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Brian Newbould (North Yorkshire, UK)

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Nokia C3-01 Sim Free Mobile Phone - Silver
Nokia C3-01 Sim Free Mobile Phone - Silver

169 of 171 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Good Practical Stylish And Easy To Use 'Touch & Type' Phone, 14 July 2011
Having previously owned a Sony and latterly a Nokia 6303 Classic I considered these two brands first, Sony perhaps having a slight advantage on Nokia in the 'ease of operation' department. However, I finally decided on this 'Touch & Type' over the Sony alternatives and a plethora of other full touch screen handsets which were either poorly designed or in many instances simply too expensive with plenty of the 'more affordable' handsets also receiving indifferent reviews at best. My main reasons for opting for this 'Nokia C3-01' in no particular order were:

Good 'transitional' introduction to touch screen

Familiar, compact and reassuringly 'solid' build quality and feel. Not dissimilar to my old '6303' but with a sleeker appearance being very slim, stylish and most 'jewel-like' indeed.

Slightly larger screen than '6303', and its also very clear and bright which cant be a bad thing though as with most if not all comparable phones (?) still pretty difficult if almost impossible under certain circumstances to view outdoors even under typically dull grey British skies

Excellent large keypad with lateral 'separation bars', exceptionally good for texting, and at last Ive got a phone that does away with the dreadful 5-way central stick/buttons

5mp camera with zoom and flash which also doubles-up as a bright mini-torch

Radio and MP3 with claimed up-to 20hrs music playback

Wi-Fi, Internet and email capabilities although I hasten to add I will unlike some other people I guess only use these very occasionally hence my lack of comments on these 'specifics'; Ill leave that to someone who uses/understands them more. I primarily use my phone for calls and for texting; as an 'always to hand' camera, and as an occasional radio.

Good Points: The excellent large keypad and touch screen ideally compliment each other and are easy to use. As others have mentioned the screen can be a tad slow at times requiring an occasional second 'tap' or two; must stress this is absolutely no real 'problem' at all. The screen only requires a surprisingly light 'touch' to scroll/press/tap the on-screen 'buttons'. After a few days as one becomes more accustomed it all works very, very well indeed being both smooth and accurate and thus far surpassing my initial expectations. 'Top Tip': If sending a text select the name/contact first rather than scrolling down your list at the end when 'sending' as its a bit too easy to hit the wrong name/contact!

Comes with a very good comprehensive printed instruction booklet

Easy to navigate through menus, would obviously take a fair while longer to learn if you are switching from a different brand when I have found that certain things can initially make you feel a little annoyed and somewhat frustrated with your new toy!

Useful dedicated camera switch on right side of handset. Handy touch screen short-cut buttons and ability to personalise/customise home screen; very, very useful indeed

Good selection of features. Most used personal ones include alarm clock, voice recorder, torch (saps bettery?), calculator (a bit fiddly), et'al

Not-So Good Points: Signal reception is not as good as old '6303' which was very good. Battery life noticeably shorter but no real problem for light to moderate+ usage. Charge it once every five or six days perhaps. Nothing like the drastic one or two days of smart phones, however I understand that if you start surfing the Internet and using it like a smart phone then battery life becomes alarmingly similar: 'When is a mobile phone not a mobile phone? Answer; when its a smart phone! In other words this is definitely, definitely not an 'Internet' surfing phone except in extremis, read emergency then very good luck to you!

Stainless steel rear cover permanently shows-up finger marks. Purchased a clear cover on 'Amazon' with a 'patterned' reverse side which looks surprisingly good, quite 'nifty' actually. Its a good fit with correct cut-outs whilst also making it even easier to hold especially if your hands are 'sweaty'. Use phone in house without cover on, only fitting it when 'out and about' as it obviously helps to protect it. It does make side buttons a fair bit more tricky to operate especially the almost impossible 'Keylock' (as detailed below). Still bought three of these covers anyway as on balance we thought they were the best sensible option: One each for myself, my wife and son whom after seeing my new phone have replaced their old ones with the same model!

Quite obviously touch screen is permanently finger marked. I carry a spectacle cleaning cloth to polish same plus camera lens/flash window. Screen protector also used. (see my other 'Reviews' for cover/screen protector.

