of the album, yet also as powerful and driven as a ballad as any. Has a very distorted Trip Hop vibe (think Bjork style beats) 10/10

The Best Thing I Never Had - Destined to be her greatest ballad up there with Irreplaceable and Halo, this will be a classic in her back catalogue, very piano driven and beautiful. 10/10

Party - with Kanye and Andre 3000 this is a vibrant summery song that presents 90s style R&B at its very best. 10/10

Rather Die Young - Instantly grasps you from the get go and also very deep, about someone who wants to be loved and remembered. 9/10

Start Over - Beyonce pushes the boundaries of her octaves here in a very slick vocal exercise. 9/10

Love On Top - A very 1970s Funky song of absolute nostalgia and Jackson 5/Donna Summer funk. 10/10

Countdown - Chaotic and thunderous, set to be a song that sets the standards for clubs globally with an ingenious sample also. It is 70s R&B meets 90s Acid House. 10/10

The End Of Time - Diplo worked his MIA magic yet again and with Bey and they push the carnivale drum beats and continues the production set by Countdown, another one set floors ablaze!Distorted, off the wall and anthemic. 10/10

I Was Here - Diane Warren penned. A woman double Beyonces age and it is a tragic song about a woman who faces an epiphany and wants to be remembered before she dies. Actually her most thematic song yet, shocking and powerful. 10/10

Run The World - Arguably should not have been the first release, but also fits the warped production of the album for an explosive conclusion. 8/10

Lay Up Under Me - A very Disco tinged soulful song with some more Donna Summer elements meets Off The Wall MJ style. 9/10

Schoolin Life - Should have been the first release, it is VERY 1980s Prince in direction vocally and instrumentally. 10/10

Dance For You - A nice uplifting and lengthy song. 9/10
A trio of warped and thunderous Run The World remixes!

As you can see the flow of the album itself and the direction is also very Neo-Soul influenced, much like Janelle Monae has pushed the boundaries of with her modern classic The ArchAndroid last summer! Beyonce has continued the trend by melding sounds of the 90s with sounds of the 70s and made it her own.

It makes you think back to childhoods past and remember the sounds of those eras. "4" in that respect is destined to become an instant classic that may divide fans in terms of scale and production and arrangement but will also bring more people on board who are not that aware of Beyonce as an artist as well as a vocalist and entertainer. She is ruling the roost of Pop this year by far. Her performance at The Most Well Known Summer Festival EVER this Sunday really set the stage and world alight with her really showing HOW album promotion is to be done.

This will be recognised as Beyonces creative Opus in her career. Like Off The Wall was to Michael Jackson, like Like A Prayer was to Madonna and like Purple Rain was for Prince. It sets the bar and shows the power of what a Pop Icon can do and shows them at their artistically BEST and with these examples, it paves the way for many peaks to come from Beyonce.

Seriously, if you love your Pop emotionally driven and powerful, and you love your Soul vibrant and smooth then this album is for you. It IS different to anything out there right now in Pop and completely different to anything she has ever done before.

For me "4" is up there with Pala and Passive Me Aggressive You as the third definitive masterpiece o this year. No hyperbole....JUST Beyonce showing how to take your influences and inject them in contemporary Pop Culture.

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Born This Way (Deluxe Edition)
Born This Way (Deluxe Edition)
Price: £8.48

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5.0 out of 5 stars Lady Gaga - The Monster Machine has evolved with the Album Of Her Life!, 24 May 2011
Lady Gaga exploded onto the scene in 2009 with Just Dance and Poker Face and has since over the past couple of years developed into quite the Pop Icon.

From my perspective I did own The Fame/Monster but in all honesty i only truly felt a few tunes from the discs really stood out above the rest! they did not show her depth lyrically or creatively in some instances. Dance In The Dark, Bad Romance, Monster, Brown Eyes were the few that really made me think!

Now, 2011, Lady Gaga has developed a dedicated vast bunch of Little Monsters for a fanbase and has got loads of casual listeners willing to embrace her MAD ways!

Born This Way is more than just another Pop vehicle....she has really pushed the standards into different areas to prove those who may have pushed her away or just simply dismissed her to lure them back with a Pop recording of elemental Pop standards!

