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Honor 6 Plus 4G Dual SIM-Free Smartphone (5.5-inch Full HD Screen, 8 MP Dual Rear Camera, 3 GB RAM, Android) - Black
Honor 6 Plus 4G Dual SIM-Free Smartphone (5.5-inch Full HD Screen, 8 MP Dual Rear Camera, 3 GB RAM, Android) - Black
Price: £299.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Honor 6 Plus - Left with a great impression!, 22 May 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Inside was a rather neat blue with Honor written in a slightly shiny blue, it all felt very simple but still, upon opening you will find the following items (it's important to note the following)
2 screen protectors - These are special...
Charger and Mini USB lead
Head set

The phone as previously stated in the specifications has the option for 2 SIM cards, I currently have a Nano SIM and was pleased to find that this handset supported it so no need to cut or purchase a new SIM for the size change, which while not a major show stopper just causes delay. The Honor 6 DOES NOT support a standard SIM size... To use all the features of this phone including the micro SD card support it is VITAL you only use a Micro SIM. If like me you use a Nano SIM you will be forced to make a decision of extra memory or mobile functionality!!!

The above point while not major is an aggravation, and the description should make this more explicit (I have not deducted points for this).

The phone feels surprisingly light, especially considering it's size. It also feels solid with nice quality metal volume rocker and power button nestled on the right hand side along with the two sim trays. It's not the most comfortable of phones to hold for a specific amount of time, this is due to the edges being shaped in the similar way to the iPhone 4/4s/5/5s. It certainly doesn't detract from the style and results in a more frequent 2 hand usage, understandable because of it's size.

The screen seems to cope well in day light and it's brightness range is good, while not great like the Samsung or LG's on the highest level it's perfectly adequate for most individuals and will not result in your eyes burning from being too bright. Instead the colour range the screen has feels very natural and not over saturated. Also it's worth noting that the screen is 1080p and icons seem to be pasted directly onto the glass which gives a nice look to the user interface. You can also enable sensitive mode which will allow you to use gloves when using the 6 Plus, it should be noted that yes it works and does a fine job, but you need to make sure that you turn the function on and off, unlike the Lumias which have the technology active all the time.

EMUI 3.0 is the Android overly and the interface you will become familiar with, it's like a hybrid iOS meets Android with no app draw. I immediately downloaded the Google Now Launcher to give it a more native Android experience and while the result certainly helped me adjust to how I have used Android before, it certainly did not benefit the handset. Going back to EMUI and sticking with it for a couple of days now I actually think it works very well. My eagerness to go with something I know was a mistake and I strongly recommend that if you purchase this you stay EMUI native, it will take you a while, but the performance hit on several apps I noted before and after was significant in the case of Google Now Launcher because the amount of memory it hogs.

Moving around the screens feels fast and responsive, with apps launching quickly, games seem to take a few seconds to load up but this is still swift and is perfectly within the realms of fast, rather than acceptable. Upon first getting the phone you will note a number of installed applications like Twitter, Office, Gamescom selection.... I deleted these immediately and dragged all the standard system tools in a folder never to be opened again (my preference is to use the native android apps, except for the Android Camera).

I purchased the Lumia 930 because of the camera, and I will say now I love it, it gives me the control to take some amazing pictures. The Honor 6 Plus, takes really good snaps, these are not perfect, but images contain a true amount of colour without saturation. The screen really shows off some of these to amazing effect, greens appear lush, with a good amount of white contrast as well. DO NOT use the Google Android Camera!!!! You have been warned, images contain a significant amount of noise in low light conditions when compared to the Huawei Camera app. The Huawei app really makes the features of the cameras work amazingly well. Each standard picture uses both lenses on the back to capture more light and colour range, it's not perfect but it works, and when you take your time to frame a snap, they look stunning on the 5.5 inch display. So what's not to love about the snaps? Well if you zoom in noise is quickly apparent and I am fussy but it just makes the pictures appear okay. However if you are a social sucker and a book of faces is the place the majority of your snaps end up your friends will certainly be impressed.

The camera's (Being 3 of them), do some clever tricks especially with the rear facing ones, one is what I mentioned above the second is the focusing effects to create depth of field, the impression is that this is something very slick and flash but it is software related and looks very artificial on the majority of occasions, however playing around with the effects eventually generates some good images with a more natural look to them instead of the intense blurring. What is impressive is, it's fast, the camera focuses really quick and tracks an object to keep it in focus regardless if you shake. It DOES NOT have image stabilisation which is a good thing, this typically results in softer pictures to compensate from your movements. The Honor 6 Plus does a good job in night shots, it takes a while longer to focus but images appear clean with an acceptable level of noise.

Battery life certainly seems to be good, do not get too excited about the battery size though it doesn't translate to bigger battery more days, don't get me wrong this phone will last all day! I had music playing while gaming on my train journey and the battery shifted 6% it's a 40 minute journey of the screen on just under full brightness. However checking emails and having background apps like whatsapp and viber running seemed to have some impact, however the phone tells you if something is draining juice and lets you kill that task quickly, which I was impressed by. It is worth noting that it charges quick! It does not contain Quick Charge technology or wireless charging but the phone seems to gain power quickly.