'Keylock' button on side is too small whilst being almost 'flush' with the body making it hard to press although the 'keylock' is auto-activated (literally) a minute after the last 'action'

No Micro-USB cable to connect to computer or Micro-SD card supplied; got both with old '6303' so am okay without having to purchase new ones

In summing-up: Very pleased so far. Owned it now for two months; cannot fault it as far personal requirements are concerned; no major flaws, 'faults' or shortcomings surfaced bearing in mind my previous Wi-Fi/internet/emailing comments. Surely, and particularly so for fellow (younger-end, just joined the club myself!) 'Silver Surfers', an absolutely essential prerequisite of a larger screen would be vital if you were regularly surfing the Internet?

'Amazon' price had sort of 'settled' (but still yo-yo's quite a bit so be patient!) to a realistic level £-for-£ for what you get i.e. at the date of submitting this revue. All in all a very good 'updated' and (mostly) improved 'semi-traditional' phone that has and does everything I require and more. It suitably 'bridges the gap' between now and the next time I need to change/update. This will no doubt be to a 'Smart' full touch-screen device which one hopes will be a significant improvement over many of today's mediocre offerings whilst similarly reflecting current levels of spec., affordability and value for money, oh and with at least 4 or 5 days between charges!
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IBRA® 1.5m High Speed PRO GOLD RED HDMI 2.0/1.4a HDMI Cable 3D 2160p PS4 SKY HD 4K Ultra HD
IBRA® 1.5m High Speed PRO GOLD RED HDMI 2.0/1.4a HDMI Cable 3D 2160p PS4 SKY HD 4K Ultra HD
Offered by Hd Zone
Price: £24.99

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect For The Job - Why pay More?, 6 Jun. 2011
When 'asking around' (inc engineers) about 'better quality' HDMI leads the consensus was all but unanimous: Spent up-to £20 each, (not even that on Amazon) and you might find a noticeable improvement over 'standard OE' cables. No need to spend any more. Nuts to spend £50, £60, £70 or more! A case of severely diminishing returns.

Other comments: Buy the shortest you can get away with; less signal loss (?) and cheaper! Bear in mind they are not very flexible and do somewhat need gentler 'arcs'. With the price being so competitive I bought one from Amazon then another all but identical one (noticed by complete accident) from a local-ish department store for a slightly higher but 'close enough' price.

Not much more you can say about a cable really. Does the job at a great price. P.S. Go to the actual product to see the 'great price' unless they increase it in the meantime?!

Panasonic TX-L37S20BA 37-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 100Hz LCD TV with Freeview HD
Panasonic TX-L37S20BA 37-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 100Hz LCD TV with Freeview HD

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Exceptional 100hz LCD TV, 3 Jun. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
We deliberated long and hard before our final purchase decision was made. Considered/auditioned Sony, Samsung & LG as possible alternatives also plasma too. Amongst the reasons we opted for the Panasonic were that my cousin had one and it really 'stood out' from the crowd, also 100hz refresh rate was absolutely essential to prevent motion blur that is so hideously present on 50hz sets (Why are supermarkets packed out with 40/42" sets at 'super cheap' prices? - its essentially outdated technology being sold-off). In the past we have found Panasonic (and Sony) products to be of a very high quality and without exception very reliable too. We also bought it whilst it was near the bottom of their often 'yo-yo' pricing levels. Delivery as usual from Amazon was brilliant. We ordered in the afternoon and received it the morning of the following day!

As far as screen size was concerned it was the ideal size for the room, (apprx 5m x 3.5m). We have seen far too many 'oversize' telly's in small rooms where you end up watching by moving your vision 'too and fro' across the screen rather than viewing the whole picture. Someone mentioned to me one of the (tv/video/hi-fi comparrison) magazines websites has a 'Screen Size Calculator' where you enter in details of your room, its dimensions, viewing distance/angle perhaps (?) etc and it comes up with an ideal/recommended size. Might be worth looking it up.

Plasma definitely has a superior picture quality but not by that much. A small number appear to be almost obsessed by watching the television, not the programmes! The vast majority are thankfully more sensible and would be perfectly happy with a good quality 100hz set especially if purchased at a 'Bargain' price from Amazon. By the way we did purchase a couple of premium HDMI leads. No need to spend more that £20 each or not even that here on Amazon. Buy the shortest you can get away with; cheaper/less signal loss so I am told whilst bearing in mind they are not very flexible and need a gentle 'arc'.