We see her really pull influences from all over the Pop Universe! she evidently has taken a lot of influence from Madonna, Andy Warhol, Bruce Springsteen and the current Cultural/Pop/Political climate! she has blended in some absolute retrospective grooves that grate,seduce and flow together to epic effect.

Here is the step by step guide to her Born This Way songs (bear with me i have a lot to say!) -

1. "Marry the Night" - A phenomenal introduction into the World of Born This Way. Marry The Night is a retro sounding monster stomper that takes many influences of the 90s Pop euphoria, it is a massive anthem with an important message that states that no matter what you will always remember where you came from. Her vocal delivery is very blissful and seductive, an absolute huge tune that demands to be heard. 10/10

2. "Born This Way" - The lead single brings things down slightly. Of course famously there was a backlash of the Express Yourself comparisons...But to me Born This Way feels like an effort compared to the ANTHEM from the Like A Prayer album. Nontheless it feels like the joyous Just Dance style sonv of the album....just not on the same scale as the rest of the album! but still a decent pop tune 7/10

3. "Government Hooker" - And literally we are put back on track with this dark and grungy Operatic intro and pulsating basslines, that name checks a certain Blonde Hollywood Icons infatuation with a certain US President. It is very tongue in cheek and reminds a lot of german group Kraftwerk in the late 70s. 10/10

4. "Judas" - again there was a backlash that said Judas was too much like Bad Romance, for me i feel that Judas surpasses BR the same way BR surpassed Poker Face! The sonics and the House breakdowns are fantastic. However there are stronger selections that could have been released for the second single from the album. 8/10

5. "Americano" - An absolutely off the wall pop recording! It really takes every aspect of the Political changes in the world of today, it is a beautifully warped ditty that really echoes some similarities to Judy garland style musicals mixed with a distorted production on an EPIC scale....very fun! 10/10

6. "Hair" - Believe it or not, but Hair is an absolute grower, a phenomenal RedOne hookup! and like Marry The Night very unafraid to confront themes of "home" and looking back at your past and turining into an absolute powerhouse of an anthem. If given a mainstream release i truly feel it will be an instantaneous classic. Think Iron maiden meets Retro Dance Pop. 10/10

7. "Scheiße" - Her masterpiece??? just possibly...almost definitely! The shortest length song of the album ends up having the most aggressive power, it bares a lot of similarity to Madonnas Erotica era and album, the sense of talking the listener into this new dimension of dark throbbing beats fused with other genres, it is so otherworldly it demands to be a release! You feel like you are in a Burlesque bar and she really does take you there, with her Like A Prayer style power vocal adrenaline, her Erotica/Justify My Love talky singy style and RedOne making Trance/House meld together effortlessly! 10/10

8. "Bloody Mary" - Here Lady goes Kate Bush....well not quite but it is an off the wall superior sequel in message to Judas, it is hauntingly beautiful! the journey the listener must take with this song is so very trippy! the way the synths are executed....it is something to behold. Heavy, distorted and nontheless brilliant. 10/10

9. "Black Jesus + Amen Fashion" - Taking religious beliefs into Runway Style is quite something to behold but it works very well. It is a grower song and actually makes for a breathy escape from the heavy production. 8/10

10. "Bad Kids" - A real grower again, again it makes you harken back to very Sly & The Family Stone political aggression meets absolute euphoria meets Madonnas Keep It Together somewhat! It is something truly solid and clicked with me instantly, it has a heavy bassline...almost METAL but at the same time is so pleasant and uptempo. 9/10

11. "Fashion of His Love" - Here we see a VERY Whitney side to her, it echoes a lot of the late 80s style Funky anthems in Pop and yes again there are similarities to Express Yourself...only this time it works better than the title track, it is something to behold. Also some Whitney Houston elements there (Wanna Dance With Somebody comes to mind) OLD SKOOL. 8/10

12. "Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)" - The dark horse of the album, for me this is what she can open her next tour with thumping distortions, encouraging production and absolutely mystical style production it really brings you in and lifts you up....if that makes sense? But yes this is very Springsteen in essence with again some Madonna elements there and Judas Priest! 10/10

13. "Heavy Metal Lover" - If Schiebe is the Erotica then this is the Justify My Love, a more subdued and lighter and trippy counterpart. It is so very seductive and catchy and twisted and had it not be for the controversial lyrics i think it would make a really strong release from the album. 10/10

