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Mr. T. A. M. Omalley (Staffordshire, England, UK)

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Star Trek: Armada II (PC CD)
Star Trek: Armada II (PC CD)

16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The ability to Modify, 20 Nov. 2004
The Game itself of Star Trek Armada 2 is a vast improvement to that of Armada 1. While the basic concept, and many of the ships and stations are the same, the graphics are now very believable, and its three dimensionable, ships can go up and down, unlike armada 1.
Levels are longer, and better. Instant action is also better, now giving you the FEDERATION, KLINGONS, ROMULANS, BORG, SPECIES 8472, and the CARDASSIANS as playable races.
The fun does not stop there either, as all those with an ounce of sense will find Modding the game very easy. Webites such as [...] and [...] offer free downloads to its members that include new weapons, ships, stations and even an few extra levels, some even come with installers, but manual instalations are easy.
I have personally added 2 new races, the MAQUIS that I built myself, and The DOMINION that I downloaded. I also have new ships such as the PROMETHEUS, CONSTITUTION-R, GALAXY-X, OBERTH, UPGRADED DEFIANT, DAUNTLESS, CHEYYENE class etc for the Fed, DEEP SPACE NINE STATION for the cardassians, the SCIMITAR and VALDORE romulan classes from 'Nemesis' and all my klingon ships now have cloaks, my federation galaxy X has an immense phaser cannon, and the Borg have a REAL CUBE, no fusion crap.
Buy this game, and mod it, the game deserves to be modded, but a word of warning, finish it first, mods can sometimes screw levels up, so only play instant action after you begin modding, and you cant use mods over the internet!
I would certainly reccomend this game to anyone.
I want to personally thank the runners of the beforemensioned websites, you are wonderful people!!!!

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4.0 out of 5 stars Star Trek Voyager, a fresh Trek Perspective., 25 Feb. 2004
So, Star Trek the Next Generation had just ended, DS9 was in its third season and the new motion picture Star Trek Generations had just aired. Then Paramount announce that they are unleashing a new trek series, to replace the now empty TNG spot. This new series pitted the crew against all new enemies, never before seen dangerous anomolies and strange bio memetic lifeforms. They called this show Star Trek Voyager, and throughout its seven season run, it has become one of the favourite Trek series ever.
This, the first season sees Voyager Docked at Space Station DS9 in the Pilot, 'Caretaker'. She soon proceedes into the Badlands after a little Maquis ship. They both however, get pulled 70,000 light years across the Galaxy into the Delta Quadrant, and meet there newest enemies, the Kazon. With the Caretaker destroyed, USS Voyager begins her long journey home, over what will be a great chapter in Trek History. Engage!
'Caretaker' Pilot, above
'Parralax' Voyager encounters a level 10 quantum sigularity.
'Time and Again' Paris and Janeway get trapped on a doomed planet
'Phage' Neelix's lungs are stolen by Aliens on an away mission.
'The Cloud' Voyager mistakes an alien for a nebula and goes in.
'Eye of the Needle' Voyager makes contact with home, in the past.
'Ex Post Facto' Lt Paris is accused of Murdering a scientist.
'Emanations' Ensign Kim gets transported to another dimension
'Prime Factors' Voyager Finds a technology that can get them home
'State of Flux' A Maquis turns out to be a cardassian spy.
'Heroes and Demons' Kim is lost in the Holodeck, Can the EMH help
'Cathexis' Chakotay is killed on a nebula survey
'Faces' Torres is captured and turned into a pure Klingon
'Learning Curve' Maquis crew members undergo training.
'Jetrel' Neelix's past catches up with him
And there you have it.

No Title Available

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4.0 out of 5 stars Starship USS Voyager NCC 74656, 12 Dec. 2003
Thats the star of the series Star Trek Voyager.
Season 1
Caretaker: Voyager is lost in the deta quadrant
Caretaker Part 2: Voyager engages in battle with the kazon
Parralax: The ship gets caught up in a quantum singularity
Time and Again: Paris and Janeway get trapped on a doomed planet
Phage: Aliens Steal Neelix's Lungs
The Cloud: The ship hurts an alien lifeform and must help it.
Eye of the Needle: A way home? no
Ex post Facto: Paris gets accused of murder
Emanations: kim gets transported to another dimension
Prime factors: The crew go on shore leave, way home? no
State of Flux: Ensign seska is accused of dealing with the Kazon
Heroes and Demons: The EMH goes on an away mission
Cathexis: The ship is invaded by an alien
Faces: Torres is Kidnapped by vidians
Learning Curve: Some Maquis undergo starfleet traning under Tuvok
Jetral: Neelix's past catches up with him.
This season starts well, it has good episodes, Caretaker, State of flux and Cathexis are the best in my opinion, but has bad ones, like Time and Again and Emanations which is possibly the worst voyager episode ever! It is a very short season, with season 2 being better and longer, cant wait! It is overall the opening to a good series, and cannot be missed.
Buy it!!!!

Star Trek Voyager - Vol. 4.1 (Scorpion Pt. II/The Gift) [VHS] [1996]
Star Trek Voyager - Vol. 4.1 (Scorpion Pt. II/The Gift) [VHS] [1996]

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars One of voyagers most changing episodes., 29 Aug. 2003
This volume of voyager is brilliant. 'The Gift' is the big changing episode of the whole voyager series, meeting a new character, 7 of 9, and saying goodbye to old one, Kes. Scorpion needs its first part really, so I would suggest buying, if you havnt got it yet, volume 3.13 that has scorpon part 1. Buy this video!

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