As mentioned we did consider the equivalent Panasonic plasma but after 'asking around' we decided that the (small it must be said) longer term risks of 'burnt out' areas appearing on the screen did influence our final decision. We even heard that the Eurosport on-screen logo was/had been requested??? to be rotated from top right to top left on a regular basis to help prevent this 'problem'. Does anyone know or has heard more about this?

The appearance of the set is sleek and stylish whilst unlike some others being suitably restrained. The' textured' finish of the surround and oval stand, a little more stylish in our eyes than the rectangular ones, helps to prevent finger marks whilst also being more resilient to scratches than the currently in vogue 'piano black'.

Set-up was simplicity itself, all auto. We have a Virgin+ HD box in addition to the built-in Freeview HD which works fine off a old puny 9 element roof top aerial!

Make use of the many excellent Reviews on here, with in particular some most helpful 'Comments' (specifically under the 'Comments' button) especially on how too obtain the best picture and much, much more.

Do keep an eye out for one misleading Review which incorrectly states that it is not 100hz. The 50hz referred to on the back of the set, on the specs under 'Power' on Amazons page and in the handbook is the supply rating, i.e. AC 220-240v at 50hz and NOT the refresh rate which IS 100hz as correctly stated by Amazon and on product review sites too. This '100hz' is even printed on the box! Whilst mentioning the handbook; an excellent bulky A4 sized comprehensive one is provided, something much to the annoyance of a friend who last Autumn purchased a 100hz Sony which came with only a basic printed set-up guide, the rest only accessible on-screen.

We have owned this set now for about 4 to 5 months and have not noticed any 'motion blur' or 'fuzzy edges' when viewed via aforesaid Virgin+ HD box, our 'default' setting so to speak. The only hint of any such 'problem' we have noticed is that on some of Eurosports Moto GP transmissions 'small' bikes travelling quickly across the screen in the far background are slightly blurred however we believe that this is more than likely due to the host stations output than the tv; switch over to the British Touring Cars on ITV 4 from somewhere fast like Thruxton and its perfect.

If you are viewing on SD via an aerial we have been repeatedly told 'people expect the picture to be better than the old CRT sets: Its not!'

If you are watching via Freeview and are experiencing picture quality 'problems' your signal might be weak. The only thing you can then do, given that you already have ensured that you have the 'optimal' aerial set-up (?), is try an Arial (signal) Booster'. My past experience of these is that they result in either one of two things: Amplify the existing problem or simply cure it. Keep the receipt and packaging!

Although we have a Dolby 5.1 surround sound system we only use this occasionally for concerts, films and the like as the Panasonics built-in speakers give a robust and perfectly acceptable sound with the usual infinite number of equalizer settings/adjustments available. The sound whilst not 'hi-fi for want of a better description is far better than our old 32" CRT set and from what we have heard at neighbours, friends and family better than equivalent Sony sets too which was a bit of a surprise as we have in the past and currently own many top-notch Sony products down the years including 'this' Vaio laptop, Walkmans et'al.

The only shortfall feature that others have alluded too is the lack of a USB port for computer use. Yes it is an omission but being simple 'silver surfers' in our lower mid-50somethings we would in all honesty not use it. We have a' larger' screen laptop (a recent replacement for our ageing desktop)which is 'the computer' and does all a computer jobs as our tv does all the tv jobs just as mobile phone, MP3 and so-on do theirs. I hasten to add that we are neither technophobes or technofiles; we are 'Read The 'Quick Guide' Plug-in And Play' types as most people become beyond a certain age!

To sum-up: Stylish, simplicity itself to set-up and navigate the various menus, cracking picture, decent sound and that's even before considering Amazons bargain price we paid at the time. Unless you want to try the plasma option, which as I said we were sorely tempted to do as the price of the equivalent Panasonic at the time was also most tempting I really don't think that at the time of purchase there was anything out there that provided such quality and value for your money.

Jochen Rindt: Uncrowned King
Jochen Rindt: Uncrowned King
by David Tremayne
Edition: Hardcover

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!, 31 May 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The other reviews and one in particular have essentially said it all. We had to wait an awful long time for such an 'obvious' book to be published but my goodness was it worth the wait.