14. "Electric Chapel" - Electronica with a slick twist, a guitar driven powerhouse meets Metal masterpiece this song is! I feel very Ray Of Light kinda vibes from it, the unusual electronic production and the very "talk to listener" attitude, just so fantastic. Also very Madonna Confessions On A Dance Floor throbbing synths meets Depeche Mode. Mesmerising. 9/10

15. "The Queen" - Besides the title track i feel that this would have been the other song that would have brought the album down, but instead after a few more listens it is (you guessed it) a grower mini-anthem, some similarities can be made to Blondie too here and there, a lovely tune. We all have the que-que-que-queen inside of us!Also has a neat breakdown that divides into two songs. 9/10

16. "Yoü and I" - VERY Queen influenced, the only true ballad of the album! it is joyous and a fantastic celebration of life. Lady and her best friend (possibly a man in drag by the lyrics) it is optimistic and her best ballad she has done thus far!The only feeling is it FEELS overproduced. 8/10

17. "The Edge of Glory" - The spectacular finish to the Born This Way pop landmark album! It is a song about the journey of life coming to an end and what a way to conclude this work! Features the same saxophone as in Hair! (that is Clarence Clemons from Springsteens E Street Band fans!)it is chaotic and it is uplifting and makes you want to take another trip on the gaga-bike! THE Pop song of the summer! 10/10

So there was my step by step overview of the album. It is a fantastic experiment in bringing the old skool back into Pop, the style of Madonna, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, David Bowie....absolutely elemental and tells a unique story up there with the best albums!

She has taken the Twitter/Facebook/You Tube generation by storm and has ensured this album speaks out volumes to her audience!

The Metal/Trip Hop/Electronica/Synth/Pop/Dance/House blend is unlike any f her contemporaries are doing out there right now! an that is what makes the album truly special I feel. Up there with the best of 2011 gaga has certified herself as a RUE Pop Icon and pop Princess!

She makes you feel uplifted and belonging and takes the best of what I love about Pop music as a whole.

This is the album of her life! and a Pop Landscape! 10/10

Offered by jim-exselecky
Price: £6.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Friendly Fires - The album of 2011! a retro, Summery Musical MASTERPEICE!, 16 May 2011
This review is from: Pala (Audio CD)
Friendly Fires made their debut in 2009 with their phenomenally beautiful album self-titled. It displayed a band up and coming and with their distinctful sounds of Samba/Dance/Retro Pop and Electronic Synth it was literally an album that defined the summer of that year and many many more to come!

Pala has really set them a brand new standard. Based on the fictional tale of a fictional paradise, this album really presents a luscious visual display with their music and vocals, this sense of this Amazonian paradise fuelled with colour and sweaty musk with a few ounces of glitter to match.

Pala is a sensational album not only due to it really delivering on all angles but also it really reflects the sounds of the 1980 Synth Pop....think Madonna meets Prince meets New Wave style massive anthemic top standard Pop tunes. And the rise of Dance/Club music across that decade. It is melancholic and blissful yet also experimental with its sounds.

There is also a distinctful 90s sound, the trip Hop vibe of Bjork, the Ray Of Light meets Music Electronica of Madonna, the massive Island music uprising across that decade, maybe some Primal Scream and Moby summery styles of sonics. And even Ed Macfarlane said himself some 90s Boy Band influences there too.

This is the sound that will define the year as a whole and possibly for the rest of the decade! It is so very Friendly Fires in delivery, you can dance and you can connect with each beat, bassline, unearthly vocal of Ed! It really is hauntingly beautiful.

Live Those Days Tonight has proved to be an up and coming summer anthem on the radio, empowering and defining. Hawaiian Air is magically something wonderful , Blue Cassette is so charming and yet subtly tragically lovely, Show Me Lights is an audio masterpiece in fusion and demands listening, the title track is their slowest Dance song yet but really is a display of unique beauty, Running Away you can really command the dance floor with, Pull Me Back To Earth is a wonderful anthemic style song and there is so much more the album has to give.

Of course Pala will demand many re-listens i mean i have owned the album in 24 hours and across that time i have had several spins already to process each song as there is such variation and beauty on Pala that really requires so much reinterpretating and enjoyment!