Now if you purchase the Honor 6 Plus pay close attention to what is in the box, you will find 2 screen protectors. The protector plus is what we are focusing our attention on, it's a screen cover that moves the on screen navigation buttons (back, home and windows) onto the frame of the phone to give you more screen space, it also allows you to tap the top right corner of the screen twice to take a snap, while not amazing, it does add something special to the handset, the second protector is a standard one, worth hanging on to.

Finally the headset features, the Honor 6 Plus supports Smart Headset controls, just by holding down the buttons or applying certain amount of pressure gives you the ability to share a music track you are listening to, add it to a playlist, download a track, change the volume, skip tracks or shuffle, 9 functions 3 buttons. It works not perfectly or I have yet to master it but it's a nice extra.

Overall the Honor 6 Plus gives a great impression, minus my hurdles I would happily recommend it, it's not going to compete with phones that have specific features like QHD displays, or laser targeting focusing. But what the Honor does is take a set of features and delivers a very good experience.

UPDATE - Okay so there appears to be a conflict each time I use the Google Calendar I keep getting app crashes, this also appears with several other apps, not sure if this is just an issue with app compatibility. However I will not alter the score but will provide a further update if the issue doesn't resolve it's self.

MEIZU m1 note 64bit Octa Core FDD LTE 5.5 Inch Gorilla Glass FHD 2GB 16GB 3140mAh Blue
MEIZU m1 note 64bit Octa Core FDD LTE 5.5 Inch Gorilla Glass FHD 2GB 16GB 3140mAh Blue
Offered by Takuda Limited
Price: £189.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars Impressive Specs, 10 April 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The phone came yesterday and I quickly unpacked it and attempted to switch it on, the battery was fully flat and needed 30 minutes before it sprang to life. The initial boot up sequence was all in glorious Chinese which was slightly alarming but upon the launcher starting the apps and language was all US English (No Option to change the language to UK English).

The phone is surprisingly light and feels extremely well made, on the left side are the volume buttons which felt slightly alien to me and the reach to the power button is also slightly difficult placed in the top right of the phone especially when attempting to use this with a single hand (which is possibly most of the time). Other things to note is the single home button seen by a illuminated O button it glows a nice colour when you have pending notifications to check out. On the right of the phone is the sim tray, this is double length and being the FDD model worked perfectly fine on my Three network getting 4G.

Hitting the power on or double tapping the screen will bring the handset to life, the screen is extremely bright and pretty stunning, I currently use a Lumia 930 and it certainly is on par if not brighter in it's brightness range.

The Android Flyme overlay used is the biggest hurdle to over come, the device feels extremely fast and responsive and a long play revealed that in the settings it was running in balanced mode. Three settings are possible, performance, balanced and energy saver. The differences between them is not obvious to me but doing some game checking it seems that Performance just runs about everything perfectly as does the balanced setting, energy saver was slightly chopping and switching back to home in this mode chugged slightly.

Reading online it seems that Performance uses all 4 of the high speed cores when necessary, balanced uses only 2 high speed cores when necessary and energy only uses the 4 low speed cores at all times.

I took some test snaps with both the front and rear camera and both looked very sharp with plenty of detail, when zooming in though noise was apparent in both but the pictures still would look good printed out or even published onto the standard social sites. Camera shutter speed was very impressive especially with the native camera app, however trying to play with some of the settings which you have to scroll through was horrific, it felt unresponsive and difficult to do if you was trying to quickly switch while shooting. I had to keep using both hands to then hold and scroll before moving back to landscape mode to align the shot. HDR mode works well but seems to over saturate some colours more than others which made the range look varied and some pictures worse than standard snaps, especially those taken indoors.

So what’s the problem, the interface is a struggle to adjust to and attempting to add a different launcher still adds problems because of the physical home button. The Google Now Launcher adds a back button only to the screen but it randomly disappears. Multi Apps running you have to swipe up from the bottom of the screen and flick each one away at a time.

Attempting to install apps from the Play store was another hurdle and took a significant amount of time to get working, when it did it was fine but some apps would not work. I then had to use the flyme app store and download the same app and then it all started to work which led to some confusion.

All the default apps while they work will require you to add various details to get them going, you can add your Google account details but you will then need to download the necessary apps to take advantage of this like gmail, search, calendar etc…

Overall the phone is impressive from a tech perspective the screen is beautiful, youtube videos play perfectly in 1080p and looks really sharp, battery life also seemed good and certainly would last a full day even with constant fiddling! Performance is also solid with enough grunt to play some of the high end games with no hiccup in frame rate (if playing using Performance settings). Audio is clear however the phone speaker feels flat with no range, battery is awesome and will give the standard user of moderate to light use well over a day of battery life creeping up to 2 days.