To add just a few more comments to compliment the other reviews.

It is all beautifully produced and presented on large, high gloss quality pages with a fantastic array of photographs in colour and B&W. I was ever so slightly disappointed with the jacket portrait as I feel it does not quite 'capture' Jochen as I remember. A wonderful study of him in an old book called 'Photo F1' sat in his Lotus 72, hands clasped whilst stationary in the pits would have been in my humble opinion the ideal choice however this is just a minute personal quibble. Perhaps it was 'not available'? I almost feel a tad 'guilty' for even mentioning this for it is such a truly wonderful book which serves as an eminently suitable 'tribute'. Well done 'DT'. (N.B. Minor error by 'Amazon': Yes, the foreword is by 'JYS', the author is David Tremayne).

Moving on, I knew someone who knew him, not a close friend I hasten to add, but he has passed down several snippets to me over the years. Outwardly Jochen may have appeared arrogant to some but 'underneath' I am resolutely assured he was not. After his wing failed at Silvestone in '69 whilst battling for the lead with 'JYS' he forlornly commented to my friend: 'P. I don't think that I will ever win a Grand Prix'. Watkins Glen was not that far away, sadly neither too was Monza in the late summer of 1970.

After having read and talked about the Monza accident down the years one cannot help feeling that to some degree poor Jochen contributed to his own fate regardless of what did or did not 'break', or the ambulance fiasco, or the incorrectly installed barrier: Running without either front and/or rear wings, tyres not up to full and 'balanced' working temperature and perhaps most crucially an unfastened seatbelt crotch strap?

Looking at the remains of his car; the rearward 50% of the cockpit area (apprx) is relatively intact. Yes he would have possibly suffered severe foot/leg injuries but he would not have 'submarined' thus inflicting consequential fatal injuries. Others have alluded to these thoughts too. For one 'more recent' telling public example on the 'whole' scenario was a brief passing remark in Christopher Hilton's bio' on Clay Regazzoni, 'Regga' where Clay commented upon how Jochen was focusing on how fast the car was rather than how close it was to its limits.

Jochen had of course made the somewhat agonised choice to stay with Lotus for the 1970 season despite some serious well documented reservations. More specifically on that fateful Saturday afternoon at Monza in his quest to finally lay both hands on the 'Crown' the heightened feelings and emotions of an already tragic year no doubt to some degree influenced the situation which resulted in the disaster that ensued. Circumstances; all the pressures would combine to push himself and the car beyond their usual limits with tragic results.

I was a great fan and this long awaited book finally offers a definitive and touching account of this often overlooked 'King' of our sport. I think it was 'Motor Sport' magazine that printed that it had never before received so much correspondence particularly from younger readers on his passing. I was one such devastated sixteen year old. At the time I was involved in karting, a community where he was without any doubt whatsoever considered the 'King'.

Had he survived I think that today we might be watching 'The Jochen & Bernie Show'!

No Title Available

4.0 out of 5 stars Pretty Good But Not Perfect, 29 May 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Reasonably priced, genuinely 'ultra crystal clear' as described, perfectly accurate fit size wise with correct positioning of 'ear piece' cut-out, easy to apply, 'static' adhesion; non of that 'sticky' glue/adhesive' I once discovered to my cost that you sometimes get with lower priced screen protectors. Only 'fault' is that at the extreme bottom left corner and ditto top right a small area of 'non-adhesion' appears AFTER it has seen to have been 100% successfully applied. Luckily these do not, as yet, encroach onto the actual screen area, only the black surround. This happened on both brand new mobiles, one for myself and one for my wife, in a virtually identical manner. Very strange! Apart from this they are fine and as its such a minor if rather odd 'failing' on balance I would still recommend them rather than scratching your screen. Perhaps you will have better luck?

AKG K330 Headphones - Scarb
AKG K330 Headphones - Scarb

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Overlooked 'Quality Sound' Phones, 23 Feb. 2011
Having previously owned and enjoyed 'AKG' phones (amongst others) I decided that I would give them a 'go' again as I required an 'upgrade' to the 'bundled' phones of my new MP3 player. My 'at home indoors' phones are the truly outstanding 'Sennheiser PX100s'. However, for travel, holidays or sitting/working in the garden I needed some in-ear phones to compliment these 'PX100's'.