Pala, is the epitome of an audio feast, literally taking you into the trios adventures and displays, conceptually it is phenomenal!

the songs themselves -

Live Those Days Tonight
Blue Cassette
Running Away
Hawaiian Air
Show Me Lights
True Love
Pull Me Back To Earth

Friendly Fires are by far my favourite band out there right now alongside The Naked & Famous (who i also recommend by the way!) and FF are all set headlining and performing at summer festivals this year and have already performed at Radio 1 Big Weekend the past weekend and really brought themselves to new attention....the mainstream market!

If you love to Dance, Indie, Rock, Trance, Synth, Unearthly Vocals, Retro.....Pala has it all!

Let Ed Macfarlane, Jack Savidge and Edd Gibson enchant you forever......welcome to PARADISE 2011.

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Price: £0.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Mother Monster Of Pop goes PRIMAL! - I am in love with JUUUUUAAAAAAH!!!, 16 April 2011
This review is from: Judas (MP3 Download)
Disco,House,Elemental Pop,80s Synth, New Wave....it is all on this song. 4 Minutes, 3 Hooks and killer emotionally driven lyrics. She delivers on a VERY Nico grace Jones Rihanna cocktail vocally, it is passive but also very angrily driven. Somewhat seductive power vocals from Lady gaga herself.

This is one of the most defining dance influenced songs she has ever done and will be a literal beast of a hit this year! and i even feel she has trumped Bad Romance into the ground! I am in love with Judas!

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Friendly Fires
Friendly Fires
Offered by wantitcheaper
Price: £3.45

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5.0 out of 5 stars THE Sound of Summer - Friendly Fires....the BEST of British MUSIC!, 6 April 2011
This review is from: Friendly Fires (Audio CD)
Whilst hearing on the radio recently that Friendly Fires will be releasing Pala, a follow up to this sensational debut album, this summer 2011! i SCREAMED!!!! and cannot believe that I had not yet written my review on here for this album!

Well i can tell you it is an album that comes out annually over the summer. Friendly Fires are a band that are so distinctive in sound, a VERY 80s vibe not TOO dissimilar to the anthems of Madonna, Prince and even some elements of Pet Shop Boys and Blondie with the New Wave. It is Synth Pop blended with Art Rock and Dance to create an almost new genre altogether. It is a sound that has grown over the last few years, Mgmt, The Naked & Famous and Friendly Fires I personally would say are the experts of it. It really creates the scene of a colourful and distorted summer scene.

The entire album plays like magic, almost like a direct flow into each other. The way Ed Macfarlane so seductively vocally transcends the album and creates a genuine EARgasm! it is blissful and unique.

I feel that Friendly Fires were overlooked when they initially released their debut album in 2009! BUT with their follow up on the way, i really do hope that they get the spotlight right back on them. Distinctive trio with an absolutely EPIC sound so blissful and heavy and distorted....and also somewhat 80s Old Skool Dance Pop too! they are an absolute joy and can really grow places!

Each song is an anthem after anthem spectacle! and it must be played loud! when the sun rises, shines and sets...and it is an absolutely timeless album that will be annually blasted in your record collections!

let Ed,Jack and Edd blow you away!


Femme Fatale
Femme Fatale
Price: £6.41

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5.0 out of 5 stars Britney Spears, Turns Us Inside Out and gives us an Pop Masterpiece of modern times!, 28 Mar. 2011
This review is from: Femme Fatale (Audio CD)
Britney Spears is highly considered in the Music world as well as a Pop Cultural Icon. Over the past 13 years of her career we have seen her set the world ablaze with sensational Bubblegum/Teen Pop songs and grow as an artist and a performer. Setting trends and widely considered as an icon amongst Madonna, Elvis, Michael Jackson and The Beatles for so many different reasons! and in 2003 she delivered her first musical opus In The Zone (containing the likes of Toxic and Everytime)

We have also seen her fall into new depths of bleakness the past decade, and is regarded famous not just for her music but also her private life (sometimes MORe so!) amongst the chaos of her life came Blackout in 2007. In style and sound it shocked people as not only was it released in a period of darkness for Spears but also it was rather great! (and also served as a taster for what is to come with this album). A year later she returned with Circus (slightly more dissapointing if a solid Pop record!) and broke records with her world tour!