However I have given 4 stars, while the phone is great, the approach to the standard day to day navigation for those use to a standard Android overlay or experience will struggle. Those new to smart phones though should certainly take a look because it will become the normal experience to them far quicker, but for me I miss the back button…
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Logitech UE 4000 Headphones - Purple
Logitech UE 4000 Headphones - Purple
Offered by Glengoods
Price: £29.99

4.0 out of 5 stars better than expected, 11 Dec. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Good quality headphones, pushing the cable in was extremely difficult and originally I thought I had a broken pair but they work great after the initial concerns. Good range of sound which was surprising for the price and not as heavy as I thought.

Draper 36033 600 mm Decorator's Straight Edge
Draper 36033 600 mm Decorator's Straight Edge
Price: £6.95

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4.0 out of 5 stars ... but ideally should be as others have said more like a wiper blade than metal to help grip and ..., 11 Dec. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Does the job but ideally should be as others have said more like a wiper blade than metal to help grip and get straight lines

Gregory's Little Green Problem
Gregory's Little Green Problem
Price: £1.92

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5.0 out of 5 stars perfect for bedtime readings, 11 Dec. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The story is extremely creative and makes an entertaining bedtime read as we witness Gregory and his little green problem take over his life. Excellent art work makes each page turn a rewarding experience as you look for all the small attention to detail which has been captured, keeps children's eyes firmly on each page!

Seawhisper Nylon / Lycra Fashion Sexy Men's Running Sports Outwear Shorts / Stylish Boy's Sports Leotard / Running Tights Fitness Sports Pants Jogging Pants Trousers
Seawhisper Nylon / Lycra Fashion Sexy Men's Running Sports Outwear Shorts / Stylish Boy's Sports Leotard / Running Tights Fitness Sports Pants Jogging Pants Trousers
Offered by Sea Whisper
Price: £11.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars mistake made!, 26 Oct. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Product was not to the standards I had hoped, white was nearly transparent so not suitable unless underwear is used underneath however being see through makes that even more awkward.

The actual cut for Europeans means the legs will sit above the knee not below like the picture also the fabric is extremely stretchy and tends to slip, not good and disappointing.

Tighty Whitie Punked C-Ring Brief, Orange, Medium
Tighty Whitie Punked C-Ring Brief, Orange, Medium

4.0 out of 5 stars For the brave, 26 Oct. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Wasn't sure what these would be like and still not sure what the point of them really are, however they are different and deffo for the brave guys to wear.

NanoFit Ultra Bikini, Royal, Medium
NanoFit Ultra Bikini, Royal, Medium

5.0 out of 5 stars Low cut bikini briefs, 26 Oct. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Found the cut to be lower on the hips than some other brands which reduces the white tan lines. You need to have a good shape front and rear or I suspect the fabric would sag in an unpleasant way.

CoolFlex Spectrum Air Jock w/Show-It Tech, Spruce, Medium
CoolFlex Spectrum Air Jock w/Show-It Tech, Spruce, Medium

5.0 out of 5 stars comfy fit, 26 Oct. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have been buying Andrew Christian pants for a while and always find them to be extremely comfortable and well made.

Bayonetta 2 - Special Edition (Nintendo Wii U)
Bayonetta 2 - Special Edition (Nintendo Wii U)
Price: £33.85

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5.0 out of 5 stars Bayonetta 2 is simply the next generation of Action games!, 26 Oct. 2014
Just spent my Saturday reliving the original Bayonetta game which has been lovingly redrafted with some Nintendo magic thrown in! The special edition contains both the original Bayonetta and the new and rocking Bayonetta 2.

As a package this is a great bundle and allows new gamers of the series the opportunity to go over the back story before jumping into the new and ultimately improved game.

Both games are packed with over the top action, timing helps you gain witch time which slows down the enemies for more combo counting greatness, additionally you are able to combine different weapon sets which gives Bayonetta even further skills.

Additional you can purchase additional moves and weapons which add further to your abilities.

The games are extremely well balanced and offer new and experienced players various play schemes even just using the gamepad screen and the computer moves Bayonetta around.

Bayonetta 1 while still great does have the similar problems from the Xbox 360 and PS3 however these are short comings which playing on the Pro Controller I didn't really notice as much. The worst is the camera for some unknown reason on the gamepad the camera is all over the place. Use a Pro controller seems to have a positive effect on the camera and it seems to work the majority of the time perfectly.

The added Nintendo costumes do have so!e nice touches, Bowser's arms and legs come out when performing combo's and the Mario coin collection sound is a little nice touch, playing in the magic princess costume does give you more coins so you can unlock more additional bits.

Bayonetta 2 takes the original game and ramps it up even further, platinum games have truly mastered the Wii U especially after the great first entry on the platform, being The Wonderful 101 which is an amazing game as well and should be purchased!!!

Anyway Bayonetta 2 adds some new mechanics in the mix, the ability to play the game 2 player (online only) is a welcome step in the series and makes some of the battles a lot less hectic (blessing). But the main thing that sticks about Bayonetta 2 is just how well crafted it feels, every kick, punch, climax and throw is seamlessly stitched together and makes playing it a complete joy.

What really needs to be credited is that the Wii U must be a serious piece of kit to render all the action, effects and models so well and what appears to be with ease. This really is the benchmark for games this year and its at home on Nintendo.

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