As usual they arrived promptly from 'Amazon'; in a rather stylish 'magnet flap closing' box complete with a handy zipped semi-circle shaped fabric (hard) storage case and 'set' of three (very soft and pliable) different sized liners for an individualy tailored choice of fit.

I chose the 'chrome and white', the most expensive colour option at the time of ordering, about a year ago, and still so at the time of this review (!) over other colour options as they would best reflect the heat from the sun whilst on 'jolly hols' lazing around a pool somewhere in the hot sun of the Med. and every now and again in the back garden in the UK in 'high summer'. Well one lives in hope! Due to an allergy I cannot wear enclosed phones as my ears become very warm, on-ear indoors are perfectly tollerable and in-ear present little if any problems however in a hot climate I do all I can to prevent any such problem arrising. So far in 30+ degress its 'worked' with these 'AKGs'. As a bonus I found they are also as light as a feather and a wonderfully comfortable fit.

The 'sound' whilst nowhere near as 'big', 'full' or 'bass-y' as the 'Sennheisers', after all they are very different annimals, provides a lovely relaxed 'natural' easy-listening result on my particular (higher-end 'Sony') MP3 player. Its open, detailed, clear, and musical with great fidelity and has notably excellent stereo separation.

It cannot be stressed enough that correct possitioning in the ear canal is of absolute importance to the 'sound' experience. With three 'fitting' options of this ready-provided as alluded to I had absolutely no problem whatsoever. This is obviously rather subjective as we all have differing shapes and sizes of ears/ear canals. Reliability and durability has not been a issue.

Minus points? I would have preffered a neater smaller, softer 'L' shaped 'jack' plug. Like many others movement/touching the cord does create an intrusive sound. Better to be sitting in the garden rather than working in the garden. Sounds good to me! Also in my humble opinion they are on the expensive side for this colour option but as previously explained this was a most important personal consideration. However read on!.................

Since my purchase of just over a year back alternate colour versions have now at the date of this review been reduced, one option considerably so that you would just have to buy them! Now I am possibly going to order another pair of these for my wife as the kids 'Mothers Day' present to upgrade her i-pod Nano's bundled phones.

To sum up. An exellent if not ultimate product from 'AKG', their relatively 'low key' and thus often overlooked presence compared to the main high street players (particulary in the UK?) belies the fact that they are a highly respected and significant player in proffesional 'sound' (microphones, headphones etc) which I like to feel has to some small degree 'rubbed off' on their consumer products. As with my previous 'AKGs', I am again very pleased indeed with these fine earphones.

Sony NWZS545B S Series 16GB Walkman with Built-In Stereo Speakers - Black
Sony NWZS545B S Series 16GB Walkman with Built-In Stereo Speakers - Black

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Most Impressive Indeed, 19 Feb. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
My attention was first drawn to this 'Sony Walkman' by the competitive 'Amazon' price, its sleek, slim and compact styling, FM Radio, crystal-clear screen, 'Sony' reputation combined with prior positive experience of their products, and at the time of purchase this 16GB MP3 was cheaper than many other comparable premium brand 8GB MP3 players(!), 8GB being the size I had originally decided upon.

First and foremost the sound 'quality' has to be by definition a rather subjective consideration, the same as when say auditioning Hi-Fi speakers. Whilst the supplied earphones could never be described as 'exceptional' they do a most reasonable job and will no doubt prove entirely satisfactory for many. However to realise the players full potential I have 'upgraded' and 'tailored' the sound to my personal tastes by way of purchasing some mid-range 'AKG' in-ear buds to use alongside my existing on-ear 'Sennheiser PX100s' the combination, particularly with the latter, results in a truly exceptional sound.

It always makes me chuckle when people complain of 'poor' sound (except of course 'in extremis') given this most obvious after-market solution with the extensive choice of brands/'sounds' available whilst also not forgetting the countless number of 'equaliser' settings to hand too. If an acceptable sound is still not achieved invasive surgery of the ears would appear to be the last available option!