NOW, two years since then she, the Avant garde of Pop, returns yet again with something out of this world in sound, production, writing and vocals. Sure Spears is NOT the best vocalist out there, but her vocals are instantly distinctive here and also at their most tseted and vulnerable than they ever have been! Max Martin(from albums 1 - 3), Dr Luke, Billboard, Will I Am, Bloodshy & Avant (Toxic, Piece Of Me), Benny Blanco, Fraser Smith, Darkchild and Stargate are aomongst the big names here collaborating with Spears and bringing this total new dimension to her as an artist and entertainer.

Femme Fatale for me is arguably the most schitzo-art-Dance themed since Madonnas MUSIC album ten years prior and the finest pop record since gorillaz Demon Days and Madonnas Confessions On A Dance Floor. As a concept it is largely old skool in production brought into the modern era and pushed to an entirely new dimension! As a concept album you can imagine yourself in this surreal dimension of Femme Fatales, Superheros and Apocalyptic Dance meets and Anime Future World. so diverse in sound to keep you entertained, even if haters find themselves with the album (and i use the term loosely) you will ALWAYS find something random pop out to keep the most dismissive listener entertained.

Arguably Femme Fatale will rank as one of the biggest events of 2011. After the video viral marketing genius of Hold It Against Me garnering enough attention, Britney certainly has been one to watch....and hear!

Also what i MUSt put out is the effect of the synth pop, the Auto Tuning is not used as a reliance, her voice is more raw and energetic here and the effect presents this macabre atmosphere with a somewhat Euphoric thematic depth to it.

And of course the songs themselves.....well....HERE IS THE LOWDOWN...

"Till the World Ends" - The MONSTER of a lead song. It was written by Ke$ha and sounds like an absolute Summer designed master Dance Epic! bringing 90s Trance back and roughing it all up a bit! the chant is just the most genius thing out there! 10/10

"Hold It Against Me" - Britney + Trance + Dubstep = the most warped lead single Britney has ever done! it is edgy as ever and damn signatory of her career. 9/10

"Inside Out" - One of the most genuinely beautiful songs Britney has done since In The Zone, it is raw and very sonic and MIA sounding (reminds me a LOT of Rusko in production) and Britney is at her most vulnerable. Absolutely astonishing. 10/10

"I Wanna Go" - Britney meets Madonna circa Confessions On A Dance Floor. This is designed for the summer! it is retro and Disco/Electronica influenced and so energetic....the whistles are so instantaneous it is bliss! 10/10

"How I Roll" - Dare i say it that this is the finest Britney and Bloodshy & Avant have ever made in their history together! it is very distorted and slick, quite Urban sounding and punky. 10/10

"(Drop Dead) Beautiful" (featuring Sabi) - Very enjoyable but possibly the only song here i would not call inspired as much. Still a tough sounding song overall and very edgy.....designed for the clubs. 8/10

"Seal It With a Kiss" - again very influenced by the British club scene with Dub Step/Electronica influence. Another favourite on the album. Very thumpy and throbbing. 10/10

"Big Fat Bass" (featuring will.i.am) - the big grower of the album....BUT the most surprising possibly, Will I Ams finest work i would say! since Boom Boom Pow (BETTER!) and Britneys finest collab since Madonna herself in Me Avainst The Music. It is very energetic and rapid. And one of the most expertly created anthems i have ever heard! the lyrics are vapid and slick and just overall....could i call it the most insane she has ever done?? YES...yes i will. 10/10

"Trouble for Me" - We are back to Punk Britney again, here she reflects a more agressive sound to her voice, it really does strike out, again very throbby and retro sound. 9/10

"Trip to Your Heart" - Bloodshy & Avants other collab with Britney.And would rank alongside How I Roll and Toxic as their best work. It is blissful trance and again reflects a euphoric tone and distorted beauty. It is the most dancey Ballad since Madonnas Frozen. It is absolutely finely done and again, just a beautiful BEAUTIFUL song. 10/10

"Gasoline" - Could be a bit of a cult classic here, It is the FLAME to Toxic! the SET ME ON FIRE hook is expertly done! and the guitar reminds me of Prince a lot here too. agressive and frenetic. 10/10

"Criminal" - Many have stated this, but echoes back to Madonnas (ahead of times masterpiece) MUSIC album with the Electronica/Acoustic style. The flute is just mesmerising. Britneys vocals are so emotive and strong here! you really connect to her on a different level. Very mid tempo but very melodic and 70s sounding. 10/10

