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Curse of Chucky [DVD] [2013]
Curse of Chucky [DVD] [2013]
Dvd ~ Brad Dourif
Price: £3.20

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4.0 out of 5 stars Sorry Jack, Chucky's back., 10 Nov. 2013
This review is from: Curse of Chucky [DVD] [2013] (DVD)
After the awful Seed Of Chucky, I thought that this franchise was dead as a huge fan of Childs Play and Childs play 2, I was totally disappointed by The Seed, which was more pure comedy than horror movie. Luckily Curse of Chucky is much better, actually it is a return to form for the Childs play movies, I was really happy that Brad Dourif returned to voice Chucky and he shines once more with his incredible voice acting. What I also loved about this movie is it showed why Charles Lee Ray was running from the law in the first place and explained his decent into madness, Fiona Dourif is extremely well casted as Nica and really changes the cliché of survivor girls and the disabled in the slasher genre. What I found compelling as well is that Jenifer Tilly returns as Tiffany, who despite Chucky Killing her son and daughter still has that strong commitment to our killing doll Villain. What I also liked is that this is a horror where the villain wins in the end, well up until the after credits scene anyway but that scene is more for setting up a further sequel and I would happily watch that to happen if it as strongly written and directed as The Curse Of Chucky. The only major fault with this movie is the £ 8 million budget due to it being a direct to DVD movie due to the Failure that was The Seed Of Chucky means that some of the effects like the disposal of Barbra's eye look a bit cheap but the other death's in the movie are that well done that this seems so minor, I also like that Chucky had to wear a mask over his scared face to infiltrate this family home, so you get scenes that have the classic look Chucky and scenes with the much more iconic "Scar-Face Chucky", I also liked that Chucky in the films is dealing with a Delaying issue meaning that he could never kill a certain character in previous films due to a sense that he would lose purpose and when actually goes to kill that famed person after the credits Spoilers, it relighted my hope in the series.

Saints Row IV: Commander In Chief Edition (Xbox 360)
Saints Row IV: Commander In Chief Edition (Xbox 360)
Offered by Game Trade Online
Price: £6.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars A Guilty Sin, 10 Nov. 2013
After Playing GTAV, the game seems slightly less impressive but what did I expect? The game is full of slapstick and I am glad volition chose to step away from the gang vs gang storyline as it would have completely failed seen as it was being released during the same year but the story is fun to say the least, the Zin empire provide some new enemy types such as large brutes which can be absorbed for more power for your character. Zinyak is a great foe to rebel against, his classic word game collectables are great to find out his backstory and the ending is quite an interesting way for the franchise to continue in it's unique crazy manner. The cluster collectibles are tedious though as there are far too many.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns - Part 2 [DVD] [2013]
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns - Part 2 [DVD] [2013]
Dvd ~ Jay Oliva
Price: £5.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Finally an adaptation of the first comic book I read, 10 Nov. 2013
I remember reading The Dark Knight Returns from a young age, it was the first comic book I read and I was completely fascinated with the idea of evil never dying and the principle that an aged Bruce Wayne would return as the Bat as he couldn't see his city become further downtrodden in his absence. After watching both parts of the adaptation, I can say it is amazingly faithful to the source material, it only rids of the controversial train- handbag bombing scene but other than that it is scene for scene accurate, although I had always wanted Kevin Conroy to voice Batman in an adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns, Peter Weller (ROBOCOP) is actually amazing as an aged Dark Knight, he commands authority in the role especially later in the film as Gotham falls into rioting due to a loss of power following Superman nearly failing to save the day, I also liked how the final sequence between Supes and Bats comes down, Batman ends up being seen as too radical and Superman being nothing but a government pawn, the final conflict leaves a clear winner. My only disappointment with both DVD's is that there is a lack of special features unlike the previous DC animated movies which were packed with them, I would have liked to seen why they chose to adapt the Dark Knight Returns but overall the movie is a fantastic adaptation.

Batman: Arkham Origins (Xbox 360)
Batman: Arkham Origins (Xbox 360)
Offered by media vault
Price: £19.90

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5.0 out of 5 stars A blast until the corruption hit, 31 Oct. 2013
The game may use the same mechanics as Arkham City and safely change very little but if you are never playing the game for the mechanics alone, The shock gloves may make combat a little too easy but they are very useful when carrying out Enigma challenges, which are as you could probably guess the replacement to the Riddler trophies, which actually seem a little bit easy when compared to those in Arkham City but are still fun as hell. The story is fantastic as a DC fan from a young age, it is great to see Deathstroke The terminator get some spotlight, even if it is a rather short appearance and Firefly final makes it into a Batman Game and the change to Copperhead is very interesting and she's provides a great Scarecrow-esque challenge. The game is safe not wanting to undone Rocksteady's great work set out by the previous games and I hope the rumours are true and they are busy working on the Arkham City sequel. My only issue with game is that there are a few bugs, one of which caused my save to become corrupt, thus forcing me to delete that save and start from 0% again but I wasn't to bothered by this and I believe this is a must buy for any Bat-Fan. One thing, I have wanted to add since finishing the game on my second play-through is that the post-credit scene is fantastic and hopefully it will lead to another fantastic DC related game series and Troy Baker was on top form as the Joker, he was no Hamill but was a worthy successor and I would be most certainly happy to see him continue the role in the future. Since the corruption, I have played it cautiously offline in small chunks to avoid a second corruption and it was worked fine up until now, luckily WB Montreal have announced a patch is upcoming. After getting round to the Deathstroke DLC fully, it is great to play as him in challenge maps but he does play a bit too much like Robin did in Arkham City but it is still pretty fun to play as DC's number one assassin.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (Xbox 360)
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (Xbox 360)
Offered by Bargain Games UK
Price: £14.79

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5.0 out of 5 stars Assassin's Creed is back on form., 29 Oct. 2013
Only a short way through it but so far it makes me feel like this could be the best assassin's game yet, Damn Edward is so awesome in this game, which is made better by how the feeling of the game ushers back to AC2, which in my opinion was the best AC to date, thank god this game makes up for the dullness of Connor in AC3. Assassination contracts are back and are still fun as hell and god, there is so much to explore, I mean I have only found a small fraction of the map so far but it is great fun using the Jackdaw to find new places.
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