Yes I agree to some extent with some other reviews; perhaps a tad more volume might help some who are 'hard of hearing'. I hasten to add that I have found this 'volume' is again (but to a lesser degree also somewhat influenced by the 'phones used and the 'equaliser' settings selected). Personally the loudest volume I listen at is circa 65%/70% for very occasional short periods. Cannot comment on the 'underground/busy street' aspect as I mostly listen in quiet environs; house, garden, hotel, poolside, beach, park and so on. So that apart I can only say that unless you are of a 'Heavy Metal' or 'Disco'/'Club Scene' disposition it's not even the very slightest problem. The volume settings are '0-30'. I mostly listen at 13 or 14.

Whilst the relatively large screen is incredibly clear, being a 'mid-50-something Silver Surfer' I cannot tollerate watching it for long periods therefore I mainly use my MP3 for music; anything from Eagles, Gary Go, James Blunt, Supertramp, Brian Wilson, Fleetwood Mac, Poco, Steely Dan, Randy Newman etc to the more popular classics; Chopin, Holst, Elgar, Rodrigo, Beethhoven, Rossini and a good 'blast' of orchestral Vagner thrown in every now and again for good measure! All instruments and genres are rendered to excellent effect.

A radio is an equal and most essential requirement too. Reception appears fine with BBC Radio 2/4/York and Classic FM amongst others being easily received in my area which I hasten to add enjoys a good strong 'FM' signal. Voice clarity on on my local station, BBC Radio York as well as BBC Radio 4 or 4-Extra for example is again very good indeed.

Controls/buttons easy to use, menus, music transfer et'al as detailed in other reviews present no major problems. Its suitably light and compact for travelling without feeling cheap or flimsy. The built-in speakers should really be considered as a 'bonus', their tiny size performing somewhat better than I expected given that positioning is vital to the sound generated; against a wall, in a corner or best of all under a low shelf as I discovered on holiday in a hotel room (dressing table). Battery life as one would possibly expect is somewhat reduced when listening via the speakers. The stand if you can call it that is a pathetic, small, cheap and flymsy affair that could very easily become lost. Pity they could not have 'built it in' on a hinge.

Highly recommend obtaining one of those 'USB' mains plug adaptors to charge the unit, very useful indeed when on hols etc. Battery life I find very, very good indeed, way better than many (friends/relations) others. Would have liked to perform more operations without having to connect it to the computer but apart from that as I am a 'plug-in and play' enthusiast I do not delve into such finite details of a technical nature unless they are directly relevant to my needs. Other reviews more than fully cover these issues.

Had it for a over year now, proven to be 100% reliable. Given the above minor negatives if 4.5* existed thats what I would have given it.

Stirred But Not Shaken: The Autobiography
Stirred But Not Shaken: The Autobiography
by Keith Floyd
Edition: Hardcover

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Could Have Been Better But Still A Good Read, 17 Feb. 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Yes you do get the impression that it is a bit of a rush job, particularly towards the end but perhaps his health was worse than we or even he knew, it being barely a couple of months before he passed away. One thing is certain, it is eons better that his previous 'Out Of The Frying Pan' bio.

Its a tad slow to build, contains too much on some aspects of his life and not enough of others. Despite the swift ending the final two thirds or thereabouts of the book are particularly good; sad, funny, tragic et'al as he pours his heart out with such downright honesty.

As another reviewer commented virtually nothing on one of his best series, 'Floyd Uncorked' with J. Pedley. I was really looking forward to that 'episode' but it never arrived, perhaps nothing much happened although as I type I cannot believe that! It was the only real disappointment as the rest made exceptionally easy reading, the at times random, disjointed aspect reflected his character perfectly, thus I feel enhancing not distracting from the books appeal by providing a more accurate and vivid picture of him talking directly to the reader.

I have followed Floyd for many years but not especially for his cooking! I followed Floyd for his innate style and irreverence, his 'no nonsense' presentation and to the great credit of his 'team' the wonderful backdrops and mini guides of the areas he visited. He will be sadly missed but this book and no doubt the many repeats on cable will help keep his spirit (!) alive.

Roberts Gemini 45 DAB FM RDS Digital Radio - Black (discontinued by manufacturer)
Roberts Gemini 45 DAB FM RDS Digital Radio - Black (discontinued by manufacturer)

115 of 120 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Quality No Frills Mono DAB Radio, 4 Dec. 2009
I purchased this radio for use in the bedroom. I required a compact DAB radio that would sit comfortably on a small bedside cabinet. Its dimensions fitted the bill to a tee. I also needed DAB access without having to switch the (Freeview) tv on.