Bonus -
"Up N' Down" - very catchy but understandable why it is a bonus song. Nontheless it is really fun. 8/10

"He About to Lose Me" - Darkchild returns on this mesmerisingly designed mid tempo by Britney. Absolutely fantastic stuff. 9/10

"Selfish" - again this is a very catchy and mighty number! and again reminds me of Prince in the early 80s. Very slick. 9/10

"Don't Keep Me Waiting" - Britney masters Pop Rock again here in her second Darkchild collaboration. This is absolutely raw and fantastic! 10/10

well, there you have it. Femme Fatale! Britney Spears has delivered her musical opus! her finest album since the flawless In The Zone and her most tastefully INSANE recording she has ever recorded! each song flows into the next effortlessly. Everyone will have their favourite moments!

Britney sure will never be the same since her breakdown. But damn she really connects musically like she hasn't done SINCE 2004! and not only that but her and her crew of amazing song writers, producers, engineers pulled it all together and has officially set the trend for every other artist in the Pop genre! The Princess Of Pop at the top of her game! trend setting like the best!

The era is going to be phenomenal! THE FEMME FATALE!!!

Passive Me, Aggressive You
Passive Me, Aggressive You
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5.0 out of 5 stars THEY are the sound of 2011! The Naked & Famous are BEYOND Music!, 15 Mar. 2011
My tastes in music have a broad range, i LOVE Madonna, The Doors, Sly & The Family Stone, Bjork, Fleetwood Mac, Kate Bush, Bjork, Britney and Blondie to name but a few....and by those names alone explores the nature of The Naked & Famous, they defy classification.

They diverge between genre, art and music space. and defy with Thom Powers and Alisa Xaylith vocal talent....truely beyond phenomenal! the BBC review is really lazy i must say. Jessie J may have a solid debut album, but The Naked & Famous truly have given the album that has set the standards for contemporary artists.

Have it on blast right now for the second time today since i have recieved the album! after following them for the past year near enough! FINALLY their material and their first two EPs are available on the Deluxe Edition of the album (also found here on Amazon!)

Passive Me, Aggressive You is the most musically defining album of 2011, full of sound of pure Electronica, Synth Rock and Art pop this exceeds all expectations!

I agree with a fellow reviewer that each song on the album could be a hit after hit! i mean the songs are so explorative and diverse that each can be released!

Young Blood is already my song of the year! and Punching In A Dream is already having successful impact!

I truly feel this album is one of the most defining coming of age explorative records in years! and i truly feel that as a group they are my favourite band out there right now.

They have the power to become absolutely huge worldwide! and i am glad they are finally being recognised here in the UK! they are sensational! and won their NME award last month for Best New Artist International, so i am hoping this will just be the start!

here is an overview of the album -

"All of This" - powerful opening to the album, sonically it grasps your attention. 10/10
"Punching In a Dream" - Defining single! and powerful video. This song truly is the definition of music art.
"Frayed" - Beautiful driven song, and absolutely surrealistic and arty. 10/10
"The Source" - a smartly made interlude
"The Sun" - could be a great release, absolutely dramatically something else. 10/10
"Eyes" - another astounding song!9/10
"Young Blood" - The greatest song in years in my opinion, it is properly coming of age and the best of 2011. 10/10
"No Way" - beautiful and absolutely dramatic and symbolic song, very synthy too.10/10
"Spank" - Absolutely distorted and punky techno song on the album, a real stand out! 10/10
"Jilted Lover" - continuing the trippy blend of the previous song! it is much more chaotic and has beautiful textures, a properly elemental song. 10/10
"A Wolf In Geek's Clothing" - what i havent said already is that they are genius right! well this is the eleventh track that shows this! 10/10
"The Ends" - a smaller magical song at 1 minute in length, BUT absolute quality nontheless
"Girls Like You" - the EPIC finish to an album o sheer wonder and brilliance!at over 6 minutes long it truly makes the album have that epic quality finish and brings the entire collection of songs to a full circle.

Please seek this group out and buy this album! there truly is nothing out there quite like it! Believe me i have looked. It is an audio wonder you will want to repeat over and over and over.

Wonderful, Dark, Elemental, Dance, Electronic, Retro, Future thinking....The Naked & Famous are the Kiwi Band that has officially set the standard and template for the year!

a beautiful dark masterpiece!

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