The initial set-up and controls are simplicity itself and most appreciated by someone who wishes to 'plug-in and play' without a detailed cover to cover study of the manual. Controls are simple and effective, aerial rotates, rotary volume control is super-smooth, accurate and progressive; another 'plus' for a 'bedroom' radio.

Whilst our tv/fm reception is strong our digital signals are 'not as', furthermore I have heard that the north east is notorious for weak digital signals with North Yorkshire also being the last county in the country to go fully digital?? Our new-ish mini hi-fi in the kitchen can only receive 'talksport' on DAB so I was rather concerned about this signal reception aspect. I need not have been. Yes, positioning of the aerial is critical but once you have spent a bit of time sussing it out it's in our experience perfectly fine. BBC Radio 6, 7 (now 4-Extra) and World Service the main stations we listen to on DAB are fine as are the usual 'strong' fm ones. Obviously signal reception is entirely down to your exact location and the radios capabilities which in our instance were more than up-to the job.

The tone of the radio whilst slightly varying staion-to-station (because of the various microphones used?) is good. I expected a Roberts radio to provide a 'neutral' mellow and refined sound biased towards speech given such a 'smaller' radio. The RD-45 certainly achieves this whilst also coping surprisingly well with higher (not high!) volumes of music too. Considering its modest size and thus limited parameters its balance is spot-on.

It has a recessed carry 'grip' at the rear in addition to the battery compartment which I guess I will never open and the usual phones and line out jacks.

The design and gentle curvatured shape is pleasing to the eye whilst at the same time being suitably restrained though strongly and wrongly it must be said suggesting a twin speaker radio. I wonder how many will fall for that 'suggested' assumption?

To sum up; this is a pleasing DAB radio in a traditional vein being presented in a stylish yet consevative modern case. Its absolutely ideal for Question Time, The Moral Maze, Money Box, The Comedy Controller, Pick Of The Week et'al but also puts in a most respectable performance when listening to music be it your local MOR BBC station, in my instance 'York/North Yorkshire', BBC Radio 2 Classic FM or Desert Island Discs and so forth. It is a little expensive for what you get but as with all quality items in life its perhaps best to pay that little bit more for something that 'little bit better'?

Purition Bodysculpt Wholefood Super-Shake Pistachio
Purition Bodysculpt Wholefood Super-Shake Pistachio

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent - Minus One Star For No Case/Bag, 9 Oct. 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Any shaver review to a greater or lesser degree has to be subjective when considering its prime function; how well does it shave? It depends on your stubble type, growth rate, skin type, climate et'al. So here goes: I have always used Philips rotary shavers for the past 35-ish years but never a 3-head. (My late Father switched to Philips many years ago after being advised they did no irritate the skin as much as other systems. Sons often tend to follow their Fathers shaving methods).

I had 4 or 5 days of using this in the cool English Autumn climate before going to much kinder climes in the Med. for 8 days (25 to 30 degrees) where shaving has always been in my experience more difficult. It performed admirably. A new shaver always cuts 'better' of course but this seemed exceptional from the start. As the notes in the instruction booklet correctly state it does take a week or so for you to get used to its 'cut' and not standing too close to it if/when any irritation occurs helps you to acclimatise. I find I now need to shave only once daily taking appx. 3+mins. (A couple of times a week I might also shave in the evening). It is most impressive indeed; 'close' and quick, simple as that!

After the initial charge of some 15 to 20-ish days ago it is still going strong with no 'low battery' light yet. It is deceptively quiet giving the false impression it might be underpowered however the results speak for themselves. Its 'chunky' feel and light weight (ideal for trips overseas) combined with a stylish 'AT&T Williams' colour scheme for motor sports enthusiasts like myself further enhance its appeal.

I will as I have always done use the brush provided to clean it. Why wet clean a dry shaver? The head protector is a little flimsy and not as tightly fitting as it could be. The fact that it does not come with a case/bag is the only reason why I have not given it 5*s; nothing to do with the product itself. Head replacement is recommended every two years, similar to and in some instances slightly longer Iam told than some other popular brands?

Overall very good, outstanding even. Hope it stands the test of time, no reason to doubt it given the excellent reliability of Philips shavers owned down the years.

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